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 Boom! Boom!

The red-hot War God Stick looked like it was just taken out of lava. As it was wielded, it sent sparks everywhere. Waves of heat and mysterious drawings continuously moved and rippled.

Whitey's metal wings flapped. Each flap was like sharp swords slashing at Old Ling. The sharp jets of air were tearing in every direction!

The ash-white eyes had many black dots, surging with intelligence and energy. Whitey's fighting capacity suddenly rocketed, and it wasn't weaker than an Almighty expert's.

The War God Stick became more mysterious. Every time it was wielded, it would shake the void.

Old Ling's hand, which was clutching the halberd, felt hurt. As he parried, it was trembling as he was sent retreating a few steps.

"This puppet is getting stronger the longer it's fighting! It doesn't seem tired at all!"

Old Ling's heart shivered. This puppet was no match for him earlier, but now it could subdue him. What kind of force had created this formidable, evil puppet?


Whitey held the War God Stick in one hand, wielding horizontally as it hit Old Ling, pushing him backward.

Old Ling's soul ladder above his head flashed. Beams of starlight shone.

A man fought a puppet, and they made the world dark!

All of a sudden, three jets of golden light shot over.

The clanging noise echoed. The golden lights zoomed over, which contained massive and gruesome choppers. The choppers had slender handles. When they were held in the hands, the users could feel their moving energy.

As soon as those choppers came, the formidable auras from the three Golden Armored Protectors were felt.

"Old Ling, we're here to help you!" shouted one of the Golden Armored Protectors. In the next moment, the three of them arrayed, wielding their long choppers. Immediately, blade lights flashed, releasing a dazzling halo.

Their auras rose high, and a giant golden armored fighter phantom emerged.

This phantom's aura wasn't less than the experts at the Almighty Echelon!

The phantom wielded the long choppers, which crossed the sky and shook the void.

Old Ling had divine light in his eyes. The Golden Armored Protectors had come right on time to support him!

These three Golden Armored Protectors were the top three among the thirteen Golden Armored Protectors. Their cultivation base was just a line away from the Almighty Echelon. As the three of them formed a formation that created the phantom, they could even slash an Almighty expert!

The halberd shot into the sky, its light shining everywhere. Old Ling roared as his hair flew in the wind.

One step of his cracked the ground. In the void, a giant phantom of his halberd emerged, pounding at Whitey, who was standing arrogantly.

The long choppers and the huge halberd attacked at the same time. The void seemed not able to bear the pressure at this moment.

Whitey's ash-white eyes sparkled. A moment later, the drawings on its body glowed as its aura continued to increase.

"God Slaying Whitey... Kill!" Whitey's robotic voice arose.

A moment later, gold Shrimpy soared up into the sky, buzzing. Whitey leaped up, landing on the gold shrimp's back.

Holding the War God Stick, Whitey was full of fighting spirit. The stick pointed at the sky, then slashed two attacks. A second later, the stick shadows filled the sky.

Rattle! Rattle!

The War God Stick in its hand was like surging lava as the steam, heatwaves, and phantoms grew, piling up altogether and towering the sky.

Whitey stood arrogantly on Shrimpy, overbearingly counterattacking as the giant phantom of the stick pounded.


The terrifying impact exploded, and waves of energy rippled. The houses underneath were blown into pieces by the shockwaves.

The ground dented, shaking as it caved in.

Old Ling gasped for his breath, sweating. He stared at that deep hole in the ground as his hand holding the halberd trembled. The soul ladder above his head dissipated. He felt exhausted, indeed.

He felt somewhat aggrieved. To deal with an iron puppet, he had exhausted himself.

The three Golden Armored Protectors dismissed their array, hovering by Old Ling. Their red eyes stared hard at the ruins.

"Old Ling, we..." The Golden Armored Protector wanted to say something.

"Watch out!" Old Ling's eyes widened as he shouted.

Dust rose together with the strong wind. A hot-red stick swept over, brutally hitting that Protector's head. Receiving that hit, the Protector was sent tumbling to the ground.

Old Ling's heart was shaken.

The ash-white eyes twinkled, and the leaf-like hands zoomed in his eyes, grabbing his head.

Old Ling thought that that hand could squeeze and crush his head!


He was struck into the deep hole.

Old Ling's back hit the ground. His head also pounded, making a deep dent. He groaned.

However, that leaf-like hand didn't let him go. It shoved and dragged him on the ground...

The rocks on the ground were broken continuously. Old Ling was dragged for a long distance then hurled away.

Flying in the sky, he vomited blood.

Flap! Flap!

The wind tearing noise echoed. A moment later, a hot-red stick crossed the sky, battering his belly. He was brutally sent to a wall.

The entire wall shook hard, then collapsed.

Old Ling didn't know where he had dropped his halberd. Dust flooded the wrecked place as the heat from the stick spread all over him.


Old Ling felt some sweet scent in his throat. He couldn't help but spurt blood.

Immediately, he became tired... A deadly aura shrouded him.


The ruins exploded. The stick shrank, and the fearsome puppet came to his vision.

Suppressing aura slapped his face, making Old Ling's body tensed.

He gazed at Whitey, while the latter's mechanical eyes faintly looked at him.

A moment later, the War God Stick pushed forward. It pierced through Old Ling's body, pinning him against the wall. Whitey held the War God Stick in one hand, while the other hand grabbed Old Ling's halberd.

Old Ling's pupils enlarged. Blood dripped from the corners of his mouth.

All of a sudden, his eyes shrank as he saw something that made him shudder.

The puppet's belly revolved, and a black hole appeared. The puppet then shoved his halberd into that hole, as though it was eating a meal.

The halberd, which he had used so many precious materials to forge, was shattered in that black hole as if it was being chewed.

His long halberd... is f*cking swallowed?

Since it wasn't a God Slaying weapon, Whitey's power couldn't increase by eating it. However, Whitey decided to still eat it. Perhaps it had become a routine...

To Whitey, it was nothing, but to Old Ling... It was a nightmare!


Whitey's leaf-like hand patted, bursting Old Ling's head like a shattered watermelon.

And just like that, the Almighty expert of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land died.

Far from them, the Golden Armored Protectors got up from the ground. They were filled with instant fear. Looking at Old Ling with his smashed head, they were all frightened. Without a bit of hesitation, they all turned around and ran away.

Old Ling was dead. Even if they got the fighting array, they couldn't win against that puppet.


They had to bring the news back. An Almighty expert's death was enough to create an earthquake in the Heavenly Spring Holy Land!

However, a hot-red stick was roaring and hissing through the wind toward them, pounding on the ground. They became frightened in an instant.


The ground caved in, and the long stick blocked their way.

Dust rose high.

A gruesome figure stood above the stick. Its metal wings spread open.

The three Golden Armored Protectors shuddered!



The void cracked.

Chen Long had planned to cross the void with his sorrow. However, as soon as he turned around, he felt a chill. From the void crack, an exquisite dog's paw slowly pounded toward him.

That dog's paw gave him a threat he had never felt before. An alarming feeling surged from the bottom of his heart!

He cried, grabbing his big longbow to draw the bowstring instantly.

Terrifying energy congregated, becoming a scorching light arrow. It made the crack unstable.

People were shaken when they saw the scene in the sky. They couldn't help but take a deep breath of cold air...

Meanwhile, Nether King Er Ha covered his head as a wisp of blue smoke fumed from it. His face was jet-black, and he looked somewhat helter-skelter after receiving a lightning strike.

However, it was just a little awkward for him.

The lightning punishment of the Great Path's Principle... could only embarrass the Nether King. If he were an ordinary Netherworld creature, he would be burned into ashes under that lightning strike!

The Great Path's Principle was the order, and the Lightning Punishment was the penalty.

Any ordinary existence who had violated the principle wouldn't be able to resist the punishment.

"Eh?" Nether King Er Ha fixed his hair. He slightly gasped, then turned to see Chen Long as he was opening the void crack to run away in the sky.

"Did that mangy dog use its paw?" asked the Nether King with a skeptical voice.

The exquisite dog's paw slowly pounded over, neither slow nor fast.

After gathering energy for a while, the light arrow had reached its ultimate state, just as Chen Long had desired. Then, the light arrow was shot, aiming at the dog's paw.

Chen Long looked insane. He wanted to shoot and blast that dog's paw, which had brought him a feeling of endless danger!

However, shortly, his manic expression froze on his face. He was in utter disbelief.

The light arrow shattered under the dog's paw, and that paw was still reaching for him...

Chen Long couldn't stop it. He cried as his body was being dissolved under the dog's paw...

He turned into pieces of flesh and blood as the void swallowed him.

Boom! Boom!

In the sky, the black clouds became denser and denser. Everything seemed to get darker.

A bright blue thunder dragon meandered inside the clouds. Then, it opened its mouth, releasing a loud roar.


The Great Path's Principle sent the Lightning Punishment again. This time, it attacked right at that space crack!

Nether King Er Ha grinned, then laughed in amusement when the lightning struck the dog's paw. A moment later, he looked pensive...

He couldn't use much of his power, and neither did that mangy dog...

If he got struck by lightning, why would that dog not receive one? If so, would it be fair to him?

Well, the lightning should strike them all. That's fair, though.


The exquisite dog's paw sensed the lightning strike. It retreated, and the spack crack slowly closed.


The lightning dragon struck the void. However, since the crack was closed, it deviated, exploding and falling toward the Nether King.

Nether King Er Ha unwillingly looked at the lightning dragon hitting at his head.

Why am I the only one being struck here? That despicable mangy dog...


Nether King Er Ha was swallowed by the lightning dragon. Lightning arc splashed everywhere, and the entire ground was pounded broken.

After a while, the lightning attack disappeared.

Nether King Er Ha's body emerged. He had tears in his eyes, and when he parted his lips, blue smoke fumed...

It was so unfair. He was so upset and irritated.

"His Highness can't stand this grievance... I want to eat Spicy Strips!"


Cloud Mist Restaurant

Lord Dog leaned against the Path-understanding Tree. He opened his mouth, and a wisp of blue smoke arose from his head.

Casting a glance, the dog yawned.

"That moron is still stupid. He didn't know he should cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.... He had almost let the enemy run away. If people know about the Netherworld creature that didn't die after a lightning strike, the entire Hidden Dragon Continent would be shaken, and those Netherworld old bastards would make a mess... How could I go to sleep then?"

Lord Dog changed his position, preparing to sleep. His mouth curved as he muttered, "If that happens, how could I have that boy Bu Fang's Sweet n' Sour Ribs?"