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 From the light column that shot into the sky, a mysterious energy rippled. Clusters of clouds in the sky slowly moved, becoming a massive whirlpool.

The water of the lake also revolved, becoming a whirlpool. The spirit beasts inside the lake jutted their heads out of the water and released their essence energy to the light column, shining mutually.

At the lakeshore, all the experts had twinkling eyes. Their hearts were beating frantically as they gazed at that light column.

They knew that the inheritance could be found there.

It was the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance. How could their hearts not ache for it? One should know that when the Valley of Gluttony was at their peak of prosperity, they could subdue many Holy Lands, so naturally, their properties should be valuable and numerous.

If they got the inheritance, it meant they would harvest a lot of resources, which would make their power reach a tremendous and intimidating level!

To any expert, it was indeed a temptation.

However, at this moment, this temptation was unfortunately mixed with peril.

The spirit beasts in the Sunset Lake were breathing in essence energy, and it looked like they were enjoying this rare encounter too.

The spirit beasts needed good chances, and the humans also needed good chances. When their interests collided, the outcome would be deadly!

Some experts couldn't help it. As time ticked by, many of them were weighing pros and cons. Eventually, they decided to rush and kill!

One expert took a step forward and dove into the Sunset Lake.


The lakewater blasted!

The spirit beasts in the lake opened their mouths, crazily rushing toward the expert that had just jumped into the lake.

After one expert jumped into the water, many others followed him, diving into the lake.

True energy flooded. Blade lights, sword shadows, and sword energy shot up into the sky!

The water continued to blast. Blood expanded, covering the sky!

At that moment, the lake water had been dyed blood-red.


Intimidating spirit beats roared and howled, but the experts weren't weak. For the inheritance, they could risk their lives!

The battle continued for a long while. The whirlpool in the lake was now blood-red, and the light column in the sky also had dabs of blood. The scene looked really frightening.

In the end, the spirit beasts retreated.

The experts crazily dove, heading toward the end of the light column.

Shortly, they reached the lake bottom. However, what they saw was shocking, making them bewildered.

The light column shot out from the bottom of the lake, but there was no entrance. That light column was projected right from the ground.

All the experts were shaken. They exchanged looks, roaring and screaming.

Some bold expert attacked the ground, but he couldn't break it. Instead, he was blasted away by a terrifying force. He was crushed into a pile of bloody smashed meat.

All the experts that had dived into the lake hurriedly swam up to the lake surface.

Boom! Boom!

All the experts leaped up, like a cannonball shooting up in the sky. Shortly, they got out of the lake. Splashing water and bubbles, they fell on the shore.

Those experts looked so frightened, and they couldn't get ahold of themselves together. When someone had finally managed to calm down, that expert screamed, "Wrong! We're all wrong! The entrance to the inheritance isn't here!"


Chu Changsheng was shivering. Ancient Jade Lock was an extremely terrifying spirit talisman meant to imprison experts. To seal the Divine Soul Realm experts, the Ancient Jade Holy Land had studied and created this sort of lock.

He had never thought that Yan Yu, the top chef of the Tablet of Gluttony, the one he had always favored, was from Ancient Jade Holy Land.

At this moment, he felt so upset.

The Valley of Gluttony was really in a pitiful state. Even the Tablet of Gluttony that they had always been proud of had been invaded by the Holy Lands.

He was helpless when the Holy Lands sent their experts to the Valley of Gluttony's Elder Committee. Anyway, even though the Valley of Gluttony wasn't strong enough, the Tablet of Gluttony was their pride. They had used their own competence to top the list!

Chu Changsheng cried in pain. No one knew whether it was because of his heartache or his wounded body.

His entire body was imprisoned by the lightning shackles, looking really helpless and pathetic.

Yan Yu's expression was cold. He didn't have a bit of mercy on his face. Indeed, he was angry and bitter...

This old man Chu Changsheng didn't give him the inheritance. No one knew how much he had gone through just for it.

But in the end, a little girl defeated him. How could he let it go just like that?

All of a sudden, sounds of footsteps arose. It sounded like several people were approaching.

A gruesome iron puppet led this group. It was carrying a hot-red iron War God Stick, and its terrifying aura deluged the place.

Yan Yu's eyes shrank. His body shook for a moment.

This puppet had always followed Bu Fang... It was really powerful as it could defeat even an Almighty expert. He shouldn't provoke it.

His eyes then fell on the two persons behind the puppet. One had a graceful body with an utterly beautiful appearance. Her purple hair cascaded, which was so breathtaking.

The other was a handsome, elegant man.

Seeing that man, Yan Yu took a breath of cold air. His murderous aura and wrath surged in his eyes!

That fellow had blown him away with only one finger. Not only that, but he had also stolen his place as a judge! To him, it was a big disgrace!

That sort of disgrace made Yan Yu so hateful that he wanted to rip him apart!

Yan Yu didn't know the Nether King's real cultivation base. If he had seen the Nether King spurt a blade of grass to defeat a Half-step Divine Soul Realm expert, he surely wouldn't have had such a reaction.

He stroked three jade talismans in his hands. These three Ancient Jade Locks were his greatest advantage!

He was looking at Nether King Er Ha with cold and calculating eyes. Even if that man were an Almighty, if he were careless, the Ancient Jade Lock could imprison him. At that time, he could do anything he wanted.

Whitey's ash-gray eyes twinkled as it saw the massive gold palace.

It didn't move. It seemed to sense that Bu Fang was inside that palace, so it didn't worry for his safety.

Thus, it planted the hot-red iron War God Stick on the ground, shaking the entire ground in an instant. A moment later, the ferocious appearance disappeared from the puppet. It stood still as if it was resting.

Nether King Er Ha saw Yan Yu and the murderous intention in his eyes. The corners of his lips curved upward, casting a glance at the latter as he thought, "This fellow is dumb indeed to dare release a murderous aura to His Highness. I will stand here and let him do that. If he can make a hair of mine fall, he wins."

His eyes then moved and saw the lightning flashing over there, confining Chu Changsheng on the ground.

The latter was screaming pathetically. Nether King Er Ha winced for a while.

Remembering that lightning struck him twice, he felt so sorry for Chu Changsheng. At this moment, seeing Chu Changsheng, he felt they share a common, sorrowful feeling as they were both people being degraded and tortured at the other end of the world.

Thus, he walked to Chu Changsheng, squatting and reaching his hand to touch the lightning cage.

Compared to the Lightning Punishment, this lightning wasn't only one level weaker. It was really weak.

The lightning strike got through his hand, and he felt like it was similar to a massage.

Hmm... Really comfortable.

Yan Yu used the face he used to look at a dummy to watch Nether King Er Ha.

He was worried that he wouldn't have a chance to attack the Nether King, and that fellow now showed his back to him. He wanted to die? He didn't put Yan Yu into his eyes?

Yan Yu's eyes sparkled. He didn't hesitate anymore, crushing the jade talismans in his hand.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Lightning arose. A moment later, Yan Yu had a long, lightning whip in his hand. He roared, his face twisting as he bellowed, "Go die!"

Yan Yu hurled the lightning whip in his hand toward Nether King Er Ha. Instantly, it latched onto the latter's body.

"You want to die? If you're really great, you can f*cking flick your finger at me again!" Yan Yu's eyes were insane. He crushed the two remaining Ancient Jade Locks. One lock couldn't make him feel safe anyway.

After that, two more lightning chains wound around Nether King Er Ha's body.

The lightning arc sparked all over, furiously attacking Nether King Er Ha.

Nether King Er Ha looked dumbfounded as he stood up. Slowly turning around, his body twitched continuously.

The lightning strikes that were hitting him made him somewhat... ticklish.

Is that fellow making a comedy?

Nether King Er Ha turned his head around, his eyes falling on Yan Yu's sinister face.

Yan Yu's face froze, seeing the Nether King looking at him with an expression people use when they see a dummy.

Although he was hit by lightning, he didn't even wink in pain.

How could it be?

Being tied by the Ancient Jade Locks, how could he not have a trace of pain on his face?

Yan Yu took a deep breath of cold air, as though he had realized something was wrong.

"You know the two things His Highness hates the most?" asked Nether King Er Ha, looking at Yan Yu as his body twitched.

Yan Yu's eyes opened wider. He slowly backed off...

He wanted to run away.

This bold, courageous fellow seemed much stronger than his expectations. The Ancient Jade Locks were useless against him.

"First, His Highness hates it when he doesn't have Spicy Strips to eat..."

"Second, His Highness hates it the most when someone uses lightning to strike his handsome face..."

Nether King Er Ha stressed each word.

A moment later, the Ancient Jade Locks on his body were broken. They sizzled, but they didn't have lightning anymore.

From a distance, Saint Daughter Zi Yun was looking at Yan Yu with an expression she uses for a dummy.

He wanted to use the Ancient Jade Lock to defeat Big Brother Ha?

Her Big Brother just moved his finger, and the three Shooting Sun Brothers were all defeated!

Seeing the Ancient Jade Locks about to break, Yan Yu's mind trembled. He didn't say anything, turning around and running away...

However, shortly, his body froze. His pupils shrank, and his entire body went numb.

The next thing he knew, a finger was placed on his forehead. He didn't even realize when and how it happened...


Yan Yu shivered. Sweat beaded, rolling on his face.

"What did you just say? You wanted His Highness' finger to flick you? You want to be flicked to death?" asked Nether King Er Ha. His handsome face looked like it was cut and carved with a knife. As the wind blew his hair across his face, he looked cold and heartless...

Being flicked to death? You motherf*cker wanted to be flicked to death!

"I... Senior... I'm sure you just... misheard!" Yan Yu was so scared that his voice trembled as he answered.

Nether King Er Ha stroked his face with one hand, strands of hair cascading through the gaps between his fingers.

"Young men these days do have an extreme taste. Since you asked for it, His Highness will reluctantly satisfy you."

Nether King Er Ha's finger on Yan Yu's forehead slightly retracted. In a split second, it flicked...