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 The appearance of the Taotie's Heart was out of everyone's expectations. However, they were only stunned for a moment before an excited and covetous look appeared in their eyes.

It was the heart of a Taotie! Even if the heart wasn't complete and it was old, it was something that was incomparably precious to them! If they were able to obtain it, their cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds after they swallowed it!

As such, a fervent look appeared in the eyes of everyone present.


However, the three figures who were fighting in the air caused their hearts to shiver.

It was as though a bucket of water extinguished the fire in their hearts. They instantly calmed down as they realized that the Taotie's Heart was a precious object that they would find extremely difficult to obtain.

Up in the air, Amethyst Elder's figure stood straight, and there was an air of arrogance around him. He released a terrifying aura around himself, and dense true energy swirled around his body.

This was a clone of the Amethyst Elder, and it possessed immense power. His terrifying body caused those who looked at him to feel a shock in their hearts. Anyone would feel their heart shiver the moment they looked at him.

A white-colored figure stood still as he hovered in the sky. The figure seemed extremely clear, and even his hair and eyebrows were white. He was a figure who was completely white.

He stood in the air completely naked, and his body seemed very scrawny. The look in the eyes of the white figure gradually became sharp, as though it was a longsword. He exuded an extremely terrifying aura.

He coldly looked into the distance as he opened his mouth, revealing rows of sharp teeth.

Bi Liantian, who had a sexy body, stood on top of the lotus, looking very pretty. Her entire body exuded a shocking charm. Her red lips puckered together, and her hair hung down her head. As she moved her fingers, she looked incredibly charming.

"Heavenly Spring Holy Land... Amethyst Elder?" Bi Liantian narrowed her eyes as she giggled.

The Amethyst Elder's eyes were like torches as it coldly swept past Bi Liantian. His terrifying abdominal muscles trembled, and he let out a cold harrumph through his nose.

"Princess Bi, I have to obtain the Taotie's Heart at all costs. This elder really needs this heart. If you can give it up for me, this elder will return the favor in the future," Amethyst Elder said slowly. It seemed as though his voice was a clap of thunder that exploded in everyone's ears.

Once Bi Liantian heard what he said, she instantly started to giggle. Standing on top of the lotus, her delicate body began to tremble, and her chest bounced up and down as she laughed.

"Amethyst Elder really knows how to joke. This Princess has to obtain the Taotie's Heart as well. If Amethyst Elder can give up and let me take the heart away, you can look for me any day, and I'll listen to whatever desires you have."

As Bi Liantian stood on top of the lotus, her body formed an arc, and a charming look appeared on her face as she looked at Amethyst Elder. Her fragrant tongue slowly stuck out as she licked her red lips.

Many people who were watching the scene felt a hot sensation all over their body, and it seemed like flames appeared in the depths of their eyes.

Princess Bi Liantian from the Wavering Light Holy Land... There was no doubt she was worthy of her name as the beauty of the Holy Lands. Her actions and facial expressions were able to move everyone's heart. It caused the fire in everyone's heart to burn strongly.

It was too bad the Amethyst Elder wasn't the least bit interested in Bi Liantian. Even after hearing what she said, there was an icy look in his eyes.

"Princess... It seems as though you are not going to let me obtain the Taotie's Heart," Amethyst Elder coldly spoke.

"Hehehe... Amethyst Elder, why are you talking to this prostitute? These treasures should belong to those who have power. If you are strong enough, why don't you directly snatch it away?" The white-colored figure opened his mouth as he spoke. He revealed his sharp teeth to the world once again.

Amethyst Elder rolled his eyes around as it landed on the white figure.

As for Bi Liantian, her face seemed as though it became covered by a layer of frost. She tilted her head to look at the white figure, and the aura around her body started to fluctuate.

"As someone from the endless sea, you dare to appear in the area controlled by the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Not only that, you dare to act so brazenly... Great White, do you not plan to walk out of this place alive?" Bi Liantian coldly said.

The white figure wasn't someone from the Holy Lands-he didn't belong to any of the seven Holy Lands. However, the power that was backing him up seemed to be no weaker than the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

That was because he came from the endless sea. He was an expert from the Black Dragon Palace.

Other than the vast land, the Hidden Dragon Continent had a vast sea as well. The number of experts in the sea was no lesser than the number of experts in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It could even be said that the experts from the sea were more terrifying!

It was because the endless sea was simply too huge! There might be ten-thousand-year-old spirit beasts and even spirit beasts who had lived for over a hundred thousand years old!

Those spirit beasts... The strength they possessed was enough to shock and horrify anyone.

This Great White in front of them was an expert from the Black Dragon Palace in the endless sea.

The Black Dragon Palace was a peak power in the endless sea, and it was a dragon palace established by the Black Dragon King. In the endless sea, it was a power that was invincible.

The Black Dragon King was a legendary figure. He had long since ignited his godly fire and had surpassed the existence of a sect master level figure.

It could even be said that he was an existence that was at the same level as the Master of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

For someone like this, Bi Liantian was obviously unable to compare herself to him. Even when she thought about someone as powerful at him, her entire body would start to tremble.

It was because an existence of that level was so powerful he already became a haze that covered everyone's heart.

Of course, this Great White wasn't too strong...

However, the relationship between the Hidden Dragon Royal Court and the endless sea had never been good. This Great White actually dared to step into the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's territory, and he even wanted to snatch away an inheritance that belonged to the Royal Court...

It was something completely unforgivable!

With a grin on his face, the Great White raised a single hand. An array instantly appeared in his hand, and it started to revolve around him. Then, he pulled out a gigantic long blade from inside the array.

The long blade looked extremely weird, and it seemed like a mass of meat wriggling around. There were folds and wrinkles on the blade.

The Great White placed the long blade on his shoulders as he let out a cold laugh.

The aura around the three people started to surge. It seemed as though all the swords were drawn.


Bu Fang's brows started to twitch, and he suddenly felt as though the true energy that had been absorbed by the Taotie's Heart started to return to his body.

His body, which seemed to be weak and shriveled, started to strengthen unceasingly.

The bandage on his right hand started to cry out as the souls of the two Taoties started to roar.

The spirit of the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, the Golden Dragon, also started to roar. It began to raise waves in Bu Fang's spirit sea.

Along with the true energy surging, Bu Fang felt as though a terrifying might was spreading through his body.

The power caused the impatient feeling in his heart to disappear.

In the distance, the white figure watched on as Bu Fang gradually became much calmer. His face, which seemed to be hazy, looked startled as he saw something completely unexpected.

A moment later, the expression on his face changed. It seemed as though he felt a sense of crisis.

The white figure became illusory in an instant, and his facial expression changed.

"You... You deserve to die! Stop right now for this senior!" the white figure let out a sharp cry.

He was shocked and enraged at the same time. It was because he realized that the power that was absorbed by the Taotie's Heart started to return to the brat's body. It started to rapidly support the kid.


A blinding radiance was released by the white figure as he let out an ear-splitting cry.


An ear-splitting sound resounded in everyone's ears, shocking them. Their attention instantly turned to the source of the noise.

Amethyst Elder and the other two also turned their heads as they looked in the direction of the Taotie's Heart.


The Taotie's Heart started to beat, and with every beat, an astonishing amount of vitality emerged. Bu Fang grabbed the heart in his hand, feeling its power surge into his body. His face flushed red...


Bu Fang suddenly narrowed his eyes. It was because he realized that the figure had already disappeared. With a loud bang, the figure vanished into thin air.

In the next instant, the Taotie's Heart in his hand started to resist. It seemed as though it wanted to escape Bu Fang's grasp.

Was it afraid? Did it want to shake him off?

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth started to twitch.

"Sucking on my energy as you want... You think you can get rid of me when you feel like it? Do you think I, Bu Fang, am easily bullied?" Bu Fang blandly said.

His voice wasn't loud, but it rang out clearly in everyone's ears.

In front of the weird gazes of everyone present, Bu Fang suddenly opened his hand before tightly closing it again. He tightened his grip on the heart, and its meat seemed to sink inwards.

A sharp whine seemed to resonate through the earth.

Everyone was stunned. They looked at Bu Fang with a ferocious expression.

This kid... What in the world was he trying to do? Was he trying to squeeze the Taotie's Heart until it exploded?


The aura surrounding Bu Fang's body started to rise dramatically. In the next instant, the bandage around his hand loosened. It started to twirl around his hand, and the white and black bandages coiled around each other, revealing Bu Fang's bare arm.

There were numerous drawings of Taoties on his arm, and it seemed as though two Taoties were roaring toward the sky. Anyone's heart would shake when they saw the drawing of the two Taoties on Bu Fang's arm.

The bandage seemed to be alive as it coiled around the Taotie's Heart. It only took a moment for it to completely surround the Taotie's Heart.


The chains that sealed the Taotie's Heart started to rattle, and the sound of chains rattling filled the area.

Bu Fang hissed as he raised his hand. With all of his strength, he ripped the heart out from the confines of the chains.

The roars that came from below him became louder and stronger!

Everyone felt as though their bodies turned numb as they looked at Bu Fang. They felt that it was completely inconceivable.

Amethyst Elder's eyes started to shine.

Great White looked at his meat knife. His long and narrow tongue stuck out from his mouth, licking his sharp teeth.

Bi Liantian narrowed her eyes into slits as she looked at Bu Fang. Her body slightly swayed.

The three of them were actually not in a hurry to make a move at this moment. They decided to make a move only after watching what happened.

Meanwhile, at the entrance, Nether King Er Ha and the rest slowly walked into the area. The Nether King's face was completely black as both of his hands held a piece of pitch-black Spicy Strip. It was the size of charcoal, and he weighed it in his hands from time to time.

Chu Changsheng and the others were deathly pale. Rushing into the palace, they watched the scene that was playing out in the distance.

Whitey carried a huge metal rod, and its eyes spun around as it watched Bu Fang, who was fighting in the distance. A sharp aura started to radiate from its body, and a blinding radiance shot outward.

Bu Fang was expressionless, but because of the might and vitality rushing into his body, his face flushed red.

Opening his mouth, energy started to overflow.

The Taotie's Heart possessed terrifying vitality. After the vitality was absorbed by the black-and-white bandage, the souls of the Black and White Taotie started to go berserk.

With a loud crack, the chains that were binding the Taotie's Heart started to break apart. Eventually, one of the chains shattered.

The roars that were coming from the earth became more intense.

Everyone's heart shook.

Rumble. Rumble.

The Taotie's Heart, which was bound by the chains, started to shake violently. However, as it started to jump around, its heartbeat became fainter and fainter... The Taotie's Heart that was bound by the bandage started to shrink, and it seemed as though it was swallowed by the black-and-white bandage.

When there was only one chain left restraining the Taotie's Heart...

Amethyst Elder's eyes started to shine with a resplendent radiance! He was finally unable to control himself!

"The Taotie's Heart is mine!"

Amethyst Elder's body shook. In the next instant, he smashed his leg downward, and it seemed like space had been trampled on. He then shot toward Bu Fang, looking like a purple meteor streaking across the sky.

His huge hands opened as he reached toward Bu Fang.

In the next moment...

A pair of metal wings shook, and a crimson-colored stick swept towards him.

A stick landed on his body ruthlessly.


Amethyst Elder's muscles started to tremble, and his purple hair scattered all around. It seemed as though he took no damage, but his gaze swept coldly toward the person who disrupted his move.

His eyes landed on God-Slaying Whitey, who had just appeared in front of him.