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 The green smoke dispersed in Bu Fang's hand, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife disappeared. Walking behind Xiao Ya and Flowery, he clasped his hands as he watched the two little bouncing and vivacious girls walk toward the gold palace.

The Vermillion Robe on his body was sparkling. Inside the black-and-white bandaged arm, the two Taotie's souls were shivering.

As soon as Bu Fang entered the gold palace, he felt a cold and harsh aura swarming him.

Each step they made would echo in this quiet, serene, and deep palace.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, one step of Bu Fang made the entire palace shake. Radiance glowed, lighting up the palace.

Bu Fang's eyes narrowed. Finally, he could see the interior of this palace.

Actually, this place wasn't just a palace. Inside the gold palace were several smaller halls, and each hall had hefty golden doors.

At this moment, Bu Fang was in the first hall. In the middle, pieces of a hatched egg were scattered. Those eggshell pieces had a dim, seven-colored halo. It seemed that the essence energy of this egg had all vanished.

Bu Fang looked at the eggshells and Flowery not far from him. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Isn't it the shell of the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python?

It seemed Flowery had sensed Bu Fang's stare, and the little girl turned around to roll her eyes at him. A moment later, she waved her hand and collected the pieces of the broken egg on the floor.

Flowery snorted at Bu Fang, then pulled Xiao Ya and continued to run into the palace.

Shortly after, their shadows disappeared.

Bu Fang wanted to follow them, but he felt some energy pulling him.

It seemed each of those halls had terrifying energy. Those energies lingered in the great hall, creating a special energy wave that made one's soul tremble and tense.

"Knife Skill Hall, Recipe Hall, Cooking Ingredient Hall, Kitchenware Hall..."

Bu Fang's eyes moved as he said aloud the words inscribed on the tablets hanging on each hall. He was astonished.

"Is this the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance palace? It's actually direct, simple, and crude..." The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. After a moment, he didn't hesitate much and headed toward one of the halls.

Since Xiao Ya got Flowery, a young ancient Divine Beast, to protect her, she wouldn't be in danger. Unless Flowery ate Xiao Ya. But if she wanted to eat Xiao Ya, she would have done it already. Thus, there shouldn't be any danger.

Bu Fang clasped his hands, walking. He visited the Knife Skill Hall first.

He raised his hand. Under the radiance, his white and slender fingers looked magnificent. After placing his hand on the cold gold door, his true energy surged as he pushed it.

A moment later, the gold door squeaked heavily as it was slowly pushed open...

Pushing the door, Bu Fang stepped into the hall naturally. Inside was a mass of darkness.


The door closed behind Bu Fang. Instantly, the entire place became completely dark. No beam of light could be seen.

However, not long after, radiance glowed and sparkled inside the hall. A big gemstone was on the top of the hall, releasing soft light, which was white but not dazzling to the eyes. It brightly illuminated the entire hall.

However, as the light glowed, Bu Fang's eyes shrank.

He lifted his head to look further. In the center of the hall was a chair, where a person was seated.

It was a masked person, and the aura on his body was hard to distinguish. This man seemed full of mysteries.

There's a person in this ancient dusty gold palace?

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

The buzzing, sonorous sounds of blades echoed. After a moment, kitchen knives came from all directions.

It was like a huge wave of kitchen knives, and it was terrifying to behold.

The kitchen knives twirled in the sky, raising the wind as they released blade energy. Bu Fang's scalp felt numb.

"Welcome to Knife Skill Hall. I've been waiting for you for so long..." said that person.

"Knife Skill Hall?" mumbled Bu Fang. His face remained unchanged.

"This is the inheritance palace. Of course, the Knife Skill Hall is where we impart the Knife Skills... This hall has three hundred and sixty kitchen knives, including five famous knives. Before you came, one was taken. Thus, you have a chance with the four ones left..." said the masked man.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered as he wondered, "One was taken before he came... Who did that? Was it Xiao Ya? Was it the so-called privilege?"

A moment later, that person stood up from his seat. As he walked step by step toward Bu Fang, he said, "Don't you want to know how to get the inheritance? It's the first Valley Master's Knife Skills, the strongest Knife Skill that everyone yearned for."

The strongest Knife Skill?

Bu Fang squinted, thinking that that was rather arrogant.

"If you want to take the Knife Skill Inheritance, you must get the approval from one famous kitchen knife and show your talent. You have to learn a level of Knife Skill within the time of burning one joss stick... Otherwise, you will be disqualified for the inheritance. You will be eliminated."

The man was now close to Bu Fang, almost talking each word into his ear.

His voice was awe-inspiring and threatening at the same time. If an ordinary person were to hear it, they would shiver listening to this voice.

Anyway, Bu Fang wasn't an ordinary man. He cocked his head, and his nonchalant eyes looked at the masked man.

Then, he raised his hand and placed it on the man's shoulder. A cold sensation was transmitted to his palm. Slowly, he pushed the man away.

Bu Fang stepped toward the kitchen knives hovering in the air from a distance.

The masked man seemed to smile. He clasped his hands and watched Bu Fang.

Bu Fang quickly reached the wall by the kitchen knives. The wind was howling.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang felt his arm heating up. He was bewildered. The green smoke wound around his hand. Immediately, the shiny black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife fell into his grip.

As soon as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged, an invisible force expanded from Bu Fang's body.

Bu Fang's Spirit Sea soon seethed with high waves. As soon as Bu Fang's soul entered the Spirit Sea, he found the dragon's roar echoing in his brain.

The Gold Dragon Knife Spirit emerged. Its massive head stooped to stare at Bu Fang, making the latter's soul shrink under its gaze.

The knife spirit opened its mouth and roared. Then, Bu Fang's soul exited the Spirit Sea, with the dragon roar was still echoing in his ears.

Those countless knives floating in the void shivered and cracked in that dragon roar. The explosions reverberated unceasingly as they were subdued!

Eventually, only four glowing knives were hovering in front of Bu Fang.

No doubt that they were the four famous knives the masked man had mentioned. They were also the key to receive the inheritance...

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was really imperious. A dragon roar was enough to burst off the ordinary kitchen knives, many of which were actually precious...

The masked man seemed stunned seeing this. He clasped his hands, standing in a far distance. The pair of eyes under the mask twinkled.

"My host... devour them!" Inside Bu Fang's Spirit Sea, the Gold Dragon Knife Spirit roared and screamed, rising high waves.

A moment later, the ancient-styled, shiny black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand became more intimidating.

The four famous knives in the sky radiated magnificently. Their spirits even emerged.


However, after a deafening dragon roar, Bu Fang saw a dim golden dragon fly out of his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

The golden dragon meandered and directly swallowed the other knives' spirits!

The famous knives' spirits couldn't resist for a long time. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's spirit had swallowed them all...


As the knives didn't have their spirits anymore, they had so many cracks. A moment later, just like the ordinary knives, they shattered, becoming scrap metal as they dropped on the floor.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's spirit seemed to be full. It even burped before returning. The knife then resumed its ancient, shiny black appearance. However, Bu Fang's soul felt more connected to the knife spirit.

From a distance, the masked man gawked and dropped his jaw.

They were the four famous knives. How were they destroyed?

How could that man destroy them all?

The man was baffled. He wasn't that confident anymore.

Seeing the famous knives being smashed, he wondered what level the knife in that boy's hand was. Why was it so powerful?

Without a word, Bu Fang carried the kitchen knife on his shoulder, nonchalantly casting the man a sidelong glance.


The moment the famous knives were broken, a jet of light shot over, and a tall and muscular shadow appeared in front of Bu Fang.

The man held a kitchen knife in his hand. A moment later, the knife flew out, flying disorderly. Then, the man grabbed the knife, his hand spinning. He wielded it so fast, as though it was lightning that was hard to catch. Although his speed was fast, he controlled the knife so well, which looked incredibly cool.

It was the Knife Skill Inheritance.

Bu Fang looked at him, his eyes blinking.

"Knife Skill Technique detected. Starting recording and simulating..." the system's serious voice sounded as Bu Fang carefully memorized those techniques.

"The system is recording the Knife Skill? Then I can learn it pretty fast, can't I?" Bu Fang wondered, arching his brows. He glanced at the masked man with pensive eyes.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sounds of footsteps echoed.

Chu Changsheng sat cross-legged in front of the palace, his eyes gazing at the darkness.

Shortly, a shadow emerged.

When Chu Changsheng saw that person, he was utterly bewildered. It wasn't a stranger... It was Yan Yu, the chef ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony.

The First-grade Chef Yan Yu.

How did he know the entrance of the inheritance?

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank, his face turning cold immediately.

"Oh, Yan Yu..."

Yan Yu's bright eyes gazed at the massive gold palace behind Chu Changsheng. He became so excited.

"Finally found the inheritance... This inheritance belongs to me! No one can take it!"

"Yan Yu, step back! You're not even qualified to think about this inheritance!" Chu Changsheng shouted, his face so cold.

He didn't think that Yan Yu would come here... It was too much beyond his estimation.

However, it was true that Yan Yu wasn't qualified for the inheritance!

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Yan Yu's cold eyes glared at Chu Changsheng. He raised one hand, and a blue jade talisman emerged on it. He sent his true energy into it, and blue lightning strikes arose, forming shackles.

The jade talisman created a lightning prison and surrounded Chu Changsheng. The paralyzing lightning struck him, making him collapse on the ground.

"You old man... If the inheritance doesn't belong to me, to whom it should belong? That trash little girl? I'm the champion of the Tablet of Gluttony. Except for me, no one can take it! You're incapacitated now, so how could you stop me?" shouted Yan Yu before laughing.

Damn it!

Chu Changsheng glared. He glared so hard that his eyelids almost tore. He wouldn't allow Yan Yu to disturb the inheritance process...

Yan Yu was filled with rage. His hand swung another jade talisman, and it pounded Chu Changsheng, making him crouch in pain.

"This is the Ancient Jade Lock! You're from the Ancient Jade Holy Land?" Chu Changsheng felt intense pain in his body as he vomited blood. His tattered body had to bear more serious wounds.

He hated it! If he weren't hurt severely, even if Yan Yu had the Ancient Jade Lock, the latter wouldn't be able to restrain him.

But now, he didn't have a way!

"Worthy of being called the Great Elder. You got keen eyes... Collecting lightning to make the Ancient Jade Lock is the specialty of the Ancient Jade Holy Land. After being locked by the Ancient Jade Lock, your soul will be slowly exterminated. Great Elder, I think you won't regret your death." Yan Yu burst out laughing.

All of a sudden, his laughter ceased. Sounds of footsteps echoed, and they seemed to come from several people.

How did someone else know about this entrance?

Chu Changsheng and Yan Yu were startled, looking at the far distance.