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 Taotie Restaurant...

It was the name of the branch restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony.

Bu Fang was too lazy to think of a name. Anyway, in this entire Valley of Gluttony, no one dared to use the name Taotie Restaurant. Although no one dared to do that, it didn't mean Bu Fang wouldn't.

Rubbing the black and white bandage on his arm, Bu Fang beamed.

Well, since he had two Taoties tied to his arm, what about using the name Taotie Restaurant? Who would dare to challenge it?

Clasping his hands, his Vermillion Robe slightly fluttered.

The sunlight bathed Bu Fang, making him feel warm and comfortable.

As time ticked by, the temperature became lower. Autumn would soon welcome winter.

The wind brought moisture to the air and occasionally brought with it dry, withered leaves.

Bu Fang watched the Taotie Restaurant. He rubbed his chin, his eyes looking pensive as he thought that it wouldn't be easy to get one thousand customers on the first day of business.

Bu Fang thought that he had to find a solution to boost the Taotie Restaurant's reputation. As for the solution, Bu Fang had no idea what it was going to be.

However, Bu Fang assumed that as he had defeated the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, he would be able to attract a lot of customers.

Smoothing out his hair, Bu Fang was too lazy to think about this. He turned around to walk inside the restaurant. He wanted to take a look at the newly-renovated interiors.

His restaurant was several miles away from the Glutton God's Building, and it was in the center of the long street of Glutton God City.

There were so many shops and restaurants around his restaurant.

On the opposite street, not far from him, was Mu Cheng's restaurant, Phoenix Pavilion.

Occasionally, when Bu Fang came to the restaurant's door during daylight, he could see Mu Cheng leaning against the balcony of Phoenix Pavilion, beaming.

A short distance away was Wenren Shang's restaurant. That seemed like a casual restaurant as its owner was casual too. Even the customers were casual.

Wenren Shang's restaurant had fewer customers compared to Phoenix Pavilion, but still, they had some loyal diners.

After all, Wenren Shang was one of the top chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony.

There were many people around that Bu Fang knew. That was why in this situation, it was really competitive to open a restaurant here.

Indeed, the system had assigned him a tough task. Maybe Bu Fang could have a hot debut, but it wasn't easy to vie for reputation in this street of famous restaurants.

Because, on this street, each restaurant had their specialties, and they were all run by the chefs from the Tablet of Gluttony.

However, it wasn't difficult for Bu Fang to open this restaurant at this time. Since he had done a great favor to the Valley of Gluttony, there was no way Chu Changsheng would refuse to give him a restaurant.

By chance, the special grade chef Yan Yu had many restaurants in this Glutton God City, and Bu Fang's new branch was actually one of them.

After receiving the restaurant, Bu Fang began to establish his branch.

When he checked the interior of the restaurant, a familiar air greeted him. The style was similar to Fang Fang's Little Restaurant.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant was equipped and decorated similarly to Fang Fang's Little Restaurant. Perhaps it was the system's style.

Simple and refreshing. Nothing appeared complicated here.

Bu Fang's face looked satisfied. His restaurant looked really comfortable.

Reaching out his hand, Bu Fang's slender fingers caressed the table, which didn't have a single speck of dust. The sensation from his finger touching the table made the corner of Bu Fang's mouth curl upward.

A little distance from him was the Path-understanding Tree, which looked exactly like the Path-understanding Tree in the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Thick spirit energy rose and expanded from the center of the Path-understanding Tree. It looked powerful and terrifying.

There were eight stripes on it, and the entire tree seemed sensitive, swaying with the energy of enlightenment that could calm people's minds.

A black dog was snoring in the shade of the Path-understanding Tree. Each breath of his could cause the tree's leaves to gently sway.

By the black dog was an ancient-styled black Netherworld Ship. The ship was anchored in silence, looking extremely ancient and mysterious.

It was a familiar sight and smell.

The little restaurant was decorated in the same way, giving people a familiar feeling.

Bu Fang exhaled in satisfaction. He pulled out a chair by the front gate and reclined his body on it. Squinting his eyes, he leisurely watched the people walking back and forth on the street. He took his time to look at everything that was going on around him.

Far from him, two little and delicate figures were running.

Bu Fang slightly opened his eyes, casting a glance in that direction. The corners of his mouth twitched.

It was because the two girls were no strangers... They were Xiao Ya and Flowery.

After Bu Fang saw them, he snorted slightly. Narrowing his eyes, he thought about what he should cook in his final Chef's Challenge. He also thought about how he should get a thousand customers to turn up on his opening day.

Xiao Ya and Flowery came to the restaurant with ease. It was like a routine thing to them.

Xiao Ya hurriedly pulled a chair and placed it beside Bu Fang before sitting down. She mimicked Bu Fang's posture, spreading her legs while squinting her eyes.

Flowery, the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, ran toward Lord Dog and sat down cross-legged beside him, narrowing her eyes and sniffling as if she was really enjoying life.

Nethery craned her neck and looked out from the Netherworld Ship. She looked at Flowery leaning against Lord Dog, and an awkward look appeared on her cold face. Yawning, she went back to sleep in the Netherworld Ship.

Nether King Er Ha, who was wearing a long robe, sneakily ran from afar. Seeing Bu Fang sitting by the front gate, his eyes brightened. He ran even faster to reach Bu Fang quickly.

"Bu Fang boy, where's the Spicy Strip we've mentioned?" Nether King Er Ha asked as he cautiously looked behind Bu Fang.

Bu Fang flared his nostrils. His squinted eyes opened a bit as he turned to see Nether King Er Ha, then said deliberately, "Spicy Strip... Wait until the restaurant is finished."

"Isn't it finished today?" Nether King Er Har rolled his eyes, pointing at the restaurant.

"The kitchen just renovated, so it should be ventilated well. Anyway, it's just Spicy Strips... Young people should relax," Bu Fang yawned as he spoke.

In the distance, a figure appeared. Her sleek, purple hair fluttered behind her.

"Big Brother Ha! I finally found you! Why are you avoiding me?"

It was Saint Daughter Zi Yun, who had just stormed out of the alley. The moment she found Nether King Er Ha, she immediately became excited, moving her arms as she ran fast toward him.

"Oh, young people these days are so scary..." said Nether King Er Ha. He saw the person dashing toward him and realized that it was the person who wanted to stick with him no matter what. His face paled immediately.

"You brat, Bu Fang, we're done talking. This king will come back tomorrow, so you must prepare the Spicy Strips for me! Okay, I can't talk anymore. Young people these days, too fierce..." Nether King reminded Bu Fang before turning around, sprinting away into the distance.

He disappeared in no time.

Zi Yun passed by Bu Fang. When she saw Bu Fang lying there, she immediately beamed at him.

"Good day, Owner Bu!" Zi Yun said.

Bu Fang gave her a nod.

Right after that, he saw Zi Yun running like she was flying, calling her Big Brother Ha.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

Young people these days...


Outside the Valley of Gluttony

A group of a dozen people formed a troop. They were riding a spirit boat before dropping in front of the Valley of Gluttony.

The leader was a man with a jet black bow. His eyes were fierce. This man had so many spirit symbols stuck on his body, which were releasing immense energy.

"Valley of Gluttony... A troublesome land."

The man holding the black longbow had a cold look in his eyes. A moment later, he sighed.

The information about the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance was spread wide in the entire Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Moreover, some people knew that Mo Liuji from the Heavenly Secret Holy Land also stayed in this valley.

The three Almighty experts of the Wavering Light Land were killed there too.

So, it wasn't excessive to say that this place was a land of trouble.

Mo Liuji still hadn't left, and he wouldn't do that without reason. The Valley of Gluttony's Inheritance had already been taken, so there was nothing in this valley that could attract people.

Many experts from the holy lands had retreated, but Mo Liuji was still there.

Was there a secret that no one else knew?

The man with the black bow squinted, exhaling a breath of white smoke, which swirled around like a dragon.

However, Yan Cheng didn't come here because of Mo Liuji. He had agreed with the Ancient Jade Holy Land's Holy Saint to come here and investigate Yan Yu's death. He was also here to investigate the Netherworld creature who killed the Holy Saint's clone.

The Holy Saint had asked him to come and investigate. However, how could Yan Cheng just ignore his brother Yan Yu's death? Of course, he was here to avenge him.

"Killing my Yan family's member... Of course they have to pay with blood! This Valley of Gluttony doesn't even have a Half Step Divine Spirit Realm existence, so how can they stop me?"

Yan Cheng took out the black bow on his back. His eyes looked sharp, as though they could tear the space around him.