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 Chapter 79: Entering the Magic Array with the Chicken Soup

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Imperial palace, Great Hall.

The crown prince hurriedly entered while wearing a luxurious robe. Within the Great Hall, the emperor was languidly sitting on throne with one hand holding his chin. His body would lightly tremble from time to time as the sound of faint coughing came from his mouth.

When the emperor saw the crown prince entering the Great Hall, a smile immediately appeared on his face as he softly said, "Chengan, you came. From what I heard from your second brother, you went to Owner Bu's place and prepared the Elixir Cuisine for me?"

When Ji Chengan heard his words, his expression slightly changed. However, he still respectfully bowed toward the emperor and said, "Father, I was only worried about your health. I heard that Owner Bu's Elixir Cuisine has the effect of prolonging life, so I sent my men to purchase a Blood Phoenix Chicken from the Wildlands and asked Owner Bu to cook the Elixir Cuisine."

King Yu, Ji Chengyu, was within the Great Hall as well. He was standing in a distance with a smile on his face as he watched the crown prince with interest. He deliberately entered the imperial palace just to inform his father about this piece of news.

Ji Chengan was planning to conceal his actions from their father, so that their father would definitely be impressed when he finally presented the Elixir Cuisine that could prolong lifespan. However... since Ji Chengyu informed their father about this piece of news first, the effect would not be as shocking.

Furthermore... The most important point is that since their father already found out about the Elixir Cuisine, a gleam of hope would definitely sprout within his heart. And once the Elixir Cuisine was ruined, this trace of hope would be crushed as well. When that time came, the difference between expectation and outcome would surely affect their father's opinion of the crown prince.

King Yu's eyes were flashing brilliantly as he looked at the crown prince with a bright smile on his face.

The crown prince had already cursed King Yu countless times within his mind. How could he not understand King Yu's thinking. He originally concealed his actions from the emperor just to achieve the effect of impressing him. However, with the disrupting actions by King Yu, the resulting effect would surely be greatly reduced.

"Your actions are considerate, but I know my illness very well. However, I understand your intentions." The emperor gently smiled as a rare trace of kindness appeared on his face.

The crown prince could only force out a smile. The only thing he could do was hope that Xushi could safely transport the Elixir Cuisine to the palace.

However, he knew that King Yu would definitely not let things proceed smoothly.


Bu Fang was slightly frowning while his hands were placed over the cover of the claypot. True energy was continuously flowing from his body into the claypot and continuously affecting the ingredients contained inside.

Bu Fang was still unfamiliar with true energy culinary, so he did not dare to be careless in the slightest. He was afraid he would made a mistake and ruin this dish.

Fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, but Bu Fang ignored them and was fully focused on cooking with true energy. Finally, there was a slight change in his expression and the corner of his mouth slightly curled up.

After dispersing the true energy, Bu Fang pulled back his hand and heavily breathed out. He lifted up a glass of water from the table and drank a mouthful.

This water was cold, fresh, and sweet. It was mountain spring water provided by the system that contained spirit energy and was nourishing to the body.

He lifted up the lid of the claypot and took a look. The Blood Phoenix Chicken was quietly lying within the claypot. As the chicken soup bubbled, the jelly-like, translucent flesh would gently tremble. The color of the chicken soup appeared as amber. However, it was not as bright as the previous one Bu Fang cooked for Xiao Yanyu. This was caused by the difference in quality of the ingredients and Bu Fang could not do anything about it either.

The essence of the Sage Herb and medicinal ingredients had permeated into the meat of the chicken and the soup, and a rich fragrance was wafting from the claypot.

The cooking of the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup was finished.

After putting the lid back on the claypot, Bu Fang stretched his body and his neck while walking toward the entrance of the store. As he removed the door boards, the cold winter air rushed into his face. Bu Fang, who was feeling tired after working throughout the night, felt slightly refreshed and slightly recovered from his fatigue.

After opening up the store for business as usual, Bu Fang placed a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs in front of Blacky and rubbed its immaculate fur. Then Bu Fang stood up, pulled up a chair and contentedly curled up on it. He wanted to rest for a short while.

However, this break did not last long before Fatty Jin arrived with his buddies. Bu Fang could only start his busy day.

On the main street of the imperial city, Xushi was heading toward Bu Fang's store while leading a group of people. The auras exuding from these people were very strong and the fluctuations of their true energy were almost distorting the air.

Xushi did not dare to be careless in the slightest about the operation to transport the soup. The crown prince was already dissatisfied with him. If he also messed up this matter, he might as well take a hike.

So he specially brought five Battle-Kings along with him to transport the soup, just in case something were to happen. After all, five Battle-Kings were already considered top tier combat power within the imperial city.

The entrance of the alleyway was quiet and peaceful. As Xushi stepped into the alleyway, he immediately began to frown. He seemed to sense a cold burst of energy rising from the bottom of his feet.

Was he imagining things? Xushi lowered his head and looked at the floor. It was still the old quartzite flooring. There was even moss growing between the gaps of the tiles. Everything was the same as usual.

"Perhaps I was just imagining things," Xushi thought as he shook his head and bitterly laughed. Then he led the group into Bu Fang's store.

Within the store, there were a few scattered customers enjoying their meals with relish. They were all rich and influential people living within the imperial city. Like Fatty Jin, they did not lack money.

"Oh, you're here." Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded when he saw Xushi step into the store.

"Wait for a while, the smelly boss is still cooking," Ouyang Xiaoyi charmingly said as she motioned Xushi to wait.

Xushi was somewhat nervous, but he still composedly nodded.

After a while, Bu Fang finished cooking the last dish and let Xiaoyi serve it to the customer. Then he personally carried out a claypot from the kitchen. That claypot was still giving off steam as a rich fragrance spread everywhere.

Xushi's eyes immediately lit up as he thought, "This is definitely Owner Bu's Elixir Cuisine! There's no mistake!"

Xushi carefully received the claypot that Bu Fang passed over. After solemnly expressing his thanks, Xushi bid farewell to Bu Fang and left the store. The five Battle-Kings followed after him with grave expressions on their faces as well.

From the moment Xushi received the Elixir Cuisine, his chest began to tighten and he became extremely alert.

Violent true energy emerged from each Battle-King and surrounded Xushi to form a protective barrier.

Blacky, who was lying at entrance, lazily lifted its eyes to glance at the group of people. Then it snorted and went back to sleep.

Suddenly, a burst of chilly wind that was even colder than the bone-chilling wind blew into the alleyway from the entrance.

Xushi and the others, who were transporting the Elixir Cuisine, had just reached the entrance of the alleyway when they felt goosebumps all over their body at the same time. Their eyes instantly widened and emitted radiance as they scanned their surroundings.

"Who's there! Come out!!"

With a shout, a Battle-King expert concentrated true energy onto his fist and viciously smashed it toward a single direction.


As the fist filled with true energy smashed into the empty air, the pupils of the Battle-King suddenly constricted. He realized the floor of the alleyway was radiating black light.

Two black circles filled with symbols appeared on the simple quartzite flooring and were rotating in the anticlockwise direction.

"Damn it! This is the killing array of the Soul Sect, the King of Hell's Soul Rending Array!"

Xushi's expression became pale in that instant and his pupils nearly lost all luster.

Suddenly, the black light rose up and completely enveloped the entire group, as if they were pulled into another world.

With the sound of footsteps, several figures wearing black robes appeared and surrounded the alleyway. The aura of these figures were extremely powerful and the aura of the stooping elder leading them was even more terrifying.

As the two lumps of spirit fire pulsated, Hun Qianyun opened his mouth and said, "The prey has entered the magic array... Begin the elimination."