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 The iridescent energy dispersed, following each beat of the Taotie's Heart to surge out relentlessly.

Everyone was shocked by Bu Fang's actions. They could all see that the Taotie's Heart desired to merge with him.

The benefits of merging with an ancient spirit beast's heart were beyond imagination. No one could gain the blood of an ancient spirit beast or gain the legendary power from its blood.

The power of blood was incredibly precious. An ordinary divine beast's bloodline power was an extraordinary treasure and was priceless. Even gaining a sliver of it required extreme luck.

However, the person here was actually prepared to pass up on this luck.

Xiao Ya and Flowery were shaking their pale legs while seated up above.

Flowery's head was still tilted as she leaned on Xiao Ya. An expression of shock blossomed on her face when she saw this scene. Looking at Bu Fang, a surprised glint flashed in her eyes.

This human actually rejected the Taotie's heart?

It was important to note that this opportunity was something many people wished for their entire life.

Bu Fang held the beating heart with his bandaged arm. His complexion was incomparably pale, and there was a wave of exhaustion evident in his eyes.

The Taotie's Heart had already merged partially. To be removed forcibly, it had incurred an enormous damage on his mental energy. In addition, in his spirit sea, he previously activated a surge of mental energy to destroy the spirituality of the Taotie's Heart!

Because of these events, Bu Fang felt exhausted. The only thing he desired now was to return to his room and to take a long and comfortable nap on his bed.

However, his matters were not settled yet.

The Taotie's Heart was still struggling, still beating. Failing to merge, the heart seemed to want to escape into the void.

However, Bu Fang's eyes revealed an icy glint. The spirituality of this Taotie's Heart definitely did not harbor any good intentions.

Although merging with the Taotie's Heart would give him many benefits, the person's body might fall under the control of the Taotie's Heart. To Bu Fang, that was something he could never allow!

Bu Fang suppressed the drowsiness in his mind and asked the system, "System, what would be the outcome of me merging with the Taotie's Heart?"

The system held its silence for a moment before answering, "The Taotie's Heart is the heart of an ancient spirit beast, once it merges with its host, the host shall obtain the bloodline of the Taotie. His power will be unimaginable, and the increment in power will not be limited by the system."

"What about the detriments?" Bu Fang asked.

"After merging with the Taotie's Heart, the personality of the host could possibly be affected by the Taotie. In addition, the host's achievements would be limited. Since the host is limited by the Taotie's Heart, if the host wishes to become the God of Cooking, it would be even more difficult. To take the final step to become the God of Cooking will be harder than ascending the heavens. The rate of failure is ninety-nine percent, and once the host fails, death is inevitable," the system replied solemnly. The robotic voice of the system reverberated in Bu Fang's head, causing his body to stiffen involuntarily.

Bu Fang took a deep breath. Indeed, nothing was better than his original body.

Suddenly, a surge of joy welled up in Bu Fang's heart.

Indeed, I am the best!

The silent Bu Fang looked at the Taotie's Heart, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

With a thought, black smoke rose up slowly, and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok floated into existence in front of him.

After placing the beating heart into the wok, he kept the wok.


The ground began to tremble violently, and deep cracks opened up like a spider's web across it.

A thick arm stretched out from a large crack in the ground and slammed ruthlessly onto the floor. The floor collapsed, and it seemed as though a terrifying existence was about to awaken from its slumber.

Flowery sat up straight, her eyes staring fixedly at the rips in the ground. She looked on as the powerful existence crawled out of it.

Immediately, Flowery's Tri-Flower Snake eyes constricted as it stared straight ahead.


Amethyst Elder managed to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that the Taotie's Heart was not consumed. As long as it was not consumed, he still had a chance.

If Amethyst Elder managed to merge with the Taotie's Heart and managed to cultivate the bloodline of the divine beast, he would definitely be able to break through. He would be able to light another divine flame and improve even more. He would be able to be a participant of whatever was going to happen.

His original intention was to crush that irritating puppet. However, another figure appeared again to block his attack.

How could there be so many troublesome people?

Amethyst Elder's eyes shifted and landed on the handsome young man in front of him. His heart turned cold upon performing a more detailed observation of the young man.

This young man seemed slightly extraordinary. His eyes looked as unfathomably deep as the starry sky.

His black hair was untied and whipped around in the air, as though an incredibly sharp spear was about to tear the illusionary void wide open.

"And who are you?" Amethyst Elder asked coldly.

His eyes then landed on the black piece of charcoal that the young man was holding.

What kind of divine tool was that? It could even block one of his attacks?

Nether King Er Ha's face was filled with hesitation. He did not want to attack... However, he could not allow this fellow to destroy this heap of metal.

After all, this heap of steel was Bu Fang's personal bodyguard. If it could be saved, perhaps he could even ask for a few Spicy Strips as a reward from Bu Fang.

Nether King Er Ha also finally understood that he was not suited for making Spicy Strips. The Spicy Strip that he made was like a brick. Except for consumption, it could be used for anything else.

This young Bu Fang was truly formidable. He was actually capable of producing such tasty Spicy Strips.

Imagining a Spicy Strip sliding in and out of his mouth, Nether King Er Ha's nostrils flared, and a crazed look flashed across his eyes.

"You shall not destroy this heap of steel!" exclaimed Nether King Er Ha as he covered half of his face with his hand.

The Amethyst Elder's mouth twitched.

Where did this joker come from? Couldn't he say something normal?

Amethyst Elder took a deep breath. Then, a kick faster than lightning was shot out, aiming to send the Nether King flying.

However, Amethyst Elder was completely stunned. The moment his leg left the ground, it was hit by the black, brick-like charcoal held by the handsome young man.

It was completely suppressed!

What kind of divine tool was this black charcoal?

Amethyst Elder's mind was sent reeling again!


No matter what kind of divine tool it was, if it was trying to prevent him from obtaining the Taotie's Heart, then it had to be destroyed!

With a roar, a terrifying aura emerged from Amethyst Elder.

In the next moment, he instantly released hundreds of punches. The power from these punches were capable of shaking even the illusory void.

Nether King Er Ha's hair floated in the wind, and the black brick-like charcoal in his hands waved about rapidly.

"Block. Block. Block again..."

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With his last punch, the figure of Amethyst Elder retreated a few steps. A tremor ran through the entire void with each step he took.

His bunched up muscles trembled unceasingly.

"You're asking for death!" Amethyst Elder howled furiously, his purple hair whipping around fiercely in the wind.

With a wave of his hand, the black Spicy Strip in his hand spun around. This action was reminiscent of how Bu Fang waved around the Spicy Strip.

After that, Nether King Er Ha whistled. In a split second, he disappeared from his position.


Amethyst Elder felt his eyes growing dark. Then, he was smashed by a massive force, causing his entire neck to twist.

The atmosphere instantly became silent.

Everyone looked at the spectacle with stunned expressions on their faces.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun even covered her eyes with her hands. She moaned inwardly, thinking, "Brother Ha, when hitting someone, you should not aim for the face. Not only that, but the person you just hit was my father..."

In the distance, Bi Liantian and Great White were thoroughly shocked. They could not believe what this young man, who just came out of nowhere, had done.

Looking to die? He actually dared to smash Amethyst Elder's face with that brick-like object?

Even though this was only a clone of Amethyst Elder, the actual Amethyst Elder could still feel the pain of this slap.

Far away, many onlookers could not hold it in anymore and began bursting into laughter.

Of course, some more audacious people mocked and laughed in abandon. In particular, Mo Liuji bellowed out his laughter with his mouth wide open.

A sect master level figure in the Heavenly Spring Holy Land actually got slapped by a young man!

This was interesting indeed!

If this incident were to spread to the rest of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, Amethyst Elder would definitely become the laughing stock of the entire Royal Court.

Amethyst Elder raised his head slowly, and a smoldering rage could be seen in his eyes. A terrifying aura gradually spread out around him.

"You dare hit my face..." He looked down at Nether King Er Ha and spat out each word clearly and coldly.

The Nether King looked at the black Spicy Strip in his hand, then glanced at Amethyst Elder, who now looked like the calm before the storm. The hesitation on his face was replaced with a slight smile.


Amethyst Elder's head was hit again. This time, his entire body was forced to retreat a step.

Amethyst Elder was completely bewildered.

Everyone's face was filled with disbelief...

What was happening? What in the world was happening?!

That fellow... How dare he?!

Of course, some people have witnessed the terrifying power of Nether King Er Ha prior to this. That was why they were not really surprised by his performance.

However, although the Nether King was powerful, Amethyst Elder was even more powerful than him.

Many people within the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had to treat Amethyst Elder with respect and reverence.

This figure, who was as exalted as demon gods, was actually slapped on the face twice by a brick-like object...

Saint Daughter Zi Yun kept her eyes covered, refusing to look at the scene unfolding in front of her any longer.

Bi Liantian and Great White were all roaring with laughter. Seeing this comedic moment, the two could not hold it in any longer.

Nether King Er Ha fiddled with the black Spicy Strip in his hand. He even felt it suited his hands quite well!

The brick... No, with this Spicy Strip in his hand, who can stop him?

Rage was emanating in waves from Amethyst Elder. It was as if he had transformed into an irate amethyst dragon....

"You deserve to die!"

At this moment, things like the Taotie's Heart and the path to breaking through were all set aside.

The only important thing now was to pay the Nether King back for this humiliation!

Amethyst Elder raised his head and roared furiously at Nether King Er Ha.


"What're you crying out for? Are all the youngsters now so irritable?" asked Nether King Er Ha as he casually slapped the charred Spicy Strip on Amethyst Elder's face repeatedly.

Under the onslaught of the Spicy Strip slaps, Amethyst Elder inadvertently retreated a few steps.

"I'm slapping you. What're you gonna do about it?"


Slap! Slap!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Amethyst Elder wanted to retaliate, but each time the energy in his body started to gather, the Spicy Strip would land on his face. He had absolutely no opportunity to block it at all.

Gradually, everyone's laughter began to disappear.

Amethyst Elder's sullenness was well-founded. Each time the brick lashed out, it diminished his vigor...

This young man... No, that brick... was obviously extraordinary! Could it be some sort of divine tool?

Some people instantly recalled that this brick was something the young man brought out of the inheritance grounds...

Could it be?!


The Amethyst Elder's head was swollen with anger by now.

With a stamp, he shifted away to get some distance between him and Nether King Er Ha.

His gaze was cold and sharp, and his killing intent shot up to the heavens.

"Those who humiliate me will die!"



In the distance, a loud explosion sounded off.

In the next instant, from within the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts, an enormous human-shaped figure rose up into the sky.

Rubble landed everywhere.

Everyone looked toward the figure and involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of cold air.

There was a gaping hole in the chest of the enormous figure, and strands of rainbow-colored chains hung down from it, dispersing powerful energy.

The heart in the chest of this figure was actually dug out by someone!