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 Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings...

Cooking the dumplings in four different ways, coupled with the fact that he used different types of ingredients-those that flew in the sky, those that ran on the ground, those that swam in the sea, and those that grew from the ground-the dish Bu Fang made was actually four different kinds of dumplings.

The audience finally noticed that Bu Fang chose the ingredients with a purpose in mind.

It was a creative dish. Many people realized Bu Fang's intentions after they found out the truth.

Outside the window, Mu Cheng and the others were shocked as well. With narrowed eyes, they involuntarily stretched out their necks, and a surprised look flashed across their faces.

Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings... It was a dish that stood out from the rest.

Initially, they thought that Bu Fang was only going to use his pan-fried dumplings to take part in the Chef's Challenge. However, they realized that Bu Fang actually chose to cook dumplings in four different ways.

Dumplings prepared this way had their special flavor. It gave people a sense of anticipation.

Yan Yu's Snow Lotus Crystal Dumplings were also ready. Even though steam rose into the air, everyone felt a chill sweep through them.

The dumplings were created like ice crystals. The skin of the dumpling was transparent, while the filling seemed as though it was emitting a glow, looking extremely resplendent. All in all, it was incredibly dazzling.

Under the glare of the sunlight, the dumplings, along with its sauce that was specially made, emitted a blinding radiance, making them look exceptionally pretty.

These two dishes shocked many people. They had a sense of anticipation in their hearts.

Moreover, none of them knew who were the judges in this Chef's Challenge.

Many people looked at each other with hesitation in their eyes. None of them knew who was going to be the judge.

However, this hesitation didn't last for long. Everyone became riled up in the next moment.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng was definitely going to be one of the judges in this Chef's Challenge, so that left only four more spots to be split among them.

Nethery didn't say any word, but she sat down on one of the seats meant for the judges.

Xiao Ya and Flowery held hands as they sat down on the judge's seat together. Naturally, none of the audience members dared to say anything.

At this point, everyone knew that Xiao Ya would be the next Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony.

She was actually going to be the next Valley Master! Who in the world would be bored enough to mess with her?

As for the last seat...

A figure with a dejected expression on his face appeared. When he quickly took the last spot, everyone was able to see him clearly.

Nether King Er Ha covered his face with his hand, and his hair could be seen through the gaps between his fingers.

He had a depressed expression on his face. Since everyone was hesitant to take the last seat, he decided to be the final judge in the Chef's Challenge. After all, looking at the appearance of the dumplings, they looked extremely delicious. Although it might not be as delicious as Spicy Strips, it wouldn't hurt to try...

In the end, Nether King Er Ha grudgingly took his seat on the final place reserved for judges.

When Yan Yu saw this, his face turned black immediately.

What the hell? This new set of judges... Do you think I'm retarded?

Couldn't it be a little more fair? Were they not able to come to an agreement before they did anything?

Yan Yu's face was somewhat black as his lips trembled in annoyance. However, it was fine. Even though the judges were full of Bu Fang's people, he was confident in himself. As long as his dish was good enough, the judges would not mess around with their votes.

Culinary skills were the most important thing after all!

Bu Fang used a pristine white towel to clean the edges of the porcelain plate. After that, he carried the plate with a single hand as he walked toward the judges' table.

Yan Yu brought his jade plate as well, wearing a sunken expression on his face. He gave Bu Fang a cold look.

Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings... To think that a little brat like Bu Fang was able to think of something like that. By using different ingredients and different cooking styles, there was actually a chance for this brat to turn the tables on him!

However, Yan Yu was still extremely confident in his heart. It was because he believed that his dish was able to suppress Bu Fang's because of the Eight Petal Snow Lotus.

This was the confidence he had in his top-grade ingredient!

Yan Yu briefly exhaled, the confident look returning in his eyes. He brought his plate of dumplings in front of the judges.

The dumplings that looked like crystals seemed extremely exquisite. They attracted the gazes of everyone the moment they appeared.

Many people exclaimed out loud. No wonder he was a special grade chef. The dish showed off his culinary style.

The dish he made had a noble air around it. It was definitely a dish that couldn't be prepared by ordinary chefs.

Compared to Bu Fang's Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings...

Although it looked extremely impressive, the dumplings were not exquisite-looking. They looked very ordinary, and when compared to the crystal dumplings, they paled in comparison.

At least, Bu Fang's dumplings lost in terms of appearance.

"Snow Lotus Crystal Dumplings. I would like to invite all the judges to have a taste. This is the special sauce prepared by this chef, and it will complement the taste of the dumplings." Yan Yu said as he placed the dumplings in front of the judges. With a face full of smiles, he elegantly took a step back.

Mu Cheng and the others, who were watching outside, eventually stepped into the Noodle King Restaurant. They were very curious as to how the dumplings would taste.

The sauce prepared by Yan Yu was light blue in color. It looked really refreshing, and it seemed to be able to bring out the flavor of the crystal dumplings.

"The two plates of dumplings have their special points. They are both elegant yet appear to be subdued. They seem to dazzle the eye but are quite reserved." Ouyang Chenfeng nodded his head as he evaluated. Rubbing his chin, he picked up a pair of chopsticks and went for a piece of the crystal dumpling.

As he picked up the crystal dumpling, Ouyang Chenfeng exerted some force, making the dumpling tremble. It just went to show that the skin of the dumpling was very elastic.

This was something that was out of Ouyang Chenfeng's expectations.

After he picked up the dumpling, 'swishing' sounds could be heard. It seemed that the juices inside were rolling around.

It was really unique...

Ouyang Chenfeng's face became serious, and in the next instant, he dipped it into the light blue sauce prepared by Yan Yu.

The dumpling looked extremely enticing once it was dipped into the sauce, causing everyone's stomachs to rumble.

Next, Ouyang Chenfeng bit into it with a heart full of expectation.


The moment he bit the dumpling, Ouyang Chenfeng widened his eyes. An incredulous light flashed through them, as though a resplendent light shot through his brain.

This texture!

When he bit in to the dumpling, the skin broke. It could be said to be effortless! Once he bit through the skin, the juice inside the dumpling flowed out.

A cooling feeling instantly started to spread out on Ouyang Chenfeng's tongue. The dumpling skin that was very chewy started to bounce around in his mouth. He felt incomparable pleasure flowing through his body.

When he bit into the filling of the dumpling, steam burst out, and it mixed around with the sauce. The flavor became perfect as a hint of sourness added to the charm of the dish. Ouyang Chenfeng's lips started to tremble.

Once the juice in the dumpling burst forth, it quickly cooled down and became extremely refreshing. This refreshing feeling caused Ouyang Chenfeng to feel as though he was bathing in fire and ice at the same time. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. Instead, it felt extremely pleasurable!

Delicious! No doubt, it was delicious!

Ouyang Chenfeng's gaze was complicated as shock filled his eyes. Although he looked down on Yan Yu, after eating the dumplings prepared by him, he had to admit that Yan Yu's culinary skills were amazing. The crystal dumpling caused Ouyang Chenfeng to be completely surprised.

Of course, the Eight Petal Snow Lotus had been mixed into the dumpling, causing the spirit energy within the dumpling to surge. After he ate it, Ouyang Chenfeng felt as though his body was cleansed.

The flavor and texture of the dumplings were elevated to the next level.

This was what a top grade ingredient was used for. It could make the flavor of a dish so good it would crush everything else.


After the dumpling entered his stomach, Ouyang Chenfeng deeply sighed. The breath that came out of his mouth was filled with cold energy, and a satisfied expression was plastered on his face.

This dumpling was extremely delicious!

Nethery's face was cold. She didn't use chopsticks at all as she was too lazy to use them. She immediately reached out with her hand and grabbed a dumpling.

The dumpling was glistening and slippery. It brought along an ice-cold feeling when Nethery touched it. However, there was a heavy feeling coming from within the dumping.

Dipping the dumpling into the sauce, Nethery stuffed the entire thing into her mouth. She didn't seem lady-like at all.

Her eyebrows jumped, and she looked at Yan Yu with an astonished gaze.

As though he felt Nethery's gaze on him, Yan Yu revealed a warm smile. He nodded toward her and gave a slight bow.

After swallowing the dumpling, Nethery didn't say a single word. For her to be able to swallow a dish, it seemed like the dish wasn't too bad!

However, for Nethery, it was severely lacking compared to Dragon Blood Rice.

Xiao Ya and Flowery widened their eyes.

Xiao Ya picked up a pair of chopsticks as she stood on the chair. She awkwardly picked up a piece of dumpling and dipped it into the light blue sauce. She stuffed the entire dumpling into her mouth as well.

When the audience looked at how Xiao Ya ate, they became worried for her. It was because the dumpling filled her entire mouth, making it difficult for her to even chew. This was the future Valley Master...

She was simply a glutton!

However, Xiao Ya's eyes lit up the moment she placed the dumpling into her mouth. A surprised look appeared on her face, and her cheeks bulged outwards. She nodded her head continuously.

She seemed to be saying something, but no one could understand her muffled voice.

Flowery learned from Xiao Ya and picked up a dumpling with her chopsticks. When she placed it into her mouth, the Tri-Flower Snake Eyes spun around and started to glow.

It was Nether King Er Ha's turn.

The Nether King covered his face with a single hand as a depressed look appeared on his face. He grabbed the chopsticks, hovering them above the dumplings.

Finally grabbing a dumpling, he picked it up and raised it into the air. However, he hesitated for a moment before placing it down again. He picked up another dumpling before dipping it into the sauce. Finally, he stuffed it into his mouth.

The sour taste flooded his mouth as the fragrance burst out. The spirit energy gushed out, and the cold air surged.

Er Ha's nose flared, and a resplendent light flashed through his eyes.

"Hey, you kid... You look a little stupid, but your culinary skills aren't bad. The dumplings are delicious! However, it's really lacking compared to Spicy Strips," Nether King Er Ha said.

Yan Yu's lips trembled.

Spicy Strips, your sister! Who the hell knows your Spicy Strips?

"Seeing the look in your eyes, I know that you have no clue what I'm talking about. Spicy Strips... These are the Spicy Strips I'm talking about!" Nether King Er Ha said as he took out two pieces of bricks that seemed as though they were charcoal.

Lightly tapping on it, they emitted a banging sound.

Yan Yu looked at Nether King Er Ha with a face filled with confusion.

When you said that my dumplings are worse than those coal bricks, wouldn't your conscience prick you?!

That's a damn black brick! He actually dared to say that Yan Yu's dumplings were not comparable to a brick?

If he was able to defeat Nether King Er Ha, Yan Yu would definitely grab Er Ha's collar and fight three hundred rounds with him.

"Enough. We already evaluated Yan Yu's dish, so we should try Bu Fang's dish now." Ouyang Chenfeng hurriedly said.

He felt that if he didn't step in, Yan Yu would really fight with Nether King Er Ha to the death.

After Ouyang Chenfeng spoke, the eyes of the audience members lit up. A look of expectation could be seen on their faces.

Were the judges finally going to try Bu Fang's Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings?

After that, all of their gazes landed on Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was expressionless as usual, which shocked many people. He raised his hand and said, "Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings... Please enjoy."

As soon as those words left his mouth, the judges sprang into action. Except for Nethery who raised her hand, they raised their chopsticks as they reached for the dumplings.

They were all filled with expectations for Owner Bu's dish!