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 This was the first time Flowery came across such an independent, fat dog. It was so obese its fats were jiggling. Not only that, but it was almost possible to hear the sound of flesh hitting against flesh.

She could not understand how a dog could actually do the catwalk.

Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake Eyes rolled and gleamed brightly. No matter what, she could still feel the power and influence of this dog.

It was unfathomable how this dog could impart a sense of terror to her.

It was good to note that Flowery was a Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, one of the Primordial Divine Beasts. Even though she was young right now, her inheritance remained, as well as her experiences and mighty strength.

As an elite divine beast, how could she be intimidated by a dog? The fact that she felt threatened meant this dog was not ordinary.

Bu Fang caressed Flowery's head. On the other hand, the onlookers were bewildered.

This was the lazy dog that Bu Fang mentioned?

Xiao Ya was elated, shrieking with joy. Even though Blacky looked ferocious, she enjoyed being by the dog's side. Her relationship with Blacky at the Cloud Mist Restaurant was amicable.

Occasionally, Xiao Ya would run to Blacky's side and tug on its fur, feeling playful.

As Xiao Ya spotted the flabby Blacky, she was extremely excited as she yelled, "All the best, Blacky! Defeat this giant who bullied Big Brother with your paw!" She clenched her fist and cheered on.

Bu Fang smirked and extended the arm wrapped with the bandage to pat Xiao Ya's head.

As for Nethery, she flew and landed softly by Bu Fang's side, wearing a cold expression on her face. Her long, white legs looked beautiful as they landed.

She spotted Flowery and felt intimidated by her presence.

At the same time, Flowery tilted her head as she glanced at Nethery. At that moment, it seemed as if sparks were flying between them.

The Tri-Flower Snake Eyes rolled, and brilliance seemed to burst forth from them.

"Are you alright?" Nethery asked coldly as she glanced at Flowery. She turned her head to look at Bu Fang.

"I'm alright," Bu Fang replied nonchalantly.

After that, there was a moment of silence.

Both of them remained quiet and raised their heads at the same time to look at Blacky, who was yawning with its paw lifted up.

The giant growled. His muscles were protruding and looked as if they were moving. His colorful veins bulged out, and there seemed to be horrifying energy circulating within them.

Chu Changsheng trembled slightly as he narrowed his eyes.

This black dog was not intimidated by the giant's imposing presence. Initially, Chu Changsheng thought that Blacky's survival from the attacks by the Almighty Realm experts from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land was purely due to luck.

This dog's courage was beyond his comprehension.

He seemed to have underestimated Bu Fang's potential.

Tension filled the air as energy began to gather around Blacky's lifted paw. Swirling with the wind and forming a vortex, it headed toward the giant.

The giant's mouth opened wide, and his eyes looked horrifying.

He needed the Taotie's Heart! He would kill anything that hindered him from obtaining it!

Hatred filled his heart.

The fusion between the Taotie's Heart and Bu Fang's was soon to be completed, but it was unfortunately disrupted by the latter. His original plan was to absorb Bu Fang's flesh, as well as his vitality, to arouse the Taotie's Heart. This would complete the fusion between his heart and the Taotie's Heart, granting him immortality.

Never did he expect that the Taotie's Heart would be stolen by Bu Fang! Hence, he acquired a deep hatred toward him ever since.

Initially, he made an agreement with the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony to protect the Taotie's Heart. Due to his inability to resist temptation, he dug out his own heart and attempted to fuse it with the Taotie's Heart.

Due to his greed, he caused the Valley of Gluttony's downfall with each passing day and almost lost the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony.

He invested so much effort so he could eventually achieve immortality.

Once he had succeeded, he would be reborn, and once again, he would lead the Valley of Gluttony to the peak of the Hidden Dragon Continent!

However, his perfect plan had been foiled when Bu Fang stole the Taotie's Heart. Furthermore, he was shocked that Bu Fang did not even falter from the terrifying power of the Taotie's Heart!

And now, there was a dog in his way. He could no longer condone anything that would foil his plans to retrieve the Taotie's Heart.

The giant gave a long howl, and his voice reverberated through the skies, causing tremors throughout the palace. The muscles on his arm quivered, and in the next moment, a carapace appeared, covering his arms.

That arm grew to an enormous size, making it look rather savage.

The giant concentrated all the vital energy in his body to deliver the most powerful punch.

This punch was much weaker compared to the punch he delivered back in his heyday, but it was considered acceptable given his present state.

He wanted to get rid of the arrogant dog in front of him. That weak and powerless dog. He growled as he thought about wanting to grind it into paste and turn it into his food.

The imposing presence within the space was oppressed the moment the punch was delivered, and the sky seemed like it was going to crack because of the strong impact.

Many onlookers were petrified, their bodies trembling as they watched.

The giant's punch had achieved a certain standard from his peak and was sufficient to light up the divine flame of someone trying to step into the Divine Spirit Realm.

No one at the scene would be able to withstand this blow, not even Amethyst Elder, Bi Liantian, or the Great White. However, he was not sure if the Nether King, who was holding a black Spicy Strip, could pull through.

The feeling that was imparted to Amethyst Elder and the others by the giant was unfathomable.

Bi Liantian's beautiful face turned cold in an instant. She narrowed her eyes, and the energy of the lotus flowers around her began to swirl and charge toward the Nether King.

The Nether King used the brick-like Spicy Strip to smack the face of Amethyst Elder over and over again until he seemed like he had lost all meaning to his life. No matter how much Amethyst Elder tried, he could not defend himself.

Just as the Nether King was about to knock out Amethyst Elder with one hit of his brick-like Spicy Strip, a sound resonated in the air.

This sound seemed to cause the surrounding air to vibrate.

Stalks of lotus flowers appeared and surrounded the Nether King as pink petals drifted down from the sky.

Nether King Er Ha was momentarily stunned. He lifted his hand, and a petal gently landed in his palm, unfolding itself.

"Stop fooling around, Amethyst Elder. That giant wasted his vital force by delivering that punch, so we should take advantage of this situation to steal the Taotie's Heart," said Bi Liantian as she stepped on the lotus.

Amethyst Elder was stunned. At that moment, tears streamed down his face, and he wanted to howl, "Which eye of yours saw me fooling around happily?"

That brick was extremely toxic. He was unable to avoid it at all!

"Don't you want the Taotie's Heart very badly? We can form an alliance and work together to steal the Taotie's Heart. I can help you get rid of this guy. I just need you to do me a favor as a promise."

Bi Liantian's hair and silk garment floated up, accentuating her lithe figure perfectly.

The eyes of Amethyst Elder lit up as a thought flashed through his mind.


"What's so good about that? You still dare to defy me?!" Nether King Er Ha hollered.

As the Amethyst Elder just agreed to the alliance plan with Bi Liantian, his world blacked out as the brick with the peculiar smell hit him once again. It caused him to stagger backward and fall on his buttocks. He shook his head, a look of confusion on his face.

At that moment, he just wanted to cry.

"How dare you!"

Bi Liantian narrowed her eyes, and her mental energy surged through.

In the next moment, the floating lotus flower petals transformed into seemingly sharp daggers. They shot at high speeds, slicing through the air as they whizzed toward Nether King Er Ha.

Soon, he was surrounded by the lotus flower petals.

The energy coming from the lotus flower swirled in the air and produced even more petals.

Bi Liantian's red lips lifted as she smiled seductively. "Amethyst Elder, it seems you have been degraded. This guy is so weak, and yet you took so long to defeat him."

Amethyst Elder touched his swollen head and lifted it to look at Bi Liantian. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and became very weird. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out.

Bi Liantian was very excited as she did not expect to succeed so easily. Amethyst Elder looked like an idiot sitting on the floor.

Was Amethyst Elder unworthy of his reputation?

It seemed like she needed to think twice about collaborating with Amethyst Elder.

Bi Liantian was secretly delighted.

However, almost everyone looked at her with a weird gaze, or they could be looking at what was behind her...

Behind her, a figure floated in an upright stance.

It was a man whose hair fluttered in the wind, with one hand holding a black brick. His eyes looked gloomy.

The Nether King sighed. Why was it that young people nowadays love to create trouble?

There was no feud between him and Bi Liantian, yet this woman wanted to kill him.

This made him very disappointed.

"Young people these days are really naughty," Nether King Er Ha said nonchalantly.

Bi Liantian froze. She seemed flustered as she stepped on the lotus, quickly turning her body to see the depressed Nether King.

The Nether King's depressed eyes met Bi Liantian's.

In the next moment, a brick landed, followed by Bi Liantian's shrill cries...

Everyone's hearts jumped.

Amethyst Elder winced at this sight. He actually felt sorry for Bi Liantian, the Imperial Princess of the Wavering Light Holy Land.

Meanwhile, the powerful palm of the giant, which was densely covered in a carapace, and Blacky's dainty paw collided together.

That collision involved hands with a great disparity in size.

Everyone at the scene could not bear to see Blacky's blood fill the scene, especially since the punch of the giant was powerful as he was about to reach the Divine Spirit Realm.

The space almost collapsed.

Almost no one would be able to withstand this punch, let alone a dog.

Everyone held their breaths in fear.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun covered her mouth as she could not bear to witness Blacky's miserable death. She thought that it was quite a waste if the cute and fat Blacky were to die just like that.

Right before the palm and paw collided with each other, Blacky opened its mouth to yawn, and tears oozed out of its eyes as sleepiness overwhelmed it.

Then, an explosion occurred. It was a horrible sight.

The eyes and pores of all the people shrunk in response.