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 The Phoenix Pavilion was as bustling and lively as usual.

Although Mu Cheng was defeated in the Chef's Challenge against Bu Fang, it didn't affect the business of the restaurant significantly. Of course, it did affect it a little bit, but it wasn't a big impact on the Phoenix Pavilion.

Quite the contrary, Mu Cheng was happy and carefree. However, without the Profound Theory Knife, she had lost a bit of joy in cooking. After experiencing a defeat in the Chef's Challenge, she began to look for her weaknesses.

No matter what, she wanted to defeat Bu Fang and win back her Profound Theory Knife in the future.

Thus, she changed the way she used her mental energy to control the cooking of ingredients. She was now extremely precise and meticulous, and she began to care about the combination between the spirit energy and taste as well.

She was taking it one step at a time. However, Mu Cheng had a tongue that could taste ten thousand flavors, and Bu Fang admired her for that. That was why improving her weakness wasn't difficult at all.

Recently, Mu Cheng wasn't in charge of cooking in the Phoenix Pavilion. Every day, she practiced her cooking skills, and when she got tired, she would lean against the balcony on the second floor to watch the street.

Whenever she looked out onto the street, she would always see a lazy figure resting on a chair.

The warm sunlight shone on him, outlining the face that wasn't actually handsome. However, it charmed Mu Cheng's eyes, making her support her chin on the window sill as she watched him idly.

"First-grade Chef Mu... First-grade Chef Liu sent you a note and asked you to go see him."

Right as Mu Cheng was leaning idly on her window sill, someone behind her spoke up.

Mu Cheng was a little bewildered. She turned her head and saw a guard of the restaurant, handing her a jade talisman.

Mu Cheng stood up. As her curvy body moved, her ample bosom bounced.

Stretching her back, a tender sound came from her nose.

Even with that gorgeous image, the eyes of that guard remained serious and unflinching.

After receiving the jade talisman, she sent her mind into it to read the contents inside.

Mu Cheng's eyes brightened. Tomorrow, Liu Jiali would have a Chef's Challenge against Bu Fang, right?"

Liu Jiali had invited her to come and discuss the dish for tomorrow's Chef's Challenge.

The battle tomorrow had the theme of ... Medicinal cuisine.

Medicinal cuisine was what Liu Jiali excelled in. When it came to that, he was the most knowledgeable expert in the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Liu Jiali wasn't an innately talented chef. However, no one in the Valley of Gluttony could compare to him in terms of effort.

The library in Liu Jiali's house could be compared to the library in the Valley of Gluttony. There were too many books, which included topics like astrology and geography.

Half of his books were related to spirit herbs studies. It could be said that Liu Jiali had studied the spirit herbs and medicinal cuisines thoroughly.

However, Liu Jiali always told Mu Cheng that his knowledge was insufficient. His goal was to travel through the entire Hidden Dragon Continent to study and record all the spirit herbs in the world.

That's how he could cook a medicinal cuisine, which stood at the peak of the continent.

It was his dream.

Mu Cheng appreciated Liu Jiali a lot because every time she saw his effort at learning, she would feel ashamed and uneasy.

Mu Cheng was a chef with innate talent. An innately talented chef was someone who could effortlessly do something that people had to practice for a long time.

She could never understand the struggle the others had.

However, she liked the feeling of putting in an effort.

Leaving the Phoenix Pavilion, Mu Cheng put on a coat, which had been cut to reveal her creamy, straight thighs.

She walked past the Taotie Restaurant... Seeing Bu Fang reclining on the chair, sunbathing, a smile appeared on her face.

Then, she turned away to greet the sun, walking toward Liu Jiali's restaurant.

The wind blew past, scattering her hair behind her.

Although Bu Fang had appeared and almost knocked down all the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, Mu Cheng thought that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing.

The top ten ranks of the Valley of Gluttony's Tablet of Gluttony had been quiet for too long. They needed a stimulant, and Bu Fang was that stimulant. This stimulant gave good effects and made the entire Valley of Gluttony livelier and more vigorous.

It was a good phenomenon. The Great Elder Chu Changsheng had surely observed this.

Otherwise, considering his reaction after Bu Fang crushed the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, he would have expelled Bu Fang, let alone give him a restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony.

Mu Cheng appeared like the wind. Suddenly, a troop approached her.

And why were they considered a troop? Because the formation was too strict, even better than the Valley of Gluttony's guards.

The leader was a handsome man. Looking at that man, Mu Cheng's eyes shrank a little bit.

Because she could see that this man somewhat looked similar to... Yan Yu! Wasn't he supposed to be dead?

Yan Yu? Yeah... Yan Yu!

They said that Yan Yu was a disciple from a big family in the Ancient Jade Holy Land. Even the Holy Saint's clone had shown up to save Yan Yu, but in the end, Nether King Er Ha had smashed it into pieces. Later on, Yan Yu was killed by Chu Changsheng.

It could be said that Yan Yu was the special grade chef with the most tragic death.

According to the despicable character of the holy lands, they would send some experts here to investigate the cause of Yan Yu's death...

Yan Yu's death was related to the Great Elder and that Nether King Er Ha, a man whom Bu Fang knew. It would get the Great Elder and Bu Fang involved in this mess.

When the holy lands accused them of the crime, the Great Elder and Bu Fang wouldn't have a decent end.

Mu Cheng furrowed her brows as she considered what she should do.

At first, she wanted to walk forward and trick that expert. However, the moment she saw his handsome dark face and his scary aura, she came to the conclusion that no living creature should approach him.

She blinked, tying up her hair. She gave a hollow laugh before turning around. She wanted to walk back to her restaurant. There was nothing more important than leaving this place.

Being a Half Step Divine Spirit Realm expert, there was no way Yan Cheng missed Mu Cheng's guilty conscience.

Discovering that Mu Cheng wanted to run away, a mocking smile appeared on his dark face.

"You two, grab that woman," ordered Yan Cheng.

The two guards behind him nodded. Immediately, they took a deep breath before lifting their feet to stomp on the ground.


The ground rumbled. A moment later, the two guards shot out like two arrows. Their speed was so fast people couldn't see them.

Just like savage beasts, they reached Mu Cheng in just a wink.

As soon as Mu Cheng turned around, the terrifying auras slapped her face.

Mu Cheng was petrified, her exquisite face showing a forced smile.

What the heck... I just wanted to turn around. What do you fellas want to do?!

Don't bully this lady who looks young and beautiful!

The two guards' aura seemed to materialized. Apparently, they were experts at the Divine Soul Realm. Their cultivation base was so high and wasn't less than Mu Cheng's.

Mu Cheng was dumbstruck. She was a first-grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony with a formidable cultivation base. She was at the Divine Soul Realm with a three-step soul ladder. However, she still felt intimidated when she faced the two guards.

"Big Sister, our Commander Yan wants to see you. Please go with us," said a guard in a gentle voice.

After Mu Cheng heard that, she wasn't pleased.

She placed both of her hands on her waist, and her nostrils flared as she yelled at that guard. "Who did you call Big Sister? Who? Am I that old? If you don't apologize right now, this lady will stay here. I won't go anywhere, you scum!"

Mu Cheng was enraged. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, which supported her round and big bosom, then sat on the ground immediately.

The guard who had just spoken to her was dumbfounded.

The other guard had a cold smile on his face.

His hand flipped once, and a simple version of the Ancient Jade Lock appeared in his hand. He crushed it instantly.

Lightning beams emitted from the Ancient Jade Lock, restraining Mu Cheng right away.

Mu Cheng's face instantly changed.

"You, young man! What do you want? If you make a move, I'll scream!" Mu Cheng yelled.

"I said Commander Yan wants to see you. Don't cause more trouble."

The guard couldn't stand her, and he shook the Ancient Jade Lock once. In an instant, lightning struck Mu Cheng's body.

A numb, tingling feeling entered Mu Cheng's body. Mu Cheng, who was electrocuted, started to shake.

Mu Cheng did want to stay put on the ground, but the numbing feeling from the Ancient Jade Lock made it unable for her to do so. The electric shock hurt so much that tears rolled down her face.

In the end, Mu Cheng was brought to Yan Cheng.

Yan Cheng had a handsome face, as though it was carved out with a knife. His facial features were as bright as the stars.

His eyes fell on the body that was tied up by the Ancient Jade Lock.

"You guys are so rough. How could you treat this beautiful lady like that? If I'm not wrong, you're the only female chef of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. Profound Theory Knife... Mu Cheng."

Mu Cheng arched her brows. The eyes of this man were so aggressive.

You're wrong. I'm not Profound Theory Knife Mu Cheng..." Mu Cheng looked at Yan Cheng. She had a sincere expression on her face as she spoke seriously.

"Hmm? No?"

Yan Cheng squinted. His mouth revealed an evil but handsome smile. He raised his hand, and his finger slightly curled as he caressed Mu Cheng's smooth face...

Then, he suddenly grabbed Mu Cheng's chin.

"This commander isn't a fool. How could I not know the very famous Profound Theory Knife Mu Cheng? Oh, I forgot to tell you. Yan Yu is my little brother. I am Yan Cheng from the Yan family of the Ancient Jade Holy Land."