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 "Owner Bu! Come save me. Hurry!"

Mu Cheng sprinted toward him, her slender legs shimmering under the sunlight. Her body was charred black in various areas, and her clothes were burnt with holes, revealing her glistening white skin beneath. Many people could not help but goggle at her.

Despite Mu Cheng's disheveled and awkward appearance, she remained just as beautiful. Even the sight of her running frantically was still aesthetically pleasing and full of splendor.

Bu Fang suddenly opened his originally narrowed eyes wide, shocked by the noise.

What was that woman screaming? Why did it sound so odd to him?

Wait a minute... That woman looked just like Mu Cheng from the Phoenix Pavilion at the opposite the street! Bu Fang sat up, staring at Mu Cheng who was running at breakneck speed toward him. He cocked his head.

The surrounding people could not help but take in a deep breath of cold air. Fear was evident in their gazes.

The reason for this was that they finally noticed the two pitch-black turds behind Mu Cheng, who were chasing her at lightning speed!

What in the world?! They were as smelly as one might imagine them to be!

As the two lumps dashed past, the long street of the Glutton God City was engulfed in a horrible stench. The diners were filled with deep disgust and nausea, wanting to vomit again and again.

What kind of smell was that? Did those two literally crawl out of a latrine pit?

If special grade chef Mu Cheng did not have anything else better to do, why would she have visited the latrine pit and provoked those lumps of turd?

Everyone pinched their noses as they watched the pursuit unfold in front of their eyes.

There were a few who wanted to take action. After all, the one being chased was their revered goddess! If one were to rescue their goddess, they might be able to gain her favor. What a beautiful and desirable outcome that was!


When the very same people saw the moving turds, their desire to rescue Mu Cheng vanished instantly. They all feared that their hands would be soiled if they took action. Literally.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Lightning strikes swept and struck the road, which had been repaired not too long ago. Rocks and sand were then scattered in all directions.

Mu Cheng's body traversed across the road, her face becoming red with embarrassment.

Her original plan was to run to the Phoenix Pavilion. However, as she ran, she remembered that the Phoenix Pavilion did not have any experts strong enough to resist the two lumps of feces should she bring them over.

In that situation, not only would the Phoenix Pavilion be destroyed, she would also have nowhere else to escape.

Therefore, at the last moment, Mu Cheng changed targets and began running toward the Taotie Restaurant. She did not have the least bit of worry involving Bu Fang in her affairs.

After all, no matter what, Bu Fang had an obese black dog by his side, which happened to be terrifying beyond comprehension.

As long as that black dog used its paw, those two guards behind her would be destroyed like sheets of paper.

That black dog was the real boss in her eyes.

Mu Cheng thought that she should firmly hug Lord Dog's thigh! She finally knew what it was like to have a pillar of support she could always rely on.

As such, she decided that after all was over and done with, she would return to her kitchen and prepare a dish of her specialty to reward this boss, earning his favor at the same time.

If she were to be chased again next time, she could just have the boss use its paw to save her life once again.

In the distance, black smoke lingered and expanded into the air. The stench seemed to gather into a cluster of black clouds that blocked out the sun, relentlessly dashing toward the Taotie Restaurant.

At that moment, Bu Fang's face had also turned black.

The horrible smell had finally made its way to his nostrils, making the corners of his mouth twitch. They reeked as bad as thieves!

Looking at the direction Mu Cheng was running, it was obvious to him that she was heading straight toward the Taotie Restaurant. At a lightning-fast speed, no less.

Bu Fang was bewildered. After a while, his eyes brightened, but he remained speechless.

What was Mu Cheng doing? Why did she bring those two fellows who had fallen into the latrine pit to see him?

Moreover, what was the meaning behind the opponent's route?

Bu Fang took a deep breath. He could not help but stand up from his chair.

Xiao Ya was shocked and opened her eyes, only to see the two guards coming at them surrounded by thick, black disgusting smoke.

"Owner Bu! Please save my life!" Mu Cheng cried hoarsely.

"No one can save you! Heavenly Suppressing Talisman! Suppress her!"

One of the guards squeezed his jade talisman until it broke. Instantly, a formation expanded from within the talisman and shrouded the entire place.


Mu Cheng wanted to get close to Bu Fang as soon as possible, but she felt a terrifying pressure pressing down on her.

With a flustered face, Mu Cheng raised her hands. However, as the immense gravity pressed down on her, she was pushed to the ground, making her unable to move an inch.

The rocks beneath her body were crushed as they let out a cracking sound.

The long lightning whip seemingly turned into a long blue dragon, hissing and rumbling with terrifying energy. It struck down at the immobile Mu Cheng, as though it wanted to whip her to death!

Everyone was petrified as they saw it happen, causing them to gasp in fright.

Mu Cheng was also overcome by a sense of despair. Kneeling on the ground, the color of her eyes appeared to turn a cold, ashen color.

It seemed like this time, she really was going to die.

"Whitey, expel these two lumps. Blocking the door like that, our business will be affected," Bu Fang said casually.

Immediately after Bu Fang finished his sentence, a terrifying aura rocketed from behind the Taotie Restaurant.

The aura was formidable beyond compare.

Out of nowhere...

A tearing noise ripped through the air as a jet of red light shot out.

That guard never thought that someone in the vicinity would have dared to give Mu Cheng a hand and rescue her...

Flying through the air was a red-colored stick that was covered in mysterious carvings of various patterns.

A loud rumbling sound resounded through the air.

That stick thrust through the Ancient Jade lock on the guard's hand and pierced a large hole in his chest.

The guard let out a pathetic scream as the Ancient Jade Lock shattered. His vitality drained rapidly as the red-colored stick rapidly pounded him. Blood spluttered endlessly from his mouth.

After the War God Stick was finished with the guard, it twirled around in the air and fell back into the puppet's hand.

The other guard holding the Heavenly Suppressing Talisman had thought that it was just a relaxing and easy chase. However, the situation had turned south.

He had never expected his ally to be pierced by a stick!

How painful it was!

The other guard's hand trembled.

Meanwhile, Whitey's metal wings flapped slightly, and the red stick flew out again. The air seemed to be shaken in one moment and torn apart in the next as the War God Stick pounded the other guard to death as well.

Mu Cheng gawked, and her jaw dropped, looking at the two smelly guards who were pounded to death by Whitey.

Whitey's metal wings spread out as it landed on the ground, holding the red-colored stick.

The two guards were killed just like that?

But... Anyway, it was better that they died. Their stench was truly unbearable.

Mu Cheng picked herself up from the ground. She looked at Bu Fang's calm face but found herself still unable to calm down. Her heart pounded against her chest ceaselessly.

She stared at Bu Fang as she seriously said, "You should be careful. The Ancient Jade Holy Land actually sent some men here to investigate."

Bu Fang could be deemed as the one who had offended Yan Yu the most. Mu Cheng did not want to see him get slaughtered.

However, it seemed that her worries were unnecessary.

That iron puppet was unexpectedly powerful!

No one could tell who would kill who!


A group of shadows slowly walked forward.

Yan Cheng, their leader, had a dark and furious face.

His troops walked over, each wearing an excited look on their faces. Their auras rocketed as energy wound around their bodies like armor.

Yan Cheng's face was so dark that it seemed like it would rain. Previously, the Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish was so pungent that it had made him, the famous commander of the Ancient Jade Holy Land, too embarrassed to meet anyone.

Yan Cheng and his troops possessed a mighty and imposing aura.


As they walked, a reeking stench permeated throughout the air, making everyone around them feel disgusted and pinch their noses. It made them feel as though they were a bunch of walking turds.

Yan Cheng's mood turned even worse. The reactions of the people ignited the flame of anger in his heart.

He could not wait to grab Mu Cheng and break her legs, cut her tendons, and torture her...


When Yan Cheng saw a white puppet attack and kill two of his guards, who had both the Ancient Jade Lock and Heavenly Suppressing Talisman, that image left him dumbstruck.

Right after witnessing that scene, everyone could not help but take a deep breath.

Yan Cheng recovered and got himself together. His head hung low.

Someone had dared to kill the people of the Ancient Jade Holy Land right in front of him. How utterly infuriating...

Whitey's chubby body stood by Bu Fang. One hand grasped the staff while the other was placed on Bu Fang's chair's backrest, its eyes twinkling.

As of today, Whitey was as strong as an Almighty Realm expert. How could a little trick like that stand up against it?

Yan Cheng was fuming. However, as he walked toward his guards, his expression changed several times.

He did not take action as he had seen Bu Fang's eyes. They were as calm as still water, causing his heart to palpitate. It was as if he had been thrown into an ice chamber.

It made him feel like he was in extreme danger.

Why was he feeling this way? Yan Cheng's heart quivered.

The feeling of danger welled up inside him. Mentally, he felt an energy fluctuation that could shake even an imposing mountain.

It was that energy fluctuation that caused Yan Cheng to hesitate.

What he felt was an extreme threat. It was coming from the mind-reading skill of a Formation Grandmaster.

Yan Cheng stopped his guards, who were already raring to go. He looked at the corpses of the two guards, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Then, he raised his head, his eyes looking forward. He looked past Whitey and straight at Bu Fang.

It was a mysterious and unpredictable restaurant that he had to be afraid of. Of course, everything was related to the mysterious owner who was in front of him.

It was no wonder the Holy Saint had told him to keep his investigation low-key.

He hadn't thought that such a small figure could give him a terrifying pressure.