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 Yan Cheng's heart shivered, and his entire body shuddered in fear.

That restaurant had imposed such a pressure on him, causing his entire body to tense up. He himself did not know why he felt this way.

Was it because of the iron puppet that had smashed his guards to smithereens using its stick?

Sizing up the restaurant together with the young man, who stood at its entrance with his hands clasped, Yan Cheng inhaled a deep breath.

That restaurant... There was definitely something strange about it.

Seeing that they had just arrived at the Valley of Gluttony, they had not obtained any information or intelligence about the area. As such, they did not know the story behind that particular restaurant.

Yan Cheng did not dare to act rashly. However, having lost two of his guards, he was enraged. There was no way he would back off easily.

His eyes fell on Mu Cheng, who was picking herself up from the ground. Mu Cheng felt the former's sharp gaze. Without a word, she got on her feet and promptly ran inside the Taotie Restaurant.

Shortly after, not even a speck of her shadow could be seen.

Yan Cheng's eyes became even colder.

His body continued to emanate a horrid stench. Despite this, as it had already been a while, he had gradually gotten used to the reeking smell.

"Mu Cheng surely knew something," Yan Cheng thought. He must capture that woman.

Since what stood in front of him was a restaurant, he should probably order a few dishes first.

The tense and ominous atmosphere dispersed in a blink of an eye.

Yan Cheng gazed at Bu Fang. A smile quickly appeared on his face as he strode toward him.

"You must be the owner of this restaurant. Since the restaurant is open now, it's definitely open for business, right? If so, may I go in?" Yan Cheng asked with a smile on his face.

Bu Fang was slightly bewildered. He glared at Yan Cheng, the corners of his mouth twitching.

"Nope," replied Bu Fang.


Yan Cheng was confused, as were the guards behind him.

A hot-tempered guard in his troop directed his aura at Bu Fang, coldly staring at him. It seemed as though he would make a move as soon as he heard an answer he did not like.

However, Yan Cheng stopped him in his tracks. Before Yan Cheng understood what was going on with the restaurant and that young man's identity, he would not dare to act recklessly.

"Why not? The restaurant is open for business, isn't it?" Yan Cheng shot Bu Fang a quizzical look.

If Bu Fang really wanted to protect that woman, then Yan Cheng would attack right there and then, even if he was afraid of whatever may come of it.

Although this restaurant possessed a high degree of danger, as the idiomatic saying goes, one could find wealth amidst danger. If there wasn't any danger to urge and threaten people, how would they grow?

"You smell bad... Besides, my restaurant isn't open yet," Bu Fang drawled as he took several steps back to his chair and sat down.

It was still closed?

However, the main point was that this fellow in front of them was disgusted by their disgusting smell?

They were indeed smelly. However, they had no solution either. They were extremely desperate to get rid of the smell as well.

Even after using their true energy, the stink and blood of the Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish remained on their bodies. The same could be said if they used water.

All in all, the conclusion was that this stench would follow them for a very long time.

However, the person who had made them smell so disgustingly was the woman who had entered the restaurant!

"My restaurant is not yet open for business. Gentlemen, please leave... When we are open, you can come again."

Bu Fang squinted his eyes as he basked his face under the warm sun.

His words had caused a tinge of brutality to emerge in Yan Cheng's eyes

Yan Cheng was the Great Commander of the Ancient Jade Holy Land at the Half Step Divine Spirit Realm. Yet, he was rejected several times for entering a simple restaurant.

People had always said that the Valley of Gluttony's chefs were proud and arrogant. Now, he knew it was not just a rumor.

What a shame that this sort of arrogance would simply be crushed to powder beneath his absolute might!

"What if I insist on getting in?"

Yan Cheng clenched his fist, his eyes swift and fierce as he spoke.

Insisting on getting in...

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth arched upward as he patted Whitey's belly. A rumbling sound filled the air.

Yan Cheng grinned before smirking, revealing pearly white teeth that contrasted with his black face.

"Perhaps you underestimate me. That's just a puppet, and it can't actually stop me..." said Yan Cheng.

Out of nowhere...

In the distance, a swaying figure walked towards them. He had his shirt open at his chest, exposing his white skin. His face was red as a tomato as he held a bamboo tube filled with wine, which he gulped from time to time.

Mo Liuji's mouth twitched. He felt that the Valley of Gluttony was indeed such a paradise. There were countless delicacies and good wines that enticed one's appetite, making everyone a glutton. All of them could eat a whole lot before feeling satisfied.

Mo Liuji was almost lost amidst the crowd of tender and delicious food.

However, as luck would have it, he still had a little consciousness remaining within him, reminding him of his purpose for visiting the Valley of Gluttony. Thus, every single day, he would visit Bu Fang without fail, chatting with him for a while each time.

He had planned to take Bu Fang back to the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

After all, Bu Fang was the demon of the Saintess's heart. Since Granny Mo had wanted him to fulfill this mission, he definitely had to try his best to achieve it.

Mo Liuji?

Naturally, Yan Cheng recognized Mo Liuji. He was the talented and unconventional member of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Not only was he incredibly competent, but he also understood the astronomical deduction technique of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land.

He was the sort of existence who was basically a prophet.

The experts from the other holy lands were highly cautious and fearful of those from the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Since those people knew the art of deduction, God knew if the experts of the Heavenly Secret Holy Land would sell them for a good price!

Yan Cheng's intelligence had mentioned Mo Liuji, but to think that he would actually show up here...

As soon as Mo Liuji arrived, he routinely pulled a chair, sitting next to Bu Fang with the liquor in his hand. His languid eyes narrowed as he turned his head to look at Bu Fang.

"Owner Bu, I, once again, sincerely invite you to visit the Heavenly Secret Holy Land. Granny Mo can't wait to see you. Just show your face this one time, please?" requested Mo Liuji.

Bu Fang cast him a sidelong glance with a clear dislike in his eyes. "Can you finish drinking before you come in here? Every day you come in drinking this low-level wine in my restaurant. The quality of my establishment will be affected if anyone were to see you. In the future, who will buy wine in my restaurant?"

What Bu Fang said was indeed reasonable. Mo Liuji rubbed his chin, seemingly baffled for a moment.

He actually got it from Wenren Shang! How could it be a low-level wine?

Mo Liuji burped, his face remained perplexed.

As Yan Cheng saw Mo Liuji and Bu Fang on friendly terms, his brows furrowed once again...

Mo Liuji was actually polite to Bu Fang. Moreover, he said that Granny Mo was waiting to see Bu Fang in the Heavenly Secret Holy Land?

Of course, Yan Cheng knew Granny Mo as well. She was a peak existence in the royal court who could predict like a prophet, so how would he not know about her? Even though her existence could not compare to that of the Holy Saint, they did not know how strong she was either.

Thus, after hearing Mo Liuji's words, Yan Cheng became more vigilant. Apparently, that seemingly small chef had a big background.

His plan to attack dispersed immediately. He needed to further analyze and study the current situation...

Yan Cheng stared at Bu Fang deeply before leaving, taking his guards with him. Even though he was angry due to the loss of his two guards, he remained a cautious person. In the event that Bu Fang was backed by a Netherworld creature that could actually kill the Holy Saint's clone, he would have to end his business at this point.

After all, the Holy Saint asked him to probe into this matter. He could not afford to ruin the Holy Saint's plan by indulging in his own affairs.

Mo Liuji watched doubtfully as Yan Cheng and the rest retreated. He then opened the bamboo flask and took a swig. The thick scent of wine permeated through the air.

When Bu Fang took in that scent, the corners of his mouth rose as he shook his head in disdain.


The sky gradually darkened.

Two crescent moons ascended above the horizon. Before long, they were up high in the night sky.

In an inn...

Yan Cheng's upper body was naked, with a multitude of spirit herbs stuck to his body. He intended to use the spirit herbs to wash the stench away.

The result proved to be trivial as the reeking smell from his body did not go away. He still pretty much smelled like feces. Because of this, Yan Cheng thought he was about to go crazy.

"The Holy Saint's clone was killed by a friend of that restaurant's owner. Yan Yu was slapped to death by Chu Changsheng..."

Yan Cheng's face was dark and sinister. A horrible aura circulated around him.

"Chu Changsheng of the Valley of Gluttony... Seems like I can only take out that fellow first. Since the owner seems to be protected by that Netherworld creature, I'll deal with that old fogy Chu Changsheng first... The one who killed my brother must die!" exclaimed Yan Cheng, dropping the intelligence document in his hand. With a stoic face, he sighed.

Chu Changsheng was just a mere Almighty Realm expert. If Yan Cheng wanted to, he could easily finish him at any time.

An Almighty Realm expert was no more than a lowly ant in Yan Cheng's eyes.


Inside the Gluttony God's Building, Valley of Gluttony

The faint moonlight crept into the Gluttony God's Building, shining brightly. It seemed to bring with it a wisp of cold air. As it shone, it felt like an ice-cold band of thin silk.

Chu Changsheng stretched his tired back as he stood up from his desk. His naked torso bulged with dense muscles across it. As his muscles moved, his intimidating aura diffused.

Chu Changsheng clasped his hands as he walked to the window. His white hair and beard fluttered in the wind.

His eyes watched the sights outside the Gluttony God's Building deeply.

At that moment, the Valley of Gluttony was lively and bustling with vigorous vitality. The Valley of Gluttony, which had been on the decline for years, seemed to be reviving tonight. To Chu Changsheng, it was something that cheered him up physically and mentally.

Although Valley Master Xiao Ya was still pretty young and could not handle many complicated matters, as long as Chu Changsheng was here, he would try his best to assist Xiao Ya, even if he had to risk his own life.


The door was slowly pushed open. Chu Changsheng smiled, clasping his hand, turning around to look at it.

"You're back. Come in..." Chu Changsheng said tenderly.

A little girl came in through the main door. In the middle of her brows, a Memory Inheritance Crystal was embedded.

This little girl was none other than Xiao Ya, who had stayed at Bu Fang's restaurant the whole day.

It seemed as though Flowery did not come home with her. Xiao Ya lowered her face and stuck her tongue out. She carefully walked into the room, standing in front of Chu Changsheng.

"Have you played enough? If so, let's get started on today's lessons. You're such a mischievous girl. But you're still very small. To be a Valley Master at this age, it's tough on you..."

Chu Changsheng lovingly caressed Xiao Ya's head, talking gently.

In Chu Changsheng's eyes, Xiao Ya was like his granddaughter. However, Xiao Ya was also the new Valley Master, so she needed to learn how to manage the Valley of Gluttony.

Chu Changsheng hoped that Xiao Ya would be the one to make the Valley of Gluttony thrive to the pinnacle of glory.

"Grandpa Chu, I'm going to study now." Xiao Ya had stayed at Bu Fang's the whole day, so she was happy enough. Sometimes, the Memory Inheritance Crystal would radiate light and send many wisps of memory into her brain.

The little girl was maturing quite a bit. She also understood that she had to shoulder many responsibilities.

Chu Changsheng smiled as he patted her head. The little girl had finally grown up.

All of a sudden, Chu Changsheng's eyes focused. His nose wrinkled as a stench intruded upon his senses, lingering in the air.

The stench made his face peculiar.

Slowly, he turned around and looked at the window.

There, a shadow slowly took out a black longbow, nonchalantly looking at Chu Changsheng.

The longbow was drawn as terrifying energy gathered within it.

As the man's hair fluttered in the wind, his cold eyes gazed at Chu Changsheng.

"You killed my brother Yan Yu? Then... you should be buried with him."

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank immediately.

A black, shadowless arrow shot toward Chu Changsheng, and he could not escape!


Blood splashed high into the air!