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 Nether King Er Ha fumed the blue smoke from his mouth, his face dumbstruck.

Why did he have to bear all the lightning strikes? It's not fair!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun stood and watched from a distance. When she saw the Nether King got hit, she couldn't help but cover her mouth to giggle. It was because his aloof and cold appearance had vanished.

Nether King Er Ha shook his head. His energy emitted to clean his body, making him neat and nice again. Then, he lifted his head to look at the sky.

The dark clouds rolled and slowly dispersed, and thunder gradually died down.

As the black clouds scattered, radiance pierced through. The bright light dots looked like broken gold pieces, piercing through the black clouds, which looked somehow beautiful.

As the sunlight shone again, many people felt their worries lifted away.

However, many people still looked at Nether King Er Ha in fear.

This man was terrifyingly strong... He could resist the lightning strikes and stand intact!

No doubt, this fellow was that sort of unfathomable existence...

Some lifted their heads to look at the Nether King, and they felt it hard to breathe. Some guessed that this man could be a Netherworld creature since his bursting aura was similar to them.

However, he looked different from the ordinary Netherworld creatures.

Why did a Netherworld creature like him want to protect their Valley of Gluttony?

This man had made several attempts to shield the Valley of Gluttony from formidable attacks. If he hadn't done anything, the entire Valley of Gluttony would have been in ruins by now.

Not to mention that the people here would be massacred.

Furthermore, what kind of Netherworld creature could withstand those lightning strikes?

Thus, those people thought that the man in front of them was absolutely not a Netherworld creature. When they looked at the Nether King, their eyes brightened with excitement and respect.

No matter where he was, an expert would become the focus of the crowd.

Nether King Er Ha scratched his nape, as though he wasn't used to being stared at by a lot of people.

Suddenly, some stepping sounds arose from the ruins a little far from them. They turned to see a gruesome figure slowly approaching.

Whitey's ash-white eyes twinkled. It was holding the War God Stick that looked like it had just been taken out of lava, while the other hand grabbed several dead bodies as it slowly approached.

Everybody didn't dare to breathe out loud.

Whitey stopped in front of Nether King Er Ha, then hurled those dead bodies to the ground.

The group of people glanced at it and took a breath of cold air.

Those corpses included the expert with the halberd, who hovered arrogantly in the sky earlier. He was a famous Almighty expert whose reputation was well-known everywhere.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty Old Ling... His head was squeezed broken.

The other three were the Golden Armored Protectors in their shattered golden armor. Their helmets were broken, revealing their wolf heads. They were the experts from the Gold Wolf Clan.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes widened when she saw those corpses on the ground. She was shaken. Looking at Old Ling's headless body, her beautiful face became sorrowful.

Old Ling was dead... Saint Daughter Zi Yun felt somewhat uncomfortable.

No matter what, she was the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Daughter. Even though Old Ling wasn't close to her, he was her senior. They used to meet in the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, but now, he was a corpse lying here.

With grief in her heart, Zi Yun didn't know what to say. She felt bitter and uncomfortable.

Nether King Er Ha looked at the gruesome Whitey coming back, his face shivered. Then, he guffawed and said, "You, iron chunk, are always brutal..."

Whitey didn't mind the Nether King. Its ash-white eyes scanned every direction for a while, as though it was seeking Bu Fang's figure.

Scanning for a while, Whitey's black dots in the eyes moved. A strange energy fluctuated, rippling.


Nether King Er Ha squinted.

Boom! Boom!

From a far distance, a light column shot up into the sky, catching many people's eyes. It carried so many strange symbols and energy.

The Sixth Elder stood up, his face turning from dumbfounded to excited. "It's the Valley of Gluttony's Inheritance! That dusty inheritance has finally opened?"

Meticulous Liu Jiali had light crossing his face.

Mu Cheng's soft body shivered, her red lips parting to say, "We've been waiting for a long time. Finally, the inheritance has opened... We should go and risk our lives. Perhaps we're lucky enough to be chosen. Who knows?"

Many chefs who topped the Tablet of Gluttony had light shining in their excited faces. They all wanted to reach that light column.

They, of course, knew the so-called inheritance. The Valley of Gluttony's most precious treasure was the inheritance, the thing that had attracted all the Holy Lands.

A moment later, Mu Cheng and the chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony headed toward that light column's location.

Whitey's white eyes twinkled. As for Shrimpy, it curled up on top of the puppet's head, snoring soundly. Whitey carried the War-God Stick and stepped out. With clanging noises, its metal wings spread, and it flew out rapidly.

The moment the light column shot up into the sky, the entire Valley of Gluttony was shaken.

All the hiding experts from the Holy Lands made their move.

Outside the valley, the sounds of wind tearing arose. Many experts began to dash toward that inheritance. Figures broke the void to come, packing the place, and head toward the light column.

Shortly after, those many experts surrounded the Sunset Lake in silence. They were watching the lake, their eyes disbelieving.

That light column arose from the Sunset Lake.

The water revolved, becoming an enormous whirlpool. That light column was projecting from the center of the whirlpool, reaching the sky. Layers of white clouds spun around that light column, and they set off each other, which was too beautiful to behold.

The spirit beasts in the Sunset Lake were surging. They continually jumped into the sky from the lake.

From time to time, a giant beast would leap up, roaring and hissing with an open mouth, showing its sparkling teeth under the sunlight.

The water rose and slapped their faces. It was the Ancestral Alligator.

The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance is in the Sunset Lake?

Many people were astonished. Some hesitated, but one man directly jumped into the lake.

However, there were so many savage spirit beasts in the water. As soon as that man dove, those wild beasts attacked him immediately. At this moment, the spirit beasts here were utterly violent.

That expert was severely injured in an instant. He vomited blood, trying to get back to the shore...

Although they had found the source of that light column, they were stumped. How would they get into the land of inheritance now? That was their obstacle at the moment.

Unless some Almighty experts took action, nobody could resist and deal with those fierce and uncontrollable spirit beasts.

Nether King Er Ha followed Whitey. It looked like he was strolling, but he would always catch up with the fast puppet.

However, their direction was different from the others. Whitey didn't head to the Sunset Lake.

Nether King Er Ha followed Whitey, and Saint Daughter Zi Yun followed him.

Two persons and a robot quickly reached a cave, and they stopped in front of this.

The cave was desolate. It was like a spirit beast's massive open mouth that was ready to swallow people.

"The Road of Gluttony something..." Nether King Er Ha goggled at the stone tablet by the silent road, then thought, "This place is pretty far away from that light column. Why did this iron chunk lead us here?"

Whitey didn't say anything. Still carrying the War God Stick, it entered the Road of Gluttony.

Nether King Er Ha whistled, casting Saint Daughter Zi Yun a sidelong glance, then also entered.

At that moment, what could Saint Daughter Zi Yun do? Wherever Er Ha went, she would follow him. And so, she entered the Road of Gluttony as well.


Bu Fang slowly walked behind Chu Changsheng. They were entering the tenth path.

The further they got on the road, the thicker the spiritual energy was. Bu Fang could even feel the spiritual aura around him become real matter.

There were even drops of spiritual energy in liquid form hovering in the air. If he touched it, the drop would scatter.

It was the latter form of thick spiritual energy as it had come to a certain level of condensation.

One black and one white Taotie's souls hovered by Bu Fang, screaming and roaring savagely.

"Where's the inheritance?" asked Bu Fang skeptically.

"How should I know? I just know that this is the land of the inheritance, but I don't know where exactly the inheritance is," Chu Changsheng said with a forced smile.

Besides emptiness, there was nothing here. It was beyond Chu Changsheng's plan. Where is that inheritance?

It had chilled half of his heart. Without the inheritance, the Valley of Gluttony would perish.

"Put Xiao Ya down..." said Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng was bewildered. He let Xiao Ya down. Xiao Ya's entire body was glowing, her big eyes wide open. Her aura was pure and holy like an angel. However, it was changing and fluctuating.

Bu Fang rubbed Xiao Ya's head, his face emotionless.

In Chu Changsheng's surprised eyes, Xiao Ya strode toward the empty land.

Xiao Ya limped and staggered, as though she would fall in the next moment. If people were to see her now, they would feel so sorry for her at that moment.

Bu Fang stood with his arms relaxed, his face serious.

All of a sudden, the Vermilion Robe on his body swayed. Bewildered, he raised his hand and felt the wind brushing through the gaps between his fingers.

"The wind rises..." said Bu Fang naturally.

Chu Changsheng was perplexed. He didn't know what Bu Fang meant.

A moment later, his eyes shrank. He found the ground shaking, and a formation emerged before them.

Boom! Boom!

The ground shook and cracked. Slowly, a giant monster levitated.

As that giant monster was flying up, Chu Changsheng's face seemed to turn to gold under the light. The giant monster in front of them was actually gold!

It was an extremely spacious gold palace!

The wind blew harder and harder, making their hair flutter unceasingly.

Chu Changsheng looked frightened at first, but a moment later, he became so excited. He was so ecstatic that tears were streaming down his face.

His mouth trembled. In a shocked voice, he cried out, "That... That's the first Valley Master's... Gluttony God's Palace!"

No one had ever thought that the lost Gluttony God's Palace was right inside the land of inheritance. Not to mention that it was perfectly preserved.

Chu Changsheng thought that the Gluttony God's Palace had been robbed and shared by those filthy animals from the Holy Lands. It turned out that the Gluttony God's Palace had always been in their Valley of Gluttony!

Would the inheritance be far from here?

The first Valley Master's teachings, cooking skills, and techniques-all of these were crucial in reviving the Valley of Gluttony. They now have hope!

Boom! Boom!

The giant gold palace finally steadied. Broken rocks rolled from all directions. This imposing and majestic appearance gave people an intense pressure that they had to grasp for their breath.

Xiao Ya raised her head, standing in front of the gate of the Gluttony God's Palace. She looked tiny and cute.

The Gluttony God's Palace's city gate was made out of real gold. The studs on the door and the two rings in the Taoties' mouths looked so heavy.

In the upper center of the gate was a round pattern, which was exactly the same as the drawing on Xiao Ya's forehead.

The beam of light from Xiao Ya's head shot to that pattern.

Suddenly, they heard a dull moving sound.

Some squeaking sounds seemed to come from a very far distance...

Squeak! Squeak!

The heavy, golden gates slowly squeaked open.

The gold palace that had been sealed and dusty for so many years slowly opened...

The open gate revealed a place of darkness and desolation.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang and Chu Changsheng felt their bodies tighten.

A moment later, a giant but slender figure dashed out of the palace, showing savage fangs. Its open mouth aimed at Xiao Ya's head, as though it was going to bite and swallow her.