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 As soon as they got into the Road of Gluttony, they felt the ground underneath bumpy as it was tiled with various types of crushed stones. It sounded like knocking when people walked on it.

The rock walls stood on two sides with so many murals, which were simple and straightforward that Bu Fang understood their meaning at first glance.

The main content was that many types of spirit beasts roared at the chefs who were holding kitchen knives in their hands. Eventually, they all became cooking ingredients under the chefs' knives...

Really straightforward. It was Bu Fang's taste, though.

Chu Changsheng was not paying attention to the murals. He took Xiao Ya, walking forward with a stern face.

He treaded the crushed stones on the ground, making some squeaking and crackling noises.

Bu Fang followed him. All of a sudden, the scene in front of him changed. Wisps of immense energy emerged, and the stone walls around became light curtains.

Those light curtains looked like some kind of moving water.

"What is this?" Bu Fang asked skeptically.

"Do you know where the Road of Gluttony leads to?" Chu Changsheng didn't answer but gave him a question.

Bu Fang was bewildered. How could he know that? Thus, he kept silent.

"This Road of Gluttony leads to the bottom of the Sunset Lake, the place where the White Taotie was originally sealed," said Chu Changsheng.

Oh, that place?

Bu Fang was astonished. He touched his arm with the black-and-white bandage, giving a slight nod.

The three of them continued to move forward. Shortly, they left the area with the light curtain. Then, they were shrouded in a mysterious starry sky.

Surrounding them was actually the lake, with some fishes swimming slowly.

This was the end of the passage that connected to the lake. They could see things under the lake clearly.

Suddenly, Bu Fang narrowed his eyes as a giant monster moved past him.

It was the Ancestral Alligator!

That giant Ancestral Alligator's blade-like pupils also saw Bu Fang. It immediately sank, and its four legs covered the passage above. Dust from the bottom of the lake rose.

The Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth wide, as though it was screaming while staring at Bu Fang.

"Get lost." Chu Changsheng frowned at the Ancestral Alligator as he spat those words.

The Ancestral Alligator closed its mouth immediately. A moment later, it waved its giant tail and dashed away, disappearing.

"That Ancestral Alligator isn't a bad cooking ingredient..." said Bu Fang, rubbing his chin.

Chu Changsheng was speechless, staring at Bu Fang.

They continued to walk forward in silence. Shortly, the scene in front of them changed again.

The end of the road diverged into nine passages, each of them like a black hole.

"This is where you choose your path in the Road of Gluttony. There are nine paths in total. Each of them is extremely dangerous. But if you can cross it... You'll have some great encounter," said Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng took a deep breath, then continued with, "The Valley Master had built this Road of Gluttony, and he had left here good stuff like the famous knives, recipes, and even... the inheritance."

"You mean the inheritance is in one of those paths?" asked Bu Fang.

"No... None of these nine paths have the inheritance." Chu Changsheng shook his head.

What? No inheritance?

Chu Changsheng grinned, showing a rare smile. He dropped the little girl down.

"The Valley Master liked to keep saying this over and over. I didn't understand him... Anyway, I know that the Valley Master would absolutely not place the inheritance in any of these nine paths..." Chu Changsheng eyed Bu Fang.

His hand shook once, and several jade talismans appeared in his hand.

Those talismans had different shapes, but they could be combined together to create a disc.

Chu Changsheng sent his true energy to that disc, making the disc glow and emit radiance.


As the light was radiating, Xiao Ya let out a low groan.

Xiao Ya's eyes became white-hot, and a bright dot emerged on her forehead.

Boom! Boom!

The bright dot and the light from the disc gathered. After that, a beam of light shot out, diverging and shooting into those nine passages.


Bu Fang seemed to hear a beast roaring from the nine paths. He slightly furrowed his brows.

A moment later, the ground began to shake and move.

The entire Sunset Lake surged.

Boom! Boom!

The nine passages slowly ascended, revealing a jet black passage... This was the tenth path.

From that path, many wisps of fierce energy shot out, resonating with Xiao Ya's aura.

A phantom of a Taotie emerged above her head.

The bandage on Bu Fang's arm suddenly became hot. The Black Taotie's soul and the White Taotie's soul roared and came out of the bandage. They opened their mouths, bellowing at the passage.


The Sunset Lake seethed as if it was about to explode. A bunch of lights shot out from the lake, reaching the sky. However, people couldn't see where they reached!

The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance... opened.

Chu Changsheng was so excited he was shivering. Tears rolled down his face.

"My Valley of Gluttony finally has hope! I wish that Xiao Ya could receive the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance. Otherwise, the Valley of Gluttony... will perish!"


"Netherworld creature?"

Mo Liuji had fear in his face as he looked in that direction. He felt a little nervous.

Chen Long was at Half-step Divine Soul Realm, an Almighty existence. He could resist that Netherworld creature if it was only a Great Void Realm existence.

The Great Path's Principle would restrain the Netherworld creatures from entering the continent. When the Great Void Realm creatures wanted to cross the Principle to enter the continent, the Hidden Dragon Continent's Principle would obliterate them!

Thus, until now, they had found only the general Great Void Realm or lower realm Netherworld creatures in the continent.

The creatures at higher realm than the Great Void Realm couldn't appear here.

This time, that aura must belong to something at the higher realm than Great Ethereal. How could it exist on this continent?

No wonder Grannie said that the continent was about to change, and the Great Ethereal creatures would appear more and more... Perhaps the Great Path's Principle had begun to weaken?

Once the continent's Principle weakened, imagine all those terrifying creatures coming from the Netherworld... The Hidden Dragon Continent wouldn't be able to resist them.

He had already seen the Principle. It was a giant eye that looked at the intimidating Netherworld creatures as if they were delicious meals. That horrible pressure had made his feet turn to jelly.


Nether King Er Ha looked at the scorching sun arrow coming. He stood up, and for the first time, he became solemn.

The terrifying pressure came, raising his hair.

Dark energy from his body arose, covering him entirely. It seemed to become his armor, making him more imposing and majestic.

"An arrow to break the sky... Young men these days are so arrogant!"

A giant phantom emerged behind his back, which looked aloof and cold. It seemed like it could control thousands of lives and deaths.

Nether King Er Ha had a blade of grass in his mouth. A moment later, he spat it out.


Dark energy wound around the blade of grass, darting it away fast!


It seemed able to tear the sky. Turning into a jet of black light, it shot toward the incoming blazing sun arrow.

It looked like a moth flying toward the flame.

The blade of grass, which was covered with dark energy, roared and hissed along the way.

Up in the sky, clusters of black clouds rushed forward. Thunder boomed, and lightning flashed.

After the Nether King had spat the blade of grass, he frowned, looking at the thunder and lightning in the sky.

The corners of his mouth rose. However, this time, his aura didn't disperse.


Chen Long watched the scene coldly.

He was very confident in his Shooting Sun Arrow. He believed that no one in this Valley of Gluttony could stop his instant-kill arrow!


However, a moment later, his eyes narrowed.

He found out that his Shooting Sun Arrow dispersed after a black jet of light arrow pierced through it...

That black light arrow spun and scattered the energy of his Shooting Sun Arrow!

What the...

Chen Long's eyes shrank. His mental force surged crazily to sense that black arrow...

Is it a dang blade of grass?

A blade of grass had just dispersed his Shooting Sun Arrow?

No, it's the black energy swirling around that blade of grass...

That aura... It's from the Netherworld!

"Bold! You filthy Netherworld creature! I, Chen Long, will kill you!" roared Chen Long. He was truly enraged.

His aura increased unceasingly, and the nine-step soul ladder emerged above his head. It was a complete soul ladder that turned into a platform with a sacrificial altar. However, that altar was cold, and it didn't have the divine flame.

Above the sacrificial altar was a star, which was blooming in ultimate light, releasing energy.

Chen Long raised his Shooting Sun Bow, and the starlight gathered on the arrow!

This arrow had gathered his spirit, soul, and energy, which made the arrow ultimately strong. The energy at the arrow tip was dancing, shattering the void.


His fingers released, shooting the arrow at Nether King Er Ha.

This arrow was much more formidable than the light arrow. However, Nether King Er Ha still wore an indifferent face.

The phantom behind his back opened its eyes. At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to turn darker...

The dark clouds in the sky became thicker. Lightning dragons were meandering.


Nether King Er Ha glanced at it. The Shooting Sun Arrow burst...

The formidable phantom had glanced and burst Chen Long's arrow, just like it did when it had broken Chen Cang's arrow.

Standing by Chen Long, Chen Gong's face twitched.

"Watch out, Big Brother!" Chen Gong glided, shouting.

He stood in front of Chen Long, wielding his Setting Sun Bow. He shot one arrow...

A blade of grass covered in black energy crossed through Chen Long's scattering arrow, hissing and roaring.

Chen Gong's arrow hit the blade... shaking the void.

Nether King Er Ha sighed. He raised one hand and flicked his fingers...

Puff! Puff!

The Setting Sun Bow was sent away...

Chen Gong was pierced through, blown backward. He was sent and pinned to the ground far away.

Boom! Boom!

In the sky, black clouds rolled. A moment later, thunderclaps boomed. A lightning strike crossed the black clouds, fiercely hacking on Er Ha.

Er Ha's aura dissipated. He held his head and fled in disarray.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nether King Er Ha swayed and rushed between the lightning strikes from the sky. But, in the end, he couldn't avoid them. A lightning bolt struck him.

His face turned coal-black. White smoke fumed from his head...

He opened his mouth to let the smoke out, coughing as he did so.

"This Great Path's Principle is so naughty," Nether King Er Ha said in embarrassment.

From a distance, Chen Long felt a chill. He looked at the Nether King in disbelief.

That Netherworld creature got hit by the Great Path Principle's punishing lightning, but he didn't perish? What kind of a Netherworld creature was that?

Absolutely not a Great Void Realm creature! Is that a Heavenly Void Realm Netherworld creature? How could that sort of creature enter the continent?

Chen Long felt so cold. He got a feeling that he had encountered a big trouble... He must report this to the Sacred Master of the Wavering Light Holy Land at once!

He was also mourning. His second brother had shielded him and died. His third brother also died. However, he was so helpless at the moment. He couldn't even avenge them!

With endless grievance, he glanced at the Nether King, who had just been struck by lightning.

Stepping on the void, he wanted to seize the chance to escape when the other was under the Great Path Principle's attack.

However, just when he was about to escape in just a blink, his entire body was blasted away.

Because, right inside the void crack he had just created, an exquisite, black dog's paw slowly patted his head!