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 The Shadow Chopping Knife was moving fast enough to even slice shadows.

Both sides of the knife displayed different colors. As the knife flashed about at high speeds, the color seemed to disappear, making it obvious that it was moving very fast.

This kitchen knife was a famous knife, and by using this particular knife, Yan Yu was able to reveal his outstanding talent on the Tablet of Gluttony, which enabled him to climb over numerous opponents.

Of course, one of the reasons he was able to stay at the top of the rankings was because his opponents didn't give their all.

However, this famous knife was able to make Yan Yu's culinary skills so much more refined. It showed off how important a good kitchen knife was for a chef.

The Eight Petal Snow Lotus in Yan Yu's hand was filled with spiritual energy. As he looked at the light that was reflected off the dazzling Snow Lotus, his eyes appeared to be a little blurred.

This Snow Lotus was something he had paid a huge price to find. It was because after he started his culinary journey, Yan Yu started to love cooking. Whenever he saw good ingredients, he would turn somewhat fanatical.

This was completely different from his personality in the Ancient Jade Holy Land. Maybe Yan Yu felt nothing for the Valley of Gluttony, but he definitely loved cooking.

It was because he was already lost in the world of cooking.

Today's Chef's Challenge was actually a chance for him to live, but it was also his chance to prove himself.

Didn't Bu Fang defeat many of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony in a Chef's Challenge? If he could defeat Bu Fang, it would prove that he was not an inferior person. It would also prove that his identity as a special grade chef was real.

That was the primary reason why Yan Yu became excited. He was so excited that the blood in his entire body was boiling.

The blade light almost disappeared without a trace, slicing past with a bright flash. After that, the eight petals of the Snow Lotus fluttered down.

Once the eight petals were separated from the main body, they started to float in the air before falling down slowly, landing in a jade plate that Yan Yu had prepared. They were like shards of ice that were as thin as paper, and it seemed as though they would melt in the next second.

Yan Yu's true energy then surged forth like silk, protecting the eight Snow Lotus petals that were as thin as a cicada's wings.

Next, the kitchen knife in his hand began to deal with that lotus.

The blade light was traceless. Cutting downwards, that milky-white Snow Lotus was cut into pieces in an instant, and a white liquid flowed out from inside.

Yan Yu's eyes were sharp, and his hands were fast. Pulling out a jade bowl, he caught the liquid flowing out of the Snow Lotus.

A dense fragrance wafted from within that milky white liquid, bringing a wave of tranquil fragrance. That aroma lingered in the air, smooth like a silk cloth, causing people's heart to involuntarily relax.

This milky-white liquid that scattered the tranquil fragrance was the essence of this eight-thousand-year-old medicinal herb. Its essence seemed to emit a radiance from time to time.

It caused everyone to become unable to control themselves as they cast sidelong glances at the bowl.

As for Yan Yu, his face revealed a look of intoxication.

He retrieved the petals before gently placing them on the side of the jade bowl. At that moment, that petals seemed to come back to life as they sucked up the milky-white liquid in the jade bowl.

After that, Yan Yu began to make the dumpling filling.

He pulled out many high-grade ingredients. Although they were not as high grade as the Eight Petal Snow Lotus, many of them were considered rare among the ordinary ingredients.

The Shadow Chopping Knife seemed to push Yan Yu's cutting technique to its fullest potential. The audience was not able to catch a glimpse of the knife at all as they only saw flashes. They could only see Yan Yu swinging his arm as the blade light shone everywhere. The next thing they knew, all the ingredients were shredded.

The spirit beast meat, medicinal herb, and the rest were mixed together. The color of the blended ingredients was incomparably dazzling.

Adding a bit of ice, he began to knead it.

At this point, Yan Yu finally had the mood to lift his head. Looking in Bu Fang's direction, he was curious as to what ingredients Bu Fang would pull out to go against his Eight Petal Snow Lotus.

The moment Bu Fang took out his ingredients from the system storage space, everyone froze. They were shocked by the ingredients he took out.

The grade of the ingredients was not low, but compared to Yan Yu's ingredients, they paled in comparison. Furthermore, Bu Fang didn't take out a single ingredient that was on par with the Eight Petal Snow Lotus.

The audience was a little disappointed, and some even shook their heads in regret.

As expected, since he was unable to use Taotie Meat, Bu Fang would lose without question. How could ordinary ingredients defeat Yan Yu's Eight Petal Snow Lotus?

However, there were many great chefs in the audience who were ranked on the Tablet of Gluttony.

An ordinary person would not see what was special about Bu Fang's ingredients, but to these great chefs, they were able to see through his ingredients with a single glance.

Those that flew in the sky, those that walked on the ground, those that swam in the sea-almost all types of different ingredients were prepared. With so many types of ingredients mixed together, it was a huge test for the chef preparing them.

If even a single ingredient was not prepared properly, the taste of the entire dish would be ruined.

Outside the restaurant, Mu Cheng, who was standing on a tree, sucked in a breath of cold air.

"This Bu Fang really has guts. He really dares to cook like this."

On the side, Wenren Shang was smiling as he drank his wine. He said, "That's normal for that kid. His talent is incomparable, and his creativity is something you and I can't compete against. Also, there's his courage. His courage to press forward is what I admire most about him. I can feel that... "

However, Wenren Shang paused and suddenly downed a mouthful of wine. Liquid trickled down his throat as he swallowed. When he was satisfied, he sighed with satisfaction. He couldn't control himself and laughed out loud.

"What?" asked Mu Cheng as she looked at Wenren Shang, who was acting strangely.

Wenren Shang wiped his mouth and gently burped out a breath filled with the stench of alcohol.

"I can feel that this kid's target... is the Great Star Ocean."

Hearing these words, Mu Cheng instantly rolled her eyes.

Liu Jiali's face was stern as his hand gently rubbed the book in his other hand. "If that's the case, the chances of him winning this Chef's Challenge might have increased..."

Mu Cheng rolled her eyes again when she heard this.


There was a light shining in Bu Fang's eyes as he looked at the rich amount of ingredients. It was so plenty that a normal chef would not dare to easily touch it.

To make the dumpling filling, there was obviously a need to mix all these ingredients together. For every individual ingredient, there was a strict requirement on the taste and texture, so once the mix fails, then the entire dish would fail as well.

Bu Fang could not fail, which made this challenge extremely important to him.

Those chefs who recognized his ingredients sucked in a deep breath, solemnly watching this scene.

Of course, for everyone else who was there to watch a show, they stared at the dazzling line-up of ingredients. They felt that Bu Fang had to deal with too many ingredients, and it seemed extremely exaggerated.

The green smoke in Bu Fang's hand revolved around as he held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He took a step back and opened his mouth, and a gold and red flame jumped out, causing the spirit spring water in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to start boiling in an instant.

Once the water in the wok was boiling, Bu Fang's gaze narrowed. He then turned his head to look at Shrimpy, who was lying on his shoulder while spitting bubbles.

Shrimpy was idling its time throughout this. When Bu Fang picked it up, he said, "Be good and take a bath in this. Let yourself go as much as you like."

After saying that, Bu Fang reached out his hand and rubbed Shrimpy's head gently.

Shrimpy's huge eyes spun around as it didn't know what in the world was going on. However, Bu Fang loosened his grip in the next instant.

Shrimpy's body began to fall, dropping toward the boiling and steaming Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

With a plopping sound, water splashed everywhere.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Oh my gosh. That poor mantis shrimp was really going to be cooked.

From afar, Great White, who was being dragged away by Whitey, instantly let out a weeping howl at the top of his lungs. His hands grabbed the ground, and a layer of the ground was shaved off, causing crushed stones and dust to fly everywhere.

"Shrimp Ancestor! You promised to accompany me as a partner! We're supposed to help each other... You cannot just ditch your cute little white away!"

Whitey's gray eyes flashed, then a red God Slaying Stick was swung out, smacking the back of Great White's head.

Great White was instantly knocked out and dragged away. The one who added drama himself had been shut down and hauled off.

As for Bu Fang, he naturally did not care.

Shrimpy would be cooked to death by boiling water? As long as the Abyssal Chili Sauce was not added, Shrimpy would not care at all. The higher the temperature, the more comfortable this guy would feel.

After a while, the golden energy that scattered from its body became denser and denser.


Green smoke revolved around Bu Fang's hand, and in the next instant, a pitch-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip.

The muscles in his palm moved as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun. After fiddling a bit, the kitchen knife flicked, sending the ingredients flying in the air.

In the next moment, Bu Fang showed off his cutting technique.

The Meteor Cutting Technique was at grand completion. Adding the nine blades of the Overlord Thirteen Blades, Bu Fang's cutting technique as of now had long been enough to crush everyone in the Valley of Gluttony.

Everyone looked dumbfoundedly at Bu Fang's kitchen knife flying around as the countless ingredients were cut into shreds. Like moving clouds and water, all of them entered the wok with splashing sounds.

Next, a spirit beast bird was pressed under Bu Fang's knife. With a sweep of the kitchen knife, a ripping sound could be heard as the spirit beast meat and bone were separated.

A plump fish was similarly dealt with as its fish scales flew into the air. The fish's bone and meat had been cleanly separated.

Under the audience's stunned gazes, there seemed to be countless blade lights appearing before them. It seemed like shooting stars were flying across the sky as the ingredients turned into shreds.

Splash! Splash! Splash!

Countless ingredients fell into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, falling down like rain.

Shrimpy's legs were moving around in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Its huge eyes spun around as it swam in circles comfortably. It even did a few flips. It seemed to be playing joyfully. Its long feelers were slightly swaying, displaying the happiness it felt in its heart.

Bits of golden energy were scattered around, and the ingredients seemed to absorb them all.

After some time, Bu Fang's hands shook, scooping out all the ingredients in the wok.

These ingredients were then dunked in cold water. They had already been cooked well. Along with the energy from Shrimpy's body, they became extraordinarily dazzling and eye-catching.

Others did not know the mysterious abilities contained within the ingredients. However, there was no way Bu Fang wouldn't know.

Pulling over a huge pot with all the ingredients mixed together, he began kneading.

He took out a spirit beast egg that was as big as two fists. The shell of this spirit beast egg had many light green dots around it.

The back of the kitchen knife gently tapped, cracking the eggshell open.

The true energy in Bu Fang's hands began to revolve around. The egg was mixed around in the shell before Bu Fang poured it evenly throughout the dumpling filling. After that, he continued kneading.

From afar, Yan Yu's dumpling filling was also done. That Eight Petal Snow Lotus was mixed into the filling, causing it to radiate a dazzling brilliance. It was eye-catching and blinding.

Comparing Bu Fang's ordinary dumpling filling with his own, Yan Yu felt smug. The corners of his mouth curled upwards as he smirked with confidence.

"Without an Eight Petal Snow Lotus level ingredient, everything you're doing is a waste." Yan Yu's mouth emitted a chill as he said this.

He then pulled the bundle of flour over. With a knead of his palm, it became a plump dumpling skin.

Yan Yu raised his head, giving a devilish smile.

The wrapping of the dumpling was finished in an instant, with twelve even folds appearing on each dumpling.

From afar, Bu Fang also began to wrap the dumplings meticulously.

Everyone held their breaths as the Chef's Challenge seemed to be entering its final stages.