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 Chapter 76: Purple-Eyed Whitey, Extermination

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As the two of them landed on the floor, they closed the window without making any noise. When it came to assassination, both of them were extremely experienced. Since they had even assassinated cabinet ministers from the imperial courts before, they did not attach any importance to the owner of a small restaurant. If their boss had not solemnly reminded them to be careful before they set off, they would not even bother to be this cautious as their assassination target was simply too weak.

The position where Ah Long and Ah Hu were located was not Bu Fang's bedroom. The interior of the room was empty and spacious. There was no one in sight.

Ah Long's eyes slightly narrowed as he pointed ahead. Their figures moved toward a door nearby. As the door was pushed open, there was unexpectedly no sound at all. Everything was quietly completed.

The two of them walked out of the room and reached a corner. The left corner led downstairs. The flight of stairs was eerie and gloomy as if it could devour a person's mind, causing them to uncontrollably feel terrified.

Ah Long swallowed his saliva and forced himself to look away. Their line of sight shifted toward a tightly closed door ahead of them.

The two of them were overjoyed as they looked at each other. From within that room, they could hear stable breathing. From the looks of it, the owner of the store should be within that room.

They lightly pushed against the door of the room, but it was clearly locked as the door did not even budge. Ah Long unhurriedly took out a slender wire from his pockets. The true energy within his body surged and a thin layer of true energy enveloped the surface of the metal wire.

As he inserted the metal wire enveloped by true energy into the keyhole, the lump of true energy transformed and immediately filled the keyhole. He slightly turned the metal wire and the sound of a lock opening rang out... The door was opened.

"Hmm? It's too easy?" Ah Long was surprised once more. It did not feel as dangerous as their boss had described.

The two of them pushed open the door and looked inside. Their eyebrows were knitted together as they could not see anything within the darkness. With no other choice, they intended to enter the room and immediately launch a killing move.

However, the two of them suddenly felt a chill cover their entire bodies. The step they were about to take was frozen in place as well.

That was a type of chill that extended from the bottom of their hearts and instantly enveloped their entire bodies, like the cold wind blowing from the Arctic Lands.

Their eyes suddenly widened and their pupils constricted to the size of a pea. They did not dare to make even the slightest move.

Two rays of red light suddenly appeared from behind them and locked onto their bodies.

"Wh... Who's there?!"

Ah Long's entire body began to tremble as he struggled to turn his head. As he looked behind, his eyes met with that ray of light...

Whitey's mechanical eyes were flashing red as its mechanicals arms directly grabbed their necks and effortlessly lifted them up.

"Sensing the targets' killing intent toward the owner. Searching for a solution...

"Solution has been selected and will be activated immediately.

"Solution: Extermination."

Rays of light burst out from Whitey's mechanical eyes, as if it was searching for some data. After determining the solution, Whitey's eyes suddenly turned into a deep purple.

The mechanical arms immediately tightened its grip.

Ah Long's face was filled with terror as he struggled to break free from the mechanical arms that were like steel pliers. They tried to manipulate the true energy within their body, but whenever it flowed into their hands, it would disperse before they could use it...

As Ah Long felt the grip around his neck getting tighter and tighter, his struggles were also becoming more intense as blood spilled from his mouth.

Whitey faced their fearful gazes without the slightest concern. It was as cold as a death god that treats all living things with indifference, while its purple mechanical eyes seemed extremely demonic within the darkness.


With two crisp sounds, Ah Long and Ah Hu suddenly stopped struggling. Then, their bodies went limp and their heads hanged down. Dark red blood flowed from their mouths and dripped onto the floor, producing an eerie sound.

Whitey indifferently turned around while carrying the two who went limp as it left Bu Fang's room.

As the door closed, the blood stains on the floor suddenly disappeared...

Bu Fang sniffed the air as he drowsily lifted his hand and picked his nose. Then he smacked his lips and continued sleeping.

Bang bang!

Two corpses fell from the air and crashed into the quartzite floor of the alleyway. Blood was flowing out...

Blacky drowsily raised its head. When it saw the two corpses, it scrunched its nose and snorted. Then, it opened its doggy mouth and lightly exhaled. The two corpses were blown out of the alleyway by a sudden squall and flung onto the streets.

After doing this, Blacky contentedly lay down once more and continued sleeping.


Within King Yu's manor, a candle flame was slightly flickering.

An aged and gaunt figure wrapped within a black robe was deeply staring at the flickering candle flame. His eye sockets were filled with two lumps of azure spirit fire.

Suddenly, the spirit fire within Hun Qianyun's pupils became faint for a moment and the sound of something breaking rang out.

A sigh came from his mouth. "As I thought... That store should not be provoked. Ah Long, Ah Hu... died just like that."

Two figures silently appeared in front of Hun Qianyun and respectfully saluted.

"Ah Long and Ah Hu died. Go to the alleyway and retrieve their corpses... We failed the assassination this time. I'll go and seek forgiveness from King Yu." Hun Qianyun tottered out of the room with his back hunched over.

The two Battle-Emperors of the Soul Sect were feeling bewildered. Before Ah Long and Ah Hu set off, they already solemnly reminded them to be careful. However, not much time has passed... The two were already dead?

Two fifth grade Battle-Kings could not even struggle?

The two of them looked each other in the eye and could feel the fear in the other's eyes.


"Your Highness, we failed the assassination this time," with his back hunched over, Hun Qianyun simply said to King Yu.

King Yu was wearing a luxurious robe with his hair loose and a peaceful expression on his face. As he glanced at Hun Qianyun, the corner of his mouth widened into a smile.

"Understood, I'll give your subordinates a good burial. You may withdraw first," King Yu softly said.

Hun Qianyun's spirit fire slightly jumped. He did not say anything as he turned around and left. There was not even the slightest bit of intimidating aura or energy coming from his body. He was like an ordinary elderly man with one foot in his grave.

However, King Yu did not dare to underestimate him. Hun Qianyun was the number one expert within the Soul Sect. His cultivation level was profound and he was most specialized in the way of the souls. Reportedly, he had already entered the realm of a seventh grade Battle-Saint. However, there were others who said that he was only a peak-level sixth grade Battle-Emperor.

As King Yu watched Hun Qianyun's figure disappear, his eyes were gradually filled with interest.

"This old fox is truly ruthless. He actually used the lives of two Battle-Kings to display his sincerity. Very well... Then I shall trust you for the time being." King Yu looked demonically charming as the corners of his mouth curled up.

"Fang Fang's Little Store... What kind of secrets is this store that suddenly appeared hiding?"

Compared to the Soul Sect, King Yu suddenly discovered that he was more curious about that store.

A night peacefully passed.

The next morning, Bu Fang woke up early as usual. He first went to the kitchen and began his daily cutting technique practice. He held a heavy kitchen knife as he rapidly chopped up radishes. After finishing his cutting technique practice, Bu Fang began to cook Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. It was breakfast meant for Blacky who was sooner or later going to turn into a pig.

Fatty Jin and his buddies majestically arrived with impatient expressions. As Bu Fang had suspended business the day before, they had to suffer from their craving for an entire day. After getting used to Bu Fang's dishes, the food from other restaurants were tasteless.

"Owner Bu! You're finally open for business! Oh my, there's a new dish! Come, give me a serving of every dish!" Fatty Jin ordered his dishes in an experienced manner.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded and headed toward the kitchen. His daily business had started.

Ouyang Xiaoyi arrived at the store while enduring the cold wind. She rubbed her hands together and removed her fur overcoat and her hat, revealing her rosy face. There was automatic heating in the store, so the interior was quite warm and very cozy.

Bu Fang cooked the dishes while Xiaoyi served them. The rapport between the two of them was becoming better and better.

At the entrance of the alleyway, King Yu, with an imposing appearance and extraordinary temperament, slowly approached while wearing a brocade robe. He stepped into the store and indifferently sized up the interior.

It was King Yu's first time coming to Bu Fang's store, so everything felt new to him. The astronomical prices of the dishes were especially interesting to him.

After ordering a jar of Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine and a plate of Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, King Yu began to sample the delicacies of Bu Fang's store.

At the same time... He waited for the crown prince to arrive.