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 Bu Fang's eyes were sharp as he tilted his head to look over. He saw Shrimpy, who was spitting bubbles while lying on Whitey's head.

As a Golden Skinned Mantis Shrimp, Shrimpy had its special uses. If used properly, it would be able to greatly enhance the flavor of the dishes and ingredients.

The bubbles from Shrimpy's mouth suddenly exploded, and its eyes that were spinning around instantly opened. It looked around with a suspicious look in its eyes.

Whitey also rubbed its round head, and it seemed somewhat curious when it saw Bu Fang's gaze.

Bu Fang crossed his arms as the corners of his mouth curled upwards. He was rather delighted at the moment.

After that, he didn't bother about Whitey's nor Shrimpy's gaze. He started to practice his culinary skills.


Heavenly Spring Holy Land

In a secret room covered in dust, Amethyst Elder gradually opened his eyes. There was an unwilling look in them as a stream of dense spirit energy, which seemed like a long dragon, came out of his nose.

The long dragon seemed to be ferociously thrashing around, but it quickly disappeared into the air.

Amethyst Elder opened his mouth and exhaled a turbid breath. There seemed to be a layer of mist shrouding his body, causing his figure to appear somewhat blurry. His terrifying aura started to spread around.

"Damn it... I actually failed! We didn't manage to obtain the inheritance from the Valley of Gluttony! We didn't get the Taotie's Heart!"

Amethyst Elder was somewhat enraged. He had already reached the crucial point in his breakthrough, and he wasn't able to spare the energy to capture the Taotie's Heart.

Initially, he dispatched a clone in order to obtain the Taotie's Heart. Once he managed to obtain it, he would retrieve his clone and immediately start breaking through.

It was a pity that everything was completely out of his control.

"Since this is the case... I can only forcefully break through! And once I do, everyone who obstructed me has to die!"

A ball of fire emerged in Amethyst Elder's eyes. After that, the entire secret room sunk into silence.


After returning to his dwelling, Yan Yu clenched his teeth as an unsatisfied look appeared in his eyes.

Why was the inheritance passed on to that little girl? What right did she have?

He was clearly the number one chef on the Tablet of Gluttony! He was the most suitable person to obtain the inheritance!

Yan Yu clenched his fists, and he ruthlessly smashed it against the wall. The wall was completely shattered with a single punch from him.

After that, Yan Yu deeply sighed and calmed down.

He knew that this wasn't the time for him to lament and complain. There was the Chef's Challenge tomorrow, and that was the most important part.

His identity had already been exposed, but Elder Chu showed mercy and didn't take his life. It was all because of the Chef's Challenge that was going to happen the next day.

Although Yan Yu was extremely angry at Elder Chu, he had no choice but to endure. Chu Changsheng was someone who kept his word...

Since he had already agreed to take part in the Chef's Challenge, he had to win. He knew that as long as he won the Chef's Challenge, he would be able to safely leave the Valley of Gluttony. It was definitely a promise that Elder Chu would keep. He knew that the only thing he had to do now was to ensure his victory tomorrow.

Yan Yu's eyes flashed, and his hair scattered around behind him. Covering half his face, he looked extremely sinister.

He started walking towards a corner of the room.

This place had been renovated by him countless times since he lived in the valley. There were many secret rooms inside, and the secret room that he went to was the one where countless precious ingredients were kept.

Once he opened the door, a cold blast of air rushed out. It was extremely bone-chilling, drilling into his body as he shivered involuntarily.

Yan Yu took a step into the secret room.

Lightly breathing out, droplets of water formed in the air as soon as his breath left his mouth. It fell on the floor, and the sound of water droplets splashing on it could be heard.

Yan Yu's hand trembled, and a ball of flames appeared in his hand.

The flames illuminated the secret room, revealing its contents. It was filled with blocks of ice that were piled up. They released icy energy, which made the place extremely cold.

As the rays of light from the ball of flames landed on the ice blocks, it was as though the light was refracted through a crystal, which made it seem very dazzling and eye-catching.

Yan Yu looked at the scene in front of him with an elated expression. The corners of his mouth curled upward, revealing an intoxicated smile.

This was his secret stash of precious materials. All of the high grade ingredients that he had been hoarding for quite some time were stored here.

Within the ice blocks, portions of ingredients were stored.

A kitchen knife appeared in Yan Yu's hand, and it seemed as though his kitchen knife had two colors. One side exuded the shine of the blade, while the other was pitch-black. It was as though light was completely absorbed by the other side of the blade.

This was the famous knife in Yan Yu's hand, the Shadow Chopping Knife.

As he held the knife in his hand, he ruthlessly stabbed downwards, and an opening immediately parted in the middle of the shining ice wall. True energy was channeled into the kitchen knife, and in the next instant, he exerted more force.

The crack in the ice wall became deeper and deeper, and the cracks started to spread outward like cobwebs.

With a shattering sound, the Shadow Chopping Knife carved out a large opening in the wall of ice.

Yan Yu's eyes were burning with fervor as he walked into the hole.

A white-colored lotus flower appeared in front of him, and it seemed to be carved out of ice crystals. It was floating in the middle of the ice room, and cold air seemed to be emitted by the flower. Frost tips surrounded the white-colored lotus flower.

"After keeping it for so many years, it's the only stalk of Eight Petal Snow Lotus I have. With this as an ingredient, I refuse to believe that the little chef will be able to win against me!"

Looking at the cold air that was slowly revolving around the Eight Petal Snow Lotus, a fiery look of excitement appeared in Yan Yu's eyes. There was also a look of confidence that was difficult to describe.

He would definitely win the Chef's Challenge tomorrow!


A sunny and cloudless sky hung above everyone as the day of the fated Chef's Challenge arrived.

The sun's rays were resplendent as they shone down from the vault of the heavens. They illuminated the world and gave people a warm and comfortable feeling.

It was bustling as usual in the Valley of Gluttony as everyone was working hard to restore the valley.

However, other than restoring the valley, a big event was about to happen today...

It was the Chef's Challenge, which was still going on! Not only that, but the location of the Chef's Challenge was going to be held at the Noodle King Restaurant. It was the location where the loser of the Chef's Challenge, Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng, opened his business.

Many people arrived at the restaurant early in the morning, and they were ready to take up all the good seats.

On the second floor of the restaurant, two stoves had already been prepared.

The kitchen stoves were made from bronze, and they were extremely gorgeous. There were many intricate lines carved into them, which made them look really exquisite.

Clearly, Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng was prepared for the Chef's Challenge this time. He actually brought out such exquisite stoves.

However, it was normal for him to bring it out. After all, the parties involved in this Chef's Challenge were not ordinary people.

One of the participants was the top one chef in the Tablet of Gluttony. It didn't matter if he didn't deserve his position-it was true that he fought for his position.

On the other side, the participant was the chef who hadn't lost a single Chef's Challenge. He was the little chef, Bu Fang.

Today, in the Valley of Gluttony, almost everyone knew Bu Fang. His achievements seemed to be something everyone was discussing over every meal.

By himself, he challenged three top chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. The most important point was that he actually won.

He managed to take away the kitchen knives of all three chefs, and he showed them the true meaning of defeat.

Such a person who seemed like a myth suddenly appeared, and there was no doubt that he managed to capture all the attention.

"Chef Ouyang, Top Chef Yan Yu is here!"

Ouyang Chenfeng was pacing around in front of the kitchen door when he suddenly heard the announcement from his chef apprentice. He instantly narrowed his eyes and turned around with his clothes fluttering around behind him, walking toward the entrance.

Although he despised Yan Yu's actions, the other party was going to take part in a Chef's Challenge in his restaurant after all. He still had to show some respect to the other party.

Ouyang Chenfeng went to meet Yan Yu.

However, Yan Yu simply harrumphed, and he completely ignored Ouyang Chenfeng. In his eyes, Ouyang Chenfeng's culinary arts were nothing but trash-he was a piece of trash in his eyes.

Yan Yu crossed his arms, looking confident in himself. It was as though he had already won the Chef's Challenge this time.

He was actually extremely confident at that moment.

The audience in the surroundings looked at the handsome Yan Yu, who was standing as straight as a pole. All of them had a look of surprise on their faces.

Although Yan Yu had betrayed the Valley of Gluttony, his reputation as the top chef on the Tablet of Gluttony was already solidified in the minds of everyone.

Many people knew him, and all of them knew how terrifying he was.

"That brat isn't here yet? Could it be that he was too afraid to lose? Could he be afraid to show up?" Yan Yu's lips trembled as he swept his gaze over Ouyang Chenfeng.

He then looked at the crowd, which was below him. He didn't see Bu Fang anywhere.

All of them in the crowd were people who were ranked on the Tablet of Gluttony. As chefs, they were very interested in the Chef's Challenge that was about to take place.

Ouyang Chenfeng raised his eyebrows. This Yan Yu, who had torn off his mask of deceit, finally revealed his true colors. He was extremely arrogant, and he seemed blindly confident in himself. Could it be that he didn't know how terrifying Bu Fang was?

If he became careless, there was a high chance that he would fail miserably in the Chef's Challenge.

All of a sudden, everyone present let out a cry of shock.

It was because a group of people were slowly walking over.

Bu Fang wore his Vermillion Robe, and he was very calm.

Behind him was a gigantic puppet, which was made of metal. Most of the people present knew how terrifying the puppet was, so none of them had the slightest intention to offend it.

Behind the two of them was Nethery and the rest.

Xiao Ya and Flowery held hands as they eagerly followed behind Bu Fang. There was a look of excitement on their faces.

Although Xiao Ya was already the Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony, with the presence of Flowery, Chu Changshen was unable to force Xiao Ya to stay at the place that was meant for the Valley Master.

Nethery's long and straight black hair scattered all around behind her as she stepped out with her white and slender legs. She walked beside Bu Fang.

Walking into the Noodle King Restaurant, Bu Fang unceremoniously raised his head. He managed to see Yan Yu, who was leaning in front of the window and looking at him.

"You brat, are you prepared to lose? Have you thought of how you want to lose?" Yan Yu opened his mouth and coldly laughed at Bu Fang.


Bu Fang's gaze was indifferent. The word 'lose' wasn't in his dictionary. He couldn't lose. If he ever lost, he would lose everything!

It was something he would definitely not allow. As such, Bu Fang could only fight on and work hard.

Coldly glancing at Yan Yu, Bu Fang stepped into the restaurant.

Ouyang Chenfeng's face revealed a happy look as he quickly went downstairs to greet Bu Fang.

Yan Yu looked at Ouyang Chenfeng's expression. There was such a huge difference between his treatment of the two of them. This caused a trace of coldness to appear in Yan Yu's heart.

However, when he thought of his trump card, the cold expression on his face became sinister.

Once he completely destroyed Bu Fang, this little chef in the Chef's Challenge, everyone would finally know the terror of a special grade chef!

Yan Yu laughed coldly, then turned to the kitchen stove that was prepared for him.

Bu Fang nodded at the audience and went to his assigned kitchen stove as well.

As the two of them raised their heads, their gazes met. It was as though sparks were set off in the void as their gazes clashed.

"The theme for our Chef's Challenge this time is... Dumplings! I hope you don't disappoint me..." Yan Yu coldly laughed. Then, he waved his hand, and the Shadow Chopping Knife appeared in his hand.

With a slight intention, a cold atmosphere appeared all of a sudden, causing the temperature of the second floor to instantly drop a few degrees.

A stalk of white colored flower appeared in front of everyone. It was as though the flower was beautifully crafted, looking like a crystal made out of ice.

An amazing and dazzling Eight Petal Snow Lotus appeared.

Once the snow lotus appeared, everyone's eyes shrunk. They were completely shocked as they let out cries of surprise.

Eight Petal Snow Lotus?!

It was actually the Eight Petal Snow Lotus!

This was an extremely high ranked medicinal ingredient! It was even close to a divine ranked medicinal ingredient!

No one expected that Yan Yu would actually take out an ingredient like this.

Ouyang Chenfeng and the rest of the people widened their eyes in disbelief. They simply felt that it was very inconceivable. Unless Bu Fang used the Taotie's meat, it was almost impossible for him to win!

However, Bu Fang was restricted from using Taotie meat. Otherwise, there was no way other people would have a chance to win!

Not allowing Bu Fang to use the Taotie meat, then he actually took out the Eight Petal Snow Lotus that was almost at the divine grade!

It seemed as though Bu Fang was really going to lose this Chef's Challenge...

Bu Fang's undefeated streak seemed like it was about to end!