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 A circular kitchen knife appeared in Mu Cheng's hands. Its shape was really special.

It was a kitchen knife that was made of a light blue metal. The middle was hollow, and mysterious lines were engraved all over it.

With the shining of the runes, the kitchen knife would also slowly revolve, floating on top of Mu Cheng's palm.

Although it was said to be a kitchen knife, it might as well be a light blue round plate. It seemed like a sophisticated device as the metal constantly let out clanking sounds whenever it changed.

This was Mu Cheng's kitchen knife, a famous knife in the Valley of Gluttony-the Profound Theory Knife.

Seemingly mysterious and extremely unique, it was a kitchen knife that no one could have imagined.

This knife seemed to be completely different from any other kitchen knife. It was only a kitchen knife in name.

Mu Cheng wore a neat chef robe, her sharp gaze shooting down from the second floor, meeting Bu Fang's calm gaze.

There were no harsh stares nor sparks when their gazes met. It was a calm exchange between the two.

The entire Phoenix Pavilion was so crowded that not even a drop of water could trickle through. Everyone was looking forward to this Chef's Challenge. After witnessing Bu Fang's chef battles, more and more people felt that it was inconceivable.

Did this little chef really decide to, in one breath, sweep the entire top ten chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony?

Fortunately, the rules of the Chef's Challenge had been changed. The losing party only needed to give up their kitchen knife. If the condition remained the same as before, where the chef would be deprived of the right to cook, Bu Fang would really be destroying the top ten chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony.

Furthermore, Bu Fang was getting closer and closer to this goal. He was almost about to achieve it.

"Come up, it's been quite a while." Mu Cheng looked at Bu Fang before a smile appeared on her face. In that instant, many people went into a trance because of her enchanting smile.

Although Mu Cheng was wearing a chef robe according to the rules today, her robe was in pristine condition. It made her seem more mature and look more captivating.

Everyone became quiet, waiting for Bu Fang's reply to Mu Cheng.

However, Bu Fang was silent for quite some time. He finally replied with a single word, "Okay."

Then, in front of the dumbfounded audience, he walked on air as he went to the second level of the Phoenix Pavilion.

Bu Fang wore an indifferent expression on his face. His calmness made everyone feel as though there was something strange going on.

Where was the promised clash of the chefs during a Chef's Challenge?

The instant Bu Fang stepped on the second floor of the Phoenix Pavilion, the atmosphere changed.

On the second level, there were only a few people. Compared to the crowd on the first floor, the second floor was almost empty.

Chu Changsheng wore a long robe as he sat on the judges' seat. There were also a few familiar faces who were present. Liu Jiali held a golden book while reading as he flipped the pages, and Wenren Shang held a flask of wine as he constantly drained it into his mouth. A dense aroma of alcohol filled the air.

The Sixth Elder, who had a curved mustache, stared at Bu Fang with a shining gaze.

The last judge was a man who wore a conical bamboo hat. There was a fishing basket on his back, and there were water stains on his straw raincoat. It was obvious that he arrived after fishing.

This person raised his head, revealing a weather-beaten face. A smile hung on his face.

This person was the fisherman of the Tablet of Gluttony, Zhou Cheng. He was a first-rate chef with a famous knife, the Fish Bone Knife.

This lineup of judges could be said to be very extravagant. At least, everyone accepted the judging panel.

The scene of the Chef's Challenge was broadcasted on the first floor via a magic array. Everyone crowded around the magic array, watching with enthusiasm.

Their faces revealed a look of anticipation.

Nether King Er Ha brought Nethery and Whitey as they looked at the huge crowd, which piled up like a mountain. In the next instant, he blinked his eyes.

After that blink, Nether King Er Ha brought Nethery, with a flutter of her skirt, and Saint Daughter Zi Yun on the second floor.

Flowery and Xiao Ya also directly went up to the second floor.

As of today in the Valley of Gluttony, these two girls could be said to be the devil's incarnate. No one dared to provoke them. Other than Bu Fang, no other restaurant owners dared to ask the two of them to pay up.

Who asked Xiao Ya to obtain the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony? She was the next Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony!

The space on the second floor was not small, but after two stoves were placed, the entire area seemed to be a little cramped.

Bu Fang walked to the front of the stove that belonged to him. This was a bronze stove that intricately made... Everything had been prepared for him.

When Bu Fang saw Mu Cheng's stove, his brows instantly arched upwards.

It was because Mu Cheng's stove shocked him. There were many tools piled up around it. All of them were very exquisite, as though they were precision instruments.

There was a box that was as tall as a human made out of bronze. Once the box was opened, many refined crystal household utensils could be seen.

The shapes of these household utensils were all strange. A normal person would not recognize them.

Of course, Bu Fang also did not recognize any of them, that's why he was stunned.

In order to cook dishes, only a few tools were required-a kitchen knife, a ball of fire, and a wok. These were more than enough. Was there a need for so many random equipments?

Today's theme was soup. They had to prepare a bowl of it for this Chef's Challenge.

Both Mu Cheng and Bu Fang obviously made preparations before coming. They placed the ingredients that they had prepared onto the stove.

Many valuable ingredients were taken out by Bu Fang, and although these ingredients were valuable, they were not very expensive. Many people felt shocked and suspicious.

Many knew that Bu Fang possessed the Taotie's Meat and the Taotie's Heart, which were ingredients of the highest quality. As long as one of these divine level ingredients came out, Bu Fang's chances of victory would instantly rise threefold.

However, from the ingredients that Bu Fang and Mu Cheng took out, there was not a single high-end ingredient. It was out of everyone's expectations.

Although the quality was lower than the Taotie's Meat, they were all ingredients of the Divine Soul Realm and were incomparably valuable. For many people, these were extremely expensive ingredients.

Mu Cheng washed both of her hands. Rolling up her chef robe, her white and slender arms were revealed. Her gaze landed on Bu Fang, and a tinge of playfulness appeared on her face.

"Owner Bu, this one's specialty is brewing soup, and it's the most famous dish this one can prepare. It's also the reason I became a special grade chef. I hope I will not let Owner Bu down," Mu Cheng said.

Saying that, the corners of her mouth then slightly curved upwards. With a delicate shout, the true energy in her hands then surged forth as it poured into the light blue circular knife in her hand.

With a clanking sound, that light blue knife plate began to hover and change, turning into a kitchen knife.

This was the true appearance of the Profound Theory Knife.

The kitchen knife twirled around, and a brilliant light emerged from the blade.

Mu Cheng took out a fat fish that was still emitting bolts of lightning. Putting the fat fish on the chopping board, she slashed downward with her Profound Theory Knife.

As the knife chopped down, the metal pieces of the Profound Theory Knife slowly flew out and gathered at the sides, looking even more impressive.

Three knives chopped down at the same time, and the fish was sliced into pieces in just a short time.

The skin, scales, meat, and bones were separated neatly and were completely dealt with.

When this scene was shown through the projection magic array on the first floor, everyone became silent. It was so quiet a pin drop could be heard.

Was this a kitchen knife? It was literally so awesome that it did not conform to common sense. This kitchen knife seemed to be specially made for cooking.

After Mu Cheng calmly finished dealing with the fish meat, he gave Bu Fang, who was cleaning his kitchen knife, a quick glance. She then pulled out a metal rack after looking at Bu Fang. It was very unique. At the top of the rack, there was a huge funnel, while at the bottom, there was a tiny hole.

True energy poured into that rack, and the mediocre-looking rack instantly let out a luster.

In the next instant, Mu Cheng stuffed the fish meat into the funnel. She stuffed the skin in there as well.

Everyone felt a little puzzled.

What was Mu Cheng doing?

Maybe only Liu Jiali was clear about what Mu Cheng was doing. No one else knew that she was about to display her personal advantage and style without holding anything back.


A wave of buzzing sound rang out. Mu Cheng pulled out a porcelain bowl that was filled with a clear liquid, and she placed it at the bottom of the funnel.

After a wave of humming sound came from the rack, a white spiritual energy smoke dispersed from it. In the next instant, tiny pearl-like grains dripped down, filling up half of the porcelain bowl. Those pearl-like grains caused the water in the porcelain bowl to be filled to the brim.

The tiny grains were pure white, like pearls filled with energy. They emitted a brilliant radiance.

After being scooped out by Mu Cheng, she pinched with two fingers, stuffing one of the grains into her mouth. Her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

These were the essences of the fish meat and skin. After passing through this rack, the pure essence of the fish was extracted.

Mu Cheng's cooking style obviously made Bu Fang a little shocked.

However, he was only slightly stunned. As a chef from Earth, he had naturally seen many unique cooking utensils, so he had already grown accustomed to seeing such strange things.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand spun as he picked up an ingredient. A moment later, the knife flashed, and the Meteor Cutting Technique burst forth. In an instant, all of the ingredients had been dealt with.

Bu Fang chose the most basic cooking technique, and it was the technique he was the most confident in.

To use those precision instruments, Bu Fang just needed to learn a little bit. However, he felt as though there was no need.

The Profound Theory Knife was mysterious. The body of the blade kept changing, but even though it dealt with many ingredients, the blade remained spotless.

The rack continued to let out ringing sounds, and soon, many ingredients turned into grains.

These grains were all essences. They were the essence of the ingredients Mu Cheng had prepared.

Mu Cheng tasted these grains once, then pulled out another porcelain bowl, mixing the grains together.

Next, she opened a bronze box, pulling out a freezing apparatus that released a chill from within.

Putting the essences of the ingredients into the apparatus, it was frozen and kept in storage. After that, Mu Cheng started to brew the soup.

This time, Mu Cheng planned to make the Divine Soul Realm spirit beast tiger meat as the main element of the soup.

She cleaned the Profound Theory Knife before cutting the meat. After being cut, she placed the tiger meat into an orange-yellow earthenware pot, then placed an appropriate amount of spirit herbs that she had measured using her equipment. She sealed the lid and put it above the fire.

When she was done, Mu Cheng was in the mood to raise her head, watching how Bu Fang cooked.

However, when she saw what Bu Fang was doing, her pupils shrunk.

She realized that Bu Fang actually pulled the golden shrimp off his shoulders and threw it into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

With a plopping sound, Shrimpy fell in the wok. It swam around with a carefree attitude.

Bu Fang had prepared a porcelain jar, and following a specific order, he carefully placed the processed ingredients into the jar. He scattered the spirit herbs, which had been ground to powder into it as well.

After quite some time...

Bu Fang scooped out that shrimp from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, then placed the steaming Shrimpy, who was spitting out bubbles, on his shoulders.

After that, he poured the broth that was filled with golden energy from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok into the porcelain jar. Next, a golden and red Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was spat out, starting to boil the soup.