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 Bu Fang exhaled a long breath, and his eyes slowly gained focus.

At this moment, his aura became quite dreamy. The red-and-white Vermillion Robe on his body flapped in the wind with shining radiance.

His mental force was highly concentrated. After he had finished the Overwhelming Sadness Noodles, his Spirit Sea was still surging, and his aura was bursting out.

Cooking a dish in a Chef's Challenge consumed a lot of mental force since it required meticulous moves. They couldn't afford even a mistake. Once they failed, they would lose their dear kitchen knives and the right to be a chef!

To any chef, it was an earth-shaking blow!

Bu Fang didn't know which dish won when his Overwhelming Sadness Noodles competed against the Heaven Burial Noodles. At that moment, he was preparing to serve another dish.

Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong had a jade kitchen knife that had almost reached the famous knife level. Together with his powerful cooking attainment, the chef's power within him made Bu Fang's heart throb.

If he couldn't break Wang Tong's power, Bu Fang would possibly lose.

It was the first time Bu Fang had such a feeling since he had been cooking.

Tilting his head, Bu Fang looked at Wang Tong. The latter had a stagnant aura shrouding him, which was like a sluggish stream that made people hardly breathe.

At this moment, Wang Tong had finished cooking. His dish was called the Moonset Crying Crow.

It was as vivid and lifelike as an aesthetic roll of painting. The bamboo shoot tower was shining, releasing radiance continuously, which was breathtakingly beautiful. Inside the light blue soup, gold radiance rippled.

It was beautiful and yet sorrowful, perfectly combining Wang Tong's power.

Simple, but almost perfect.

Wang Tong carried his dish out of his station.

The audience, who were immersed in the miraculous Overwhelming Sadness Noodles, had finally gotten ahold of themselves. Seeing Wang Tong's dish, they all felt their souls quiet down as they watched his sorrowful and forlorn figure.

The projection formation shone on the dish. Everybody then caught a glimpse of the Moonset Crying Crow.

They were almost breathless. Only marvel was left in their eyes.


Ouyang Chenfeng's face was ashen.

He was defeated. Defeated in his expertise, no less!

At this moment, he was shivering, his eyes disbelieving.

Dispirited, Ouyang Chenfeng took two steps backward, taking off his neat hat.

He took a deep breath, then exhaled, as though he wanted to vent the sigh of sorrow that had lingered in his heart for a long time.

In the end, he was defeated?

Ouyang Chenfeng's complicated eyes cast a glance at Bu Fang, who was standing at his stove and focusing on cooking his dish.

Three chefs battling against one chef, and he was the first chef that got defeated.

Although Ouyang Chenfeng felt dejected, he didn't want to blame Bu Fang. Quite the contrary, he was somewhat anticipating.

He was waiting to see Bu Fang create more miracles.

Although the Valley of Gluttony was the Holy Land of chefs, the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony had been there for a long time. It was so dark and full of death's aura. It didn't even have the extraordinary brilliance and grandeur that the Valley of Gluttony had when it was at its peak of glory.

As Bu Fang appeared, it could be a chance to revive everybody-to let the Valley of Gluttony show its splendor and specialties one more time.

He hoped... that Bu Fang could create miracles.

Ouyang Chenfeng's face squeezed an ugly smile, his eyes gazing deeply at Bu Fang.

All of a sudden, his eyes focused. He felt something very terrifying.

In just a wink, that aura made him feel as though he was in an ice chamber. He felt so annoyingly stiff.

It was Wang Tong...

His aura is truly terrifying!

Of course, Ouyang Chenfeng knew something about Wang Tong. Even though he didn't understand the man nor exchanged words with him much, he did admire and respect him.

Wang Tong seemed to feel Ouyang Chenfeng's look. He lifted his head, his eyes deep. He nodded then continued to walk forward.

His dish's aroma diffused. It swayed the taste buds with an incomparable scent.

However, unknowingly, the forlorn and sorrowful feelings suddenly churned in people's hearts.

Only taking in the aroma, Ouyang Chenfeng knew his Heaven Burial Noodles couldn't compare with this dish. Although they had the same theme of pathos, the other's sadness was much more profound than his!

Indeed, Wang Tong was a strong opponent.

"What does Bu Fang have to defeat him?" Ouyang Chenfeng wondered.

As Wang Tong had just taken several steps, the audience suddenly gasped.

The void in front of them suddenly twisted and rippled. When the fuzzy void calmed down, two figures appeared out of nowhere.

One had black hair and black eyes, wearing a fighter's garments. He looked incomparably handsome.

The other was a graceful, soft-figured young lady with a beautiful face and purple hair. With an excited expression, she was eye-catching indeed!

At first, people were watching Wang Tong, but when the two appeared, their eyes moved, falling on them.

This pair had broken the void and came here rudely... Who are they?

Wang Tong stopped walking. His eyes, which were like a calm water pond, looked at Saint Daughter Zi Yun and Nether King Er Ha.

She didn't know where they were and why so many people were gathering here. Also, they were looking at her as if they were watching some precious and rare spirit beasts.

Did they enter this place in a wrong way?

Looking around, they were surrounded by towering buildings with many people standing there.

Above her head, a massive projection formation was showing her face and Er Ha's face.

Zi Yun was bewildered. She began to adjust her appearance, and the image in the projection also showed her adjusting her appearance. She was really surprised.

Nether King Er Ha acted differently. He was the man who had seen the world. Although he was curious about the place, his nose was working hard.

Shortly, he locked onto a direction. His eyes moved, and he found Bu Fang, who was concentrating on his cooking.

Nether King Er Ha cheered up. He looked so thrilled as he didn't expect to see Bu Fang here.

He didn't expect that this hilarious young lady could actually show him the way. It was really difficult, though.

Nether King Er Ha smacked his lips. Seeing Bu Fang, he couldn't help but think about the Spicy Strips. The super-duper delicious Spicy Strips seemed to rise in front of him with the fragrance from the abyss.


Nether King Er Ha's eyes became blurred. He didn't have any way to resist the Spicy Strip's attack!

He began to walk toward Bu Fang.

Wang Tong held his Moonset Crying Crow, his eyes like stagnant water.

Nether King Er Ha swayed as he walked, his hair fluttering. However, he was walking on Wang Tong's path, blocking his way...

Wang Tong, with his calm eyes, took a step to the left.

Nether King Er Ha, with dark circles under his eyes, also took a step to the left. They continued to block each other's way...

Wang Tong glared at Nether King Er Ha, then took a step to the right. Consequently, the latter seemed to tacitly understand, so he also took a step aside.

People had caught this funny scene.

At this moment, someone finally exploded.

"Who is that stupid-looking guy? He wants to take Chef Wang Tong's food!"

"Shameless! How could some thick-skinned like him exist in this world!"

"He wants to tease Chef Wang Tong?"

The crowd burst into an uproar. In an instant, the absolutely quiet Gluttony Square had a commotion.

Nether King Er Ha was enraged.

The man who stood in his way toward the Spicy Strips wasn't a good one. He should be killed within one palm!

"You naughty young man! Are you making fun of His Highness? I'm telling you, His Highness is a powerful man!" said the Nether King as leaned forward. His nearly-perfect, handsome face thrust forward, almost reaching Wang Tong's face.

They could even feel each other's breathing.

"Get lost," Wang Tong bluntly said as his face darkened.

"Foolish..." Nether King Er Ha grinned. Raising his head, he gently patted Wang Tong's head.

Wang Tong went stiff immediately. The power he had maintained collapsed at this moment as he could feel the terrifying power from the man standing in front of him.

"Annoying! Guys, take this troublemaker away!" Yan Yu coldly said as he pounded the table. He couldn't help it anymore.

Nether King Er Ha retracted his head. Glancing at Yan Yu, he chuckled.

He didn't care about the others. He walked around Wang Tong and headed toward Bu Fang, rubbing his hand.

At that moment, Bu Fang took out a Spicy Strip from the system dimensional bag. He would add this to his dish to break Wang Tong's mournful power. Indeed, it all depended on this Spicy Strip.

The moment Nether King Er Ha saw the Spicy Strip, the withering aura on his figure was swept away, and the dark circles under his eyes disappeared at a speed naked eyes could see...

"Little chef, you always understand me!" exclaimed Nether King Er Ha, his black hair flying in delight.

In the next moment, his body seemed to levitate. He reached out his hand, running as if he was flying toward Bu Fang.

You're the wind, and I'm the sand, crazily entangled and rolling to the horizon!

However, Bu Fang didn't notice the Nether King. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand moved then slashed.

The sword light sparkled, mincing the Spicy Strip into smaller pieces.

Then, the knife moved again and took the minced pieces, sprinkling them into the wok. As the heat expanded, it swept away the scent of the Spicy Strip in the air.

Nether King Er Ha, who was running, immediately froze. In the next moment, he let out a heartbreaking cry.

"My Spicy Strip!"