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 Dash! Dash! Dash!

Bu Fang, Chu Changsheng, and Xiao Ya walked through a long corridor of the Gluttony God's Building, which was empty and dreary.

Bu Fang wore the Vermillion Robe, walking slowly, while Chu Changsheng and Xiao Ya walked ahead of him.

The three of them crossed the corridor. Immediately, light shone in front of them, bright and dazzling. They couldn't help but raise their hands to shade their eyes.

They continued to walk in silence until they came to a place that looked somewhat familiar.

It was a dark cave, which looked like a bottomless hole that could swallow people.

Beside the entrance stood a stone stele that was covered in grass. Mold grew over it, which made it seem so old.

The stele read "Road of Gluttony," but the words weren't really in good form. However, it was somehow full of charm.

Apparently, the one who wrote the words was a great character.

"Those words were written by the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony. The first Valley Master was a talented and outstanding expert. He had subdued the entire Hidden Dragon Royal Court, and those Holy Lands didn't dare to breathe aloud at that time..." said Chu Changsheng as he looked at the stone stele, talking casually.

The wounds on his body had almost recovered, and the bleeding holes had practically closed.

It was the recovery power of an expert at the Almighty echelon.

"The inheritance you said is right in this Road of Gluttony?" Bu Fang turned to look at Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng nodded with a sigh, his eyes reflecting the conflicted emotions within him. He remembered the time he had crossed the Road of Gluttony...

Since Xiao Ya had arrived, she became panic-stricken. Her big eyes gazed at the Road of Gluttony. It seemed familiar, and her eyes blurred.

Bright light dots bloomed on her forehead.

Chu Changsheng rubbed Xiao Ya's head, his eyes showed his tenderness for her.

"Let's go. We'll enter the Road of Gluttony now..." Chu Changsheng said. He turned to look at Bu Fang, his mouth curving in a smile. His blood-stained, white beard moved.

Road of Gluttony... Bu Fang was a little curious. He raised his brows then lifted his feet, entering the black cave that looked like a massive mouth of a beast.

However, right after Bu Fang and Chu Changsheng entered the dark place, the tearing wind echoed.

In the void, someone appeared, flying. His aura was very terrifying.

"Unexpectedly, the inheritance is still hidden in the Road of Gluttony... That moron, Chu Changsheng, has been deceiving us!" He was an elder of the Valley of Gluttony, but he was actually from the other force sent to the Valley of Gluttony.

Not only him, the other elders also came, gazing at the Road of Gluttony's entrance with strange looks.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Outside the Valley of Gluttony, formidable aura shot high in the sky.

Those elders looked excited. The Almighty experts from their Holy Lands had arrived!

That meant that the Holy Lands had decided to make their move!

They exchanged looks and saw a strange glint in each other's eyes. Then, they broke the void, hurrying to go outside.


Yan Yu stayed in the shadows, looking at Chu Changsheng and Bu Fang entering the Road of Gluttony. His eyes looked sinister and malicious.

He punched the wall beside him. Because he didn't use true energy to cover his fist, his punch just left a dent on the wall.

"The inheritance is in the Road of Gluttony... Chu Changsheng didn't choose me! He chose that gluttonous kid! Damn it!" Yan Yu's eyes were full of bitterness and resentment.

Why did he have to stay in this shabby Valley of Gluttony if not for the inheritance? Without that inheritance, how could this damn Valley of Gluttony attract a genius like him?

"If you won't give the inheritance to me... then I will get it for it myself! I won't let it go! No one can stop me!"

Yan Yu gritted his teeth. Then, his body blended into the darkness, disappearing in an instant.


The three Golden Armored Protectors came out of the space crack.

Their auras were terrifying, and their breath was dark and sinister. Even though they were a little weaker than Old Ling, they had almost reached the Almighty Echelon.

They were the strongest experts among the Golden Armored Guards. If they burst out their power, they wouldn't be weaker than the Almighty experts!

When they found out that Protector Golden Sabre had died, they received Amethyst Elder's order to go to the Valley of Gluttony.

They were here to help Old Ling take the inheritance!

Amethyst Elder had been so crazy about the inheritance, and for this, he had invested a lot. However, they didn't know why the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance was so important to him.

"I sensed Old Ling's aura... He's over there," said one of the Golden Armored Protectors, pointing to a direction.

Without wasting any time, they turned into jets of gold light, flying toward that direction.


The two brothers, Chen Gong and Chen Long, wore the Setting Sun Bow and Shooting Sun Bow on their backs, their aura tremendous. The void around them cracked and shattered.

Chen Long was really intimidating. He wasn't just an ordinary Almighty-he already had half a step into the Divine Soul Realm.

The pressure from his power swept through several hundred miles around.

Slowly, he took the big bow on his back. This bow was the divine weapon of the Wavering Light Holy Land, the Shooting Sun Bow. His arrow could reach the dazzling sun in the sky!

"Killing my third brother? Unforgivable..."

Chen Long's eyes bloomed with thousands of light beams. His big eyes seemed able to see through spaces, observing everything from a far distance.

He saw Chen Cang's dead body on the ground, which was a cold and stiff corpse now. He also saw the Exterminating Sun Bow lying beside him, its light already dim.

Flames of anger rose higher in his chest!

"ARRRGGGHHH!" Chen Long screamed, his face glowing with grief. His hair flew in the wind as if it wanted to tear the void.

His scream was full of grievances.

Chen Gong also wore a grave face. Sadness rolled in his eyes. He had never thought that his third brother, Chen Cang, would die tragically here.


Meanwhile, Nether King Er Ha swallowed the last piece of bamboo shoot that was stuffed with Spicy Strips. With a regretful face, he licked his lips.

"Oh, they're all gone.... Old Bu, hey? Where's Old Bu? I want to get some Spicy Strips from him!"

Nether King Er Ha was a little bewildered. He looked around. Saint Daughter Zi Yun was slumped on the table, sniggering.

Mu Cheng was still immersed in the taste of the Myriad Living Things, while Liu Jiali and the others looked solemn. They neither spoke nor smiled.

From a distance, Lu Tao looked absent-minded, and Ouyang Chenfeng wore a forced smile on his face.

Bu Fang was nowhere to be seen.

All of a sudden, Nether King Er Ha felt something. He lifted his head to look.

From that direction came a deafening cry. It made the void boom unceasingly. Wisps of spirit energy gathered as if they wanted to crush this place!

"Er? What's that?" Nether King Er Ha was a little perplexed.

In the void, a pair of eyes arose, filled with sorrow and murderous intent.

He looked at Nether King Er Ha, his murderous intent rocketing!

"Who dared kill my third brother? Die!" The ear-piercing voice thundered. Everybody felt their eardrums shaking, as if they would burst off.

The Sixth Elder's team was shaken hard. They shivered under the pressure. They even almost kneeled!

It was a God's pressure!

An Almighty at the Half-step Divine Soul Realm!

Everybody took a cold breath. How could they meet such a terrifying existence here in the Valley of Gluttony?


The Exterminating Sun Bow glowed on the ground. Then, it leaped up, flying toward the shadow in the sky.

Instantly, it fell into that shadow's hand.

Chen Long's face was sorrowful. His hand trembled, caressing the Exterminating Sun Bow. As he felt Chen Cang's remaining aura in the bow, flames of anger rose unceasingly in his chest!

Immense murderous aura rolled in a torrent.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Destroy this Valley of Gluttony! Kill them all!

Bury them with Third Brother!

Nether King Er Ha had picked up a blade of grass and held it between his lips. He looked excited as he watched the intimidating figure in the void.

The others around him shivered.

Nether King Er Ha seemed not affected at all.

"Half-step Divine Soul Realm? Tsk tsk tsk..."


Chen Long's eyes focused on the Nether King, murderous aura congregating.

He slowly took the big bow behind his head. The big bow sparkled as if it got a blazing sun on it.

"Wavering Light's Shooting Sun Bow. An arrow from this can break the sky. Since you killed my third brother, I'll use your blood as a sacrifice..."

Boom! Boom!

The entire Valley of Gluttony was shaken. Countless wisps of energy gathered in the sky, turning into a long arrow.

The dazzling arrow looked like the sun in the sky! Too bright and blazing!

Chen Long's eyes were like electricity, gazing at Nether King Er Ha.

Chen Gong stood behind him, his face grieving.

In the Valley of Gluttony, everybody shivered, kneeling and crouching on the ground.

Facing them was like facing the real Gods.

"That arrow can break the sky? Arrogant... What a frog sitting under the coconut shell. Stupid!" Nether King Er Ha raged, then turned more serious. He stood up, his hair flying in the wind.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun shivered, hiding behind Nether King Er Ha. However, she looked excited as she gazed at him.

"Big Brother Ha... So handsome! You're so brave facing a Half-step Divine Soul Realm existence!"

"Die!" Chen Long shouted coldly, his voice thundering in the air.

Then, the dazzling sun arrow in his hand shot out.

The bowstring's releasing sound was ear-piercing, giving people a head-splitting headache.

The dazzling sun spun, booming in thousands of beams that were too harsh to the eyes.

That blazing sun slowly pressed over from outside the Valley of Gluttony. The entire valley was shaking, as though it would collapse soon.


Mo Liuji leaned against a big tree. Lifting his head, he indifferently looked at the radiant sun in the sky.

He rubbed his chin. The corners of his mouth rose as he contemplated.

"The three brothers with their bows from Wavering Light Holy Land... Interesting. Anyway, they're striking too hard. Aren't they afraid of breaking the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance?" mused Mo Liuji.

However, he didn't think much about it as he raised the star compass in his hand. It wasn't a big compass, but it had countless twinkling dots moving.

A brilliant star was prominent on his star compass.

Mo Liuji yawned then said to himself, "Hmm... Got it. The one who took Her Highness' heart... I do want to be enlightened. I hope he won't fail me."

He opened his drowsy eyes, and a drop of tear lingered at the corner. Right after that, the tips of his feet pushed the tree, and he slowly flew out.

All of a sudden, his flying body shuddered.

Lifting his head, he looked at the blazing sun arrow, disbelief written all over his face.

"What kind of aura is this? A Netherworld creature?!"