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 Many had never expected to see such an incident during the Chef's Challenge.

Bu Fang was a little bewildered. He was holding the Myriad Living Things with aroma diffusing in many directions, watching some people breaking the Gluttony God's Building and Whitey riding on gold Shrimpy.

He furrowed his brows. Those people came and made a mess in the arena. It seemed that the cooking battle could no longer continue.

Bu Fang felt annoyed. Furthermore, adding to his surprise, Nether King Er Ha, that hilarious fool, came too. Wasn't he escorted away last time?

How could he sneak out?

He looked at Er Ha and found that the imposing, majestic Nether King in the previous minute was now sitting on his judge seat, eyeing his Myriad Living Things and drooling.

He turned and looked at the two experts Whitey had pounded to the ground, then exhaled gently.

He placed the Myriad Living Things on the table and calmly said, "Taste it and announce the result. The Chef's Challenge isn't finished yet."

Bu Fang's expression remained indifferent as he said that.

The Sixth Elder's mustache rose, and he had almost plucked them off himself.

How could that fellow be so calm?

"Don't you see what the Valley of Gluttony is facing right now? Look at the Great Elder! He's almost dead! How could we have the mood to judge your food?" the Sixth Elder said with a sorrowful face.

Mu Cheng and the others also looked worried.

No matter what, it was their Valley of Gluttony. Once it fell into the enemy's hand, they would meet the disaster altogether.

Bu Fang indifferently looked at them and said, "I need the cooking battle's result."

Wang Tong's half black, half white hair flew gently. Watching the scene before him, he was as calm as usual, and his face didn't change.

He was curious about Bu Fang's Myriad Living Things. This dish made his heart shiver. Thus, he looked at it many times.

With its thick vitality and waves of surging and unceasingly multiplying energy, this dish seemed to be a gateway to something!

Feeling the vitality of the dish, he got goosebumps.

The spring bamboo shoot was full of energy. It was not really extraordinary to cook a dish like that. However, the vitality in this dish was too thick.

The judges were tough and resolute. Since a strong enemy had invaded the Valley of Gluttony, it wasn't something they could stand.

They must stand up and resist, even though they couldn't do much.

Standing in the distance, Chu Changsheng stumbled, looking like he would collapse soon. Deep bleeding holes on his body made people startled, their hearts shivering.

He coughed blood, his body gory.

However, his eyes remained resolute. He seemed to see hope.

Staggering several steps back, his eyes moved, falling on the young and pretty Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya was standing on the side, hugging a big pillar. Her eyes were full of spiritual nature.

Exhausted Chu Changsheng turned to Bu Fang and pleaded, "Owner Bu... No matter the results of the Chef's Challenge, would you let Xiao Ya go with me? The Valley of Gluttony doesn't have much time left... Xiao Ya's crucial to me and the entire Valley of Gluttony! She's very important to me!"

On his face, his white beard and hair looked gory. Although he was arrogant, his pale face looked desperate as he begged.

The solemn Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, the proud and arrogant one, was begging someone.

Bu Fang was surprised. The corners of his mouth looked reluctant. After he placed his dish on the table, he exhaled gently.

He slid the velvet rope from his hair, which made his hair cascade, then said, "You can take Xiao Ya. But I hope you won't hurt her. No matter what, the cooking battle has to continue... Tell them to announce the final result."

Chu Changsheng's desperate eyes immediately glowed with hope. Bu Fang agreed?

Cough. Cough. Cough.

Chu Changsheng coughed blood, and he excitedly stretched his body. The bleeding holes on his body couldn't bear that pressure, so blood gushed out again.

"Good, good, good! Thank you, Owner Bu! Our Valley of Gluttony will remember your favor!" cried Chu Changsheng.

He then turned to the judges and ordered, "You, judges, this Chef's Challenge isn't over yet. You can't let it go... Taste the dish and announce the final result!"

The Sixth Elder and the others shivered, their faces stern. All of them gave him a slight nod.

Their looks to Bu Fang turned complicated.

This little chef... had made the arrogant Great Elder bow and beg. He was extraordinary, indeed.

"Hurry! What are you all waiting for? Let's start!" Nether King Er Ha couldn't wait anymore. He parted his lips, his chopsticks quivering.

Mu Cheng and the others were speechless.

Zi Yun patted her forehead. Earlier, this fellow was so powerful that he had broken the light arrow from an expert. But now, his appearance and manners were a complete opposite of that. The difference was like heaven and earth!


Rattle! Rattle!

Two figures stood up from the ruin.

Old Ling, the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty, held onto his halberd. His face was dark and sinister, looking as though it could drip water.

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang panted, his eyes icy cold.

Energy was moving in their bodies, brushing the dust and rocks away.

Both of them lifted their heads, their eyes falling on Whitey. The latter was standing on Shrimpy with the God Slaying Stick in his hand.

This iron chunk didn't put them in its eyes. It had seized the chance to hit them when they weren't alert!

It had pounded them from the sky to the ground!

Their faces... They lost their faces!


Whitey's ash-white mechanical eyes twinkled, and sharp spikes jutted out of its entire body.

The puppet was holding several God Slaying weapons, which were from the enemies that had chased after it.

And now, those weapons were in its hands.


Meanwhile, outside the Gluttony God's Building, everything was in ruins.

Hazy smoke rose from the rubble, and pieces of ragged clothes fell from the sky.

People groaned and screamed around. Some crawled, trying to get up. They were all naked, their faces pale. Most of them coughed out blood.

Their clothes were all stripped off, and they had almost been killed by a stick.

Their God Slaying weapons were taken from them... They had just been treated like a dog!

They had f*cking encountered a morbid puppet!

It was understandable that their weapons were robbed off of them, but why strip their clothes as well? If they didn't have their life-saving technique, they would have already been killed by that hot-red God Slaying stick.

They were all bitter and sorrowful as they took out the extra clothes from their spatial spirit tool, putting them on. Then, they dashed toward the Gluttony God's Building. The battle there had just begun!

They wanted to see that iron puppet be punished!


Wielding the War God Stick in one hand, one end of the stick grew ten times bigger.

After the War God Stick had pounded the two of them, it slowly shrank to its normal size.


Whitey spun the War-God Stick once, then put it on its back. Two sharp spikes immediately clamped on it.

Turning to the God Slaying weapons it had just seized, Whitey's eyes sparkled as it looked at them.

There were three God Slaying weapons. Once Whitey swallowed them, it could level up one more time. Although these God Slaying weapons weren't high quality, which were several times lower than the God Slaying Axe Whitey had just eaten, there were several of them.

Quantity could change the quality.

"It's just a puppet... Die, you trash!" cried Old Ling. His eyes were so cold as he wielded the halberd. Within several meters around him, wind rose, and his true energy expanded.

His feet stomped, caving the ground on his feet. His body rocketed with the halberd sweeping horizontally, and terrifying strong winds boomed and rolled.

Old Ling directly came to kill Whitey.

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang's face was icy cold as well. However, his eyes didn't focus on Whitey. Although he was ambushed by Whitey's stick, his purpose was to force Chu Changsheng to hand over the inheritance.

In the sky, Whitey's ash-white eyes twinkled. A black hole immediately appeared on its round belly, and its hand shoved one God Slaying weapon into it.

The weapon shattered, divine energy dispersing everywhere. Whitey absorbed it quickly.

At that moment, Old Ling came to attack.

Whitey's sharp spikes became more ferocious. The leaf-like palm rose, grabbing the War God Stick as it stepped on Shrimpy's back.

Shrimpy's round eyes brightened. In the next second, it turned into a jet of gold light, dashing away as fast as lightning. It was so fast it could almost break the space!

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang coldly gazed at Chu Changsheng and said, "You think they can save you? Chu Changsheng... It's no use. Hand over the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance!"

Chen Cang raised his bow, then took a step forward. His stretched bow aimed at Chu Changsheng, who had already had so many bleeding holes on his body.

The light arrow condensed. Then, three light arrows were shot, aiming at Chu Changsheng at a fast speed. Sonic boom reverberated as the air exploded.

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank. He wanted to hide, but he couldn't.

Pufft! Pufft!

Blood splashed. Chu Changsheng's tumbling body was shot again. One light arrow pierced through his body, pinning him to the ground.

Chu Changsheng grabbed the light arrow, panting.

This arrow had almost torn his body.


The other two light arrows continued to fly, aiming at the judge's table. They came with thunder and swelling energy.

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang coldly looked at Nether King Er Ha. These two light arrows... were to test and provoke!

Earlier, Nether King Er Ha had burst out his pressure and power. Even though it was only for a short moment, it was enough to make him petrified and his heart race.

Logically, that sort of power shouldn't belong in this world!

Thus, he shot two arrows to probe that fellow's real power...

Did he try to deceive people mysteriously, or did he show real fighting competence?

After these two light arrows, he would know!


The arrows came hissing and roaring with a formidable energy that could shake the void.

The two light arrows made Bu Fang's hair fly, messing it up. He furrowed his brows and turned his head to see.

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang gawked. Dense blood veins came, gathering in his eyes.

He raised his hand, unfolded the fingers, and squeezed...

Immediately, the two lightning arrows merged, turning into one arrow. It aimed at Nether King Er Ha!

At that moment, Nether King Er Ha's chopsticks were trembling. He murmured in excitement, "How long has it been? Finally, I can taste the delicious Spicy Strips again..."

Although he couldn't eat the Spicy Strips directly, it was still a dish with the taste of the Spicy Strips. Naturally, he couldn't help himself...

His chopsticks came closer... and closer...

His chopsticks grabbed a cube of crystal jade bamboo shoot. Through the bamboo meat, he could see the hot, oily, and juicy Spicy Strips...

Oh my God!

Nether King Er Ha took a deep breath, his eyes passionate.

All of a sudden, he felt a terrifying wind coming. He had to lift his head.

It was an annoying, dazzling light arrow.

When Nether King Er Ha saw that, he was bewildered, then... outraged!

"Will you let His Highness eat or not? Do you really want to make things difficult for me? Young men these days want to throw their lives away just like that?"

He spread his arms, his five fingers directly grabbed the light arrow that was emitting formidable energy. A sonic boom echoed, but the light arrow couldn't inch forward...

Seeing that, Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang's heart sank.

Because, through the light arrow, he could see a pair of utterly cold eyes. It was the eyes of a warrior that had stepped on thousands of bodies.

Those eyes...

Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang didn't waste any time. Without a word, he promptly turned around and ran away.