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 Chapter 75: Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab

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"Head elder... Do you need us to move out?" the two Soul Sect members standing behind Hun Qianyun asked.

There seemed to be a spirit fire pulsating within Hun Qianyun's pupils. It gave others an eerie feeling, as if they were facing a wraith that escaped from hell.

"Do you not realize that King Yu is testing us? Even though King Yu has joined forces with us, he's still someone that belongs to the imperial court after all while we're from the sects. Our relationship is originally like that of fire and water. If King Yu wasn't aiming for the throne, he wouldn't dare to violate the taboo and cooperate with us," Hun Qianyun simply said. Every time he spoke, the spirit fire in his pupils would throb once.

"Humans, for the sake of benefits, will always take a risk. No matter what sort of identity you have, this will always be the case."

"Then... what does head elder intend to do?" the two members of the Soul Sect puzzledly asked.

"A few days ago, Hun Qianduan and the Sword Monarch escaped to that store. They relied on the protection of the store to obstruct the pursuit of Xiao Meng and Lian Fu. That mysterious store's strength is absolutely unimaginable for us. According to the rumors, there's a ninth grade supreme beast watching over the store. King Yu's objective is for us to sound out the actual situation. If we can succeed in killing him... that would be best," Hun Qianyun slowly said.

"However, even two seven grade Battle-Saints like Xiao Meng and Lian Fu were intercepted. If mere Battle-Emperors like you two were to go, it would be akin to committing suicide..."

The pupils of the two Soul Sect members immediately constricted as they felt a chill suddenly rise up from the bottom of their feet.

"Let Ah Long and Ah Hu go. They're both fifth grade Battle-Kings. If they rely on our techniques, they might be able to succeed in the assassination. Even if they fail... we'll only lose two Battle-Kings," Hun Qianyun said as he turned around.


As the night descended, the early winter night brought a nip in the air. Gray clouds were quietly moving under the influence of the wind in the skies, concealing the two crescent moons that were calling out to each other.

Within Fang Fang's Little store, Bu Fang had already changed into a comfortable set of clothing. His long hair was tied up with a woolen rope and his forehead was free of any bangs.

"The Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab is a dish that tests the quality of the ingredients and the control over the heat during the pan-fry process," Bu Fang muttered as he entered the kitchen. At the moment, he was planning to practice the dish that was randomly drawn, the Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab.

The flower crab, also known as portunus pelagicus, was a type of sea crab. It was known as flower crab due to the white spots on its shell. The meat of the flower crab was both tender and rich in nutrients.

Of course... This was true regarding an ordinary flower crab.

Based on Bu Fang's understanding of the system, the Tyrant Flower Crab would definitely not be an ordinary flower crab. It would definitely be a spirit beast.

When he entered the kitchen, there was a large water tank on the floor. There was no water within the tank, but a gigantic flower crab with its claws and legs tied up was placed inside.

This flower crab was beautiful. Its shell was fiery red in color while densely covered in crimson patterns, forming a dazzling picture.

"The Tyrant Flower Crab is a fifth grade spirit beast from the sea region of the Wildlands. Its attack power is extremely strong and its fighting ability is terrifying. It usually lives in a group and is one of the scariest groups in the sea region of the Wildlands. However, its meat is delicious and is an extremely good ingredient," The system solemnly introduced the Tyrant Flower Crab's information to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes. He already knew that the Tyrant Flower Crab would definitely not be an ordinary sea crab. The objective of the system was cooking fine food. The ingredients provided would definitely be first-rate.

Bu Fang expressionlessly grabbed a kitchen knife with a pointed end from above the table. The kitchen knife was glimmering with sharpness. As Bu Fang casually flicked his wrist, the kitchen knife began to twirl in his hand.

The Tyrant Flower Crab, which was tied up with a woolen rope, was obediently lying within the water tank. It was hard to imagine that it was actually a fifth grade spirit beast.

As Bu Fang flipped the Tyrant Flower Crab over, it was still cluelessly foaming at its mouth.

Once the belly of the Tyrant Flower Crab was exposed, Bu Fang stabbed the uppermost part of the belly with the tip of the kitchen knife. Within that instant, the Tyrant Flower Crab suddenly began to struggle. Its eyes were whirling around endlessly while the foam produced from its mouth increased.

After around half an hour, the Tyrant Flower Crab finally stopped struggling and the woolen rope used to tie its claws had also loosened. After prying open the abdomen shell and removing it, Bu Fang began to clean and process the Tyrant Flower Crab.

Once everything was settled, Bu Fang took out a frying pan. He poured some oil into it and let the pan heat up first.

Taking out the heavy kitchen knife which Bu Fang used everyday for his morning Meteor Cutting Technique practice, he removed the woolen rope that was used to bind the Tyrant Flower Crab.

Once the temperature of the oil was hot enough, Bu Fang's eyes suddenly became sharp. The heavy kitchen knife was viciously swung and it immediately split the Tyrant Flower Crab into two. The cut made was extremely smooth.

Bu Fang's hand speed was extremely fast. During the instant when the Tyrant Flower Crab was cut open, before the crab butter could flow out, he immediately moved the entire crab onto the frying pan.


A rich fragrance instantly emerged from the frying pan. That was the reaction caused by the meeting between crab meat, crab butter, and hot oil.

Next was the control over the heat. Regarding this, Bu Fang was already quite experienced. Even though the Tyrant Flower Crab was gigantic, it was not a problem for him.

Soon, the Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab was ready to be served.

The Tyrant Flower Crab, which was split into two, was placed onto a plate and its exterior shell had assumed an even brighter shade of red. Due to the oil covering its surface, it was glittering underneath the illumination of the lighting.

The smell of the crab butter was extremely fragrant after it was pan-fried. In addition with Bu Fang's ability over controlling the heat, the meat of the crab was white, fragrant, and tender. As it exuded billows of steam, it aroused one's appetite.

Bu Fang licked his lips. After wiping off the water droplets on his hands, he sat down on a chair and began to heartily eat the Pan-Fried Tyrant Flower Crab.

"As expected, this is a hundred times tastier than the Immortal Phoenix's Restaurant Pan-Fried Flower Crab. How can my culinary skills be so formidable?" Bu Fang shamelessly thought as he ate.

Half of the Tyrant Flower Crab was just nice for Bu Fang, so the other half was reclaimed into Whitey's stomach.

After cleaning up, Bu Fang stretched his body and yawned. After eating for the entire day, he was feeling slightly exhausted and was going to have an early rest. Having enough sleep was extremely important for a young man aiming to become the God of Cooking.

As the lights went out, everything returned into darkness and silence once more.

Deep in the night, the sound of something moving through the air suddenly emanated from the entrance of the alleyway. The pitch-black figures were almost impossible to capture by the naked eye in the darkness.

The movement of the two people were agile as they slowly advanced while sticking to the quartzite walls of the alleyway. They were practically not making any sound.

Bu Fang's store was divided into two floors. The first floor was the business area, while on the second there were many rooms with windows and Bu Fang's room was among them. Bu Fang's room was very comfortable with a large open window. Every morning, the sunlight would be projected through the window and the room would be nicely warm.

However, as it was in the middle of winter, Bu Fang locked the window to prevent the cold wind from entering.

The two figures stealthily stuck close to a window, with both of them standing on each side. Their auras were completely concealed.

At the entrance of the store, Blacky who was soundly asleep suddenly moved. It drowsily opened its doggy eyes and glanced upward.

"Eh? What are these two fifth grade little rats doing here in the middle of the night? Their techniques are quite strange. Unfortunately, they've run into this lord dog... However, it's just two fifth grade little rats. This lord dog can't be bothered to take care of them. Bark. I am so sleepy."

Blacky snorted as it lowered its doggy head and continued sleeping.

The eyes of the two Battle-Kings from the Soul Sect flashed as one of them placed his hand on the window and the window immediately opened.

The two of them looked toward each other in surprise. They did not expect for things to be so easy. However, it was not the time for them to hesitate. The two of them agilely went through the window.