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 Gulp. Gulp.

Mu Cheng's red lips parted. They became hot as they touched the rim of the porcelain bowl with the steaming soup inside.

That hot feeling made Mu Cheng's nostrils flare.

When the reddish-brown Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup entered her mouth, it slowly flowed down her throat.

The thick fragrance bloomed in her mouth instantly. The soup, which presented the ingredients to the pinnacle, caused Mu Cheng to stiffen. A look of disbelief appeared in her eyes.

This soup was different from her meat soup that had been prepared meticulously. The flavor of each ingredient in this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was distinct. Although there were dozens of ingredients, Mu Cheng could taste and distinguish each of them.

However, she could hardly imagine how those different flavors could blend with each other so well that her taste buds had such a joyful experience.

It could stimulate your taste and tease your tastebuds, causing it to be irresistible to people.

Mu Cheng gulped the soup down. Her eyes narrowed, and her breathing became heavier. A blush appeared on her exquisite face.

Really good...

Mu Cheng mumbled to herself. As her tongue was stimulated, her body couldn't help but shiver. She swayed and shook.

She stood at her spot and couldn't help but clamp her legs shut. She placed the blue and white porcelain bowl down, looking at Bu Fang with complicated eyes.

She admitted her defeat. No matter whether it was the taste or texture, she lost.

That Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup had various flavors, and these dozens of flavors had blended into the same spot, giving people a light and refreshing feeling. Except for Bu Fang, perhaps no one could do that.

In the image projected by the array, the audience could see the judges' facial expressions. The entire first floor quieted down, especially when they saw Mu Cheng's face after she drank the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

That expression made their hearts sink. They knew right there and then that Mu Cheng really didn't have a chance anymore...

Bu Fang actually won.

Of course, the final result wasn't much of a suspense. Mu Cheng didn't dispute it-she knew she was defeated.

Bu Fang took a step back as he removed his hair tie. His hair immediately cascaded down.

Chu Changsheng took out a robe from his spatial spirit tool. After putting it on, he turned to look at Bu Fang indifferently.

When he came here to be the judge, Chu Changsheng had brought several robes on his own initiative. However, he hadn't expected that his pants would burst off this time.

Thus, he didn't put any extra pair of pants into the spatial spirit tool since the space inside was precious. It was a waste if he placed extra stuff inside.

Chu Changsheng had a habit of keeping his spatial spirit tool neat.

Without his pants, Chu Changsheng could only wear a robe. As the wind blew, his pair of boxers swayed.

Anyway, it felt really cold down there...

"We will now announce the winner of this Chef's Challenge..." Chu Changsheng said seriously.

However, with his appearance, he looked indecent.

Many people were attracted by this Chef's Challenge, so now, as Chu Changsheng was about to announce the result of the battle, they were all focused on him.

Naturally, Bu Fang was the winner of this Chef's Challenge.

There was no cheering or applauding. Everybody remained silent as they listened to the result.

Even Goddess Mu Cheng was defeated...

Everybody wore a dark face. The top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony had almost all been swept off...

Who could stop Bu Fang in the end?

If the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony were all defeated, it would be a huge disgrace to the Valley of Gluttony.

There were many excellent chefs in the Valley of Gluttony, and this young man was swaggering around!

Rub! Rub!

All of a sudden, people sucked in their breaths as they watched the projection array.

They couldn't believe their eyes.

From the projection array, they saw the Profound Theory Knife in Mu Cheng's hand. The knife hovered, turning into a disc before spinning away from her palm.

As it flew, it changed its shape continuously. Each of its forms looked mysterious and cool.

Indeed, the Profound Theory Knife was a knife full of mysteries.

Light glowed underneath Bu Fang's feet as an array emerged. A moment later, a sparkling crystal knife cabinet hovered above it.

Bu Fang raised his hand, catching the knife. Waving his hand, Mu Cheng's Profound Theory Knife became a flying knife.

Bu Fang raised the knife and felt its magical features. As his thoughts changed, the knife would buzz and spin. As the disc spun, the blade was partially perceptible, turning into a knife.

It was interesting indeed.

Bu Fang admired the Profound Theory Knife for a while before placing it into the knife cabinet.

He had collected many knives, displaying them in his cabinet. Any of these knives could raise a storm in the Valley of Gluttony.

However, although there were so many knives, they could only stay there and collect dust.

Many people felt heartache for those knives.

Putting the kitchen knife away, Bu Fang strode out of the place.

As the Chef's Challenge hadn't ended yet, his current mission hadn't been accomplished. That was why he didn't have any reason to relax.

When Bu Fang descended from the second floor, many people immediately looked at him.

Looking at Bu Fang, their faces were complicated and shocked.

This fellow... had actually defeated the owner of the Phoenix Pavilion, Goddess Mu Cheng.

Bu Fang was quite calm. He didn't mind people gawking at him. Actually, he was the sort of man who wouldn't care about how people looked at him.

When he walked over, the spectators made way for him.

As Bu Fang strolled out of the Phoenix Pavilion, Nethery-the tall and slender Netherworld Woman-and Whitey were behind him.

Xiao Ya and Flowery held hands, hurrying behind Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng looked at them, the corners of his mouth twitching.

But he didn't have a choice. He could only gawk at Xiao Ya, the future Valley Master, as she hurried behind Bu Fang.

The air in the Phoenix Pavilion became awkward.

Many people stopped talking. They exchanged looks, but they didn't say anything.

Chu Changsheng and the others also left. This Chef's Challenge had ended, but Bu Fang wasn't done yet.

No one knew who Bu Fang would pick for his next Chef's Challenge...

The crowd could only watch the chefs leave the Phoenix Pavilion one by one.

Mu Cheng was a little disappointed and bitter as her Profound Theory Knife was gone. However, she knew that being upset couldn't do anything.

She needed to take action. In the future, she would defeat Bu Fang in a Chef's Challenge and take her Profound Theory Knife back.


Time passed slowly.

The Valley of Gluttony finished all neglected tasks. After several days of reconstructing, it slowly recovered.

The entire Valley of Gluttony became full of vitality, and its residents were brimming with excitement. However, this sort of excitement wasn't because of the Valley of Gluttony's recovery.

It was because of a person.

A person that could create miracles.

A chef had challenged the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, and he had defeated nine of them continuously.

It made the entire Valley of Gluttony boisterous. Nobody could ever imagine such an incredible situation. After all, it was a Chef's Challenge, and each battle would drain any chef's energy.

However, this young man had knocked off almost all the top ten chefs within several days. And now, only a first-grade chef was left-Liu Jiali hadn't done the Chef's Challenge yet.

If Liu Jiali was defeated, it meant that Bu Fang had swept away the entire Valley of Gluttony.

If anyone could represent the Valley of Gluttony's cooking prowess, it would be the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. If the top ten chefs couldn't do that, who could?

During these days, another solemn event took place in the Valley of Gluttony.

The Valley of Gluttony had to determine their Valley Master once again.

It had been around ten years since the previous Valley Master had disappeared. Since then, the Valley of Gluttony had been declining. It had never recovered nor made progress ever since.

Without the Valley Master, the valley didn't have a central pillar.

The entire Valley of Gluttony was struggling. Although Chu Changsheng had tried hard to manage it, he was just a Great Elder, not the Valley Master. There were many things he couldn't do to lead the Valley of Gluttony, especially when it came to crucial decisions and swift recovery.

This time, as they determined the Valley Master one more time, many people were very excited. It was also the reason why the Valley of Gluttony was now full of vitality.

Of course, this time, the Valley Master was just a ten-year-old little girl.

But, no matter what, the Valley of Gluttony now had a Valley Master.

However, what made their heads ache was that their new Valley Master really liked to visit a newly-opened restaurant in the valley.

Even the Great Elder, Chu Changsheng, couldn't stop her.

It was because that new restaurant was opened by the young chef who had swept away the Valley of Gluttony's top ten chefs.

People were very curious. Although the restaurant hadn't started business yet, it already attracted many people.

Of course, what caught their attention was the upcoming Chef's Challenge between Bu Fang and Liu Jiali.


On a long street, several miles away from the Glutton God's Building, the closed doors of a restaurant were slowly pushed open...

A tall and slender figure walked out of the restaurant.

Bu Fang was wearing his Vermillion Robe. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing his white and slender arms.

Bu Fang exhaled. He turned around, taking several steps back to look at the new restaurant...

He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he assessed the restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony. After the system had finished decorating and furnishing it, the serious voice of the system echoed in his head.

"Fang Fang's Little Restaurant's branch in the Valley of Gluttony. The decorations are finished now. Host, please choose a name. After you've finished your last Chef's Challenge, you can open it for business. If you can have one thousand customers on the first day, you will receive a bonus reward."

Bu Fang gently exhaled, his eyes looking excited.

"One thousand customers on the first day of business... It sounds challenging. I'm looking forward to it, though," whispered Bu Fang as the corners of his mouth rose.

The wind blew, making his Vermillion Robe sway in the breeze.

"If it's in the Valley of Gluttony, this new branch should be called... Taotie Restaurant."