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 The judges' sudden violent actions scared the audience.

They stared blankly at the judges who were acting no differently from starving ghosts before shifting their gazes to the dumplings, which were disappearing very quickly. Seeing this, the audience's jaws dropped in shock.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was calm. With his arms crossed, he expressionlessly watched the judges.

Shrimpy laid on his shoulder, blowing bubbles out of its mouth. The steam on its body had long scattered. Its round eyes stared at the judges, who were like starving ghosts, as a curious light flashed past its eyes.

Bu Fang raised his hand, patting Shrimpy's head.

Nethery's movements were swift. As she directly used her hands instead of chopsticks, a piece of fried dumpling was quickly in her hands.

The skin of the fried dumpling was crispy. Once it touched her hand, it seemed a little hot, which caused Nethery's brows to jump. However, this little heat was insignificant compared to her anticipation for good food.

With a crunch, that fried dumpling entered her mouth. Her red lips gently opened. With oil staining her lips, her lips seemed to be shining, making her look extremely enchanting.

Crack! Crack!

The crispy skin of the fried dumpling broke, and the soft and crispy feeling made Nethery's pitch-black eyes shoot out a beam of light.

When her pearly teeth bit down, breaking the skin of the dumpling, a wave of dense aroma spread out within her mouth. This aroma swirled around her taste buds, causing the pores on her entire body to shrink in that instant.

A wave of wind blew past.

Nethery felt that her entire body became frozen on the spot as a patch of grass appeared in front of her eyes. Thousands of stalks of grass swayed in the wind.

Among the grass, nectar fell from the green leaves into the mud. Under the nourishment of the nectar, the grass grew and thrived well.

Without question, Nethery ate the dumpling that was made from ingredients that grew from the ground.

What was used was a grass type of spirit herb that was filled with vitality. It had been blanched perfectly, causing the medicinal fragrance of the spirit herb and aroma of a dish to expand simultaneously after biting open the skin of the dumpling.

Her nostrils flared as she breathed out through her nose. It was as though a fragrant air was expelled from her nose.

As expected, Bu Fang's dish was the only dish that could satisfy her.

Nethery closed her eyes as she continued to chew on the dumping. On her face, a slight flush appeared.

Xiao Ya and Flowery both grabbed the same type of dumpling. They were boiled dumplings, and rolls of steam rose into the air. It looked extremely plain.

Nethery forgot to dip the dumpling into the sauce, but Flowery and Xiao Ya actually dipped it into the sauce that Bu Fang had specially prepared.

In the next instant, they narrowed their eyes, stuffing it into their mouth.

Xiao Ya really liked eating the dishes that Bu Fang cooked. It was because she felt that she would be happy eating anything Big Brother cooked.


Biting open the dumpling that was dipped in sauce, the rich and white-like jade dumpling skin broke open. The juice that was still piping hot flowed out from within, emitting hot steam in Xiao Ya's mouth.

When it entered Xiao Ya's mouth, she instantly started huffing and puffing. Her little face immediately became beet red, and tears almost came out of her eyes.

"Hot! Hot! Hot!" Xiao Ya shouted while eating.

Flowery, a Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, naturally did not mind this little heat. She opened her sauce-stained mouth in an exaggerated arc before stuffing the entire dumpling into it.

Munch! Munch!

Flowery fluttered her eyelids as she chewed the dumpling in her mouth. As she chewed, her movements suddenly slowed. Her lips suddenly pulled back, and they started to spread open. Her eyes also narrowed.

Xiao Ya's little face was beet red as she panted with an open mouth. No one knew if it was because of the spicy sauce or the hot juice.

She turned her head to glance at Flowery and started to laugh.

Flowery opened her mouth. After panting for a bit, she continued chewing. Her eyes became brighter and brighter!

The movement of her hands did not stop as they continued to reach out toward the dumplings.

At this moment, Xiao Ya was immersed in the taste of this dumpling.

The skin of the boiled dumpling was rich and white as jade, but once it was bitten open, the soup juice within surged out, bringing along a dense scent of the dish. The fish meat did not have a fishy smell, so it wouldn't disgust anyone at all. Instead, it would allow them to feel a pleasurable feeling in their mouths.

Xiao Ya shut her eyes as a dazzling teardrop slid down her face because of the flavor.

This little girl felt that she rose up in the sky and became a fish with shining scales. In the next moment, she entered the water with a plop, enjoying the wind and waves in the ocean without restraining herself.

That feeling was extremely mysterious.

The boiled dumplings were really too good!

Nether King Er Ha's nostrils were wide open. His eyes showed an endless longing after smelling a familiar smell.

That smell made the pores on his entire body explode!

It was the smell of Spicy Strips!

Nether King Er Ha's heart was roaring, so he rushed out without hesitation. With shock and joy written all over his face, he quickly grabbed the chopsticks and picked up a dumpling.

He did not know what kind of dumpling he had grabbed, but the two sides of the dumpling were shockingly yellow. It was a little flat, and the skin of the fried dumpling was crispy beyond compare.

The fried dumpling scattered a dense aroma as his chopsticks picked it up.

However, Nether King Er Ha did not pay a lot of attention to those details-his focus was on the Abyssal Chili Sauce.

The moment his gaze landed on that sauce, he was unable to take his eyes away from it.

In the next instant, he put the entire fried dumpling into that bowl. After the dumpling was completely covered in sauce, he happily raised it toward his mouth.

At that moment, the once original golden fried dumpling had become a red dumpling. It was completely covered by that dark red sauce.

Deeply sniffing, Nether King Er Ha's entire face looked intoxicated.

This familiar recipe! This familiar smell!

It was indeed the Spicy Strip taste that this king was familiar with!

Single-handedly holding that dumpling, Nether King Er Ha raised his head. His mouth opened as he placed that dark red fried dumpling into his mouth.

His body swayed as he moved that dumpling in and out of his mouth over and over again.

In and out... In and out... It was obvious that the Nether King was extremely intoxicated.

Everyone who saw how the Nether King ate the dumpling was dumbfounded. They had no idea what that clown was doing at all.

Who ate dumplings like that?

As the dumpling went in and out of his mouth, Nether King Er Ha's eyes looked dazed. Feeling the fiery feeling that the Abyssal Chili Sauce had left on his lips, the pores on his entire body opened.

With a munching sound, he pulled out the fried dumpling. The sauce was already licked clean by him.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes shined. Pinching that fried dumpling, he intended to dip it once more into the bowl of sauce.

However, his hand was smacked away by Nethery, who was looking at him with a disdainful expression.

The corners of the audience's mouths twitched as they became stunned speechless.

Yan Yu gritted his teeth angrily. Thinking that he had actually been beaten by this extremely foolish fellow, his face turned green. He was unable to say a word, even though he was very enraged.

The Nether King felt Yan Yu's hateful gaze. Pinching that fried dumpling, his mouth pulled back and revealed a hint of a smile.

Without any warning, under Yan Yu's gaze, he stuffed the fried dumpling into his mouth.

Yan Yu was utterly speechless.

This guy was really stupid, right? Who would actually suck when eating a dumpling?

When that dumpling was stuffed halfway into his mouth, the Nether King's eyes shined, and his teeth emitted a glow. He suddenly bit down on the dumpling.



After Yan Yu saw this scene, his lower body shrunk, then his entire body felt cold.

Ouyang Chenfeng deeply sucked in a breath. He could be considered the judge who had the best table manners.

The dumpling that he was holding on to was a steamed dumpling. It was different from Yan Yu's steamed dumpling that seemed like a crystal.

Bu Fang's steamed dumpling was a classic steamed dumpling. The dumpling skin was not thick, which made it possible for people to see the filling. The other parts of the skin were as rich as jade.

Holding the steamed dumpling, after dipping it into the sauce, Ouyang Chenfeng gracefully took a bite.

When his teeth bit down, the dumpling skin split open, revealing a gap. The surging aroma and steam instantly exploded out from that dumpling.

That spice that seemed like burning flames seemed to surge forth, causing Ouyang Chenfeng's eyes to become blurry.

This texture and taste...

After taking a bite, with steam in his mouth, Ouyang Chenfeng's gaze became blurry. He felt that wings were growing out of his back, as though he was ascending to the heavens!

This steamed dumpling stuffing was actually made with a species of bird that flew far in the sky.

The texture was surprisingly good, making it hard for people to stop chewing. Moreover, the spicy sauce was extremely delicious.

It was literally an experience that he had never felt before! It was as if he was flapping his wings while revolving at the crater of a volcano. He felt the heat of the volcano after it erupted.

Ouyang Chenfeng felt that he had fallen...

Everyone's eyes fell on the judges' expressions. The various aromas that lingered in the air made everyone involuntarily suck in a deep breath of air.

This fragrance was really too aromatic!

As for Mu Cheng and Liu Jiali, the two looked at each other.

Wenren Shang was drooling, and he couldn't help but stare at the dumplings. He really wanted to snatch one over to have a taste.

It really looked too tantalizing.

"This... Could it really be that delicious?"

"Just smelling this fragrance alone makes one unable to hold themselves back..."

"This dumpling is simply too creative. Flying in the sky, walking on the ground, swimming in the water, and ingredients grown in the ground... They were cooked in different ways, and they all possess a mesmerizing taste. No one would be able to resist those dumplings..."

The audience chattered continuously. They were envious, and they all wanted a taste.

Yan Yu's gaze shrunk.

"Not possible! Not possible! His ingredients are so trashy! How could the dumplings be better than my Snow Lotus Crystal Dumplings?!" Yan Yu roared. His face paled in an instant as he retreated a few steps, unwilling to accept the judges' reactions.

Bu Fang glanced at Yan Yu, who was staggering backward. The corners of his lips slightly curved upwards.

In the end, he was still too young.

Good ingredients did not mean that the dish would taste great. If the cooking method wasn't suitable, the taste of the ingredient would be greatly affected.

Yan Yu seemed to understand these.

The ingredients that Bu Fang had chosen were not very high grade, but with his top-notch cooking skills, the taste and textures fused together, closing the gap in the grade of ingredients.

Not only that, but before Bu Fang started cooking, he washed the ingredients in Shrimpy's bathwater... No, he meant to say the water that was filled with spiritual energy. Because of this, the taste of the ingredients became extraordinary.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

After the judges cleaned the plate, they all put down their chopsticks.

Yan Yu's face became even paler, his eyes shrinking as shock and fear showed up on his face.

With the way things were turning out, he would lose!

He could not lose. Once he lost, he could be killed by Chu Changsheng!

He had used the Ancient Jade Lock to deal with Chu Changsheng before, adding a blow when the latter was in a dangerous situation. He was sure that Chu Changsheng was harboring a grudge.

He knew that if he lost the Chef's Challenge, he would definitely die.

To make sure that he would win this Chef's Challenge, he had even taken out the Eight Petal Snow Lotus. That was why he couldn't lose!

Ouyang Chengfeng opened his eyes.

Nethery, Xiao Ya, and the rest looked at Bu Fang and Yan Yu.

At this moment, the audience felt their hearts freeze. They knew that the winner of this Chef's Challenge was finally going to be announced!

Who would win?

All of them were extremely curious.

From afar, a figure that was wearing a long robe came as he walked in the air. With every step, the air would tremble, as though the morning bell was ringing.

It was Chu Changsheng, who had just finished supervising and was rushing over.

Chu Changsheng's face was solemn. His ice-cold gaze shot out, landing on Yan Yu's pale face.

Yan Yu raised his head. Seeing Chu Changsheng, his eyes shrunk.

Ouyang Chenfeng, Xiao Ya, and the rest conversed with their mental energy. They finally decided on the winner.

Ouyang Chengfeng coughed. Turning his head to look at Bu Fang and Yan Yu with a serious expression, he announced, "The dish that won this Chef's Challenge is... The Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings!"

Once those words left his mouth, the audience fell silent.

Yan Yu's gaze shrunk. With an unwilling howl, he glared at Bu Fang before turning around. He ran away at top speed!