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 Dazzling radiance shot from the porcelain jar, as though it wanted to tear through the sky. The dazzling light was so eye-catching that there was a look of disbelief on people's faces.

After Bu Fang received Mu Cheng's soup, he opened the lid of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. It shone brightly with a thick fragrance, and in an instant, it made the judges salivate.

Mu Cheng couldn't help but take a step back. Her eyes widened in shock as her chest bobbed up and down, gazing at that jar of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. The light coming from the jar pierced her eyes.

Really too dazzling. How could this dish let out such a radiant light? Why was it shining so brightly?!

Was it really something that could be eaten?

The fragrance soared from the porcelain jar like a dragon.

Bu Fang didn't mind it. He gently used his porcelain spoon to scoop some of Mu Cheng's steaming hot soup into his mouth.


Bu Fang swallowed a sip of refreshing meat broth.

As soon as that pure aroma and cold taste blended in his mouth, Bu Fang's pores slightly shrunk.

He had to say that Mu Cheng's dish was really good. No wonder she was ranked second on the Table of Gluttony...

The dish of this rank two wasn't lacking at all-it was almost perfect. Mu Cheng had fully utilized the taste of each ingredient to bring the flavor of the dish to its peak. Moreover, she had used some special method to infuse the blended flavors into the meat broth.

As for the creative frozen food essence grains, when those grains entered his mouth, he didn't need to chew it as it immediately melted into a cold liquid. The fine taste then slid smoothly down his throat, relaxing his mind.

This dish was able to make him relax.

As the corners of Bu Fang's mouth curled upward, he thought that he really liked this dish...

After he drank the soup in the bowl, he exhaled gently.

It's a pity that Mu Cheng encountered him.

She encountered the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. Among Bu Fang's dishes, it was the most difficult dish to prepare since he had to use his strong mental energy to control and adjust each detail of the cooking process.

It was really hard to cook the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, not to mention the fact that this Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup used so many high-quality cooking ingredients. After being cooked, the movement of the spirit energy between the ingredients became even more violent.

Thus, Bu Fang needed to use his mental energy to pacify it.

Luckily, Bu Fang had broken the shackles and reached another realm. Now, he could cook the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup easily.

He had used a Divine Spirit Realm spirit beast meat to cook this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, which made it both precious and delicious.

Although Bu Fang's cooking ingredients were of slightly lower quality than Mu Cheng's in general, his cooking skills were better. It was the reason he could make up for the difference in ingredients.

"My turn," Bu Fang slightly grinned, placing his bowl on the table. He eyed Mu Cheng with a meaningful look.

At this moment, Mu Cheng was a little frightened. She was pulled back to reality by Bu Fang's words.

"What?" Mu Cheng was skeptical.

Bu Fang shook his hand, taking out a ladle.

He grabbed a fancy blue and white porcelain bowl.

Rattle! Rattle!

He scooped the food from the jar of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup and distributed the soup into each small bowl.

There wasn't even a drop of fat or even the slightest bit of oil. Thick energy swirled around inside the broth.

When people sensed that energy, they felt frightened.

What formidable energy...

Mu Cheng felt it immediately. Her eyes shrank, and her body shook once.

Bu Fang placed the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup bowls he had prepared in front of the judges.

The fancy blue and white bowls had a faint cyan hue. The blue and white patterns were carved with blue lines, which looked really beautiful and fresh.

Chu Changsheng gave Bu Fang a deep look before shifting his eyes to his bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

The moment this Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup dish was revealed, a strange phenomenon appeared, which made him really excited. The pores on his body started to shrink before expanding again.

That attractive aroma made Chu Changsheng bring his nose closer to sniff the bowl of soup. The steam rose up into the air, and a wave of heat assaulted his nostrils.

"Smells so good... Very pure," said Chu Changsheng, squinting while stroking his beard.

Liu Jiali picked up his porcelain bowl, his eyes focused and stern. He observed it meticulously at every angle.

However, the more he observed, the more astonished he became. He raised his head to look at Bu Fang and took a deep breath.

This chef Bu Fang... He was indeed worthy of his title as the dark horse chef that could defeat the chefs of the Valley of Gluttony in Chef's Challenges.

His creativity and mental energy were incomparable, and it made many people exclaim with admiration.

The best thing about Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was that each cooking ingredient was processed so that their flavor, texture, as well as the energy current was perfect. The thick energy was preserved, and all the sensation and taste of the ingredients had been immersed in the soup.

If they had to compare Mu Cheng's soup and Bu Fang's soup... There was something in common between them, but afterward, they were very different.

Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was all-rounded, while Mu Cheng's soup had tried too hard to pursue perfection. However, nothing was perfect in this world. Anything that was so-called perfect had its flaw. Once that flaw was grasped, it would definitely collapse.

In fact, Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was that spear...


Liu Jiali solemnly swallowed a sip of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

After swallowing the soup, his serious face changed in a split second. His eyes gawked, and his hair floated.

His clothes were billowing? This feeling... This taste...

This dish... was enough to gain Bu Fang the qualification of a first-grade chef!

The texture of cooking ingredients and spirit energy thoroughly blended with each other, reaching the ultimate perfect taste.

"Is it really Bu Fang's soup?" thought Liu Jiali as he took a deep breath. He calmed down, sternly looking at Bu Fang.

This fellow... Was cooking soup his specialty?!

He looked at Mu Cheng with a little pity. It was her bad luck that she encountered Bu Fang.

It could be said that Mu Cheng's soup was perfect. However, facing against Bu Fang's Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, it had no chance at all.


A ripping sound filled the air.

Liu Jiali couldn't help but turn his head to look.

Everyone's eyes moved to Chu Changsheng as well, and what they saw stunned them.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were wide. The clothes he had just put on were blasted apart again. His hair rose up, and his face was so flushed that it seemed like it could drip blood. However, there was still an excited look on his face.

He slammed his palm on the table as he stood up.

Everybody gasped.

"The Great Elder's clothes burst off again! It's not easy to make his shirt go off like that..."

"Looks like that soup was too delicious. Elder Chu's reaction was so extraordinary!"

"You guys should look carefully. It's not only his shirt!"

From the projection array, the audience could see the judges' reactions. They were thrilled as they discussed boisterously.

People had concluded that when someone's food could cause Chu Changsheng's clothes to explode, that chef had already reached the standard of a first-grade chef. If the chef was at a level lower than a first-grade chef, the Great Elder's clothes would only billow.

"Wow! What a delicious soup!"

Chu Changsheng laughed excitedly. He gulped down the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup and slammed the bowl onto the table.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched.

This was the porcelain bowl he liked the most... That old man shouldn't break it like that.


Another sound of clothes ripping apart echoed.

Everybody was so bewildered. They turned around to look at the Great Elder again, their eyes wide open.

Chu Changsheng stood upright, revealing strips of ragged clothes hanging on his upper body. And on his lower body... His pants had burst off as well, leaving only a pair of white boxers to cover Chu Changsheng's privates!

Great Elder... His pants actually exploded?!

It wasn't enough that his shirt exploded... His pants actually exploded too?!

After a long moment of silence, the crowd erupted again. Nobody had thought that the Great Elder would have his pants blasted apart!

As it turned out, his shirt exploding wasn't the limit!


Everybody exhaled deeply, and it felt as though they wanted to expel all the air in their lungs at one go.

Mu Cheng gawked at Chu Changsheng with a dumbstruck expression. Her soup had blasted off Chu Changsheng's shirt, and now, Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup made both Chu Changsheng's pants and shirt explode...

No doubt, Chu Changsheng's expression had shown it all. Her dish had been defeated.

Liu Jiali kept silent. Although he had a good relationship with Mu Cheng, he was an upright and just person.

Mu Cheng's soup wasn't bad. However, Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was like a sharp spear that had directly attacked Mu Cheng's perfect soup's flaw.

When this hole was made, her so-called perfection was destroyed!

Mu Cheng lost.

At this moment, Wenren Shang had just finished enjoying the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. His face flushed, and a fascinated glint flashed in his eyes.

How could it taste so good?! The texture and taste of the ingredients were combined perfectly. In just a split second, it could provoke people's affection for good food. They were completely submerged within Bu Fang's delicious trap.

It was really enchanting.

After the Sixth Elder drank it, he slumped in his chair and didn't want to move a finger. He rarely felt this way-it was a relaxing moment after enjoying the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

Fisherman Zhou Cheng was still drinking Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup slowly.

The more he drank, the deeper his frown. The pressure from him continuously grew.

Bu Fang's skills... were really too strong!

Bu Fang was so powerful that Fisherman Zhou Cheng didn't feel really confident...

If they were to challenge each other, would he have a chance to win?

He didn't even have a bit of confidence. This bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup had utterly destroyed his faith in himself.

The judges went silent, and different expressions were shown in detail on the projection array. It seemed as though the result was clear, even though no one had announced it yet.

The entire Phoenix Pavilion fell silent.

No one had predicted this result as they all thought that Mu Cheng would absolutely win.

Mu Cheng's soup was unrivaled. However, what the heck was that Bu Fang? What the heck was that Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup?

How it could eclipse Mu Cheng's soup?! It had almost blasted apart the Great Elder's underwear...

The judges agreed that Bu Fang was the winner of this Chef's Challenge.

Mu Cheng's soup was delicious. However, Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was so delicious it made people desperate!

Mu Cheng was scared out of her wits, disbelief written all over her face.

She was so confident and thought that she wouldn't lose since she competed in her specialty, which is soup. That was why the thought that she would lose never entered her mind.

Moreover, it was a crushing defeat.

How could she be defeated?

Mu Cheng opened her eyes. Although she appeared dazed, she looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang cast Mu Cheng a sidelong glance and nodded.

The ladle moved again, and the rattling sound of soup echoed. Bu Fang casually prepared another bowl of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. Then, he used his mental energy and true energy to slowly send a bowl of soup to Mu Cheng.

Mu Cheng had tears lingering in her eyes because of her defeat.

Finally, the steaming hot Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup came.

Mu Cheng's eyes turned solemn.

Even though she admitted her defeat, she wanted to know how in the world she lost.

Gulp. Gulp.

Holding the porcelain bowl, her red lips parted as she poured the soup into her mouth.