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 Bu Fang's words shocked Chu Changsheng, freezing him on the spot.

People around didn't dare to breathe loud when they heard this.

This young chef... How dare he talk to the Great Elder like that?

Nether King Er Ha didn't mind them. He continued to shove everything into his mouth, stuffing it full.

The dark circles under his eyes had soon disappeared. He ate until his face was shining. He looked exactly like a foodie now, and he didn't have the majestic eyes that could break any light arrow.

Saint Daughter Yi Zun ran and stood behind the Nether King unknowingly. She opened her eyes wide, looking at him wolfing down the food.

Nether King Er Ha paused as he seemed to feel Zi Yu's curious gaze.

With a stuffed mouth, he turned to look at the cute Saint Daughter Zi Yun. He sniffled, then grabbed a cube of bamboo shoot with chopped Spicy Strips inside.

"Here, taste this. Old Bu's food is absolutely delicious! Also, it has Spicy Strips, the divine weapon! You should savor and cherish this bamboo shoot," said the Nether King seriously.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes brightened. She gently swept aside a tuft of hair out of her forehead. Then, her red and succulent lips elegantly parted.

Nether King Er Ha was bewildered. "What are you doing?"

"Aren't you going to feed me?" Zi Yun batted her big eyes, asking.

The corners of Nether King Er Ha's mouth twitched. He was the master of the Netherworld, the Great Nether King. This junior wanted him to feed her food? Did this girl want to ascend to the sky?

Zi Yun squinted. Her beautiful nose gently breathed as her red lips slightly parted.

Nether King Er Ha was chewing for a while. Seeing Zi Yun's pose, his words of rejection were held back as he thought, "Oh, well. Never mind, then. I got food in my mouth. It's tiring to talk anyway, so I'll just give this junior a little food."

He brought his chopsticks to Zi Yun's mouth, and put the food into her glossy, full mouth.

The oily juice made her succulent, red mouth more attractive.

Nether King Er Ha glanced at her then turned around, chomping again on Bu Fang's dish.

Zi Yun slightly blushed. She felt she got two red dots on her face, making her appear shy.

"So delicious..." Squinting, she tasted the food inside her mouth. Her taste buds were stimulated, making her entire body tingle with numbness.

This dish was so good.

"Anyway, it's embarrassing... Big Brother Ha fed me himself," Saint Daughter Zi Yun thought, and she couldn't help but grin. She covered her face with both hands, and slumped on the table, beaming in secret.

Nether King Er Ha cast Saint Daughter Zi Yun a sidelong glance, thinking, "This junior... is sick."


Chu Changsheng slowly turned around, giving Bu Fang a natural glance.

He was holding Xiao Ya. The kid struggled a little bit, as though she wanted to escape his arms.

Chu Changsheng's true energy wound around him and captured the little girl, restraining her from struggling.

"Do you know where I want to take the kid to? And for what?" asked Chu Changsheng.

"I don't know, and it doesn't matter. You want to take Xiao Ya, but it's only in the case I lost the Chef's Challenge against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. Actually, until now, I haven't been defeated, so why can't I go with you? If I didn't allow you to bring Xiao Ya, do you think you could do that?" Bu Fang said naturally.

Chu Changsheng's eyes focused, meeting Bu Fang's eyes. A moment later, he exhaled before saying, "The place I'm going to take Xiao Ya to is the purpose of those invaders. It's the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance," said Chu Changsheng, looking as though he was yearning for it.

He continued, "The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance can't fall into those people's hands... Xiao Ya's the key to open the inheritance, and she's also the heiress... Once Xiao Ya got the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony, she will become the next Valley Master of our Valley of Gluttony!"

Chu Changsheng couldn't help but show his enthusiasm.

Bu Fang was astonished.

Xiao Ya... the Valley Master?

How old is Xiao Ya? How could Chu Changsheng have the guts to make the kid the Valley of Gluttony's Valley Master?

However, if it turned out this way, it could be a good chance for Xiao Ya...

Bu Fang contemplated then lifted his head. "Alright, anyway, the cooking battle must continue. The rest of the top ten chefs have to fight against me."

Chu Changsheng was bewildered. He felt skeptical, though.

So, it wasn't to protect Xiao Ya that Bu Fang asked them to have a Chef's Challenge?

He did the cooking battles just because he wanted to compete?

Chu Changsheng narrowed his eyes, looking at Bu Fang skeptically.

However, Bu Fang's face did not reveal anything. He remained calm and indifferent throughout this exchange.


"Great Elder, no need to worry. Even if he doesn't compete, we won't let him go..."

Right when Chu Changsheng was hesitating, some clanging sounds emerged behind Bu Fang.

Lu Tao gazed at Bu Fang, talking seriously. In his hand, a kitchen knife released a five-colored halo, which looked so dreamy.

This man was Reverie Knife, Lu Tao.

"Our cooking battle hasn't ended yet. Do you want to run away?" Lu Tao said, full of fighting will.

Bu Fang arched his brows, slowly turning around. "Oh, my bad. I'm sorry I forgot about you. Do it now. Work fast, win fast."

Reverie Knife Lu Tao froze. His face sparked with anger.

This kid... dared to disdain him!

Chu Changsheng looked at the two of them, taking a deep breath. Then, he turned around, hugging Xiao Ya as they walked out of the Gluttony God's Building.

He must hurry and get the inheritance. Once those old fogies watching the Valley of Gluttony got it, it would be so much trouble.

However, he hadn't stepped much when he heard the clanging sound of a kitchen knife falling on the floor. Right after that, Reverie Knife Lu Tao's trembling voice was heard.

"I... lost."


Whitey stood on gold Shrimpy. They glided fast through the air, their shadows flashing as they disappeared into the sky.

Their speed was so fast.

Then, after a series of sonic booms, the void seemed to shatter. A long halberd was wielded, and light shadows mingled.

Old Ling of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land looked cold. He was gazing at Whitey with a look full of murderous aura.

His hand shook one, and the long halberd flew out. The giant blade flashed, and the patterns on the blade glowed brightly.


A furious light band swept through from the halberd. The void shook. Light rolled over with explosions.

Gold Shrimpy's running routes were blocked.

"Die! I have to smash each piece of you, iron puppet!" Old Ling roared.


The light band of the halberd hit the gold shrimp. Shrimpy was blown, falling fiercely on the ground, rolling once.

Old Ling landed, gripping his halberd. As the tip of his feet touched the ground, it exploded, sending his body away.

The void rippled.


Suddenly, Old Ling's eyes shrank.

In the ruins, a formidable aura expanded. Right after that, a metal stick that looked hot-red zoomed in his eyes. Then, the end of the stick that was aiming at him enlarged massively.


The halberd blade hit the metal stick. Sparks were sent everywhere. The clanging sounds of metal hitting each other echoed unceasingly.

Old Ling was hit backward. He stepped on the ground and shattered it. After he steadied his body, he turned to take a look.

The metal stick shrank. It shivered, then tore the wind, hissing as it was flying toward Old Ling!

"Oh, you got the guts to counterattack!" Old Ling grinned then swayed to duck. The halberd wielded, hitting hard on the metal stick.

Sparks were sent everywhere.

A white, savage figure dashed forward. It reached the old man within two steps, then the leaf-like hand wielded the stick.

Formidable energy rolled. Old Ling was struck to the ground, creating a deep crater.

Whitey's eyes had turned completely ash-white. Its body released steam as the metal wings on its back opened. The clanging noises didn't cease.

Devouring three more God Slaying weapons, Whitey's fighting prowess had leveled up one more time. Its aura was now condensed and terrifying.


Hissing and screaming were heard from the ruins in the ground.

The War God Stick spun, flying out. After rolling several times, Whitey grabbed it.

Old Ling stood up from the ruin, looking helter-skelter. His eyes became cold and savage.

"A puppet at the Almighty level... No, it can't be true! Can't believe a puppet can level up!" Old Ling opened his eyes wide, crying out as though he had just discovered something unbelievable.

Although Whitey's original power was strong, it had never reached the Almighty level.

However, after a short time, the puppet's stick could be... almost comparable to an Almighty like him!

It was... really hair raising!

If he let this puppet ascend more, how formidably strong it could be?

Since it was his enemy, he had to kill it before it could level up...

Thus, Old Ling's halberd shook, its murderous aura rocketing into the sky!



The soul ladder emerged above his head. The Heavenly Spring Star shone on him, and his aura reached the peak instantly. With a cold look, he gazed at Whitey, who was holding the hot-red War God Stick in its hand.

Whitey's ash-gray eyes moved. The ash hue of its eyes got a small black dot, which was moving as if it got intelligence.


One end of the War God Stick pounded the ground, caving it in. The two metal wings flapped behind its back like a hawk's wings!

"Enemy's murderous intention detected... Die."


Reverie Knife Lu Tao was defeated. He was so scared out of his wits.

The others around held their breaths, not daring to make a sound.

Bu Fang used only one knife to subdue Lu Tao, making him give up in despair.

It was out of people's expectations.

They didn't see the knife that was like a night-blooming cactus that shows up only once. However, as Lu Tao was in the center of Bu Fang's performance, he naturally felt the terrifying feature of Bu Fang's knife.

Bu Fang slowly slashed a knife with shining gold light. The shadows of the knife gathered, and there were around nine of them. Lu Tao seemed to feel a horrible existence gazing at him, and that look had shattered his mind in just a wink.

That realization in front of an absolute power was just the flower in the mirror, or the moon in the water. Thus, he admitted his defeat even before the battle. It was something instinctive.

A knife... to subdue.

Bu Fang shouldered the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, glancing at Lu Tao with his emotionless face.

The knife cabinet arose. As Ouyang Chenfeng had a forced smile, his cicada-wing knife was taken together with Lu Tao's Reverie Knife and Wang Tong's Broken Jade Knife.

Lu Tao was absent-minded. Ouyang Chenfeng kept giving a forced smile. However, Wang Tong was indifferent. He just gazed at Bu Fang, then turned around to leave.

Retrieving the kitchen cabinet, Bu Fang slowly walked away. He said to Chu Changsheng, "Okay... Let's go."

Chu Changsheng remained silent, but he didn't deny this time. Shortly, the two of them disappeared from the Gluttony God's Building.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony

A sonic boom echoed.

The void cracked, and two people with longbows on their backs appeared, bringing their grudges.

In another place, so many stars emerged when the void was split. A lazy man yawned and walked out of it, crossing his arms in front of his chest. His eyes squinted as if he didn't have any energy left.

And, somewhere, claws tore the void. Several figures in golden armor arrived.

Their target was the Valley of Gluttony.

At this moment, outside the Valley of Gluttony, flows of formidable auras shot up into the sky!

They resonated with each other from a distance.

Those auras belonged to Almighty experts!

In the Valley of Gluttony, most of the creatures shivered as they felt the auras.

They were so scared and desperate.

Could it be... the doomsday of the Valley of Gluttony?