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 The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup... Maybe, it should be called the heaven grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

The soup that Bu Fang was brewing this time was the thick Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup. Not only that the ingredients could be eaten, but the soup was even more delicious, incorporating the taste and aroma of many ingredients.

What's different this time was that the ingredients Bu Fang used were from creatures or beings that were in the Divine Soul Realm. The ingredients originally contained dense spirit energy. After Bu Fang cooked his dish, the spirit energy would dissipate and fuse into the soup.

Furthermore, Shrimpy swam around in the broth, so golden energy was scattered around in the soup.

No matter the taste or fragrance, there was nothing to pick on.

As the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was slowly brewed, the dense fragrance of the ingredients slowly began to spread out into the air.

Meanwhile, Mu Cheng's dish was also reaching completion. She scooped out the essence grains, which were a hundred grains from each ingredient, then poured them into the wok.

In the wok, water boiled and steam rolled forth. The soup was constantly bubbling, and a faint whistling sound could be heard coming from the ingredients.

As the many grains were poured into the tiger meat soup in the wok, the soup bubbled even more violently! Bubbles constantly rose and popped at the surface of the soup.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Using a steel ladle to scoop out the soup, one could see that the soup was extremely clear. There wasn't a single trace of oil, which made it look a bit mysterious.

The dense meat fragrance then scattered around, teasing the noses of the spectators.


Pouring the clear tiger meat soup into a white jade porcelain bowl, Mu Cheng then took a ladle of essence grains that had been frozen. She poured them on top of the soup.

The essence grains sunk to the bottom of the bowl while emitting bubbles, slowly changing the soup's taste and color.

With a turn of her hand, the Profound Theory Knife moved. With a clanking sound, it changed its form, quickly becoming a round metal plate.

From afar, Bu Fang was done cooking his dish.

The hot steam rose, constantly surging and rumbling. With a shake of his hand, the porcelain jar was retrieved from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

On top of that porcelain jar, there seemed to be a smiling figure of a Buddha. Light emitted from the lid, dazzling everyone.

Water droplets slid down the body of the Buddha, causing the color to become even more dazzling and enchanting.

Bu Fang had also finished cooking his Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup.

In an instant, the atmosphere became grave. With the completion of the dishes, the Chef's Challenge reached the final stage.

The gazes of the judges turned, landing on the bodies of the two competitors.

Mu Cheng was calm and easy-going. She was using a white and clean towel to wipe a plate meticulously, cleaning the dust off it.

With a final swipe of the towel, Mu Cheng retreated a step. The twin peaks on her chest shook, and a trace of satisfaction appeared on her face.

Her dish had been completed.

Below the projection magic array, everyone let out a cry of surprise. It was because Mu Cheng's dish could only be described as beautiful with enchanting color and luster.

Under the light of the lamp, the dish seemed to be as dazzling as a glazed tile. The clear soup emitted an enchanting fragrance as steam rose from the surface of the bowl, constantly rolling around and scattering.

After boiling for a while, it began to disperse.

The soup was clear with a light blue tinge to it, and the tiny grains in the soup looked like ice crystals. When light shone onto the grains, they seemed to emit a hazy luster.

It was beautiful and enchanting.

As for Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, it was not as enchanting. After all, he had not opened the lid yet. No one saw how unique his dish was.

Mu Cheng carefully picked up this bowl of soup, and her figure swayed as she walked toward the judges. Before long, she arrived in front of them, placing it on the center of the dining table.

When the gaze of the judges landed on that bowl, their eyes all slightly lit up, revealing a look of anticipation.

Mu Cheng's soup was a very famous dish in the Valley of Gluttony. Ordinary people who wanted to have a taste of her dish would not have much chances.

Mu Cheng rarely cooked at the Phoenix Pavilion. Even if she did, she wouldn't make soup. Only when Mu Cheng was extremely serious would she choose to brew soup.

That was because her specialty was brewing soup.

Even when she and Yan Yu had competed for the first rank of the Tablet of Gluttony, Mu Cheng had not chosen to brew soup. But in the Chef's Challenge this time, Mu Cheng prepared her strongest dish.

Mu Cheng's face was filled with a gentle smile, which made one feel as though they were caressed by a cool spring breeze.

She reached out her delicate hands, placing a porcelain bowl in front of Chu Changsheng. She moved the ladle, and the swishing of the soup could be heard as she scooped out a portion of soup for Chu Changsheng.

The light blue soup was clear, and a dense aroma filled the air the moment she scooped it out. A piece of tiger meat, which was slightly trembling, was also placed into Chu Changsheng's porcelain bowl.

It was unknown if the tiny pieces of essences were letting out a chill or steam. They entered the bowl and rolled about on top of the tiger meat.

A wave of meat fragrance dispersed around.

"Elder Chu... Please." Mu Cheng smiled as she said that. The smile on her face made Chu Changsheng involuntarily nod his head.

"Okay..." replied Chu Changsheng. After that, he picked up the spoon, scooping a spoonful of that clear soup into his mouth.

With a slurping sound, the soup entered his mouth.

When this scene was transmitted via the projection magic array, many people watched Chu Changsheng carefully.

Everyone widened their eyes, not daring to let out a loud breath. They watched seriously, anticipating how Chu Changsheng would evaluate this dish.

When Chu Changsheng took his first mouthful of soup, the look in his eyes changed. The originally sharp gaze had softened after swallowing that soup.

In the next moment, he constantly moved the spoon, scooping more soup into his mouth.

Shortly after, Chu Changsheng placed down his spoon. He picked up the bowl and directly poured the soup into his mouth.

Gulp. Gulp.

His throat moved, and a look of excitement appeared in his eyes.


Suddenly putting down the porcelain bowl, Chu Changsheng's face revealed a trace of pleasure and satisfaction.

It was too great to drink. Too delicious...

Chu Changsheng was excited in his heart. Next, he picked up the porcelain spoon and scooped the essence grains.


When the essence grains entered his mouth, they formed a sharp contrast with the hot soup.

These essence grains were frozen, and the cooling sensation when it entered the mouth made Chu Changsheng want to swallow his tongue...

How could it taste so good?


A ripping sound reverberated as the clothes on Chu Changsheng's body ripped apart, revealing his large and powerful muscles. His muscles moved as they slightly shook.


Chu Changsheng's face was filled with excitement. He combed his beard as he exclaimed.

Mu Cheng smiled as she nodded toward Chu Changsheng, slightly bowing her body.

"Many thanks to Elder Chu's evaluation."

After that, Mu Cheng walked toward the judges behind. She carefully scooped a ladle of soup into the porcelain bowls.

Wenren Shang laughed out loudly, looking at Mu Cheng. There was a playful look on his face.

"Who would have thought that this one would actually have the chance to eat the soup that special grade chef Mu Cheng personally scooped out? Even if I died, it would have been worth it!"

Mu Cheng's soup was hard to come by, so Wenren Shang's excitement was only natural.

From Chu Changsheng's reaction and appearance, Mu Cheng's soup was truly not just amazing in name. It was definitely delicious.

To be able to make Chu Changsheng's clothes explode so quickly... This meant that the taste and texture were all first class.

Looks like Bu Fang had met a true opponent this time!

From afar, Bu Fang's dish had been prepared long ago. Turning his gaze, he looked over at the judges.

As if feeling Wenren Shang's gaze on him, Bu Fang nodded his head.

In the next instant, he held the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup, walking over to the judges.

The judges were all drinking Mu Cheng's soup blissfully, their faces filled with excitement.


A sound gently rang out as Bu Fang's Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup was placed on the table.

The judges froze before lowering their porcelain bowls. They looked at Bu Fang, revealing playful looks on their faces.

Mu Cheng's soup was so delicious! Perhaps only those who had tried it before would be clear on how tasty it was. All the ingredients were perfectly controlled by Mu Cheng. The taste of the soup was amazing!

It was as if the taste of the ingredients was perfect.

Even a slight change in the taste would make one feel uncomfortable.

With the Profound Theory Knife, the intricate ingredient-controlling kitchen knife, Mu Cheng's dish was just too enchanting.

"Little Brother Bu Fang, you should also have a bowl of this sister's soup. Even though this is a Chef's Challenge, it's not like we're enemies," said Mu Cheng with a slight smile on her face.

She scooped a portion of soup and gave it to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang froze as he looked at Mu Cheng with a deep gaze. He accepted the bowl after quite some time.

However, Bu Fang did not rush to drink it. Instead, he swept a glance over the judges before looking at Mu Cheng. He calmly said, "My dish, the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Soup... is completed."

Bu Fang then opened the lid of the jar.

The judges' and Mu Cheng's eyes shrank in an instant.

Because at that moment, thousands of dazzling radiance exploded forth from within the porcelain jar!