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 Blood bathed the sky, and the thick scent of blood diffused inside the arena.

Chu Changsheng struggled to get up from the floor. His entire body had so many bleeding holes. Some holes had even pierced through, revealing his white bones.

No matter what, he was an Almighty expert. Although his body was pierced through and had many bleeding holes, his eyes were still cold and sharp. He got on his feet, his electricity-like eyes shot at the two figures hovering in the air.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land and the Wavering Light Holy Land. These two Holy Lands had attacked the Valley of Gluttony at the same time. As they had sent their Almighty existences here, it was like God wanted to destroy the Valley of Gluttony.

Chu Changsheng's heart felt somewhat tired. The Valley of Gluttony's power shrank gradually. And now, people came to their door to disgrace them.

In their peak of glory, no Holy Land dared to treat the Valley of Gluttony this way. Furthermore, the valley's experts were enough to subdue half of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

Any Holy Land had to bow and be subjected to the Valley of Gluttony back then. The Valley of Gluttony's Valley Master was really majestic in front of the Sacred Masters of the Holy Lands.

Chu Changsheng's body looked shattered and severely damaged. He was bleeding, his face desperate when he checked around. The ruined Valley of Gluttony was no longer in their glorious days.

The inheritance was their last hope, and it was about to be robbed...

Sorrow, pain, and desperation... These feelings churned in Chu Changsheng's heart.


Chu Changsheng spurted blood, his face turning ashen.

At this moment, the Gluttony Square was completely silent. Everybody was dumbstruck. This sudden incident was beyond their expectations.

The man with so many bleeding holes in his body... is the Great Elder?

How could it be the Great Elder? He's the Valley of Gluttony's pillar!

Many people looked frightened. How could this happen? The Great Elder was stabbed and bleeding terribly!

Bu Fang raised his brows, looking at the Great Elder...

Then, he lifted his head to look at the two men with the halberd and the longbow. Their auras were so furious that they had subdued the entire place.

"Chu Changsheng, you have no chance. The Valley of Gluttony has fallen. Why are you so stubborn? You're helpless to protect that thing," said Old Ling as he wielded his halberd, rising the terrifying waves of hissing air.

That sound, together with his voice, swept over the area, making people shiver in fright.

"Look around you. You were risking your life in a bloody fight out there. And what are they doing here? Cooking? This Valley of Gluttony, why would you want to protect it? Even if you have the inheritance, you are still trash!" said Old Ling.

"Shut up!" Chu Changsheng opened his mouth and roared, staggering. His white hair and beard, that were dyed red by his blood, rose upward.

Old Ling's face changed, becoming amused.

"You court death. Why do you think we're not ending your dog life yet? It's because of the inheritance. If it weren't for the inheritance, you'd already be dead!"

The man wearing the bamboo hat from Wavering Light Holy-Land had an indifferent face. His hand touched the longbow, drawing the bowstring.

A buzzing sound echoed. A moment later, sonic boomed reverberated in the sky.

The bow hadn't shot the arrow, but the void was already shaken. Worthy of being the precious bow of the Wavering Light Holy Land!

"What are you babbling about? An arrow's enough to shoot him half-dead. After that, just hang him up to beat and say anything you want to say," Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang said casually but ruthlessly.

A moment later, jets of light gathered in his hand, turning into the shape of an arrow.


His finger released the stretched bowstring. The sound of air tearing resounded.

Boom! Boom!

It was like thunderclap in people's ears. Everybody was panic-stricken.

They only saw the radiance in front of them trying to rip everything. People's minds shivered.

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank.

That Exterminating Sun Bow... If it weren't for that bow, he wouldn't be forced into this situation!

Damn it!

Chu Changsheng gritted his teeth. The true energy in his body rose furiously. However, he still felt powerless.

Blood gurgled in the bleeding holes on his body, which had somehow scattered his energy.

He didn't have the power to stop that formidable arrow!

Would he die?

No, he was not going to give up. The fate of the Valley of Gluttony is in his hands....

Everybody held their breaths. At this moment, they grimaced in fear, and despair was deep in their eyes. Because, in the next moment, their Great Elder, the pillar of the Valley of Gluttony, would be shot to death!

All of a sudden, that tremendous arrow stopped in midair.

Several people, whose eyes were closed in desperation, opened their eyes slowly. They found out that what they were expecting did not happen at all.

Chu Changsheng's hair and beard flew up. He rolled his eyes, looking at the figure in front of him.

Nether King Er Ha rolled his eyes, which had two dark circles underneath them. He raised his hand, and his fingers parted to grab the light arrow, preventing it from moving any further.

"Do you know how long His Highness had been waiting for Spicy Strips?"

"Do you know how much His Highness had worked hard to cross the sea for Spicy Strips?"

"Do you know... the feeling when the Spicy Strips you wanted to eat were smashed?"

Nether King Er Ha was enraged. After each sentence, the energy in Nether King's hand increased higher.

Earlier, his chopsticks were about to grab the Spicy Strip inside the Myriad Living Things. However, those fellows who had appeared all of a sudden had messed up the judges' pace.

He could only watch Bu Fang take the Myriad Living Things away.

That aggrieved feeling when you want something but can't have it could make a pig climb the tree!

A moment later, the light arrow was squeezed off. It turned into wisps of energy, dispersing into thin air.

Nether King Er Ha's strands of hair fluttered in the wind...

In the light, his handsome face was so dazzling.

Everybody was bewildered in fright, and some were actually stunned. No one had ever thought that that young man would suddenly save the Great Elder.

Was this young man, who had shooed top-grade chef Yan Yu, actually their savior?

Some people now had hope in their hearts.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun looked infatuated as she took in the handsome face of Nether King Er Ha and his fast and cool move. She blushed instantly.

"Big Brother Ha, you're so awesome!"

Nether King exhaled, rolling his dark pouched eyes. The fighter clothes on his body flapped.

"Remember, wait until His Highness finishes eating his dish. Otherwise, I will crush you all just like I've just crushed that toy!" Nether King Er Ha warned.

"Arrogant!" Old Ling wore a cold face, shouting.

He took in a deep breath of cold air. He didn't expect to see that fellow taking action. That kid had kidnapped Saint Daughter Zi Yun!

How did he even have the face to come here?

Moreover, he could stop the arrow from Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang!

It was the Wavering Light Holy Land's Exterminating Sun Bow! Each arrow had boundless energy that could even threaten the Almighty experts!

"Old fogy, do you dare to repeat what you just said?" Nether King lifted his head, his eyes rolling at Old Ling.

Old Ling's expression shifted. His words were stuck in his throat.

Exterminating Sun Chen Cang's eyes looked so cold with an unmistakable aggressive look.

"You could stop my Exterminating Sun Bow's arrow... You got stuff to be proud of. Anyway, whoever stops me, Chen Cang, will die! No one can save that old man today. The Valley of Gluttony will be destroyed!"


Everybody took in a breath of cold air, their eyes showing their endless rage.

Why did this fellow want the Valley of Gluttony to die?

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

Radiance glowed. The Exterminating Sun Bow in Chen Cang's hand rose again, and formidable pressure was emitted everywhere.

Above his head, an eight-step soul ladder emerged. The top step had the Wavering Light Star shining, sending a ray of light.

Boom! Boom!

The void was distorted. The light arrow seemed to become a real matter with so many patterns moving on it.

The thunderclap mixed with a wild beast's roaring, and a sonic boom went off deafeningly!

"Wavering Light Magic Arrow!" Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang bellowed as his fingers released the bowstring.

The hissing noise of the bowstring echoed. Immediately, a rotating arrow was shot out, twisting even the void...

That light arrow was blazing with dazzling radiance. It seemed to become an enormous, torrentous whirlpool.

Nether King Er Ha lifted his head, squinting to see the light arrow in the air. He slightly spat before saying, "Young men these days... Troublemakers!"

A moment later, dark energy diffused from his body, reaching the sky.

That dark energy carried away everything. Then, Er Ha became a dim shadow, which was a giant phantom that could reach the sky, towering everything.

After a split second, everything looked blurred.

The cold-looking phantom had a jet black body. There was no face except for a pair of eyes that looked like a demon had just woken up in the deep abyss.

It was the shape of an overlord, a formidable existence.

Nether King cast a glance. Heaven fell and earth was torn apart.

Everybody could feel their hearts turning numb.

The light arrow collapsed in just a blink, and in that split second, everyone's minds were shaken.

Zi Yun covered her mouth, her face disbelieving.

Bu Fang blinked as he was so astounded.

The others looked dumbstruck.

Standing behind the Nether King, Chu Changsheng felt like he had just fallen into an ice chamber. Looking at that phantom, he was dazzled!

So scary! Who is that fellow?

The phantom came fast, and it left quickly as well.

People even thought that the phantom had never really appeared as it already vanished.

However, the light arrow had indeed been dispersed, leaving Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang shivering in fear.

In the sky, clusters of dark clouds came. It seemed like a thunder dragon was meandering in there...

However, when the phantom disappeared, the thunder dragon also vanished.


All of a sudden, one of the walls of the Gluttony God's Building exploded, shaking people once again.

A big red-hot War God Stick appeared, pounding at Old Ling and Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang, who weren't vigilant at that time.

As the two were astonished by the Nether King's power, they didn't notice the others and their surroundings.

It also recovered the senses of the stunned people as they lifted their heads to see.

The man who had just released the frightening phantom had soon returned to the judges' table. He rubbed his hands, looking eagerly at the dish in Bu Fang's hands.

Outside the Gluttony God's Building, rocks rattled and fell.

A gold shadow dashed and arrived. The other end of the stick was held by a big, ferocious figure.

It was Whitey, who was riding on Shrimpy's back, with several God Slaying weapons on its other hand.