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 Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang didn't say anything as he ran away.

He was shaken after seeing Nether King Er Ha's eyes through the light arrow. That pair of eyes made his spirit fluctuate, so much so that he immediately thought of escaping. That sort of look had given him a dangerous premonition.

Thus, he didn't hesitate, turning around and running away. He knew, right then and there, that he was no match against that young man.

That terrifying person could grab his arrow from the Exterminating Sun Bow! Even his second brother couldn't fight against it! He ran because he was afraid of death!

Perhaps only his big brother, who had had half a step to the Divine Soul Realm, could deal with that person.

If this fellow weren't at the sect-founder Divine Soul Realm, at least, he would have half a step in the Almighty echelon!

That sort of Almighty expert was the top among the group of experts in the Holy-Lands!

Nether King Er Ha grabbed the light arrow. After talking coldly, a moment later, he rolled his eyes, and the dark energy fumed from his body. The light arrow moved backward faster, aiming at Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang.

Chen Cang felt the hissing noise behind him. His body felt so tense.

His hair scattered as he cried!

The Exterminating Sun Bow immediately released a dazzling halo. His feet touched the ground, then, his bird-light body swiftly flew up. He raised his hand, grabbing the Exterminating Sun Bow.

The longbow released dazzling radiance. He pulled the bowstring, shooting light arrows again and again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Chen Cang's light arrows struck the light arrow the Nether King had sent back. The arrows exploded, shaking with a boom!

The terrifying energy rippled from the center of the explosion.

Chen Cang threw himself in a frenzy, roaring and crying unceasingly.

All of a sudden, his eyes widened as he saw a beam of black energy on the light arrow, which was sent back to him.

It's... dark energy!

"You're a Netherworld creature!" Chen Cang shouted. He felt like he was boiling. The Exterminating Sun Bow was in front of him, and the light arrow hit it.

Chen Cang spurted blood as he was shoved backward. The light arrow pierced through his chest. The Exterminating Sun Bow was hurled into the sky, then fell on the ground with a clank.

Chen Cang tumbled, his face ashen.

Netherworld creature... The Netherworld had such a formidable creature?

So, the Principle of the Hidden Dragon Continent didn't work anymore? It couldn't stop the creature over the Greater Ethereal Echelon?

Who's this formidable existence in front of him? What's going on?

Chen Cang looked at the big hole in his chest, his face twitching. His entire body was shaking unceasingly as blood gushed from his mouth.

Dark energy lingered in his wound, which prevented his own true energy to cure his body.

Indeed, it was the evil dark energy of the Netherworld creatures!

Chen Cang's face turned desperate.

He turned around, but he fell on the ground. He reached his hands to crawl forward. However, it was so difficult for him at this moment.


Boom! Boom!

Dark clouds rumbled in the sky.

Nether King Er Ha grabbed a cube of bamboo shoot stuffed with Spicy Strips. Finally, he contentedly shoved it into his mouth.

As soon as the bamboo shoot got into his mouth, the delicious taste exploded. The taste of the Spicy Strip... made him slump in his chair.

As he was chewing, his eyes opened to cast a sidelong glance at the thick dark clouds in the sky. His mouth curved disdainfully.

"Hidden Dragon Continent's Great Path's Principle... Hmmm... Such a resentful soul hasn't dispersed yet."

Nether King Er Ha chuckled. He retrieved his aura, and his body resumed its normal state. Then, he began to dig in the Myriad Living Things.

He ate, nodding over and over again as he chewed and swallowed.

The other judges gawked and dropped their jaws. However, they got ahold of themselves quickly. They hurriedly raised their chopsticks, grabbing cubes of bamboo shoots.

The cubes of bamboo shoot embraced the Spicy Strips. The thick vitality vigorously expanded with the essence energy, hitting people's hearts continuously.

As they parted their lips, thick living energy escaped.

This feeling... made the judges, who had been utterly sorrowful because of the Moonset Crying Crow, change their complexion.

Surging vitality was the special feature of this dish, and Bu Fang had promoted this feature exquisitely. Furthermore, the feeling the dish had brought was also novel.

The spring bamboo shoot was tender and fresh. As the bamboo meat was already aromatic, added with the stir-fried spirit beast meat, people couldn't help but open their mouths to breathe out the spicy savor.

Because of the spicy savor, people's mouth watered. That beautiful feeling made them unable to resist it.

They swallowed, and the food entered their belly.

The spicy savor slid from their oral cavity. The stimulating feeling crossed their mouths and made their pores open. The steaming heat rose together with vitality!

The gloomy feeling was swept away!

Because it was stir-fried with high heat, the unique aroma of the cooking ingredients was well-preserved, giving a completely special feeling.

Myriad Living Things. After swallowing this dish, people could feel all living things on earth waking up!

It felt like they were standing in a fertile meadow. And then, one night, the spring wind came. Sprouts broke the soil, and green shoots packed the entire meadow. Everything was full of life!

The Sixth Elder squinted. He still had oily juice on his lips. The corners of his mouth arched exaggeratingly, and his mustache twitched continuously.

He couldn't help but beam. This dish made people happy mentally and physically. They could even feel that their bodies had become lighter.

The Sixth Elder opened his eyes. His mood changed after eating this dish. His aura changed, and it seemed he was about to break through.

Mu Cheng clamped her legs. The abundant vitality surged, making her feel like she was running on a great meadow. The sorrow she got from the Moonset Crying Crow had been washed off and replaced by happy vitality!

"I told you, Old Bu's food is really good. This taste, this Spicy Strip, oh... It's actually invincible! What could compare with it?" Nether King Er Ha talked while grabbing more food.

Seizing the chance as the other judges were enjoying the food and their cheered up mood, he shoved more cubes into his mouth.

Although the Spicy Strip was delicious, the other ingredients weren't bad. Nether King Er Ha didn't mind and just swept the food into his mouth.

At that moment, his mouth was shiny with grease, and he didn't have the majestic posture that he had used to shoot Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang down with one arrow.


Meanwhile, Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang was dying. He might have to leave his life here.

His body couldn't recover because the dark energy was eroding him unceasingly.

His eyes blurred, and his vitality was decreasing.

He knew that he was about to die, but he couldn't accept it. He was killed by a Netherworld creature.

His bow had killed so many Netherworld creatures, piercing through many of them at the Great Ethereal Echelon!

However, he could never think that one day, he was killed by his own Exterminating Sun, his own arrow.

Chen Cang wasn't willing, but he didn't even have the strength to get up on his feet.


His blood flowed, dyeing the Exterminating Sun Bow. Immediately, the Exterminating Sun Bow bloomed with radiance, shooting up into the sky.

The shining radiance expanded, projecting a shadow.

It was a man holding a big bow.

That big bow was even more terrifying. It had more formidable pressure than the Exterminating Sun Bow.

The shadow's eyes were like electric currents. He opened his mouth, and the sound he made was ear-piercing. The horrible aura flooded the entire square.

"Who dared to kill my brother, Chen Cang?"

Chen Cang tried to open his eyes. Seeing the shadow, his mind shook, spurting blood.

"Big Brother, save me!" Chen Cang managed to cry out.

He now had hope. It was his big brother's clone, the clone of an expert who had half step in the Divine Soul Realm! That clone could give him hope!

The clone was enraged, booming like a thunderclap.

His torch-bright eyes saw his little brother's shattered figure. He became even more enraged!

However, a moment later, a black and hollow palm came, emitting a loud thud that echoed.

The clone of that expert was smashed, and it exploded instantly. It turned into wisps of energy, then dispersed into thin air, leaving only its screaming and roaring voice.

Nether King Er Ha put more cubes of Spicy Strip into his mouth, brushing his hands.

"Some fly here dared to disturb His Highness' dinner? Especially at a time when I'm enjoying the Spicy Strip? Good riddance!" Nether King Er Ha's mouth was full, so his voice was a little muffled.

Chen Cang, who was perishing on the ground, looked dumbstruck and desperate.

It was the first time he had such a desperate feeling. His hope was smashed within a second after he had it...

This feeling made Chen Cang spurt blood from his chest. His head dropped back into the ruin, breathing his last breath.

Almighty Chen Cang from the Wavering Light Holy Land, the user of the Exterminating Sun Bow, died.

At the same time in the Wavering Light Holy Land, a secret chamber exploded.

A figure with disheveled hair carrying a giant bow stormed with grief. He screamed sorrowfully.

"Valley of Gluttony! Damn you, Valley of Gluttony! My third brother! You died tragically!"


Another chamber exploded. A similar figure with a longbow stormed out mournfully.

"Big Brother will avenge you!"

The two of them screamed angrily. They stepped into the void, shattering it. They moved through the void crack immediately!


Heavenly Secret Holy Land

Under a twinkling star compass, an old woman was walking with a staff. All of a sudden, her eyes focused on a dazzling star on the disk. She exhaled gently.

The dark purple staff knocked on the ground.

A moment later, wisps of cyan smoke gathered behind the old woman, becoming an elegant and unusual figure.

The unrestrained figure had his shirt opened at his chest. He was holding a black compass, and his face looked bored.

"Mo Liuji, I have something I want you to do..." said the old woman.

"Well, if you got something you want to be carried out, ask the talented Saint Daughter... I feel so lazy I don't want to move," drawled Mo Liuji as he yawned, scratching his exposed chest.

"The Saint Daughter can't do that. Only you can... See the location on the star compass?"

"Isn't it the Valley of Gluttony, the recent clamorous place of the Holy Lands? The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance has stirred up many excited fools from those Holy Lands," answered Mo Liuji, casting a disdainful glance at the compass.

The old woman turned and gazed at Mo Liuji seriously. "You go to Valley of Gluttony right now. We don't vie for the inheritance, but I need you to bring back the one that could trigger the star compass..."

Mo Liuji was surprised. In the next moment, he narrowed his eyes with a gleam of twinkling light.

"Grannie Mo, are you saying... How do I bring it back?"

"Any way is fine, as long as you bring that person here... I have a premonition that that person could be our Saint Daughter's heart devil. If it's her heart devil, we must kill it immediately," said Grannie Mo.

Mo Liuji raised the corners of his mouth, whistling. He stepped out. The void fissured, and he left through that crack.

"Alright then. For the talented Saint Daughter, Her Highness, I will work this time. Let's see this so-called Saint Daughter's heart devil."

At that moment, all the Holy Lands in the Hidden Dragon Continent made a move.


Chu Changsheng had blood all over his body. However, as he was an Almighty, his recovery power was strong. Although he was covered in bleeding holes, he didn't die yet. Slowly, he was recovering.

He walked to Xiao Ya, letting out a low sigh.

Xiao Ya looked at the bloody Chu Changsheng, taking a step back in fright. Her big eyes threw Bu Fang a 'save-me-please' look.

Chu Changsheng turned to Bu Fang, taking a deep breath. "Owner Bu, please let me borrow Xiao Ya for a while. I want her to take the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance. I can't let others steal it!"

Not waiting for Bu Fang's answer, he raised his hand and picked her up. Slowly, they headed to the door of the Gluttony God's Building.

Bu Fang frowned, looking at Chu Changsheng's back. A moment later, he opened his mouth and faintly said, "Wait, I'm going with you."