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 An enormous spirit beast's leg appeared before Bu Fang. It had been prepared by the inheritance grounds as another one appeared on the opposite stove as well.

Bu Fang pinched this spirit beast's leg, feeling the tender meat stretch and bounce back like an elastic rubber band.

What can be made with just a single spirit beast's leg?

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in Bu Fang's hand. Because it had devoured so many famous knives' treasure spirits, Bu Fang could clearly feel the connection deepen significantly between him and this Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. This sensation could be felt every single time he swung the knife.

The kitchen knife sliced into the spirit beast meat, perfectly splitting it open. The overwhelming sense of satisfaction Bu Fang had when his knife penetrated the meat caused him to feel a slight fascination.

The processing and preparation of ingredients were crucial steps for cooking, so indeed, a high-quality knife would be capable of giving a chef a unique and unforgettable experience.

As Bu Fang prepared the meat, his movements were as smooth as ever, flowing naturally like a river. However, it was second to none in terms of speed. He began to dissect the spirit beast's leg by repeatedly slicing open it with his knife.

On the other end, the opponent's stove closely followed Bu Fang's steps as well.

Both of them seemed in sync with the necessary accuracy and changing motions.

If any outsider chef were to witness this, they would no doubt be stunned by this scene. No one would be confident enough to keep up with these two chefs.


At the top step of the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts, Xiao Ya and Flowery were lazily swaying their plump white legs as they sat.

The gem on Xiao Ya's forehead was shimmering with a brilliant glow as memories were speedily transferred into her sea of thought, causing her to feel powerful energy swelling up within her body.

This energy... It's actually causing her to feel a slight headache.

Flowery rubbed her face against Xiao Ya's arms affectionately while holding it. Perhaps she was relishing the pleasant fragrance exuding from Xiao Ya.

This fragrance caused her immense joy.

"Big Brother is really slow..." Xiao Ya raised her hand and massaged her brows while complaining.

Flowery's eyes beamed as she lifted her nose and shoved her face into Xiao Ya's arms.


Suddenly, Xiao Ya's eyes unconsciously shone as she tilted her head and glanced at the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts below her, only to realize that the illusion had been broken.

With his Vermillion Robe fluttering behind him, Bu Fang strolled out nonchalantly while holding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand.

Without changing expressions, he took a step forward and proceeded onto the ninth step. A pillar of light then struck down onto him as an overwhelming energy surged within his body, causing him to feel that his body had been strengthened substantially.

The Nine Steps of Culinary Arts had by no means stopped Bu Fang. His aim remained unshakable-he wanted to be at the very top of this chef's food chain in this mythical realm. Thus, this little obstacle here would not impede his journey at all.

However, he still had to acknowledge the fact that this so-called Nine Steps of Culinary Arts had been somewhat of a challenge for him. Even though it started off rather simple, the difficulty had increased exponentially as the trial went on.

As the test for culinary arts had become increasingly strict, any mistakes made or any dishes prepared without careful consideration would result in his failure.

Luckily, Bu Fang's experience came in handy. With a tranquil and peaceful mindset, he had absolute confidence in his culinary arts, and none would be able to shake it.

Bu Fang let out a soft sigh, then stood before Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya had a glowing gem glistening brightly between her brows. Bu Fang knew that this was a treasure belonging to Xiao Ya, and that it was a gem that had recorded a vast amount of legacies.

As the saying goes, a commoner was innocent, but he who owned a gem would be deemed guilty. If this girl was to walk out of here, revealing that she had attained the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony to others, she would no doubt become a universal target for everyone. After all, the one who had acquired this inheritance wasn't any mighty elder, but a helpless little girl.

Of course, 'helpless' was only what Bu Fang had thought.

Truth be told, Xiao Ya's battle prowess had become exceedingly terrifying after obtaining the inheritance!

Flowery seemed to have been awakened by Bu Fang patting Xiao Ya's little head. The former gave Bu Fang a death stare as she pursed her lips in an annoyed manner.

This little Flowery was still harboring some anger at Bu Fang for slapping her head with his kitchen knife!


Suddenly, the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts began to tremble violently. In the next moment, a silhouette can be seen forming from afar, gradually solidifying into a clear figure.

That figure was wearing a chef's robe and a chef's hat. Although its face was somewhat blurry, it did not emit any sense of danger.

Bu Fang and Xiao Ya raised their heads and glanced at the figure.

That figure smiled gently as it strolled forward. Soon, it was floating before Bu Fang and Xiao Ya.

"Congratulations on making it until the end, completing this spirit's examination..." that figure said.

Bu Fang nodded while still maintaining his nonchalant expression.

Xiao Ya blinked her eyes while staring at him.

Flowery completely paid no heed to that figure as she continued to blink her eyes and clung onto Xiao Ya's arms, furiously rubbing her head against it.

That figure felt somewhat awkward after realizing that no one had bothered to reply to him. However, he was, after all, a fragment left in this inheritance ground. Thus, the awkwardness didn't last long.

"This little girl here should be this spirit's descendant... I can feel a familiar bloodline flowing within her body. Upon obtaining this memory inheritance gem, this spirit hopes that she will continue to pass on and glorify my bloodline," the figure commented.

"You are the Valley of Gluttony's Valley Master? The man who had left behind this inheritance?" Bu Fang inquired.

The figure nodded as he turned to look at Bu Fang.

"You are not one of my descendants. However, I am still able to sense something familiar radiating from within you. This is indeed strange... Regardless of what secrets you have, this spirit shall still reward you for passing my test."

After a moment's pause, the figure continued, "This memory inheritance gem will definitely not be given to you. However, I still have a cooking manual and a peak-grade kitchen knife in store for you. Moreover, I will aid you in breaking through your shackles once. That surge in energy that you had just felt wasn't some reward in the middle of the examination, but rather something that would truly assist you in your breakthrough. This is also something I've left behind as a reward for people taking the test." The light figure replied to Bu Fang gently.

His voice was filled with fascination and appraisal.

"Besides... You now have a chance to procure the Taotie's Heart."

Taotie's Heart?

Bu Fang was startled.

Whatever that figure had mentioned before was of little attraction to him-the so-called cooking manual was not important to Bu Fang. Moreover, he had his own God of Cooking set, so the peak-grade kitchen knife was of entirely no use to him as well. As for the energy surge...

It allowed him to breakthrough all in one go and became somewhat overpowered.

Bu Fang's breakthrough was still not easy. Although there was a new way to aid him in breaking through now, it still wasn't a simple accumulation of energy for him.

However, the Taotie's Heart that the figure mentioned had piqued Bu Fang's interest. The moment the Taotie's Heart had been mentioned, that black-and-white bandage around Bu Fang's arm began to turn scalding hot, as though it was trying to convey something to him.

Perhaps there was some connection between the Taotie's Heart and this black-and-white bandage?

Bu Fang squinted his eyes.

That light figure said no more as he pointed his finger at Bu Fang.

Bits of glowing white spots began to gather in front of the figure. Finally, three enormous balls of light appeared before them.

In the first ball of light was a cooking manual. It was written in sheepskin and filled with innumerable information and runes.

Bu Fang nodded in approval as he grabbed it.

Within another ball of light was an excellent kitchen knife. That knife was like a savage beast widening its mouth.

The final ball of light was emitting ripples of glistening energy.

That energy levitated above Bu Fang for a moment before bursting apart.

A storm ensued, transforming into a swirling vortex of infinite energy. That vortex spun furiously above Bu Fang's head, and soon after, it plunged into his body like a whale.


Nothing else happened. The atmosphere became eerily silent.

That light figure stared at Bu Fang in astonishment, as though he had seen a ghost.

What happened?

With that much energy surging into his body, it could even allow a seven-tiered soul ladder cultivator to break through, so why was this young man unable to break through to the Divine Soul Realm?

The light figure seemed dumbfounded as he glanced strangely at Bu Fang. After that, he made a few hand signs.

The Nine Steps of Culinary Arts began to split apart from the middle.

That light figure then turned around to look at it.

Rumble. Rumble.

It sounded like thunder, deafening to even the mightiest. That sound of a heartbeat had instilled fear and terror into the hearts of many.

From within the cracks of the Nine Steps of Culinary Arts, an ever-shining brilliance emerged.

A shelf floated up from it.

Above that stone shelf was an ever-glowing radiant heart that had blinded the eyes of many.

"This is the Taotie's Heart. It is also the most precious treasure of this entire Valley of Gluttony... Even Divine Spirit Realm cultivators could only dream of such a treasure!"


The moment the Taotie's Heart appeared, the entire golden palace instantly transformed into a hall filled with boundless light and radiance.

Everyone's hearts were pounding furiously. The pumping was so violent that even their ears could vaguely hear it.


A pillar of light charged upward into the heavens.

Then, a white figure emerged from within and descended along with the light.

An explosion was heard as countless lotus petals fell from the skies. A lotus pad can then be seen rushing from it.

It was like an exquisite play.

Everyone was confounded by what happened as they abruptly turned their heads over to look at it.

A lotus pad descended from above, and on top of it laid an unparalleled beauty.


Another explosion was heard as a savage and burly-looking figure paved its way in, letting out waves of crazed laughter.

Strands of purple hair swept out in an overbearing manner, locking down the space surrounding it!

"The Taotie's Heart shall be mine! Anyone that seeks to stop me... Shall die!!"

Bi Liantian moved her body as if she was dancing atop the lotus pad. Her seductive fox-like eyes instantly shrank as she glanced at that figure descending along the pillar of light!

Chu Changsheng and the others were immediately stupefied by it as well.

No one had ever thought that so many powerful and influential individuals would appear within this short period.

The pressures emitted by these individuals were crashing onto the weaker ones, making everyone breathe in a cold breath of air.

Mo Liuji inhaled deeply and said in a somewhat low voice, "Amethyst Elder from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, Bi Liantian from the Wavering Light Holy Land, and... I actually have no idea who the last person is!"

This pressure was continuously sending chills down people's spines!