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 Lord Dog's paw landed gently on the skull of the giant. Alas, the three-metered body and the enormous skull exploded in an instant!

When faced with immediate death, a sense of injustice appeared in the giant's eyes. He was reluctant to resign to his tragic fate and would destroy everything he could land his hands on!

He would not accept ending his life in such a manner and without any fight!

That dog's paw was crushing down with a strength that could crush the heavens and earth, so it was impossible for the giant to resist the immense pressure even if he wanted to. If he were still at the strongest point in his life, there would be no way he would be humiliated by a dog.

As he coughed out blood, he was boiling with fury. However, almost immediately, his mind went blank, and his entire body crumbled, shattering into bits on the ground.


A desperate roar was heard as a white beam of transparent light radiated from the body of the crumbling giant, who was trying to escape from his fate. It was the divine soul of someone at the Divine Spirit Realm. The divine soul would only appear when the divine flame was lit. Only then could the divine soul obtain immortality.

However, once the body was destroyed, the divine soul would dissipate quickly by the force of heaven and earth. Because it had lost its pillar, the divine soul of the giant would not continue to exist for long.

Most people had witnessed the demise of the divine soul with mixed feelings. The giant was a powerful and influential figure at his most glorious days, but now, he had died at the paws of a dog.

It was not possible for the giant not to feel sad at his fate.

Lord Dog watched the white divine soul struggling to escape with its cool and impassive eyes. The giant's divine soul howled while accelerating at an alarming speed towards the exit.

Lord Dog could not be bothered with the turn of events. As the divine soul of the giant was leaving, he turned and roared at Lord Dog, seemingly unwilling to resign to his fate.

"You will regret your action of destroying my body! The founding Valley Master will exact revenge for me!"

With his outraged howl, the giant's face was fully contorted and hideous. The terrified look on his face was at its peak, but he was not without regret-he regretted trying to lure the young lad who had obtained the Taotie's Heart.

If Bu Fang had not done so, he would not have awakened. But with the Taotie's Heart, there would be a day where he would return after absorbing enough vitality. He would definitely be able to suppress the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, and his reputation would be as glorious as the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony!

But it was futile to moan and regret now that the possibility had been shattered. It was akin to the illusionary flower in the mirror or the moon in the lake. All his preparations had gone to waste.

Lord Dog raised his eyes slightly and glanced at the divine soul of the giant who was whining loudly. It gave a slight yawn and spoke with its deep husky voice, "I did not intend to terminate your divine soul, but since you're seeking death... I'll grant your wish."

Everyone was dumbfounded. In the next moment, they were struck with fear as they broke out in cold sweat.


The black dog opened its mouth, exposing its sharp fangs that were beaming with sparkling brilliance.


A bark from the dog, followed by a deafening sound wave caused a howling wind to sweep up. Up in the air, the divine soul of the giant formed a contorted expression as a horrified look appeared on his face. He turned to run but realized that it was too late as the bark of the dog ripped through his body. His divine soul was rendered motionless in the illusory void.

That humongous dog mouth seemed to devour the daylight as it reached for the divine soul of the giant. As the divine soul of the giant looked on with a terrified gaze, it was quickly devoured by Lord Dog. Peace and serenity were restored as the dog's mouth shrank to its usual size.

Lord Dog moved its lips with a tinge of contempt before muttering, "I haven't been eating divine souls for a long time. It's no longer to my liking... The Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs is still my favorite."

Thump. Thump.

The onlookers were petrified. Feeling their legs turning into jelly, they slumped and fell on the ground.

That dog! It had to be a demon! How else could it consume a divine soul? A divine soul signified the existence of someone at the Divine Spirit Realm! After cultivating to the peak of the Divine Soul Realm and forming the nine steps soul ladder, one would be able to ignite their divine flame! That was a realm that could only be obtained through hard work. However, all of it turned into nothing when a black dog chomped it down.

That dog was like a demonic nightmare.

Mo Liuji's pupils constricted. He was breathing heavily, his body trembling with streams of perspiration glistening on it.

Chu Changsheng and the others were staring aghast at the dog in the illusionary void.

Nether King Er Ha was not surprised by what happened. If Lord Dog were to attack, he could easily treat ten giants like chickens and dogs, let alone one lone giant. As he was thinking, he flung the pitch-black brick-like Spicy Strip in a beautiful arc toward Bi Liantian, who was struggling to crawl out of the lotus.

Bi Liantian was so infuriated that she lost all her elegant and beautiful composure. She started to rant and shout like a shrew.

How could she not be irked? All women were concerned with their looks, and yet that fellow dared to throw a dirty charcoal-like object at her? What made it worse was that she had no means of evading the attack!

Why was her life so tragic? Bi Liantian could not help but scream her head off.

Great White from afar watched on with a trembling body. As he touched his pearly white skin, he laughed heartily, opening his mouth that was filled with saw-like teeth. Luckily, he did not provoke that man with the brick. With only one look, he knew that that man was not simple. Even with a brick in hand, he looked imposing and majestic.

It would be wiser to hold on dearly to his Shrimp Ancestor so that he would be able to flourish in the endless sea.

He would not have left the Black Dragon Palace for the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had he not offended the Black Dragon King. Furthermore, he would not have entered the Royal Court and Holy Lands had he not chanced upon the inheritance.

He had risked being turned into an ingredient for the Valley of Gluttony when he seized the opportunity to loot the inheritance. Fortunately, he had encountered an even better alternative by meeting Shrimp Ancestor! Though Gluttony was a divine beast, it was not a Divine Sea Beast, so its effect on Great White would be limited.

If he were to choose between the Taotie's Heart and Shrimp Ancestor, it would be Shrimp Ancestor for sure. He was, after all, his fellow terrestrial mate. As the saying went, it was always heartwarming to see one's terrestrial mate on foreign land. Thus, he had decided to make the wise choice of currying favor with his Shrimp Ancestor.

Shrimpy looked at Great White suspiciously with his twinkling eyes.

Great White opened his saw-like mouth and gave a gentle smile.

It was a friendly gesture, but...

Shrimpy suddenly swiped the War God Stick at Great White. He had a look at Great White, whom he thought was smiling in a hideous manner, and decided that Great White was a villain.

Bi Liantian ran off as she could no longer take the humiliation. She groveled on the leafy lotus and wavered off.

Amethyst Elder had sparkles in his eyes as warm air heaved from his nostrils. He cast a glance at the Nether King, who was holding on to his pitch-black brick Spicy Strip, and another at the black dog, who was cat-walking in the illusionary void.

His lips twitched, and he turned to tear the illusionary void to slip away from the two powerful beings of the Netherworld...

Amethyst Elder was very clear about his chance-there was no chance of winning.

He might not even be able to overcome the weakened giant with his clone now, let alone the formidable black dog, who could wipe out a giant with only a swipe of his paw.

Thus, he could only choose to escape. It was not an easy feat to come out with a powerful clone, and he didn't want to waste it here.

Just before he stepped into the illusionary void with his long purple hair fluttering in the wind, he turned to look at Saint Daughter Zi Yun.

"You, girl! Hurry up and follow me!" ordered the authoritative Amethyst Elder.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun paused for a while before sneering and turning her back at her father.

Amethyst Elder's face darkened. He was not pleased with his defiant daughter. He squinted his eyes momentarily as he saw the man who was carrying the black brick tap on his daughter's shoulder. A moment later, he started chatting happily with her.

My goodness! That jerk smashed his face with his brick, and yet he had the audacity to go after his daughter! That rascal!

Amethyst Elder was furious. Even though he had his foot into the illusionary void, he wished he could dash out and fight another hundred rounds with that rascal. However, he only had his clone with him, and not his true form, so he had no chance of winning against that brat. He could only warn that rascal with his sharp and stern eyes!


The illusionary void closed, and Amethyst Elder vanished.

"Young lady, don't be afraid. I whacked that old man, so his face is still swollen. He won't dare to scold you at all. I promise to take you to Owner Bu so you can have a taste of his Spicy Strips. You should really try it!" Nether King Er Ha said seriously.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun blushed as she covered her mouth, giggling quietly at the corner. "Brother Ha is such a nice guy!"

The fight over the inheritance seemed to be over.

Amethyst Elder had run off, and so did the princess from the Wavering Light Holy Land.

Great White had defected to the Shrimpy camp, while the giant, the mastermind, had been smashed into bits by a dog paw.

The inheritance had been captured, and the Taotie's Heart had found its master. All seemed to have ended well.

There were some experts who were reluctant to accept the outcome. They stared at Bu Fang with fiery eyes, still thinking of stealing the Taotie's Heart. However, when they saw the fat dog walking toward the Netherworld Ship as it stepped in the void, a trace of fear appeared in their faces. Their desire was instantly crushed.

That was a ruthless dog!

Most of the experts retreated with lightning speed from the land of inheritance, which was now in ruins.

There was nothing worthy to be uncovered from the shambles.

Chu Changsheng was touched when the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony was returned. It had been so many years. Tears glistened in his eyes, thinking that this was a sign that the Valley of Gluttony was finally going to return to its peak.

The experts from the other Holy Lands, who were spying in the Valley of Gluttony, left the valley as there was no reason left for them to remain.

They would not be able to get hold of the Taotie's Heart now that it was guarded by the fearsome black dog, nor the inheritance as it had been already attained.

They had to return to report on the happenings in the Valley of Gluttony. The appearance of a formidable being from the Netherworld in the Valley of Gluttony brought about much shock.

Bu Fang walked down with his group, strolling leisurely as his Vermillion Robe exuded a lustrous luminance.

He was completely fine even though the entire adventure was filled with danger. He had nearly fused with the Taotie's Heart, and he managed to avoid doing so in the end.

It was just like what he said before-he never needed the Taotie's Heart. His only goal was to allow his growth to bring him to the peak of the world. He would become the God of Cooking through his actions, and he would go against the will of the heavens!

Chu Changsheng's body convulsed, and he trembled upon seeing the Memory Inheritance Crystal between Xiao Ya's brows as she walked down slowly.

He was deeply moved.

Xiao Ya was the future of the Valley of Gluttony, a force not to be reckoned with when pitted against the others in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

From this day onwards, Xiao Ya would be the new Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony!

"Your subject, Chu Changsheng... pays his respects to the Valley Master!" Chu Changsheng became teary-eyed as he bowed in awe to Xiao Ya.

Just as Chu Changsheng was bending over, the system's sobering voice reverberated in Bu Fang's mind.