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 The huge carapace palm collided with the dainty paw of Lord Dog, resulting in an explosion.

Everyone gawked, their eyes widening in disbelief. They had witnessed the unfolding of events contrary to what they had imagined.

The giant roared ferociously as all the vitality on his body permeated into his arm at an alarming speed. The carapace on his arm seemed to come to life, and the tattoo on it emanated a bright radiance.


There was a blast of hot air rising from the carapace on his arm. The hot air was accompanied by an insurgence of the spirit energy. With every punch, the energy was amplified into a stronger force.

A punch within a punch-this was an apt description for the giant's fist, which was formidable and invincible! It was obvious to everyone that the harmless fat dog was not worthy, in comparison to the ruthless and hideous giant, who could strike a punch that was close to the Divine Spirit Realm.

The black dog would most likely be bulldozed into crumbs by the fist of the giant. But, of course, only those who had seen the prowess of Blacky knew the strength of the overweight dog, which seemed harmless at first glance.

None of the other people knew the full strength of the chubby dog better than the Nether King. Bu Fang knew it too. His trust in Lord dog was incomparable to others.

As for Xiao Ya, she trusted Lord Dog too. Blacky was invincible in her heart.


Lord Dog yawned, and it was shrouded by the thick and warm air suffused with spirit energy. The giant's arm seemed to be emitting a rumbling sound.


Behind Lord Dog, the ground trembled, and a strong gust of wind howled. Shattered rocks started to crumble as the gigantic fist came out. Many people gulped involuntarily the moment they saw this fearsome fist.

Bu Fang stared intensely at the battle taking place. Nethery looked on austerely, but there was no hint of worry in her dark eyes. There was no need to worry about Lord Dog.

The Nether King was the least interested in the battle. In fact, he was only interested in guiding the youngsters to appreciate his brick-like Spicy Strip.


The crumbling sound resonated in the area.

It was an awkward sound, akin to the collapse and cracking of rocks and stones.

Most onlookers shuddered, and when they raised their heads, they saw cracks spreading out like a web on the carapace on the arm. The giant was astounded too. His face was filled with disbelief as his eyes widened.

His punch had the power to shatter even a mountain into a flat terrain, but...

At that moment, the giant felt a shiver run down his spine.

When the white smog dissipated, everyone took a deep breath of cold air. They were aghast at the scene that appeared before their eyes.

That black dog was unscathed. Its black fur was as clean and tidy as ever, without a trace of dust and rubble. Its mouth was arched into a playful curve while it looked at the giant.

The giant stared in disbelief at his carapace arm. Cracks started to appear on it, spreading rapidly from his palm to the entire arm. A moment later, the cracks on the carapace started to disintegrate.


The giant roared in horror!

His strands of hair seemed to be piercing through the illusionary void, shattering it. The carapace on his arm fragmentized and broke into pieces, collapsing into bits as they fell on the ground.

The giant lifted his head and howled furiously. His face looked hideous as shock and anger contorted his features.

The whirling force bent his arm into a distorted shape as his bloodshot eyes stared directly at the dog, meeting the look of contempt on Lord Dog's face. The vortex would churn and kill him!

That dog was not an ordinary dog. It had to be a dog that had ignited its divine flame of the Divine Spirit Realm! An extraordinary Divine Spirit Dog!

The giant moaned as he lamented the prime of his life, during which he would never have lost to the dog. His punch then was much more powerful than the one he had executed moments earlier.

The whirling force continued its way outward. The carapace fragments were shot all over as his flesh and colorful tendons were churned into pieces, filling the surroundings with his energy.

Suddenly, a hand held onto the exploding arm, and with a thunderous roar, a loud tearing sound was heard. The giant's arm was torn off him forcefully by his other arm!

Everyone was stunned speechless.

Though the arm was pulled off, the vortex was still present. The giant's body shifted horizontally, successfully escaping the tornado-like whirling force.

Eventually, the surroundings settled, and silence was restored. All of the onlookers held their breath, looking flabbergasted at the scene unfolding before them.

A fat dog stood elegantly in the illusionary void. He raised his paw at a forty-five-degree angle.


A huge arm dropped onto the ground. It was torn and tattered. Within it, the minced flesh was destroyed thoroughly, and the bones were crushed. The giant's heavy breath reverberated, stifling everyone. How could the black dog be so fearsome?

Most of the experts were terrified and were rendered speechless. Mo Liuji had a face full of fright as well. He leaned against the wall and pulled off the clothes on his chest, breathing heavily with beads of perspiration dripping down his forehead.

That black dog... It overpowered the punch that could kill Divine Spirit Realm experts.

Could the dog be in the Divine Spirit Realm too?

Looking at the Netherworld Ship, which was emitting dark energy, Mo Liuji felt a dark cloud shrouding his heart. He was reminded of an image-there was an eye as big as a house, seemingly looking down at him as though he was an ingredient. It was a horrible being, a being feared by the Saints from all the Holy Lands. That cute chubby fat dog gave him a similar terrifying feeling.

Coupled with the nether energy, that black dog had to be from the Netherworld.

Could it be the end of the world as predicted by Granny Mo? How could anyone explain the emergence of the being from the Netherworld here in the Hidden Dragon Continent, who was comparable to existences in the Divine Spirit Realm? Mo Liuji's body was convulsing slightly as he thought about it. He immediately hammered his chest in order to stabilize his breathing.

The next moment, he raised his star chart with a trembling hand. He cast a glance at Lord Dog, then at his star chart. He bit his teeth, and his mental energy was emitted profusely as star-like sparkles surrounded his body.

Just as Mo Liuji's mental energy was about to go further, he felt a brute force that hammered against it. His face paled, and he spouted a mouthful of black blood. There was a prickling pain in his head.

Damn! Could he have infringed on some rules?

The Heavenly Secret Holy Land was renowned for being able to foretell the happenings in the world. His cultivation could predict almost everything. However, if the man or object surpassed their cultivation realm, or if it was shrouded by the mysteries of the heavens, it would be considered taboo to peek into the future of the person or object. If they forcefully tried to do so, they would suffer a serious backlash.

Mo Liuji slumped to the ground, exhausted. As his star chart collapsed, its luminescence flickered, then dimmed into darkness.

In the illusionary void, the fur on Lord Dog's body quivered, startling him. He turned his head around to check on the surroundings. It had sensed someone sneaking on him. That person might have been a courageous lad even though he was lacking in ability.

Lord Dog felt bored and yawned. It looked apathetically at the breathless giant groveling on the ground in the distance. He strutted toward him, and there were tremors in the illusionary void with every step he took.

"What advantages would he get if he merged with the heart of the Taotie? We might as well stir-fry it for our meal..." The husky voice of Lord Dog echoed in the illusionary void into everyone's ears.

The onlookers had a peculiar look on their faces.

Bu Fang was speechless too. He looked at Lord Dog as he twitched his lips and touched his chin. In a serious voice, he suggested, "If the heart were to be stir-fried, the meat would turn tough. It would be better to double boil it. Just add some spirit herbs to it, and the soup would be tonic and fragrant."

The peculiar look on everyone's face intensified. Could the man and the dog not discuss the culinary aspect of the Taotie's Heart in such a deliberate manner? That was the Taotie's Heart they were talking about, not the heart of any other being! It was the Taotie's Heart that could help those who consume it to break through into the Divine Spirit Realm! It could even help a being of the Divine Spirit Realm ignite their divine flame, turning them into a sect master level figure!

Wouldn't it be disrespectful to discuss about the Taotie's Heart as if it was the heart of a swine?

Meanwhile, the giant's vitality was vanishing at an alarming rate. The vitality in his chest was completely depleted. In his eyes, one could see his fear of death.

"You can't kill me...I was instructed by the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony to stay here to protect the inheritance! You can't kill me!" The giant said in a terrified and trembling voice, stirring up vibrations in the illusionary void.

When Chu Changsheng heard his words, his face paled. Disdain and outrage were apparent in his expression. He had the cheek to say he was the protector of the inheritance! If it were not for him, with his selfish desire to merge with the Taotie's Heart, the Valley of Gluttony would not have weakened and fallen to such a state! The succession of the inheritance would not have stagnated for such a long time!

The past Valley Masters had been challenged by the Saints of all the Holy Lands before falling and vanishing. It was entirely the fault of this giant, and yet he had the audacity to talk about the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony!

Lord Dog strolled elegantly above the head of the giant, its clear eyes staring at the shuddering and terrified figure. "The first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony? Who is that?" Lord Dog's deep and charming voice rang into the ears of the giant.

The giant squinted his eyes and roared, his face looking hideous. "The first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony was an imposing presence in the Hidden Dragon Continent, a top-level existence who had suppressed the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. He was invincible amongst the Saints. If you kill me, he will not let you off!"

A master in the Divine Spirit Realm?

Lord Dog wrinkled his nose. He gently swept his dainty paw out and touched the giant's forehead between his brows before speaking in a bewitching voice, "What Valley Master? It has nothing to do with me. If he dares to come, I will feed him one of my paws. Two, if one isn't enough."

The giant stiffened.


A moment later, the giant's body exploded with a loud bang!