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 As the gate of the golden palace opened, it revealed a jet-black space, like a quiet black hole. Abruptly, a reeking wind came, and a giant figure dashed out with the wind.

With its mouth wide open, its sharp fangs aimed at Xiao Ya, whose cute head was tilted up.

Chu Changsheng and Bu Fang saw it, but they couldn't react in time.

Chu Changsheng opened his eyes wide, as though his eyelids were about to tear. He roared, and his aura rocketed.

Bu Fang raised his brows, his face slightly changed.


They couldn't do anything. In just a split second, the giant beast slowly wound around Xiao Ya, twisting. The gold scales sparkled, reflecting a radiance that was strangely dazzling.

It was a snake class spirit beast. The python had sharp eyes and two lumps on the head. At this moment, its head was buried within the coils of its body. Xiao Ya was kept inside.

"Filthy animal!"

In just a wink, Chu Changsheng's eyes turned bloodshot. He had never expected such an incident. A spirit beast stormed out of the Gluttony God's Palace!

Is it the Gluttony God's Palace's spirit beast protector?

Damn it!

He had put everything into account, but he missed that one damn thing...

Chu Changsheng's hair was disheveled. He roared indignantly, and his aura continued to rise. A two-handle kitchen knife twirled around him.

The kitchen knife roared and hissed, tearing the air.

Chu Changsheng made a step forward, shooting away as fast as lightning and just as loud. Steps of soul ladder emerged above his head, and his aura became even more intimidating.

Eventually, his energy had reached the level of an Almighty!

"Filthy animal! Pay back with your life!" Chu Changsheng's angry roar could shake mountains and rivers. His true energy surged as he aimed at the spirit beast.

The giant spirit python's body swept out, its scale twinkling. A moment later, its head came up. It opened its mouth wide, hissing at Chu Changsheng.

The tongue wiggled, hissing unceasingly. Its gold tail flung over, and Chu Changsheng immediately felt the intimidation, his heart shaking.


His punch hit the python's tail, but he was sent flying through a shaking sky. His body crackled like burning beans after being swept away by the tail.


Chu Changsheng fell on the ground, coughing blood. He felt so exhausted.

He staggered to get up, disbelief and shock written all over his face.

He was defeated... in just one strike.

He had reached the Almighty level, but facing this spirit beast, he was blown away by just a tail...

What's the cultivation base of this spirit beast?

Would the Valley of Gluttony perish like this? He was not willing... It was so hard to find the inheritance, and in the end, he so aggrievedly defeated.



A terrifying wind arose. The giant gold python cried and hissed furiously. It seemed enraged by Chu Changsheng's provocation.

The wind hissed, rolling rocks and dust on the ground...

This was an extremely intimidating spirit beast!

Bu Fang confirmed that it would be several points stronger than the Black and White Taoties.

Chu Changsheng was defeated within one strike, and that was enough to prove this matter.

Bu Fang frowned. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in his hand, and true energy was sent to it. In an instant, the knife turned to a gold hue, shooting up into the sky. Gold light shot everywhere!


The dragon roar echoed as Bu Fang's overbearing aura diffused. His kitchen knife pointed at the python's giant head.

Chu Changsheng's eyes looked empty, as though his heart had already died. He was so desperate.

The giant python flicked its tongue, hissing at Bu Fang. It seemed afraid of the kitchen knife in the latter's hands...

From that kitchen knife, the giant python could feel a pressure that made its heart beat frantically.

Bu Fang wore an indifferent face. The Vermillion Robe on his body fluttered as his aura gathered.

One blade light, two blade lights, three blade lights...

The nine blade lights merged with each other, becoming a terrifying blade light that could tear the sky...

"Overlord Nine Blades... Slash!"

Bu Fang's face was cold, and his voice was faint and indifferent as he said those words. Wielding the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand, he slashed at the giant python.

A giant phantom emerged behind Bu Fang. It carried a massive blade, and as Bu Fang was moving, it slowly slashed the blade.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire void was shaking. A moment later, blade lights exploded, reverberating unceasingly!

The giant python roared and screamed. Its scales bloomed with radiance.


The Overlord Nine Blades had been merged into one slash, which then slashed furiously. The power of the nine blades layering on each other was so formidable!

However, as that blade gashed the python's giant head, the python just trembled a little bit. Sparks were sent everywhere, but it couldn't cut through the beast's skin.

Bu Fang's brows arched. His heart raced.

This Giant Gold Python is really... awesome.

No wonder it could almost kill Chu Changsheng with its tail.


The giant gold python was hurt, screaming and hissing. Its body immediately darted forward.

The air around it was compressed, then exploded. Opening its mouth, its fangs aimed at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's hair fluttered in the stinky wind. The velvet rope that tied his hair was broken, letting his hair flutter.

Bu Fang squinted, gazing at the giant python that was about to bite him.

The Vermillion Robe on his body sparkled with radiance. The Invincible Defense would be activated at any moment.

However, the wild and savage python halted all of a sudden. Its giant mouth hovered above Bu Fang's head as the tremendous energy from it had crushed all the stones around.

The python didn't bite him. It just froze and hovered above.

Bu Fang was bewildered, looking at the open mouth.

"Flowery, behave, you shouldn't hurt Big Brother."

Gurgle. Gurgle.

A formation emerged above the giant gold python's head, and Xiao Ya's little body came out of it. She leaned on the python's head and reached out her chubby hand to caress its head.

The giant python was comforted. It slowly closed its mouth and retracted its poison.

What? Xiao Ya wasn't swallowed?

Bu Fang looked at Xiao Ya, who was safe and sound, his brows arching. His heart finally relaxed.

From a distance, Chu Changsheng gawked and dropped his jaw.

This giant python wasn't an enemy. It didn't eat Xiao Ya.

Chu Changsheng suddenly felt upset. What did he have to bear the python's tail whip for?

His internal organs were all broken, and that Xiao Ya didn't even make a sound.

Why was there such a gap between humans? Why did the little girl hush the python when it attacked that boy Bu Fang but didn't when it struck him?

The gold python retracted slowly and lowered its head, and Xiao Ya jumped off.

The giant python flicked its tongue, licking Xiao Ya. The latter was tickled, gigging unceasingly.

Bu Fang looked at that loving scene, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch. He looked at Chu Changsheng, who was lying straight on the ground, and wondered if he should say something to comfort him.

But he thought he shouldn't. What Chu Changsheng needed now was... a moment of silence.

Fortunately, although Chu Changsheng was hurt, he was an Almighty expert with superb recovery ability. As long as it wasn't some smashing fatal wounds, he could just lie there and recover after a while.


Shivering for a while, the giant python's body shrank. Shortly, it had turned into a little girl around Xiao Ya's size.

However, that little girl had two little gold horns on her forehead, and she was wearing a gold dress.

Bu Fang blinked. That savage python had become a little girl. This painting style was somehow wrong.

After Flowery had become a little girl, she hugged Xiao Ya, sniffing the latter's scent. Her face sparkling in enjoyment as she did so.

"Big Brother, this is Flowery, my new friend. Flowery said that she's lived in this palace since she was born. She was waiting for me." Xiao Ya turned to Bu Fang, explaining.

Flowery lifted her head, and her fine nose scrunched up. She placed her hands at her waist, her eyes rolling at Bu Fang.

It seemed she was so resentful as Bu Fang had used his kitchen knife to slash her head.

From a distance, Chu Changsheng stumbled to get on his feet, looking so offended.

That snake's tail could whip him badly. Even if this little Flowery hadn't reached the Divine Soul Realm, she wasn't far from it. Not only that, but the python that whipped him and injured him was actually just a kid!

It was still small, but it was already too powerful... Oh my, what kind of spirit beast was it?

Bu Fang was also curious. Thus, he inwardly asked the system.

Chu Changsheng didn't know, but the system should know...

"Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python, an ancient purebred Divine Beast. Each time it sheds off the skin, its body will gain one more color. It will become stronger, too. After getting seven colors, it will become the Seven-colored Sky Devouring Dragon, which can become a real dragon after passing its calamity," the system answered.

Bu Fang was touched when the system provided him with Flowery's information. After listening, he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Ancient purebred Divine Beast...

Purebred... It was a genuine Divine Beast, which was totally different from the Black and White Taoties that had just a wisp of Divine Beast's bloodline.

Bu Fang's eyes brightened. He blinked as he observed pretty Flowery.

"Seven-colored Sky Devouring Python... Really cool," said Bu Fang.

Xiao Ya and Chu Changsheng wore a baffled face.

Flowery puffed her cheeks, rolling her eyes at Bu Fang.

She was surprised that Bu Fang could recognize her origin. However, she didn't say anything, thinking, "It doesn't matter. This human used a kitchen knife to knock my head. It was wrong of him!"

Boom! Boom!

Some loud noise was heard from inside the gold palace.

Flowery's eyes brightened. She pulled Xiao Ya's hand, running as if she was flying toward that area.

Bu Fang and Chu Changsheng exchanged looks. With an emotionless face, Bu Fang carried the Gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Blade and strode over to the palace.

Chu Changsheng gawked. His hand shivered when he smoothed his mustache. However, he didn't follow and walk inside. Instead, he sat cross-legged right in front of the gold palace.

He wanted to guard Xiao Ya while she's taking the inheritance. He had to stop anyone who tried to get in there.

In the darkness, footsteps arose and echoed...

Chu Changsheng's eyes narrowed. He held his breath, looking at the darkness in front of him.

From there, a figure slowly emerged.