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 This kid wanted to be a judge?

Everybody was astonished. They didn't know where this fellow came from and how he could send Yan Yu away with only one finger. And now, he wanted to replace Yan Yu to be the judge.

What's this fellow doing? From his appearance, he apparently didn't know how to appraise a dish.

Compared to the top-grade chef Yan Yu, this fellow was simply a disgrace to the judges!


Yan Yu leaped up from the ruin. His face turned savage with red eyes. His forehead swelled. He panted, but he didn't dare to move.

With only a finger, that man could blow him away without being able to resist. It was enough to prove the supernatural power of that handsome man.

Perhaps only the Great Elder could deal with that kind of existence.

However, he wasn't willing to give up his judge's seat.

He's Yan Yu, the top chef! He was the one with the best cooking skills in the entire Valley of Gluttony. How could he bear this disgrace?

Yan Yu didn't want it, of course. However, seeing Nether King Er Ha on the table at his seat, he didn't dare to talk despite his fury. He didn't even ask the guard to shoo that fellow away.

He was actually frightened.

Thus, his eyes moved, falling to Wenren Shang.

Wenren Shang wasn't a judge in the first place. He had just taken the Great Elder's seat. And now, since they got another tyrannical man, it was Wenren Shang's time to roll away!

Thus, Yan Yu walked toward Wenren Shang.

"Wenren Shang, leave your seat! I should be the judge!"

The tone of his command and the air of his overbearing, arrogant voice made Wenren Shang squint. He took out a bamboo tube, pouring himself some good liquor.

Glancing at Yan Yu coming, he was indifferent. He lazily snorted and didn't bat an eye on Yan Yu.

"You!" Yan Yu was enraged.

At first, he thought that with his identity, Wenren Shang would behave and listen to him. However, Wenren Shang's attitude made the flames of his rage burst higher!

"Wenren Shang, don't burn yourself. By offending me, you won't have a decent end," Yan Yu said coldly.

Wenren Shang slowly gulped his wine. Then, he placed his tube on the table as his mouth curved disdainfully.

"Get lost. Don't think that you're superb just because you top the Tablet of Gluttony. I won't give you face. Your seat was occupied, and you come here to bully me? Are you sick?" Wenren Shang rolled his eyes as he sneered.

Yan Yu's face turned dark and sinister. He glared at Wenren Shang.

Eventually, he didn't say anything else and turned around. As the top chef of the Tablet of Gluttony, of course he had his own pride.

His leaving in silence chilled people's hearts better than screaming and yelling.

Wenren Shang watched Yan Yu leave, his eyes stern.


Bu Fang's cooking had come to the final phase.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

While the soup with Spicy Strips in the Black Turtle Constellation Wok boiled furiously, Bu Fang fished out an aquamarine bamboo shoot from it.

The jade bamboo looked tender, lovely, and glistening. It looked more magnificent after soaking in the soup.

From that bamboo shot, boundless vitality could be felt.

The vitality came, promoting the jade bamboo shoot's fragrance to the utmost. Not only that, but it was accompanied by the thick flavor of Spicy Strips.

Bu Fang took a deep breath, his face growing serious.

He took several Spicy Strips from his system storage space and chopped them. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand spun afterward.


The jade bamboo shoot was cut open. Bu Fang put the pieces of Spicy Strip into the cuts then held the shoot up.

The jade bamboo looked perfect. There was no cut or scratch on it.

Because his knife had moved so fast, the bamboo looked like it wasn't cut open before. It was Bu Fang's accomplished Meteor Knife Skill.

Bu Fang took out a piece of spirit beast's meat and sliced it into cubes. At the same time, he also minced some spices. His prep work was done.

Next, Bu Fang took half a spoon of Abyssal Chili Sauce from the jar. Just enough, not more than half a spoon.

Heating up the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with Mysterious Earth and Heaven Flame underneath it, Bu Fang added the oil. The temperature increased instantly. Then, he poured the ingredients into the wok.

In just a wink, a loud sizzling noise was heard. Together with steam and a thick aroma, it tickled the senses of everyone.

Roar! Roar!

As he was stir-frying, the flame burst high!

Bu Fang wore a cold face, but his move was so skillful. He continuously shook the wok as the ingredients boiled.

Adding a ladle of Abyssal Chili Sauce, the flames rose fierier like a wild, powerful lion that was opening its mouth to roar deafeningly!

And it hadn't ended yet.

Bu Fang held the jade bamboo shoot that looked like real jade, his knife cutting it into cubes.

He didn't plan to cook something delicate like Wang Tong's dish. He wanted to cook something that would shock everyone and disregard Wang Tong's dish.

If he wanted to break the other chef's power, he must use a spear to pierce the shield.

Wang Tong's power was created by his condensed sorrow. On the other hand, Bu Fang wanted to use the vigorous bamboo shoot to escape that sorrow.

The spring bamboo had that meaning. With Bu Fang's meticulous cooking skill, it might be an opportunity.

The jade bamboo shoot cubes were added, then swallowed by the flames in the wok. After that, they were swept aside as pieces of Spicy Strips were added in the center of the bamboo shoot cubes.

They looked as if they were one solid block, which looked quite novel.

After stir-frying for a while, Bu Fang poured the soup on it. The hot steam arose with sizzling sounds.

A moment later, a thick and mellow fragrance flowed.

Inside the wok and in the middle of the mist, the ingredients shook, shimmering in a layer of attractive color. It was quite beautiful.

Bu Fang washed a blue-and-white porcelain plate, spinning it in his hand. Then, he placed it in front of him.

He used a spatula to scoop out the steaming hot food in the wok, then placed it on the blue-and-white porcelain plate. The viscous sauce flowed, bringing a vigorous vitality altogether.

Bu Fang carefully added a drop of Crystal Core's Violet Marrow on the dish. In just a wink, that drop of Crystal Core's Violet Marrow had blended perfectly with the food.

The diffusing aroma seemed to change a lot-the thick vitality of the dish seemed to have immense essence energy.

"Finally done. Look at that surging vitality. Let's call it Myriad Living Things," mumbled Bu Fang, his mouth twitching as he looked at the blue-and-white porcelain plate in his hand.

Myriad Living Things represented the springtime where thousands of things grew and ascended. That feeling and the stir-fried dish had the same elegant name, but actually, the dish's cooking method was really fiery and intense.

As it was sauteed with strong flames, the dish was cooked instantly, so the aura within it was really rich.

The hidden vitality was the mystery of this dish.

Added with the Spicy Strips as the sauce and stuffing, which was food that could make people vigorous, this dish became perfect.

Bu Fang's dish was done. He took the steaming hot food, walked out of his stove station and headed to the judge's table.

When he saw the Nether King sitting calmly among the judges, his brows twitched.

How come that fellow became a judge? And what's with that face?

When the hot dish was placed on the table, waves of heat rolled upward, gathering in the sky. Endless vitality shot everywhere, dazing everyone.

Wang Tong stood beside Bu Fang. Of course, he saw Bu Fang's food. Although his eyes looked surprised, he stood calmly and nonchalantly.

Wang Tong's power was broken by the Nether King's palm, but his dish's power still existed. If Bu Fang wanted to defeat Wang Tong's Moonset Crying Crow, Bu Fang's Myriad Living Things must be able to break the other's food's power.

The Sixth Elder looked at the two dishes with sharp eyes, stroking his boastful mustache. Then, he flipped his sleeves and announced, "Let's taste the dishes now."

The judges promptly picked up their chopsticks. They were ready to taste the food.

Mu Cheng saw the Nether King's chopsticks about to grab Bu Fang's Myriad Living Things, she stopped him and said, "We must taste Wang Tong's dish first because it was served first."

Nether King Er Ha was stunned, thinking, "Oh, so it works that way."

He became a judge because he wanted to eat Bu Fang's food. More exactly, it was because of the Spicy Strips in Bu Fang's food.

Those days without Spicy Strips were the loneliest he had ever been.

He needed Spicy Strips. He couldn't wait even for a second...

Alright, since everybody will taste this dish first, then His Highness would try to taste it, too.

Nether King Er Ha wrinkled his nose as he moved his chopsticks, which were moving from the Myriad Living Things to the Moonset Crying Crow.

The bamboo tower of the Moonset Crying Crow was made of many small bamboo shoots. It was sparkling and transparent-too magnificent to behold.

Nether King Er Ha grabbed several shoots, dipped them into the blue soup, and brought them to his mouth.

As soon as the food got into his mouth, the extreme feeling of the bamboo shoots burst out. It was like the dark clouds came and shaded the clear sky. Instantly, it made the cheerful heart misty.

He could feel the sorrow coming from the chef. If an ordinary person were to eat this dish, after the first bite, he would fall into the dish's power that he couldn't control.

"What is this? Compared to Spicy Strips, it's simply trash!"

After the Nether King took a chopstick of food, he smashed his chopsticks on the table, panting discontentedly.

He wasn't pleased at all. Compared to the other judges who were immersed in sorrow, he was the only one who wasn't affected.

"What's the idea of this dish? How could that sorrow seep into the food? You, young man, you can't go to Heaven yet! The purpose of food's existence is to please the diners-to make them happy!"

As for this dish that was full of sadness, Er Ha would never touch it.

The others exchanged looks, staying quiet. Wang Tong's dish could be said almost perfect.

Then, it was Bu Fang's Myriad Living Thing's turn.

The projection array showed the image of the delicate and steaming hot dish. The mist coming from it looked as if it was just in front of them. It was enough to make people admire and respect it.

Nether King Er Ha's mouth soon watered. Spicy Strips! He could smell the thick fragrance of the Spicy Strips...

In front of the Spicy Strips, everything else is just trash!

However, the moment the judges were about to taste Bu Fang's dish, the ground suddenly shook. Everybody's heart shivered.

A moment later, a side of the Gluttony God's Building exploded. Dust rose high as bricks and rocks scattered all over. A figure was blown from the outside into the arena, where the two stove stations stood in the middle of the Gluttony Square.

This sudden incident made people bewildered. Then, they turned their heads to see the massive hole on the wall of the Gluttony God's Building.

Two figures appeared there.

One was holding a halberd, while the other was holding a longbow. Their aura burst out, rolling furious storm around them.

Their overbearing, murderous energy directly aimed at Chu Changsheng, who was just sent crashing to the floor.