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 Yan Yu was dead.

After being pinned down to the ground by Chu Changsheng, his blood and flesh vaporized after being smacked by a palm.

Everyone did not dare to let out a loud breath as they looked at the scene in front of them with astonished faces.

A special grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony had died just like that. He died without even leaving behind his bones.

Many people seemed to be able to see through the meaning behind Chu Changsheng's actions. It seemed as though Yan Yu had betrayed the Valley of Gluttony. This number one special grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony did not seem to be someone from the Valley of Gluttony. Instead, he was a spy sent by another holy land.

The light figure that the other party had summoned seemed to even make Chu Changsheng worried.

However, everything ended like a circus act.

The spectators watched as Nether King Er Ha's teary and depressed appearance made everyone a little speechless. The light figure was someone who was extremely arrogant and domineering. However, he was shattered into pieces with a single slap from that clown Nether King.

Bu Fang obviously did not take it to heart. Originally, it was the other party who was here to look for trouble. If not for the other side shouting for Bu Fang to die, he would be too lazy to tempt the Nether King to act with Spicy Strips.

He thought that the light figure would be really mighty. However, it seemed like the light figure only looked strong but was actually weak. It was like a paper tiger, defeated by Nether King Er Ha in an instant.

The matter was settled-he had won the Chef's Challenge. Bu Fang had gotten a step closer to clearing the temporary mission.

Bringing Nethery, Whitey, and Nether King Er Ha, he slowly left, vanishing from everyone's sights.

The spectators could only hear Nether King Er Ha's voice that was trying to negotiate with Bu Fang.

Mu Cheng's face was incomparably solemn as she stared at Bu Fang's departing figure. She released a long breath.

That meaningful gaze that Bu Fang gave her before he left, coupled with that sentence, caused all the hair on her body to stand up.

In the end, she was the next chef who was going to take part in a Chef's Challenge with Bu Fang.

So far, she had always been a spectator who watched Bu Fang cook in every single Chef's Challenge. Now that she was going up against him, she felt a tremendous amount of pressure.

But this pressure did not scare her. Instead, she felt excited...

Her excited legs were tensing up involuntarily.

Mu Cheng was also a special grade chef, and she was ranked second on the Tablet of Gluttony. Of course, if she wanted to compete for number one, she would easily be able to obtain it.

After all, Yan Yu's culinary skills were really a little exaggerated. Although he was still pretty good, he wasn't the best chef in the valley.

Liu Jiali stood at Mu Cheng's side, opening a golden book within his hand. He gently sighed.

He reached out a hand, tapping Mu Cheng's shoulders. He meant to wish Mu Cheng good luck.

Bu Fang hadn't been defeated a single time since he started challenging chefs. His momentum was really horrifying.

Mu Cheng wanting to triumph over Bu Fang with his terrifying momentum was going to be a little difficult.

Of course, Liu Jiali had some knowledge of Mu Cheng. Don't look at the other party as the only woman in the Tablet of Gluttony's ranking. Her culinary skills were very astonishing.

It was because Mu Cheng had the Hundred Taste Spirit Tongue, which common chefs admired.

The so-called Hundred Taste Spirit Tongue enabled one to accurately taste the ingredients in a dish, allowing them to know its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the sensitivity toward taste was extremely dense.

Along with the Hundred Taste Spirit Tongue, Mu Cheng also wielded a famous knife that was even more famous than Yan Yu's Shadow Chopping Knife-the Profound Theory Knife.

This was an extremely famous ancient knife. It seemed to be a famous knife that existed even before the founding of the Valley of Gluttony. Although everyone knew that Mu Cheng had this famous knife, they had never actually seen her use it.

Liu Jiali was a little curious, not knowing if Bu Fang would be able to force Mu Cheng to bring out the Profound Theory Knife.

Mu Cheng's style of dishes was incomparably exquisite, as though creating an artwork. She had an extremely high requirement for her knife technique.

She had many techniques that were very ingenious.

In the Valley of Gluttony, there was a very accurate evaluation of Mu Cheng. It could be said that Mu Cheng was an extremely skilled master of ingenuity and not a chef.

"Big Sister Mu, it seems like the next one to have a headache will be you..." Wenren Shang pulled the corner of his lips back, pouring a cup of wine from his bamboo flask. He laughed loudly while looking at Mu Cheng.

Mu Cheng's eyes instantly turned sharp.

"Who are you calling big sister? Your whole family are big sisters!"

Mu Cheng gave a cold 'humph' before leaving, swaying her body as she walked away. No matter what, Bu Fang's challenge managed to pressure her. However, the pressure caused her to become very excited.

It seemed as though she had to give her all at this Chef's Challenge.


The Ancient Jade Holy Land

The Ancient Jade Palace stood at the peak of the Ancient Jade Mountain. Its bricks were made of jade, making it look exquisite.

This huge palace was extraordinarily majestic and beautiful. Looking at it from afar, it seemed to be emitting a brilliant light. The dazzling beams of light shot toward the sky, attracting everyone's gaze.

Within the Ancient Jade Mountain, there was a white jade staircase that led straight to that huge palace.

At the top of the white jade staircase, there were countless people who prayed three times and kowtowed three times. They walked toward the huge palace with an incomparably devout expression on their faces.

That Ancient Jade Palace was just like a holy land, attracting countless devout believers.

It was the center of the Ancient Jade Holy Land. The entire palace was made using rare mineral resources, making it incomparably exquisite as it dispersed radiance. Furthermore, mysterious magic arrays were engraved on every wall and pillar.

These magic arrays revolved, constantly letting out a terrifying pressure.

In the center of the palace, a figure, who was wearing a long golden robe, sat crossed-legged in the air. Around him, a circular magic array revolved.

Suddenly, this person's eyes opened. The moment he opened his eyes, the void seemed to shatter.

The surrounding magic array suddenly revolved rapidly. It became so quick that the void looked like it was going to collapse.


A figure dashed in from outside, crouching on the ground.

"Holy Saint! Do you have any instructions?!" This was a Half-Step Divine Spirit Realm existence. He wore an armor and held a long sword. His face was filled with reverence as he crouched in front of the figure.

Behind him, many experts of the Ancient Jade Holy Land were crouching as well.

Through the palace, one could see the fervent believers on the white rock road on the Ancient Jade Mountain. Climbing out of the mountain road, their faces filled with surprise and longing.

"The disciple that this supreme one sent out to the Valley of Gluttony is dead... This supreme one's clone was also killed. I felt a trace of nether energy from the existence that killed the clone."

The Holy Saint's eyes were like dazzling stars in the night sky, causing the air to constantly crackle. That terrifying pressure shook the hearts of everyone present.

"What? There was nether energy? Could it be a creature from the Netherworld? How can a Netherworld creature kill the Holy Saint's clone? How did it even appear on the continent?" The expert who was holding the sword was shocked.

The Holy Saint's gaze turned. It was as though the void shattered as his gaze landed on that expert's body, instantly making that person feel like his body was being crushed by a heavy mountain. It was so heavy that he was unable to take a breath.

"You think that this supreme one will lie to you? This supreme one does not need you to believe me. You just need to go and check for me... Send news back after checking!" said the Holy Saint.

That expert's heart suddenly froze, and the color of his face changed. He hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to meet the Holy Saint's gaze.

"Yes, this subordinate knows."

"Go. No need to make a big fuss out of it. Just go check if there really is a creature from the Netherworld. If there is, humph!"

When the Holy Saint said the last sentence, his voice became cold. After coldly harrumphing, the magic array that was revolving around him started to shake. The void seemed to split open again.

The expert that held a long sword began to slowly retreat out of the palace.

After that, the magic array within the palace also began to slowly settle down.

"With the Great Path's Principle fading, these Netherworld creatures have been getting more and more lawless."


When Bu Fang returned to the inn, Lord Dog was sleeping soundly on the floor. With every breath he took, the fats on his body slightly shook.

Bu Fang returned to his own room and sat on a chair to take a short rest.

He made a pot of tea, pouring a cup for everyone present. Nethery sat at Bu Fang's side, and she blew on the tea while holding it between her palms.

Nether King Er Ha only cared about Spicy Strips, so he was in no mood to drink tea with Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was not in a rush. Sipping a mouthful of tea to warm his mouth, he glanced at Nether King Er Ha and walked to the kitchen.

He was going to prepare and think about the dish that he was going to cook in the Chef's Challenge tomorrow.

His opponent was Mu Cheng. Bu Fang did not know much about this woman, but he knew that she had pretty good culinary skills.

As for the main theme of the Chef's Challenge, it was soup.

Soup was always the number one major category of cooking. Stewing was a cooking method that was even more research-oriented.

Bu Fang also liked to stew, but he rarely did so. That was why tomorrow's Chef's Challenge was a huge challenge for him.

Since Mu Cheng dared to choose soup, she was definitely prepared. If Bu Fang didn't prepare for the challenge, there was a chance he would lose.

Because of this, he was thinking what soup he should prepare the next day.

To brew a pot of soup, ingredients and ideas were both required. He couldn't miss a single point.

Of course, he needed the proper tools to cook soup. With the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his possession, he didn't have to worry about his tools. Bu Fang didn't believe that there would be any tools better than the God of Cooking Set.

Strolling around the kitchen for quite a while, Bu Fang's gaze once again landed on his shoulder. He looked at Shrimpy, who was lying on his shoulders as it spat bubbles.

Shrimpy's ability was pretty useful. It was able to make ingredients more effective and flavorful.

For the soup he was going to prepare the next day, it was impossible for Shrimpy not to be used.

However, other than Shrimpy, Bu Fang felt that he had to decide on the type of soup to cook.

Suddenly, a light flashed across Bu Fang's eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards, revealing a meaningful smile.

He knew what soup he should cook.

In front of this dish, everything was but a fleeting cloud!

Bu Fang gently let out a breath. With green smoke revolving around his arm, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun around his hand.


The Valley of Gluttony, the Phoenix Pavilion

The Phoenix Pavilion was the location of the Chef's Challenge this time. The owner of the Phoenix Pavilion was Mu Cheng, and as a special grade chef, there was no way she didn't possess a restaurant in the Valley of Gluttony.

Because of the Chef's Challenge between Bu Fang and special grade chef Mu Cheng, the originally lively and packed Phoenix Pavilion became even more bustling. It was so crowded that not even a drop of water could flow through the restaurant.

In the morning, when the sun was high in the sky...

A road suddenly came from the crowd.

Bu Fang, who was wearing his Vermillion Robe, crossed his arms before him. With an expressionless face, he walked over with a golden shrimp on his shoulder.

As he stepped into the crowd, his gaze became solemn. Raising his head, he looked at the second floor.

Mu Cheng, who had prepared for a day and a night, stood on the second floor as she watched him.

Mu Cheng wore a proper chef robe today, covering her voluptuous figure. However, it caused her to look more enchanting.

This lady's gaze was incomparably attractive. Raising her hand, a strangely shaped knife appeared.

At that moment, the world seemed to turn silent in an instant. Everyone watched Mu Cheng in surprise and excitement.

They were looking forward to it... The start of this exciting Chef's Challenge!