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 As Chu Changsheng strode in midair with his cane, his long robe and white beard fluttered in the wind.

His gaze was sharp and cold. It made his eyes seem as though lightning was flickering within them.

Yan Yu's heart lurched when he felt killing intent locking onto him. He was so shocked and angry that he roared. After that, he rushed out of Noodle King Restaurant to escape.

He had lost the Chef's Challenge.

This was an end that Yan Yu had not envisioned. He never believed he would lose to Bu Fang even after using such a valuable ingredient.

The Eight Petal Snow Lotus was infinitely close to a divine herb, so using it for the Chef's Challenge made his heart ache. However, he realized that it was fine. If that ingredient would ensure his victory, he would not consider it a loss. Even if it was a spirit herb close to the divine level, as long as it could save his life, it was all worth it.

After all, after using it, he could always look for another one. However, if he lost his life, no divine herb would matter any longer.

Yan Yu clearly understood that Chu Changsheng wanted to kill him.

Why had Chu Changsheng not appeared during the Chef's Challenge? Why had he only appeared at the end of the battle just to crown him the loser?

It had all been to kill him.

Chu Changsheng might have been afraid of losing his self-control and kill him during the battle, so he did not come earlier to watch.

This scene unfolded so suddenly that it stunned the spectators. All of them sucked in breaths of cold air.

Does the Great Elder want to kill Yan Yu?

Yan Yu was a special grade chef from the Valley of Gluttony. If he were to die, wouldn't this be a huge loss to the Valley of Gluttony? Special grade chefs were already scarce here, so if one just died like that, it would be such a waste.

Not many knew what had happened in the land of inheritance. They had no idea that Yan Yu had long since betrayed the Valley of Gluttony-he was essentially an enemy now.

Bu Fang calmly ran his hand through his hair as he watched Yan Yu flee.

Right before Yan Yu turned tail and fled, the intense hatred in his gaze made Bu Fang furrow his brows slightly.

Hatred? This guy still dared look at him with hate-filled eyes?

Bu Fang let out a light breath. With a flick of the wrist, he grabbed the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Yellow energy glowed atop the wok.

Bu Fang's gaze turned cold, his long hair fluttering in the wind. Suddenly, he hurled the wok.

As it spun through the air, the wok made a rumbling sound. It seemed like it was unable to withstand the force that had been used to throw it.

As Yan Yu was fleeing as fast as he could, he was not aware of anything happening behind him.

Chu Changsheng's killing intent had already locked onto him, causing every pore on his body to open up. He knew that if he did not run, he would definitely die.

Suddenly, a loud rumble echoed behind him.

Yan Yu's face stiffened. He turned around and saw a spinning wok whistling over to him. It was emitting a murky light created by its violently surging energy.

This was Bu Fang's Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and Yan Yu instantly recognized it.

He never thought that this guy would actually make a move!

"You are looking for death!!" Yan Yu screamed, extremely angry at that point. This guy had already defeated him in a Chef's Challenge, putting an end to his right to live, and now, he wanted to thwart his escape!

This was simply unforgivable.

With a thought, several murky and yellow jade talismans appeared in his hands. These talismans had mysterious runes inscribed on them. As soon as his true energy entered these runes, they began to glow as if they had come to life.


A ringing sound resounded as Yan Yu flung the jade talismans.

Buzz! Buzz!

The jade talismans exploded in the air, forming huge thunderbolts in an instant.

These jade talismans were from the Ancient Jade Holy Land.

The Ancient Jade Holy Land was unlike the other holy lands. They specialized in the creation of spirit talismans. As someone from the Ancient Jade Holy Land, it was only natural that Yan Yu would own many spirit talismans.

The thunderbolts coalesced to form a thunderbolt titan. This was one of the techniques used by people of the Ancient Jade Holy Land. The might of the thunderbolt titan was no weaker than the Ancient Jade Lock.

The thunderbolt titan wore armor, and its steps generated thunderous blasts. When it opened its mouth, revealing a pitch-black hole within, its presence caused the sky to be riddled with lightning, generating numerous thunderclaps.

The spinning Black Turtle Constellation Wok streaked toward the thunderbolt titan.

The thunderbolt titan raised its hands and charged right into the spinning Black Turtle Constellation Wok, with the intention of shattering it.

Yan Yu's heart was in pain, causing his lips to twitch.

These spirit talismans were very valuable, and he only had that many in his possession. They were his life-saving trump cards, but he had used them all up today, without a single wisp of care.

Although he had used them to alleviate his current dire situation, Yan Yu still felt pain in his heart. However, he had been left with no other choice.

The distance between Chu Changsheng, who was striding in midair, and Yan Yu had reduced to a mile. Each step Chu Changsheng took covered so much distance that the air beneath his feet could not help but rumble.

His eyes, which seemed to contain lightning, coldly stared at the fleeing Yan Yu, as though he was looking at a dead man.

Although Yan Yu's strength was not bad, he was still as weak as an ant in front of Chu Changsheng.

However, the thunderbolt titan made by the spirit talismans attracted Chu Changshengs's attention.


Bu Fang calmly watched the huge thunderbolt titan clash with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang was not worried about the wok at all. After all, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was part of the God of Cooking Set. Forget about a simple thunderbolt titan, even true thunder would be unable to leave a mark on the wok.

The clashes between the huge thunderbolt titan and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok generated a lot of sparks and ear-shattering sounds.

Many spectators screamed in surprise before scrambling for safety.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew back, but one thunderbolt titan had been shattered.

Yan Yu's breaths became even colder. He really had to kill this Bu Fang if an opportunity presented itself!

He had not just hindered him once, but a few times too many!

Bu Fang caught the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and ran his hand across its surface. He could still feel wisps of electricity crackling across it, which left his hand feeling a little numb. This made Bu Fang's brows rise.

"Little kid, do you need this king to make a move? As long as you promise me three Spicy Strips, this king will make a move for you. If that kid takes even a single step more, you can deduct one Spicy Strip from this king. How about it?" Netherworld King Er Ha said with a smile as he walked over to Bu Fang's side.

Bu Fang gave Netherworld King Er Ha a side glance, and the corners of his lips curled upward.

Why would he need the Netherworld King to make a move?

Since Chu Changsheng was here, that Yan Yu would be unable to escape. What Bu Fang needed to do was make Yan Yu falter in his flight.

With a single thought, a white magic array appeared underneath Bu Fang's legs. As soon as it appeared, the magic array began to spin. It slowly began to rise, and with a loud boom, a crystal-glass knife cabinet slowly emerged from the array.

That knife cabinet was glowing, and its beauty was astounding. Inside it hung many kitchen knives.

When the spectators saw this, they could not help but suck in breaths of cold air.

It was Bu Fang's knife cabinet... The knives belonging to those in the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony were in there now.

Even the knife that belonged to the Noodle King, Ouyang Chenfeng, was in there.

When Ouyang Chenfeng spotted the cabinet, bitterness filled his face as his heart lurched. As soon as he caught sight of the Cicada Wing Knife, his gaze became complicated.

However, he did not lose faith. The only way he could get his Cicada Wing Knife back was to work hard in his cultivation and improve his culinary prowess. After that, he would defeat Bu Fang fair and square. Only then would he acquire his knife back.

This goal was just the motivation he needed to press on.

Yan Yu froze in his tracks, his face turning pale.

His body violently spun around, and suddenly, his Shadow Chopping Knife flew out from his hand.

"My knife!"

Yan Yu's pupils shrunk, and anger began to bubble in his heart.

The Shadow Chopping Knife, his life-saving knife, was the reason why his culinary skill was so good. If it was taken away, his culinary skills would plummet greatly.

Hence, he could not allow Bu Fang to snatch his kitchen knife.

Blue veins appeared on his forehead as he grasped the kitchen knife so tightly, it was as though he was hanging on for dear life.


However, this caused a delay, and Chu Changsheng had covered a lot of distance by now.

Yan Yu froze, and he turned to look in horror at the approaching Chu Changsheng.

A pitch-black spear appeared in Chu Changsheng's hands. It was a weapon he had condensed his true energy to make to hunt Yan Yu down.

"Thunderbolt titan, block him!"

Yan Yu panicked. He took control of the remaining huge thunderbolt titans, making them appear in front of him.

He let go of his squirming kitchen knife in order to flee, for he knew that death would be the only thing that awaited him if Chu Changsheng caught him.

He had no way of resisting that man's might.

"Run? When you used the Ancient Jade Lock to torture this old senior, why didn't you run?" Chu Changsheng coldly said.

With an ice-cold gaze, he grabbed the huge thunderbolt titan in a domineering manner. With a low hum, the muscles on his arms contracted, and the thunderbolt titan was instantly shattered!

Lightning sparks streaked throughout the sky. At that moment, Chu Changsheng's gaze was very intimidating. He threw his long spear, causing a loud ripping sound.

The entire air in its wake was shattered.

Yan Yu wanted to keep running, but when he turned back to look, he realized that his death was imminent!

The true energy in his body surged, and soul ladders began to appear on top of his head like a dazzling star, shining on everything.

However, facing Chu Changsheng's terrifying might, Yan Yu could not help but feel despair.

The long spear whistled over, tearing through everything in its path.

Yan Yu's field of view was soon fully occupied by the long space, which soon struck him, pinning him to the ground.

His chest caved, and fresh blood splattered and stained his clothes. Yan Yu howled in grief, and his expressions of horror and self-pity flashed across his face.

The Shadow Chopping Knife landed in Bu Fang's hands. He played with it for a bit before putting it into the crystal knife cabinet.

Although this knife was famous, it still fell short of his Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

Chu Changcheng crossed his arms and casually began to walk toward Yan Yu.

The silence was deafening. The Great Elder had actually harmed Yan Yu. Something horrifying must have happened.

Yan Yu struggled, but no matter how much strength he used, he was unable to remove the long spear.

"Chu Changsheng, If you kill me, the Valley of Gluttony will be finished! The Ancient Jade Holy Land will begin to move without care. They won't stop until the Valley of Gluttony is destroyed completely!" Yan Yu screamed

However, Chu Changsheng kept walking forward slowly.

When Yan Yu saw this, horror clouded his face.

Suddenly, the light from a talisman glowed from his body. That light shot up into the air.

The air began to contort, slowly forming a blurry figure. A wave of terrifying energy suddenly surged outward, and everyone in the vicinity stopped breathing.

Chu Changsheng felt pressure from the energy, and this caused his expression to change.

A hazy figure could be seen floating in the air, glowing brightly.

"Keep your hands to yourself. Yan Yu cannot die. Once he dies, this senior's temper will flare. It is not something the Valley of Gluttony can bear," the light figure said.

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrunk, and his face turned ice-cold.

Yan Yu, who was still coughing out blood, looked at the light figure and laughed loudly in excitement.

"I said it before. You guys cannot kill me! The aftermath of my death is not something you and the Valley of Gluttony can handle!" Yan Yu exclaimed in excitement while coughing.

In a smug voice, Yan Yu began to speak. "Great Saint! Please help this one retrieve the Shadow Chopping Knife!"

Yan Yu grabbed the long spear with his bloodstained hand, looking at his tormentors with a craze-filled gaze.

After hearing Yan Yu's words, Chu Changsheng's face changed.

Bu Fang's brows furrowed.

That white light figure's horrifying suppression switched targets. It was now aimed at Bu Fang.