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It was an ear-piercing roar. Shrimpy suddenly enlarged as its gold shell sparkled under the sunlight.

As it had become a giant, its rotating eyes also looked more furious with the distinctive savage feature of a spirit beast.

Up in the sky, bunches of energy beams shot out as if they wanted to destroy everything. The shockwaves were so fierce that they seemed to break the void.

Whitey's eyes moved for a while. It was indifferent, seeing the terrifying attacks from the sky. It didn't even think about dodging as it remained standing dully at its spot.

The God Slaying Sword energy slashed, its sword energy booming as it disappeared.

At this moment, all kinds of attacks were aimed at Whitey-light arrows, flying swords, and a long halberd! Those people really wanted to destroy White.

As they thought that Whitey was Chu Changsheng's excellent assistant, and such a powerful puppet could reach the Almighty level soon, if they could kill it, it would be a big blow to Chu Changsheng!

Similarly, Chu Changsheng thought that it would be hard to deal with. If Whitey were killed, it wouldn't be good at all.

At that moment, he was fighting against the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty Old Ling from the ground to the sky. Their battle boomed and exploded continuously!

True energy rolled like dragons. Each wisp was so powerful and magnifying that they boomed loudly, shaking the entire void.

It was the battle between Almighty experts, which would make heaven and earth change drastically.

The light in Whitey's eyes twinkled hard. After eating a God Slaying weapon, Whitey's fighting power increased a little. However, this increase needed time.


A ball of light glowed. After a moment, a jet of gold light ran away.

Whitey stood on Shrimpy's back, dodging the attacks!

Boom! Boom!

So many attacks hit the spot where Whitey and Shrimpy had just stood, making the entire ground cave in at that moment.

Rocks and gravel shot everywhere as the ground collapsed.

Hovering in the sky, Chu Changsheng was holding a special kitchen knife, continuously slashing Old Ling. His aura rose like a rainbow. At this moment, he was pressing the opponent.

His body was muscular, and his physical prowess was invincible. Although he had just entered the Almighty realm, he was able to suppress an old Almighty expert!

At that moment, the entire Gluttony God City was shaken.

The people in the Gluttony Square finally felt something. They felt a little bewildered.

What happened? Why is it shaking so hard?

The entire Gluttony Square was trembling!

Everybody could feel a terrifying pressure on their hearts. At this moment, the audience that was immersed in the delicacy were all startled.

Everyone jolted up from their seats, attempting to go outside and see what had happened.

As soon as they got out, they saw something that scared them.

So many attacks were booming in the sky, chasing after a jet of gold light. An iron puppet stood arrogantly on that gold jet.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The void continually exploded. The experts with terrifying auras were chasing after that iron chunk. Their attacks scattered, shattering everywhere.

It's... What's going on?

Enemies are attacking?

Everybody took a breath of cold air. They all felt like they were locked in an ice chamber!

A strong enemy is attacking the Valley of Gluttony...

Some people with keen eyes could see the formidable energy shockwaves in the sky. It seemed that Almighty experts were fighting in the air, making the void twist and turn unceasingly.

This was the kind of fight that made people take a deep breath.

Around them, the entire city was in ruins, with countless corpses everywhere.

Blood streamed, flooding the entire city.

Everybody was silent as sorrow churned in their hearts.


Whitey and Shrimpy were chased. Those experts wanted to kill Whitey, but Shrimpy was so fast. It flew like a jet of gold light, crossing the sky. Within a split second, it zoomed away and disappeared.

It made all the experts' attacking attempts fail.

The Heaven's Pivot Holy Land's experts were enraged. They wielded their God Slaying weapons, chasing harder.

The divine drawings on the God Slaying weapons glowed, shooting radiance. This kind of energy was really terrifying.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle between the Almighty experts in the sky had come to a critical moment.

Holding the God Slaying weapon in one hand, Old Ling rolled his eyes in anger as he realized he couldn't finish Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng had even beaten him!

It was unforgivable! He was the Heaven's Pivot Holy Grounds' Almighty!

Old Ling roared. His aura changed shockingly, and a ray of light shot out of his glabella. Above his head, a soul ladder gradually appeared.

Above the eight-step soul ladder, at the topmost step, a dazzling star was blooming in magnificent radiance.

Receiving the light from the Heavenly Spring Star, Old Ling's power increased.

His halberd slashed, and in an instant, halberd light beams filled the sky. They aimed at Chu Changsheng, as though they wanted to engulf him and poke thousands of holes on his body. It was like a peacock fanning its tail-beautiful yet dangerous.

Chu Changsheng's eyes focused. He roared, and his energy burst out one more time. A black stripe emerged on his forehead. Immediately, the stripes expanded to his entire body, which drastically increased his fighting prowess.

The kitchen knife slashed, spinning, turning into a tornado that could clear the entire space. It hit the thousands of halberd lights, exploding resoundingly.

Dash! Dash! Dash!

Old Ling took several steps back in the air. His face grimaced.

He wanted to use his power to overwhelm the other, but then, he found that his power wasn't enough to defeat the other's!

He felt he was losing his face!

The kitchen knife spun, releasing dazzling radiance as it flew fast everywhere. Chu Changsheng grabbed it, and heat emitted from his entire body. The black stripes covered him, making him ferocious.

"Come at me! Don't you want to destroy my Valley of Gluttony? If you're excellent, cross over my dead body!"

Chu Changsheng's eyes looked strange. His white hair turned sleek black, and his entire body looked much younger with boundless vitality!

Old Ling's face was so cold as he gasped for his breath.

All of a sudden, a light arrow shot from the ground, hissing through the sky. It became a jet of light, moving fast.

At this moment, Chu Changsheng could feel an absolute danger.

A stomp came, shaking the entire void to shatter the arrow. However, it came steadily like Mount Tai with terrifying power!

This arrow... Must be shot by some Almighty expert!

Chu Changsheng quickly made up his mind. His body flashed, gliding away in just a wink.

Puff! Puff!

Blood splashed in the sky!

Chu Changsheng's pupils shrank. He felt it unbelievable. He looked and found his shoulder pierced through by a blood arrow. Blood was gushing from the blood hole.

How could he not duck it? He had clearly avoided it...

Chu Changsheng felt a chill in his heart. His eyes shot electricity beams to the archer.

It was a man wearing a bamboo hat and a black cloak. He was holding a gorgeous, stunning longbow...

Chu Changsheng also saw the man exhale.

"Wavering Light Holy Land, Exterminating Sun Bow Chen Cang!"

The Wavering Light Holy Land was one of the Seven Great Holy Lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. And this one from the Wavering Light Holy Land was also an Almighty, the second Almighty joining the attack on the Valley of Gluttony!

The Wavering Light Holy Land had three bows, namely, Exterminating Sun, Setting Sun, and Shooting Sun...

Their users were all Almighty, who were also blood brothers with formidable power.

The expert who controlled the Shooting Sun Bow was the famous divine archer on the Hidden Dragon Continent. Legend had said that he could even shoot the stars in the sky!

Of course, it could just be an exaggeration, but it also spoke of the fact that the three brothers were really powerful.

The Wavering Light Holy Land had kept silent, and now, they sent such an expert. It seemed that they wanted the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance as well.

The bamboo hat was lifted, revealing a tender face. Chen Cang, the Almighty from the Wavering Light Holy Land, had a gentle appearance that made people feel like bathing in the spring breeze.

He gave Chu Changsheng a slight nod, then another slight nod to Old Ling.

Then, he drew his bow again.


The radiance moved as if it could tear the earth and heaven.


Chu Changsheng's shoulder exploded one more time! Blood splashed in the sky!

Blood dripped from Chu Changsheng's mouth. He took several steps backward as his expression turned grave.

Two Almighty experts came to kill him. This time, he could be likely in a terrible situation rather than a lucky one!

Meanwhile, underneath...

Shrimpy was carrying Whitey, running away as they tried to avoid the experts' pursuit.

At this moment, Whitey seemed to digest the God Slaying weapon it had just swallowed. Its ash-white eyes were twinkling continuously, and it seemed that it was leveling up!


All of a sudden, flying Shrimpy halted.

Their chasers were bewildered, looking at the shrimp and the puppet.

A moment later, Shrimpy turned around.

Whitey was standing on its back. The black hole on the puppet's belly opened, revolving, and a hot-red stick slowly emerged from it.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Whitey's leaf-like hand grabbed the War God Stick, which had already evolved with much more complicated divine drawings and lines. The moment Whitey took it out, its twinkling eyes became steady.

Standing on the back of gold Shrimpy, Whitey's mechanical eyes were cold and icy.

"God Slaying weapons detected... Kill!"


All the other experts were taken aback.

Whitey rode Shrimpy, moving fast. Sweeping the War God Stick over, one of its ends swelled up in the wind!


Nether King Er Ha looked heartbroken. He bit his lip, sneaking to Bu Fang's stove with watery eyes.

How could he treat the Spicy Strip that way?

That kind of delicacy needed to be tasted meticulously, so the way it was brutally processed disrespected its sumptuousness!

Bu Fang was startled by the Nether King sneaking into his station.

What's going on? Is this Little Ha who I haven't seen for a long time? Why is he here?

Bu Fang stopped his movements, indifferently looking at Nether King Er Ha.

Er Ha's tearful eyes met Bu Fang's.

Several seconds later, Er Ha retreated in defeat. He blinked.

This stinking Old Bu didn't care about his face...

"You mistreated the Spicy Strip!" Nether King Er Ha said seriously.

Bu Fang cast him a sidelong glance, raising his brows.

"Then you tell me how to treat it?" asked Bu Fang.

"Give me a Spicy Strip. I'll show you," answered Er Ha, his eyes sparkling.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. A moment later, he took out another Spicy Strip from the system dimensional bag.

Er Ha couldn't wait and raised his hand. However, he saw the knife flash instantly.

The Spicy Strip was cut into pieces.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife patted, and the pieces of Spicy Strip fell into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, being swallowed by the boiling water.

"You want Spicy Strips? Wait until I'm done with this cooking battle... Now, leave the stove at once. Otherwise, the consequence will be very serious," Bu Fang said emotionlessly.

Nether King Er Ha looked at the boiling Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which was releasing the attractive Spicy Strip's smell. Squinting, his mind flickered.

Then, he turned and strode away.

He had shrunk the distance as he appeared at the judges' table instantly.

Yan Yu's body felt chills. Then, he found a hand clutching his shoulder.

"I heard you wanted to take me away from here?" Nether King Er Ha appeared with dark circles under his eyes, talking faintly.

Yan Yu's body went stiff. He became angry at once, turning around and glaring at Nether King Er Ha with electric-like eyes.

"Take me away? What are you?" Nether King Er Ha said casually as he raised his hand, poking Yan Yu's glabella...

A "thud" echoed. Immediately, Yan Yu felt a force he couldn't resist. He was blown backward, hitting the wall of the Gluttony Square hard.

Broken bricks and rocks rattled, falling from the impact.

Some audience who hadn't left the Gluttony Square gawked, dropping their jaws.

"A judge has been replaced. Let's continue..." The Nether King said as he patted his hands, sitting down at Yan Yun's seat.

Conveniently, he turned to ask Mu Cheng, the beauty sitting next to him, and asked, "The judges can eat Little Bu's food, right?

Mu Cheng was bewildered, but she nodded instinctively.

He had blown Yan Yu away with only one finger.

What realm is this man at?

And... Does this fellow know how to appraise food?