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 An ink-black arrow came without any sound, and without disturbance to the surrounding air.

Chu Changsheng's pupils shrunk as he raised his arms to shield Xiao Ya, his body shivering from the shockwave.

The black arrow had directly pierced through him, creating a gaping hole. Blood was gushing ceaselessly from that hole.

"Who are you?!"

Chu Changsheng's expression did not change one bit. He lifted his head, staring directly at the window where the moonlight shone on a man with a longbow in his hand.

Yan Cheng looked at Chu Changsheng. The corners of his mouth rose as a strange glint flashed in his eyes. He did not expect Chu Changsheng to have any point of interest. However, despite the man's chest being pierced through and his vitality running out, his complexion did not wane.

"If you hadn't killed my little brother, I wouldn't have attacked you..." said Yan Cheng plainly.

The next moment, he pulled the bowstring one more time. The bow was stretched back, releasing an arrow once again.

The quiet black arrow sliced through the air, darting toward Chu Changsheng in just a wink.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were as bright as torches. In the dark night, they seemed to glow like bright lights.

"That damned traitor! I don't care whose brother he was! I, Chu Changsheng, will never go against my conscience!" Chu Changsheng hissed, his hair flying upwards.

A moment later, a terrifying aura shot out from his body.

"Valley Master, run away. Go find Owner Bu... After today, I won't be able to help you anymore. I hope that one day you will bring the Valley of Gluttony to the pinnacle of glory!!"

Chu Changsheng's eyes were gleaming. He raised his hand, and a blast of air hit Xiao Ya.

A cracking noise resounded through the air as the Gluttony God's Building's wall was broken instantaneously.

Xiao Ya's pupils shrank. She felt a force drag her out of the Gluttony God's Building, and she flew out, the gust of air slowly bringing her to the ground.

As she flew out, her legs were like jelly. Her big, round eyes gazed at the Gluttony God's Building as tears poured from them.

"Grand... Grandpa Chu!"

After taking Xiao Ya away, Chu Changsheng cried out. His white hair and beard rose vigorously.

His mind flickered, and the steps of the soul ladder emerged above his head. The steps gradually formed one by one until he got eight steps.

A double-handled knife appeared in his hand. It spun in his hand, appearing as if it could crush and cut everything.

Pufft! Pufft!

The black arrow inaudibly pierced through Chu Changsheng's body one more time, making him stagger backwards. That arrow had thrust through the Gluttony God's Building, causing a deep hole to be punched into the ground.

"The experts from the holy lands... Every one of you wants to subdue our Valley of Gluttony. However, even if I have to die today, I will bite the meat off your body first!"

Chu Changsheng's mouth bled. His eyes turned bloodshot.

Upon taking a single step, the ground started collapsing and falling apart.


An imposing aura rose up.

Chu Changsheng's glabella shimmered with radiance. Instantly, patterns expanded and covered his body, his aura rocketing one more time.

In just a split second, Chu Changsheng burst forth with his greatest power.

Yan Cheng had given him a formidable pressure. His strength was far too powerful, and that aloof and cold impression, which clearly belonged to an expert of the Divine Spirit Realm, inevitably hinted to Chu Changsheng that, perhaps, there was no escaping his calamity today.

However, Chu Changsheng was offended, and naturally, he held a grudge. He was infuriated!

After he had brought Xiao Ya away, he wanted to use all of his strength to deal with the enemy!

Looking at Chu Changsheng sprinting toward him, Yan Cheng's eyes remained nonchalant.

The moonlight shining on him seemed to shroud him with a thin silk coat, clearly illuminating his face, which looked like it was cut and sculpted with a sharp knife.

"It's useless... You're far too weak." Yan Cheng spoke casually.

The ancient black longbow remained in Yan Cheng's hand. His slender fingers grabbed the bowstring, pulling it backwards.

A moment later, he released the bowstring.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

An explosion of black arrows shot out from the longbow.

One arrow, two arrows, three arrows...

They were all darting toward Chu Changsheng rapidly.

Pufft! Pufft! Pufft!

Chu Changsheng coughed out blood. However, his eyes remained as bright as the stars in the sky. His aura moved, and the eight-step soul ladder rose above his head, as though it was a kite in the wind!

He continued to dash directly toward Yan Cheng.

Yan Cheng's face remained impassive, continually drawing his bow and shooting more arrows.

Chu Changsheng's face was ferocious as he used his body to shield those arrows.

Under the moonlight, the two were approaching each other.

All of a sudden...

Yan Cheng stopped drawing his bow. The corners of his mouth trembled for a while as a gleam of anger crossed his eyes.

He dropped the bow. Raising one hand, he slowly placed it on Chu Changsheng's head, which wasn't more than two inches from his nose.

With a ferocious face, Chu Changsheng grabbed Yan Cheng's hand that was holding the bow.

"Chu Changsheng of the Valley of Gluttony... I, Yan Cheng, will remember you," said Yan Cheng said sincerely.

He gently exhaled. A moment later, true energy surged from his hand!


Chu Changsheng's body was struck down, falling motionless through the air.


As Chu Changsheng had been holding Yan Cheng's arm tightly, he had torn a piece of fabric off his sleeve.

His limbs spread out, and his chest was riddled with bleeding holes. It seemed as though his blood continued to drain endlessly from his body.

Chu Changsheng's white beard and hair were now dyed red with blood. His blood flowed upward as he fell through the air.

His eyelids were heavy, but he wanted to open his eyes even wider than before to see the two bright crescent moons in the sky... The corners of his mouth slightly rose upwards.

Xiao Ya looked at Chu Changsheng's body, who was falling helplessly from the sky.

She was petrified. This sudden incident was far beyond her imagination.

All of a sudden, buzzing sounds came from a distance. Flowery rode the wind, its pupils darting about.

In just a split second, she reached Xiao Ya.

Seeing Flowery, it was as if Xiao Ya had just grabbed onto a blade of grass that could save her life...

"Flowery, hurry! Save the Great Elder. Hurry up! Save Grandpa Chu!" Xiao Ya choked out between sobs, her tears rolling down her face ceaselessly.

Yan Cheng frowned, looking at his torn sleeve on his arm.

Chu Changsheng... That man was a real man. He would not forget that name.

Unfortunately, Chu Changsheng had killed Yan Yu. Thus, he had to die.

Holstering his longbow, Yan Cheng stepped out. In a blink of an eye, he tore open the void and disappeared.

The night sky resumed its calmness. The stars were twinkling, and the moons were shining.

And... Chu Changsheng helplessly fell from the sky.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes moved. It looked at Xiao Ya for a while and then at Chu Changsheng who was still falling.

With a single step, it appeared in front of Chu Changsheng and grabbed his body. After touching him, Flowery's eyes became focused, turning reluctant afterward.

Chu Changsheng's body had ninety-nine arrows pierced through it. He was bleeding profusely, and it wouldn't be long before his vitality drained from his body. He would die for sure.

If Chu Changsheng still had one final breath to take, it would be because of his loyalty and attachment to the Valley of Gluttony.

No matter what, he would die in the end.

Flowery supported Chu Changsheng's body. After thinking for a while, her Tri-Flower Snake Eyes bloomed with radiance.

A moment later, Flowery's body swelled up, becoming a magnificent, giant golden python.

The python opened its mouth, and the snake's tongue reached out, rolling Chu Changsheng into it.

"Flowery, what are you doing? Why did you eat the Great Elder?!" Upon seeing such a scene, Xiao Ya hurried over, her tears bursting through her eyes.

Flowery still did not know how to talk yet. She transformed back into the form of a human girl then reached out to pull Xiao Ya's hand. Both of them dashed away.

Shortly after, the two little girls ran through the long street to the entrance of the Taotie Restaurant.

The restaurant was closed, but the lights inside were still on.

Xiao Ya looked at Flowery. Her eyes brightened as she exclaimed, "That's right. Big Brother can save Grandpa Chu!"

Xiao Ya had a glimmer of hope in her heart now. She immediately pounded on the restaurant's door.

While knocking, she was calling out for her Big Brother.

Bu Fang heard the loud knocks and strange noises coming from the front door. He crawled up from his bed. Still wearing his pajamas and with his shirt spread open, Bu Fang slowly descended the stairs, rubbing his head. He spoke casually, "Don't knock anymore. I'm coming."

The door opened with a squeak.

In front of him was the sight of two pairs of big eyes gazing at him.

Xiao Ya's eyes were red. Her cute, exquisite face seemed like a tabby cat.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes gazed at Bu Fang, releasing some kind of strange aura.

As soon as Xiao Ya saw Bu Fang, she cried loudly, "Brother... Hurry and save Grandpa Chu!"

Bu Fang's brows arched. He rubbed his nape, then brought the two girls into the restaurant.

After stepping inside the restaurant, Flowery routinely ran to the Path-Understanding Tree, sitting cross-legged by Lord Dog, squinting.

Xiao Ya was sobbing. She stammered as she explained the situation to Bu Fang.

"Someone killed Chu Changsheng?" Bu Fang was astounded.

Chu Changsheng, the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, was killed right in the Valley of Gluttony?


Flowery stood up, transforming back to a giant golden python. Its mouth moved a while as Chu Changsheng's body was spat out. Covered in a viscous fluid, he fell on the ground.

Chu Changsheng had so many holes on his body... He only had one breath left. Obviously, he would die soon.

"If the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python didn't swallow him, he would have died already."

Nethery crawled out of the Netherworld Ship and stood by Bu Fang. She spoke in a bland voice.

Nethery was wearing a black dress, which outlined her dazzling and slender thighs.

The Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python had swallowed Chu Changsheng and used its energy to protect Chu Changsheng's last breath of vitality. It had kept Chu Changsheng from dying.

If it didn't do that, Chu Changsheng's last breath wouldn't last for a long time. He would be dead long ago.


Flowery swallowed Chu Changsheng once again, then transformed back into her human form.

Lord Dog, under the shade of the Path-Understanding Tree, slowly opened his eyes. Yawning, he rolled over and continued to snore.

He seemed not to have any interest in this matter.

Bu Fang was surprised, looking at Flowery. He pinched the little girl's chubby cheeks and patted her head. He didn't expect the little girl to save Chu Changsheng by doing this.

"Alright, don't cry. Let's go to sleep early. The Chef's Challenge tomorrow is about medicinal cuisine. We will use medicinal cuisine to save Chu Changsheng. This old fogy... He's really lucky." Bu Fang stroked his hair as he spoke.

However, since the next day's medicinal cuisine was for Chu Changsheng, some change of ingredients was required.