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 For Bu Fang and Yan Yu, wrapping dumplings wasn't difficult at all.

The two of them moved with extremely familiar movements. However, Yan Yu's actions were much more orderly than Bu Fang's.

Bu Fang's movements were not fast, but when people watched Bu Fang, their hearts became warm, and they felt happy. It was as though they were watching someone create a work of art. A sense of peace filled their hearts, making them feel at ease.

On the other hand, Yan Yu's movements were different. His actions were like a performance, and his dazzling and gorgeous movements caused many people to feel surprised.

As time went on, the two of them wrapped more and more dumplings.

Yan Yu raised his gaze from time to time. His hand didn't slow down at all as he looked at Bu Fang with a playful gaze and a cold smile.

With a flick of his wrist, a dumpling with twelve folds appeared in his hand.

Bu Fang was wrapping a traditional crescent dumpling. The dumplings were as elegant and graceful as a crescent moon. Although people didn't feel shocked when they looked at it, Bu Fang was quite satisfied with them.

Once Bu Fang finished wrapping the last dumpling, he placed them into a porcelain plate that he had prepared a while ago. Yan Yu had long cupped his hands together, calmly watching Bu Fang.

In front of Yan Yu, the dumplings were arranged like a blooming flower. They looked amazing and entrancing.

On the other side, he had already readied his wok. With flames spurting out underneath it, he was ready to cook.

As a special grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony, Yan Yu's kitchen tools were naturally not ordinary tools. The wok was made out of valuable materials, and it was able to disperse the heat evenly throughout the cooking process. It also allowed Yan Yu to accurately gauge the ingredients that he was cooking.

When the hot water in the wok was boiling, the thick steam rushed toward the heavens. It blurred the surroundings as it swept into people's eyes.

As the steam slammed into their faces, they managed to taste a sweet taste in their mouths.

Waiting for the temperature to be just right, Yan Yu took out rows of steamer baskets.

This steamer basket was not big, but it was made of superior quality materials. The steamer basket seemed to emit a green and lush radiance, and it looked just like a star twinkling in the sky.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air as they looked at that steamer basket in disbelief.

A steamer basket that emitted starlight... Without question, the material used to make this steamer basket was the Starlight Bamboo. Starlight Bamboo was extremely valuable, and Yan Yu actually made it into a steamer basket...

As expected, he was indeed rich and imposing.

Yan Yu placed the dumplings one by one into the steamer basket. On the bottom of the steamer basket, fragrant medicinal herb leaves were scattered, and the glistening lush and green leaves emitted a dazzling light.

Nine layers of Starlight Bamboo steamer baskets were then stacked after he placed all the dumplings into them. He placed the baskets into the wok and started to steam them.

After finishing all this, Yan Yu took a step back and let out a long breath.

He always presented himself as a confident person, but when it came to Bu Fang, he did not dare to leave a trace of carelessness.

This Chef's Challenge was linked to his future. Once he failed, Chu Changsheng will kill him immediately. But if he won, then with his understanding of Chu Changsheng, the other party would definitely let him leave without a scratch.

So, no matter what, he had to win this Chef's Challenge!

Furthermore, losing to a little chef like Bu Fang would destroy his reputation.

He was not like Ouyang Chenfeng and the rest. He was Yan Yu, the special grade chef that was ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony.

His pride was something that Ouyang Chenfeng and the rest did not understand. It was because they were not on the same level as him.

Steaming the dumplings like this would allow the dumplings to retain their original taste within the filling. This would ultimately allow the Eight Petal Snow Lotus' taste to bloom to its full potential.

Of course, Yan Yu liked to steam dumplings. As for other methods of cooking dumplings, he felt as though they were somewhat questionable.

Yan Yu then took out a porcelain plate. Taking advantage of the time taken to steam dumplings, he began to prepare his seasoning sauce.

There definitely had to be sauce to go with the dumplings. If one ate the dumplings with an amazing sauce, the taste would definitely be brought up to the next level.

Hence, for Yan Yu, the sauce could not be left out.

Preparing the sauce was always a problem to chefs, but for Yan Yu, it was not a problem at all.

Pulling out a huge porcelain jar, he opened the lid. A wave of dense aroma wafted out. It smelled of vinegar that was extremely potent.

Everyone's eyes slightly lit up, and they all sucked in a deep breath involuntarily.

This vinegar aroma was not pungent, so it was very appealing. It was obvious that this vinegar was not ordinary.

Yan Yu carefully grabbed a bamboo cup and scooped out half a ladle of vinegar from the porcelain jar.

The color of this vinegar was dark brown. It was incomparably clear, and there was not a trace of impurity. With a sniff, the sour smell instantly dissipated. One could feel as though they were surrounded by the amazing smell of the vinegar.

It was so sour that even the roots of their teeth went soft...

After pouring this vinegar into a white jade bowl, Yan Yu carefully kept the jar before adding various ingredients into the bowl.

Of course, that vinegar was the most important seasoning.

He added a little spice, causing the taste of the sauce to become even more explosive.

When the sauce was prepared, he placed it at the side. Yan Yu's gaze then landed on the steamer basket, where steam was gradually emitted.

The fragrance of the dumplings finally dissipated.

The entire Noodle King Restaurant was engulfed in this fragrance. Everyone could not help but sniff the air as they greedily sucked in the fragrance.

Within this fragrance was a wave of icy energy that made one unable to stop themselves. That was the smell of the Eight Petal Snow Lotus, an ingredient that was approaching a divine level!

Plop! Plop! Plop!

While the audience was immersing themselves in the fragrance that was drifting out of the steamer basket, the sound of food touching hot oil rang out, interrupting everyone's intoxicated feelings. They involuntarily turned their gaze toward the source of the sound.

The audience was shocked at what they saw.

They realized that Bu Fang had placed his dumplings into his wok, which was filled with oil!

Shrimpy's entire body was steaming as it laid on Bu Fang's shoulder. It was spitting bubbles from its mouth.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was filled with oil, and a few pieces of dumplings were thrown into it. With white bubbles rising, they started to cook as they rolled around in the oil.

The dumpling skin turned murky yellow in a second.

Bu Fang held a long chopstick in his hand. In the Noodle King Restaurant, there were many chopsticks like this.

When the chopsticks entered the wok, Bu Fang quickly flipped the dumplings around. His gaze was locked on the wok as he quickly flicked his wrist several times.

That dumpling flew out with dense smoke rising out from the top, and it landed on the porcelain plate. Bubbles could be seen on top of the dumplings.

The audience's eyes widened as they looked at Bu Fang, shock evident in their eyes.

Bu Fang actually intended to make fried dumplings.

Deep-fried dumplings... Although it was good, the smooth and tender texture of the dumpling skin would be lost. He was already at a disadvantage over the dumpling filling ingredients, and now, he was even deep-frying them. The only chance that he could fight Yan Yu with had been cut off now.

He was definitely going to lose!

Many people's hearts sank when they saw that Bu Fang had chosen to deep-fry his dumplings. Everyone went silent, and there was a strange look in their eyes.

Outside the window, Mu Cheng and the rest furrowed their brows. It was as though they had no idea what they were looking at.

They did not understand why Bu Fang would choose to make deep-fried dumplings. This was simply looking for death!

When Yan Yu saw Bu Fang making fried dumplings, a light flashed in his eyes. The corner of his mouth pulled back, revealing an excited smirk.

"What an idiot! Trying to win me by using deep-fried dumplings?"

In the next moment, his palms harshly slammed on the steamer baskets.

True energy surged forth, entering the steamer baskets in an instant. With a buzzing sound from within, steam rolled out, scattering everywhere from the small cracks on the baskets.

A moment later, a loud splashing sound rang out once again.

Yan Yu froze, raising his head. When he looked over, his eyes instantly shrank after seeing that Bu Fang changed his cooking style.

This time, it was boiled dumplings!

What situation was this? What was this kid planning? Could he actually be thinking of making one of every type of dumpling?!

As if confirming his guess, Bu Fang's next actions made everyone go into an uproar.

Indeed, Bu Fang was really using a different way to cook the dumplings.

Fragrance surged out as the boiled dumplings were taken out of the wok. Next, a steamer basket was placed on top as he began to steam them.

Many different types of dumplings were cooked by Bu Fang as he placed them on the stove one by one.

What strategy was this?!

This time, everyone became a little suspicious and puzzled. They were a little confused by Bu Fang's cooking style.

Those people, who thought that they had already seen through Bu Fang, were shocked. He actually cooked different types of dumplings. Would he mix them all together?

Bu Fang's hands spun. Instantly, a huge circular porcelain plate appeared on his hand.

He placed the dumplings that were done onto the plate. The blue and white on the porcelain plate intertwined with them, looking very exquisite.

He arranged the dumplings in an orderly fashion-the pan-fried dumplings at a corner, the deep-fried dumplings at the opposite corner, boiled dumplings at the next corner, and the steamed dumplings at the last corner.

A serious look was plastered on Yan Yu's face as he watched this. However, at this moment, he did not have any mind to care about Bu Fang.

His palm suddenly tapped on that steamer basket, and true energy instantly surged forth. The steam that was emitted from the top of the basket seemed to vanish.

Yan Yu then moved the nine layers of steamer baskets away from the heated wok.

At this moment, everyone held their breaths as they stared at the nine layers of steamer baskets.

Bu Fang also took out the porcelain plate filled with dumplings and placed them on the counter. It looked just like a flower that was in full bloom.

In the middle, there was an empty circle. It was the spot where the sauce would be placed.

When eating dumplings, there had to be a sauce for dipping. That was a common point where both Bu Fang and Yan Yu agreed on.

Eating a dumpling with sauce was a completely different feeling.

As for the sauce...

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth turned up as he took out the Abyssal Chili Sauce. He scooped out a spoonful and poured it in a porcelain bowl.

For the base of the sauce, what could be more suitable than the Abyssal Chili Sauce?

It was a spice that made people feel as though their mouth was exploding. It was so spicy that one would burn with desire for it. Its spiciness was so pleasurable that it made one question the reason they were born. Overall, it was very satisfying.

Coupled with Shrimpy's bathwater-no, wait, he meant the spirit soup seasoned with the energy from Shrimpy's body-the sauce would definitely be perfect!

Slightly swaying the porcelain bowl, the black-red sauce in the bowl emitted a wave of captivating fragrance. Anyone who caught a whiff of it would definitely want to smell it more.

Pouring the sauce into the center of that porcelain plate, a plopping sound resounded. Bu Fang had finished making his dish.


Every type of dumpling emitted a burst of steam, which converged on top of the porcelain plate.

Not long after, the steam on top of that porcelain plate changed, forming appearances of various spirit beasts.

Those that flew in the sky, those that walked on the earth, and those that swam in the sea... Everything that should be there was there.

As the steam gathered in the air, the entire dish emitted a dazzling radiance. It swept about horizontally, and nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

Bu Fang pulled off the string that tied up his hair, making his hair scatter in the wind. It was just like wet cloth spreading out behind him.

The light in his eyes became more radiant as he looked at Yan Yu, who had just plated his dish. He calmly said, "Four Divisions Crescent Moon Dumplings... Done."

Yan Yu also wiped his hands, and a dense fragrance spilled forward as steam rolled all around.

He opened his mouth and said in a loud voice, "Snow Lotus Crystal Dumplings... Done!"