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 Mu Cheng's chin was grabbed by a forceful hand. The Ancient Jade Lock released the lightning beams, restraining her soft body as it gave her a numb feeling.

The Yan family from the Ancient Jade Holy Land was Yan Yu's family?

Yan Yu was killed tragically in the Valley of Gluttony, and of course, it drew the attention of the big families in the holy lands. Those families have been around for several thousand or even dozens of thousands of years. Their information network was really hard to imagine.

Mu Cheng thought that she must not expose the Great Elder. Otherwise, the Valley of Gluttony, which they had tried so hard to calm down and restore, would receive another great wave of change.

Thus, Mu Cheng forced out a smile.

"Turns out you're the Great Commander of the Yan family in Ancient Jade HolyLand. I've admired you for a long time. You're a Great Commander, so why would you trouble a fragile girl?" Mu Cheng tried to smile and talk as her chin was held by the other.

Yan Cheng grinned evilly. He didn't even bat an eye after hearing Mu Cheng's words.

A fragile woman?

She was a special grade chef who ranked second in the Tablet of Gluttony. No matter how low her cultivation base was, her cooking skill was top-notch in the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Was this sort of existence a fragile woman?

Did Profound Theory Knife Mu Cheng consider him, Yan Cheng, a fool?

"You should tell me exactly who killed my brother? Also, where's the Netherworld creature that destroyed the Holy Saint's clone?"

Yan Cheng gripped Mu Cheng's chin with more force, and a sound of bone cracking could be heard.

Mu Cheng was in so much pain that her eyes turned watery.

This bastard shouldn't fall into this lady's hands. Otherwise, I would remind him why the roses were always red!

Indeed, no member of the Yan family was nice!

Yan Cheng wore an extremely cold face, his body releasing a harsh aura.

That terrifying aura almost suffocated Mu Cheng. If Yan Cheng wasn't afraid that he would alert the others and hadn't suppressed half of his power, his aura would rise like a tornado up into the sky.

An existence with a Half Step Divine Spirit Realm in a rural place like the Valley of Gluttony was almost invincible!

Originally, Yan Cheng wasn't afraid of anything, but since the Holy Saint's clone was destroyed here, he thought that he should be more cautious.

Even though the Holy Saint had many clones, none of them could be considered very strong. However, they weren't weaker than Yan Cheng.

In fact, the Holy Saint's real body was too formidable. So, his clones would be relatively formidable, too.

If the Holy Saint's clone was destroyed, it showed that the Netherworld creature that was hiding in the Valley of Gluttony was strong enough to kill him. Thus, he needed to be careful and scout the area thoroughly.

"Free me from this Ancient Jade Lock, and I'll tell you right away!" Mu Cheng said, her resentful eyes glared at Yan Cheng. If eyes could eat people, at this moment, Yan Cheng would have already been eaten, not even leaving a piece of bone behind.

Yan Cheng didn't hesitate. His fingers snapped, and the Ancient Jade Lock was removed.

After the Ancient Jade Lock was lifted, Mu Cheng felt as if she had finally seen the sun again. Her breathing felt much better.

"Can you tell me now?" Yan Cheng grabbed and caressed Mu Cheng's chin. Then, he reached out with the other hand to stroke Mu Cheng's face, speaking nonchalantly.

Mu Cheng opened her eyes wide. Her red lips parted as her hand slightly moved.

A moment later, a giant shadow emerged from her spatial ring.

That giant shadow startled everybody the moment it appeared.

Yan Cheng felt his body tighten. He retracted the hands rubbing Mu Cheng's face.

Mu Cheng's eyes looked cold. Since these people didn't come with goodwill, she didn't need to stay... nor say anything.

Fleeing is the most important thing now!

That giant body was really sticky with a stinky, viscous fluid.

Yan Cheng was careless, so he got some of those stinky secretions on his body. Instantly, his handsome face twisted.

"Damn it! What the heck is this?"

Yan Cheng was furious. His hands emitted radiance, turning into a fierce claw as he scratched at that giant body.


The giant body was smashed under his claw. Blood and pieces of meat scattered in the air. The black blood and reeking body exuded an unpleasant smell that wafted up into the sky. It was like a big stinking bomb had been detonated.

Bearing the brunt, Yan Cheng was petrified and felt that he had nothing left to live for.

A layer of thin true energy emitted from his body, wiggling and cleaning those sticky mucus from his body. At this moment, Yan Cheng's eyes had turned bloodshot.

He was tricked by that woman!

"Go! Go after her! As soon as you catch her, break her legs and cut her tendons!"

Yan Cheng was infuriated as he roared at his guards.

The guards standing by him didn't have a better result. They had never thought that when that big thing was smashed, it could splash that filthy, stinky substance everywhere.

They all felt that the air they breathed in and out reeked...

"It's a Divine Soul Realm spirit beast! It's the Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish!" Yan Cheng's face was numb, his mouth trembling.

Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish... Rumor said that it was a stinky bomb. Its smell could nauseate people to death.

That woman had brought such a nauseating thing with her all this time...

She had wasted her beautiful skin!

The two guards pulled themselves together. They tried to wash the viscous substance off their bodies then shot away. They moved as fast as a cannon at maximum speed.

They were dashing in the direction Mu Cheng had fled.

As Mu Cheng escaped, she had ditched her coat along the way. Her round, ample breasts were bouncing continuously as she was running, which was very eye-catching.

Boom! Boom!

Behind her, booming sounds arose.

Mu Cheng's face changed. Indeed, the Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish wasn't enough to disgust them and hold them back?

They were so stinky, but they were still chasing after her!

Mu Cheng's heart throbbed. She accelerated. She didn't want to be captured by those nauseating guards!

Rumble! Rumble!

The guards were moving so fast. However, the black, reeking substance on their bodies couldn't be washed away. They had to go with that stinky smell, which diffused and made the trees and grass shrivel up.

Buzz. Buzz.

Looking at Mu Cheng sprinting ahead of them, the two guards flipped their hands. Immediately, jade talismans arose, releasing a dazzling radiance. The mysterious patterns on the talismans were moving.

"Stop!" A guard shouted. His widened eyes looked brutal.

"If I stop, it means my brain's shrinking! You two got sh*t all over your body. You should stop. Don't disgust people, okay?!"

Mu Cheng's long hair fluttered. She stretched her long legs, sprinting and yelling without turning her head back.

The faces of the two guards were dark. They were so angry they wanted to curse.

Who's the one with sh*t all over their body? You're the one with sh*t all over your body! Your whole family has sh*t over their bodies!

The guards were so furious they felt a twinge in their kidneys. This woman had made things come to this level. At this moment, she was also the one who looked down on them!

Simply unforgivable!

"Ancient Jade Lock! Go!"

The hovering jade talisman glowed immediately, and blue lightning beams danced on it. A moment later, they shot out, becoming a long whip as they hit Mu Cheng. At this moment, it seemed like the void had been whipped shattered!

Mu Cheng was very frightened.

Oh, that damn Ancient Jade Lock again! Those people still had more locks?

I swear I hate the fellows from the Ancient Jade Holy Land the most!

In the future, if I meet anyone from the Ancient Jade Holy Land, I would definitely beat them all!

But of course, if Mu Cheng couldn't beat them, she would run away immediately...

Boom! Boom!

The lightning whip hit the area around Mu Cheng's body. The ground was broken. Rocks were rolling, and grains of sand were scattering everywhere!

Mu Cheng's body was rushing to flee rapidly. Her long legs furiously stomped on the ground, abruptly changing directions.

It actually enabled her to dodge the Ancient Jade Lock.

The other guard's eyes focused. He opened his mouth and breathed out stinky air. His hand flipped, and a jade talisman hovered in front of him.

His true energy surged torrentially. A moment later, the jade talisman shot out rapidly.

"Heavenly Suppressing Talisman!"


The guard's hand shook once, and the jade talisman shot toward Mu Cheng's direction.

The air squeaked as though it couldn't bear the pressure.

Mu Cheng's face paled in fright!

Damn... Those people really wanted to kill her. Why were they overacting? She only threw them a Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish!

Mu Cheng's body moved quickly. However, she couldn't dodge the Heavenly Suppressing Talisman.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land excelled in using formations and spirit talismans.

This Heavenly Suppressing Talisman and the Ancient Jade Lock both had the Ancient Jade Holy Land's significant formations.

In an instant, Mu Cheng felt like she was filled with lead. She couldn't move as both of her legs had been restrained.

Boom! Boom!

The Ancient Jade Lock whip came, hitting her. It blasted her clothes, creating many holes. Her soft and creamy skin had been charred...

Mu Cheng was so furious that her chest was shaking!

She gritted her teeth as she threw two massive shadows over her shoulder.

The guard's eyes shrank, hurrying to attack.

However, after striking, he came to realize...


She actually had more Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish?

This woman was really sick. Why would she carry a lot of Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish with her? What kind of taste did it have?!

However, it was too late to retreat.


The Deep Sea Smelly Sheatfish blasted in the sky, instantly becoming pieces of meat with a stink that reached the sky.

The two guards, who were dashing forward, turned sluggish.

Mu Cheng seized this chance, screaming hoarsely. True energy wound around her body before reaching the sky. Above her head, steps of a white soul ladder emerged.


Mu Cheng broke the Heavenly Suppressing Talisman's restraint and dashed away. She dragged her shattered, charred body, hurrying to reach the long street.

The two guards' faces turned into the darkest hue...

Damn that woman!

They stomped the ground as true energy diffused from them to get rid of the black smoke on their bodies. The reeking smell made them almost puke.

The grumbling noises echoed, and their bodies immediately shot away like cannonballs.


The long street of Glutton God City

As people were walking along the street, they heard a terrifying cry.

Everybody was frightened and moved aside. They gawked and dropped their jaws as they saw a graceful body running helter-skelter.

That figure looked somehow familiar to them...

Someone looked closer and gasped, "Isn't that the special grade chef of the Phoenix Pavilion?! Why is she like that? Why are her clothes ripped?!"

At that moment, everybody wondered what kind of extremely inhuman event special grade chef Mu suffered.


Taotie Restaurant

Bu Fang was reclining on his chair. The sunbeams shone on his face hazily, giving him a comfortable warmth that embraced his entire body.

All of a sudden...

Bu Fang became bewildered. He opened his eyes to look in a far direction.

A graceful but sorry figure was running. The ragged and torn clothes on her body fluttered, revealing the scenery of springtime.

As soon as Mu Cheng saw Bu Fang, her eyes brightened.

It seemed that she had just seen her savior. She swung her hands harder, running faster as if she was flying toward him!