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 It was a seven-colored radiant heart. The heart was not that huge. It was only about the size of two fists, but within it was filled with boundless energy and life. Every time it beats, the space around it would tremble violently as ripples of energy fluctuated in all directions.

These ripples spread out layer by layer, as though they were rings that emitted strange fluctuations of energy.

Bu Fang lifted his hand and felt these fluctuations bypass his palms. The vibrant life energy contained within them had burrowed deep into Bu Fang's body.

Bu Fang's eyes shone with a strange glow as he mused to himself that this heart had exceedingly rich and concentrated life energy! What a superb ingredient!

"The Taotie's Heart. A broken heart of the ancient primordial beast, Gluttony. It possesses astonishing medicinal effects, capable of reviving the dead. It also has a wondrous texture that is filled with life energy, useful in helping one's breakthrough," The system's voice rang out in a grave tone, slightly startling Bu Fang.

It was indeed the legendary Taotie's Heart. Even though it's broken, this item here still vastly surpassed inferior goods like the Black Taotie and the White Taotie. Anything that originated from a godly beast was incredibly precious.

Even the Black Taotie and the White Taotie, who were considered inferior goods, had surprised Bu Fang. What more if it was the meat of a legendary Taotie? To chefs, an ingredient of such amazing quality was something they could only hope for!

Bu Fang would never forgive himself if he missed this rare opportunity!

Xiao Ya's eyes opened widely as she stared at the Taotie's Heart. It was shining with vibrant colors, scintillating off her face and causing her to radiate a seven-colored glow filled with vigor.

Xiao Ya's eyes were filled with boundless curiosity.

Flowery then held onto Xiao Ya and placed her head beside Xiao Ya's arm. She then blinked, observing the radiant Taotie's Heart from afar through the small crevices between her eyes.

However, Flowery doesn't seem to care much about this Taotie's Heart. She let out a soft snort before turning over to snuggle her head onto Xiao Ya.

"This Taotie's Heart..." Bu Fang's eyes squinted as he gazed upon the white figure floating above the skies.

That figure remained silent as he flew into the horizons. The light-filled face of that figure had completely blinded anyone that wanted to land their gaze on him.

Bu Fang let out a deep breath as he continued to keep silent.

He took a step forward and began to reach upward, giving the floating Taotie's Heart a firm grasp.

Lub-dub! Lub-dub!

The Taotie's Heart suddenly trembled and began to emit terrifying waves of powerful life energy, causing ripples to form outwards.

Bu Fang went against the crushing energy ripples as his hair fluttered around.

He then raised his bandaged arm even further, spreading all five of his fingers. Eventually, he was able to grasp firmly onto the Taotie's Heart under the gaze of Xiao Ya and Flowery.

The instant Bu Fang's palm touched the Taotie's Heart, the heart suddenly halted its beat. It remained stationary for a moment. Even though only a moment had passed, its crushing pressure still suffocated others.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

The light figure levitating above the ground suddenly stretched out his neck as his eyes revealed a hint of excitement!


Strands of shining silk began to emerge from the center of the heart. The many strands of shining silk began to coagulate and assemble in the air, forming a rainbow-colored chain. These chains seemed like pillars of gigantic blood vessels that moved in synchrony with the heart's beat.

"Hm?" Bu Fang was startled.

In the next moment, a terrifyingly strong force of attraction began to emit from the middle of the Taotie's Heart.

This attractive force... It's absorbing away all the true energy within his body!

"This heart... Something's wrong!" Bu Fang's eyes became alert as he clenched down all five of his fingers into this energy-absorbing heart, attempting to destroy it.

The true energy within his body was depleting at an alarming rate. Uncertainty arose from the depths of his heart. He felt that if the heart continues to absorb at this rate, all of the true energy within his body will be sucked dry along with his life energy!

The light figure's neck grew longer by the second as that light-filled face began to reveal a hint of delight.

This light figure was scheming against him!

Bu Fang gritted his teeth and turned to give that figure a cold stare.

He wanted to loosen his grip, only to realize that an attractive force had firmly locked onto his palm, absorbing his true energy at an astonishing rate. It made him unable to let it go!

If this went on, his true energy would no doubt be sucked dry...

True energy surged out and burrowed into the chains, emitting an incessant gulping noise!

Bu Fang let out a long sigh as his face became cold.

Green smoke filled the area as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his other hand.

An ancient obsidian Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared. The knife danced within his grasp as he viciously chopped down onto the chain.

A loud 'clang' sound reverberated as sparks splattered.

Bu Fang's chop with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife didn't cause the chain to budge even slightly!

"Stop wasting your energy. You will never be able to free yourself from it... I am not lying to you. You indeed had a chance to acquire the Taotie's Heart. But with that being said, it doesn't guarantee you anything. Brat... Your life energy and true energy shall become food for my revival!"

The light figure let out a loud howl while trembling at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Xiao Ya felt as though something was off as she sat up and glanced at Bu Fang's location. A slight hint of anxiousness could be seen in her eyes.

"Flowery, quick! Help Big Brother!" Xiao Ya begged Flowery. She knew that Flowery probably had a way to save Bu Fang.

However, Flowery just gave Bu Fang a sidelong glance while blinking and shaking her head. She then continued to snuggle her head into Xiao Ya's embrace.

Her reaction was obvious. She cannot save him.

Bu Fang was infuriated. The figure had schemed against him. It planned to utilize him as food for his revival!


True energy channeled into the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, and it began to produce a dragon-like roar, reverberating throughout the heavens.

A blurry golden dragon phantom materialized behind Bu Fang's back.

Bu Fang wielded the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with one hand as he ruthlessly hacked down on the chain...

Sparks scattered out as the strengthened and sharpened Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife chopped down onto it without any resistance.


Endless amounts of energy gushed out from the broken chain, as though they were blood vessels.


The moment Bu Fang had severed one of the Taotie's Heart's chain, the entire palace shook uncontrollably.

After that, an enormous crevice appeared in the ground far away from him.

A figure flew in from that entrance. She was a beautiful woman, standing on the lotus with her crystal clear feet and snowy-white legs.

Her long robe fluttered gracefully, giving her an otherworldly charm that was capable of capturing the hearts of those that have laid their eyes on her.


A splashing sound resounded as though a pool of water had seeped into the ground.

A white shadow suddenly appeared on the stone cliff that resided above the cave entrance.

The moment they stepped into the inheritance ground, they had seen Bu Fang extending his hand toward the radiant seven-colored Taotie's Heart!

The white figure that had hidden above lifted its mouth into an arc and let out a burst of shrill and seemingly excited laughter.

"It is indeed the reappearance of the Taotie's Heart..."

That white figure emitted a long piercing howl as he furiously shot out like a cannonball, traveling at lightning speed towards the Taotie's Heart within Bu Fang's grasp!

Bi Liantian glared as inexplicable rage was revealed upon her face!

She waved her hand, and immediately, the lotus petals that filled the skies transformed into numerous deadly blades that shot in the direction of that white figure.

That terrifying piercing power had even caused countless rips to form in the space around it.

The white figure glanced over to the lotus petals as his lips cracked open, revealing many rows of sharp teeth.

His body suddenly became slightly ethereal and transparent, causing the lotus petals to fly through his body easily.

It did not harm him in the slightest!

"You cannot stop me, Bi Liantian!" howled the white figure. A moment later, he let out a furious roar as he opened his wrinkled and snow-white fingers and charged toward the heart.

"Die!" Bi Liantian's high-pitched seductive voice reverberated as she took a single step out onto the air.

One after another, lotus flowers began to bloom. Bi Liantian's speed was inconceivably fast. In just a blink of an eye, she had caught up with the white figure.


Just as the two of them were about the come into contact with the Taotie's Heart, a heavy pressure came crashing down as an enormous fist-like figure emerged in the distant.

An explosion was heard. Both Bi Liantian, who was on the lotus petals, and the white figure launched a counterattack against that behemoth-like figure. However, they were still forced back far into the distance.

An amethyst-like shadow appeared within their sight, emitting an overbearing pressure that came crashing down on them.

"The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance belongs to me! Anyone that tries to get in my way will die!"

Such a turn of events had been totally unexpected. Even Bu Fang himself had not expected this to happen.

The cave entrance split open, and the remaining experts that stayed outside began to charge in frantically like wild dogs.

However, all of them saw the Taotie's Heart...

After being dumbfounded for a brief moment, they began to roar in excitement!

The Taotie's Heart! That was indeed the Taotie's Heart! A primordial ancient beast's heart!

Meanwhile, Bu Fang's eyes closed shut. Ferocity flashed past his face as he picked up his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife single-handedly. Then, his consciousness faded into his spirit sea.

Within his spirit sea, a golden dragon was meandering as it let out a bellowing roar!

Bu Fang could not possibly allow this Taotie's Heart to carry on absorbing his true energy. He had to sever the connection between him and the Taotie's Heart. He had to do something and do it fast to stop the heart's constant absorption!

How was he going to stop it? How was he going to destroy the connection?

Bu Fang pondered deeply. Use the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife to chop towards the heart?


The golden dragon within his spirit sea let out a savage roar, as though it had read Bu Fang's mind. It then wrapped itself around his bandaged arm.

Both the Black Taotie's and the White Taotie's spirits flew out of the bandaged arm and let out a furious bellow!

Soon, Bu Fang's body trembled violently.

The cluster of true energy that had initially been sucked dry by the Taotie's Heart began to recover rapidly at an alarming rate. This cluster of true energy caused Bu Fang's eyes to shine brightly.

It was a cluster of true energy that had been taken back from the Taotie's Heart!