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 Chu Changsheng was too excited for words.

After seeing Xiao Ya, who had her memory inheritance crystal sparkling on her forehead, he could not help but tremble with tears glistening in his eyes. He was excited as he had found his new goal.

Chu Changsheng was exhausted, but he had never given up on his hope to reinstate the honor of the Valley of Gluttony. He had always believed that the Valley of Gluttony would one day regain its supremacy over the Hidden Dragon Royal Court and the various Holy Lands.

However, the process was full of hardship and struggles that it nearly broke his weakened body. He would have long given up if it had not been for his unwavering belief.

The Valley of Gluttony was too weak when faced with the powerful Royal Court and Holy Lands.

Xiao Ya was, without a doubt, the present Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony since she had the precious heirloom from the Valley of Gluttony.

The former Valley Master, Xiao Ya's father, had gone missing for several years without a trace. Chu Changsheng could not locate him, and the Valley of Gluttony had been left without a Valley Master for years. But fortunately, he had found Xiao Ya, and since she had inherited the inheritance, she was perfect as the new Master of the Valley of Gluttony.

Chu Changsheng looked at Xiao Ya dotingly before he turned his gaze to Bu Fang, who was behind Xiao Ya. Bu Fang had played a pivotal role in the smooth succession of the inheritance. If it weren't for him, the Valley of Gluttony might not have the inheritance.

All the parties-be it the man with the brick, or Lord Dog, or Whitey-were closely related to Bu Fang. Without them, the Valley of Gluttony was totally defenseless against its competitors. If that were to happen, he would simply watch on helplessly as the inheritance fell into the hands of those jerks. As such, Chu Changsheng was extremely grateful to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was a chef with great culinary skills. It would be a good idea to get Bu Fang to stay in the Valley of Gluttony as it would be vastly beneficial for the valley.

Chu Changsheng's eyes twinkled as he looked at Bu Fang, as though he was a precious gem unseen among its contemporaries.

"Owner Bu, thank you for your help in resolving the risk of a potential extermination of the Valley. I am at a loss in showing my gratitude," said Chu Changsheng.

However, at that moment, Bu Fang was slightly dazed. He was not taking in any of Chu Changsheng's words. The system's solemn and austere voice resounded in his mind.

"May the host complete the Chef's Challenge against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony as soon as possible. Host should set up a branch in the Valley of Gluttony within a month."

"May the Host initiate the Divine Spirit Realm rank up assessment in three days..."

With those words reverberating in his head, Bu Fang could not help but frown. He was brought back to his senses and realized that he had yet to complete his assignment.

All the hard work he had done for quite some time had been futile. He had to properly manage his time to complete the Chef's Challenge and his rank up assessment.

Bu Fang felt a sense of urgency. Chu Changsheng was a tad embarrassed, but Bu Fang seemed indifferent when he heard Chu Changsheng's words.

A lonely gust of wind swept through the area.

Luckily, Bu Fang blinked his eyes and became his normal self again. He glanced at Chu Changsheng as he asked with a puzzled expression on his face, "I beg your pardon?"

"I would like to express my gratitude, but I don't know how to do it. I wonder if Owner Bu can stay in our Valley of Gluttony?" Chu Changsheng asked.

"Stay in the Valley of Gluttony?" Bu Fang was startled. Since the system had wanted him to set up a branch in the Valley of Gluttony, he would have to stay in the Valley of Gluttony for quite some time. Hence, he looked into Chu Changsheng's eyes and nodded his head solemnly as he answered, "I will stay."

Chu Changsheng's eyes lit up with a brilliant luster after hearing Bu Fang's answer. He was exhilarated since it would do the Valley of Gluttony much good if Bu Fang were to live here.

"That is good. Although the Valley of Gluttony is in doldrums now, I am still capable of bestowing the position of an elder upon Owner Bu!" Chu Changsheng clenched his fists excitedly.


Bu Fang was muddled and seemed to be confused when facing Chu Changsheng. The only reason Bu Fang wanted to stay in the Valley of Gluttony was because he had to set up a branch.

Why was he suddenly talking about being an elder now? Was Chu Changsheng mad? What good would being an elder entail? He only wished to set up his restaurant in a quiet manner.

"What elder position are you talking about? No, I won't do it." Bu Fang shook his head and rejected the proposition directly.

Chu Changsheng was dumbfounded. Why did Bu Fang not want to be an elder? Since he had decided to stay in the Valley of Gluttony, would it not be great to be an elder with more privileges?

Chu Changsheng opened his mouth to say something, but he was instantly cut off by Bu Fang.

"I have yet to complete my Chef's Challenge. I need to battle and win the duel with the other chefs whom I challenged." Bu Fang looked at Chu Changsheng with a serious expression in his eyes.

A distance away, the people around Chu Changsheng froze. Wenren Shang looked uneasily at Bu Fang as he downed a mouthful of wine.

That fellow would not give up, would he? How could he be thinking of the Chef's Challenge under such unfavorable circumstances?

Mu Cheng and Liu Jiali watched Bu Fang with a puzzled look as well.

"Alright, I do not wish to say anymore. Will all the remaining challengers step forward together and compete with me so that we can end our Chef's Challenge?" Bu Fang rubbed his chin and decided on his next move.

Most of the people around them were astounded by Bu Fang's decision.

What did he mean by asking the remaining chefs to challenge him at the same time? He wanted to challenge six chefs at once? There were three special grade chefs among them!

That was way too arrogant. Each special grade chef had culinary skills that were on a completely different level than the others. Due to their imposing presence, it would be extremely challenging to cook when faced against them. It was even more impossible to compete on the same platform with them!

Chu Changsheng creased his brows and said, "I'm afraid not. The Valley is now in chaos. If Owner Bu would like to have a Chef's Challenge, you might have to challenge them individually. The Gluttony Square can't be used in the near future. Owner Bu wanted to compete with all of them when you came over, and although it's true that the duel can be done face to face, I need to warn Owner Bu... Do not underestimate the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. Each of them has exceptional strength, especially the top three who happen to be special grade chefs..." As Chu Changsheng said the last statement, he was almost instantly reminded of Yan Yu.

That traitor! That person really deserved death!

The fact that Yan Yu was from Ancient Jade Holy Land was kept from him. It was fortunate that Yan Yu did not manage to get his hands on the inheritance. Otherwise, it would have been disastrous.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes as his lips formed a line. He nodded his head and said, "I agree."

To have a one-on-one duel with each of them? That sounded exciting...

Chu Changsheng was stunned. Bu Fang really wanted to challenge all of them for real?

Bu Fang continued to march forward after he had said his piece, gently tapping Chu Changsheng's shoulder as he passed him.

Nethery followed Bu Fang with her slender legs.

Xiao Ya and Flowery did the same as they held their hands together.

Lord Dog laid asleep on the Netherworld Ship, which was later kept by Nethery. In the end, Lord Dog was only able to continue its nap on the ground.

Nether King Er Ha was full of smiles when he returned. He stayed beside Bu Fang all the time, bugging him for Spicy Strips.

The Nether King had contributed and helped, and as such, Bu Fang was generous with his Spicy Strips. He gave the last remaining strip to the Nether King.

The last remaining piece?!

Nether King Er Ha looked at Bu Fang with his teary eyes, wanting more of the strips. However, Bu Fang raised his hands, showing him that there were no longer any Spicy Strips left.

Beside Nether King Er Ha was Saint Daughter Zi Yun, looking longingly at the Spicy Strip in the former's hands.

So that was the legendary Spicy Strip mentioned by Brother Ha? It looked slightly different from the strip that Brother Ha cooked. It smelled good and looked delicious!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun could not help but salivate upon taking a whiff of the Spicy Strip.

Nether King Er Ha held on to the Spicy Strip, sighed, and turned his head to look at Saint Daughter Zi Yun with a forlorn look on his face.

"Young lady, it's not that I don't want to give it to you, but there's only one strip left. This King can't survive without Spicy Strips. You should know me well enough...?"

The Nether King looked despondently at Saint Daughter Zi Yun until her face flushed. She subconsciously inclined her head and replied, "Brother Ha, you're really naughty! Don't stare at me like that!"

Saint Daughter Zi Yun raised her hand and hit the Nether King's arm. Her tone gave the Nether King goosebumps, which nearly made him drop his Spicy Strip.

"My goodness, youngsters nowadays are so playful!" the Nether King thought. Thus, he said, "I promise you that I will give you a Spicy Strip next time."

Nether King Er Ha then brought the Spicy Strip close to his nose and took in a deep breath. A moment later, the Spicy Strip was in his mouth, moving in and out as he savored it.

The sensation of the Spicy Strip rubbing on his lips made the Nether King close his eyes as he exclaimed, "The Spicy Strip gave me a sense of rejuvenation! Simply delicious!"

The others ignored the gluttonous look of the Nether King and walked out of the Road of Gluttony.

A distance away, Mo Liuji was clutching his chest as blood oozed out of his mouth. Staring hard at the dog sleeping at the far end, he inhaled deeply and turned his gaze to Bu Fang.

That fellow was the demon in the capable Saintess' heart. The star chart indicated that everything was caused by him, a young lad who had the final victory by winning the Taotie's Heart. He was also someone who could mix well with the lifeforms of the Netherworld.

No wonder he could be the heart demon of the capable Saintess. Indeed, he was extraordinary!

However, to be around numerous lifeforms from the Netherworld, Bu Fang would have to pay his due one day.

There were already a few who had emerged, not to mention the dog that shouldn't exist in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Furthermore, there was that icy cold beauty with long hair, who had a presence so imposing that not many in the Great Void Realm could possess.

There was also the Nether King, who was always busy eating Spicy Strips. He was an exceptional being from the Netherworld as well. Mo Liuji shuddered once he thought of those figures.

He looked intensely at Bu Fang and threw the words of Granny Mo to the wind. There was no way he would be able to bring this fellow back!

He could only invite the fellow gracefully, and there was no way he could force the brat to do anything. He would not want to be smashed dead by the dog's paw.


Yan Yu was gloomy. He slowly picked himself up from the ground and followed everyone out.

He felt that he had to leave, or he would be killed. He would not be able to leave once he was noticed by Chu Changsheng and the others.

It was none other than the fact that he was a traitor who had betrayed the Valley of Gluttony.

Just as he was about to walk away, his body froze. A slender and fair hand landed on his shoulder, which made him jump. He turned around, only to see a face with an indifferent expression staring at him.

"Do not leave in a hurry. You are the rank one chef on the tablet, right?"

Yan Yu was shocked.

Bu Fang 's mouth twitched as he narrowed his eyes. "Very well, it shall be you. Let's battle."