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 The Netherworld Ship slowly drifted over in the air. As soon as the pitch-black ship appeared from the crack, everyone's attention was attracted as their gaze fell on it.

Bu Fang naturally saw the Netherworld Ship. Not only did he notice it, but it seemed as though he had been anticipating its appearance for a long while now.

Flowery was about to make a move when Bu Fang patted her head. As soon as Bu Fang's hand landed on her head, all the energy she had gathered dissipated. She seemed to be stunned, and a suspicious look appeared on her tiny face as she looked at Bu Fang. It was as though she didn't understand what this human in front of her was thinking at all.

Many people's eyes shrunk as they looked at the crack in surprise.

As soon as the Netherworld Ship appeared, a dense nether energy started to spread out. As a result, many people sucked in a cold breath of air.

Even Amethyst Elder, who was currently engaged in battle with Nether King Er Ha, was affected. As for Bi Liantian and the others, who were not too far away, they felt as though their nerves tightened. An incredulous look appeared in their eyes.

That was because they were familiar with the Netherworld Ship! It actually possessed the energy from the Netherworld spirits.

Netherworld Ship... This was the Netherworld Ship from the Netherworld! Indeed, it was coming out of the crack!

What in the world was going on?

How could the Netherworld spirits appear so blatantly in the Hidden Dragon Continent?


As the energy in the air started to tremble, the void started to tear. The Netherworld Ship appeared from the tear in the void, forming a violent storm.

As the storm raged on, a heavy pressure exuded from the ship.

Nether King Er Ha, who was wielding the charred Spicy Strip in his hand, seemed to be affected by the aura coming from the ship. He instantly tilted his head and saw the Netherworld Ship drifting through the air. His eyes started to shine.

The appearance of the familiar Netherworld Ship caused the corners of his lips to curl upward.

Oh! Could it be that his old friends were about to appear?

Nether King Er Ha's heart started to shake.

The Netherworld Ship was controlled by the Netherworld woman. For it to appear in this place, there could only be one possibility-that Netherworld woman was here as well!

Of course, it was also possible for the lazy and mischievous dog to show up as well.

That was why Nether King Er Ha no longer paid attention to Amethyst Elder. Instead, he turned around and looked at the Netherworld Ship.

The Netherworld Ship hovered in the air as it emitted a terrifying amount of dark energy. The unbridled feeling the Netherworld Ship gave off caused many people to become stunned.


The giant started to roar, and the muscles on his body started to tremble. Opening his mouth, he emitted an ear-shattering scream!

The roar caused soundwaves to travel outwards, and it rang in everyone's ears.

Even though the heart of the giant wasn't there any longer, the energy and vitality that gathered in the space where the heart was supposed to be continuously supplied him with energy.

The giant seemed to possess innate hostility with the Netherworld Ship, and it seemed like he wanted to blast it out of the sky with an enraged roar.

On the deck of the Netherworld Ship, an alluring figure stood.

Standing tall and straight, the figure had an extremely well-proportioned body. Her long black dress fluttered in the wind, revealing her fair legs to the world. Many people were unable to take their gaze off her.

This was the figure of a beauty. With her long black hair fluttering in the wind behind her, many people became intoxicated.

There was actually a woman standing on the Netherworld Ship!

Nethery's gaze was indifferent as usual as she swept her eyes across the area. It quickly landed on Bu Fang's body.

She saw Bu Fang, and of course, he met her gaze.

Bu Fang was expressionless as Nethery pouted her mouth and nodded at him.

Flowery's eyes narrowed, and they carefully sized up the Netherworld woman. A golden-colored energy started to revolve around her body, and she seemed extremely cautious.

Looking at Nethery, who was standing on the Netherworld Ship, she turned to look at Bu Fang again. She deeply sighed.

Many people were attracted by Nethery's beauty.

Even Bi Liantian, who had always been confident in her appearance, was stunned when she saw Nethery. However, countless lotus flowers appeared around her body. These lotus flowers started to revolve around, emitting a vast and mighty aura.

Although Nethery was extremely pretty, the sense of danger Bi Liantian felt from her was incomparable to anything she had ever felt before.

Not to mention the fact that Nethery was an existence who came from the Netherworld!

Also, according to Bi Liantian's intuition, this woman before her was no ordinary creature from the Netherworld.

The giant released another thunderous roar as he raised his hands. He slapped toward Bu Fang, as though he wanted to turn him into a meat paste with a single slap. That way, he would be able to snatch the Taotie's heart back instantly.

However, with a loud rumble, the Netherworld Ship mercilessly collided with the body of the giant.

After the Netherworld Ship smashed against the giant, it caused the figure of the giant to retreat continuously!

Nethery's black hair fluttered in the wind unceasingly. In an instant, her eyes turned completely black.

Her slender legs stepped out, and she floated in the air. She wanted to settle things with the giant once and for all.

However, Nethery stopped moving. Behind her, a lazy figure gradually appeared.

It was the figure of a dog. To be precise, an extremely fat dog with a pitch-black fur.

Bu Fang stared at Lord Dog, who was standing on the Netherworld Ship. His lips formed a line, and his pounding heart started to calm down.

He didn't think that the dog would actually appear in this place.

The giant started to roar again, and there was a tyrannical look in his eyes. Looking at Nethery and Lord Dog, the giant had a bad impression of them.

The vitality force started to revolve around in the chest of the giant. Before long, a rainbow-colored energy was emitted from the giant's nose. He raised his arm, and it seemed as though the void was about to explode from the might he released.

As he swung his hand out, the giant intended to kill Nethery with a single slap.

As for the fat dog...

The giant opened his mouth, and the baleful look in his eyes revealed a thirst to live.

He wanted the fat dog to turn into his nourishment. It was so fat anyway... There should be a ton of vitality in its body!

Nethery slightly knitted her brows together as her hair fluttered in the wind. In her hand, there were three strands of fur, which belonged to the dog.

Just as the palm of the giant was flying toward her, she lightly breathed out, and her tall peaks started to tremble.

In the next instant, Nethery rubbed two strands of fur between her hands and ignited it. Her might immediately became extremely terrifying and mighty!


With a loud blast, a whistling gale was swept up. Nethery raised a single arm and used one hand to block the slap from the giant.

The giant's arm was caught, and he couldn't move his hand any longer. He had used all of his strength in his slap, but it was easily blocked by Nethery.

By igniting all three strands of the dog fur, the Hidden Dragon Continent's suppression on Nethery weakened a lot. It was also the reason why Nethery was able to increase her power to such a large extent.

In the distance, Chu Changsheng seemed as though he had seen a ghost when he caught sight of the fat dog who was standing on the Netherworld Ship.

Lord Dog actually appeared?

Chu Changsheng naturally knew that Lord Dog was extremely powerful.

Wasn't it the dog who was protecting Bu Fang's shop? How could it appear in this place?

Lord Dog stood up, and the fats on its body started to tremble. In the next instant, Lord Dog opened its mouth and let out a long yawn.

Under the gaze of everyone present, it walked off the Netherworld Ship with graceful cat-like steps.

Looking at the dog, which was trying to walk as gracefully as a cat, everyone felt a weird feeling in their hearts.

"This dog..." Nether King Er Ha said as he raised a Spicy Strip in his hand and placed it in his mouth.

It actually howled!

With nether energy charging into the skies, many people felt immensely suppressed.

The woman, whose beauty seemed otherworldly, managed to stop the slap of the giant with a single hand. She was indeed quite powerful.

After yawning, Lord Dog slightly rolled its eyes, landing on the body of the giant.

The giant, who was three meters tall, seemed extremely huge. After his slap was blocked by Nethery, his other hand started to move. With both hands in the air, it wanted to send another slap to Nethery and turn her into a meat paste.

However, Nethery's figure suddenly disappeared, and his slap missed.

Amethyst Elder's pupils shrunk, and his aura started to surge out of his body. Then, his figure shot through the sky, appearing in front of the Nether King in an instant.

He didn't care about anything else at the moment. He had to kill this b*stard who dared to slap him in the face with a black brick!

It was for his pride!

Terrifying purple energy started to revolve around him, and he felt that his clone was reaching his limit. It couldn't take too much of his power.


With a single fist, he punched toward the Nether King's location.

Nether King Er Ha seemed as though he was provoked by the wind produced from the punch, and he tilted his head to look at the source. He saw Amethyst Elder, who was sending a punch toward him.

Nether King was instantly enraged. He was ready to go over and greet the lazy dog!


Amethyst Elder was stunned.

His punch, which contained all of his strength, was actually unable to hurt the Nether King at all!

Instead, it was blocked by the Nether King with a single arm.

Waves of energy started to spread out as Er Ha tilted his head slightly. He looked at Amethyst Elder with a smile that didn't seem like a smile.

Amethyst Elder remained speechless. In the next instant, he felt a sharp pain coming from his head.

That black-colored plaything, which was extremely hard, ruthlessly smashed against his face. It caused Amethyst Elder to be completely stunned for a second.

"Little one, you dare to resist? What are you looking at? I'm talking to you!" Nether King Er Ha smashed downward with his brick-like Spicy Strip once again. Frankly speaking, he found it actually pleasing to smash someone with his Spicy Strip.

Without any resistance, Amethyst Elder was smashed to the ground.

This was an outcome no one expected-the appearance of a strong existence from the Netherworld...

Bi Liantian's eyes started to flash, and she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with everything going on.


In the void, the black dog slowly walked around with cat-like steps.

Before long, Lord Dog appeared in front of the giant and looked at him with an indifferent gaze.

After that, Lord Dog opened its mouth while looking at the giant, who was still roaring.


A loud bark resounded in the air. It was an ear-shattering bark!

The bark seemed like a thunderbolt that fell out of the sky. In an instant, the giant retreated a few steps and fell on its buttocks.

A howling wind whistled, and the giant was extremely shocked.

Everyone's heart shook.

With an indifferent look, Lord Dog raised its paws, aiming toward the giant.