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 The Almighty experts could tear the void to move through spaces.

With an extremely powerful cultivation base, they were the existences at the Peak of Divine Soul Realm. Of course, the Almighty experts were also categorized in different realms. Anyway, the experts with an eight-step soul ladder could be considered Almighty already.

The Divine Soul Realm with a nine-step soul ladder expert was also an Almighty with stronger power. Moreover, an Almighty at the peak, who had half a step entering the Divine Soul Realm, was considered sect-founder level already. They were almost invincible indeed.

However, that sort of existence was really rare, even in the Holy Lands.

Chu Changsheng's pupils were bright as his aura was increasing unceasingly. He looked at the figure dashing through the sky. It was the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty expert.

Although he was just a Divine Soul expert with an eight-step soul ladder, the lowest realm of the Almighty level, as the Heavenly Spring Holy Land had sent him to Valley of Gluttony, it expressed their resolution.

They did want to forcefully rob the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance!

But would Chu Changsheng let them take the inheritance simply like that?

Sending just an Almighty with the eight-step soul ladder to make the Valley of Gluttony surrender? Heavenly Spring Holy Land didn't really consider the Valley of Gluttony powerful at all!


Old Ling wore a cold face as he stepped into the void, which made the void tremble like the shaking images of the flower or the moon on the water surface.

He clasped his hand, looking aloof and distant with boundless aura.

It was the arrogance of an Almighty.

He looked at Hu Han, who was sprawled on the ground like a dead dog and vomiting blood, his aura bursting more terrifyingly.

Indeed, Amethyst Elder had foresight. The operation of the Valley of Gluttony isn't simple this time. Hu Han, this trash, has almost blown up the chance.

Luckily... I'm here.

Old Ling's eyes sparkled as he patted his hands. Immediately, three figures in golden armor dashed out with a murderous aura from outside the city.

They were the three Golden Armored Protectors!

Those three Protectors were Old Ling's special recruits. Anyway, each of those Golden Armored Protectors had almost reached the Almighty level!

Their existences were enough to level the entire Valley of Gluttony!

Old Ling's shout had surprised Whitey. The puppet held the God Slaying Axe in one hand and watched Old Ling crossing the air.

A moment later, Whitey's belly moved, and a massive black hole emerged. Whitey then shoved the God Slaying Axe into that black hole.

Old Ling was enraged instantly!

"How dare you, puppet!" His sound boomed like thunderclaps.

In the void, thousands of energy wisps gathered, becoming a massive energy hand. That hand crossed the sky, patting on Whitey. The clouds changed its colors as thunder boomed.

Whitey's move didn't cease. It continued to shove the God Slaying Axe into its belly.

At the same time, the black hole began to move when the God Slaying Axe entered. As it moved, the blade started to have great cracks!

When the experts who came later saw the scene, their eyes widened as they had to take a breath of cold air.

What did this puppet want? Swallow the God Slaying weapons?

Many experts felt their hearts throb.

As they were the Almighty experts, most of them had God Slaying weapons from their respective Holy Lands!

Their target was the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance, which was also the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's goal. If they got the inheritance, their Holy Lands would become powerful and bigger!

However, they didn't care too much to send many experts here, like what the Heavenly Spring Holy Land had done, who sent three Golden Armored Protectors, an expert with God Slaying weapon, and an Almighty expert!

Not to mention the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Daughter, who was kidnapped and brought here!

Crack! Crack!

As everybody was shuddering, the God Slaying Axe was shattered, turning into broken pieces. They entered Whitey's black hole on its belly.

Whitey's eyes twinkled. Its aura became even more terrifying.

"Die!" Old Ling was utterly enraged.

It ate the God Slaying Axe? Who gave this puppet the guts to do that?

However, right when Old Ling blew his instant-skill palm, his face changed.

A figure crossed the sky, cleaning the blood of the Golden Armored Guards off his hands. As he leaped up into the air, his clothes exploded, revealing his muscular body.

It was Chu Changsheng, the Almighty that had successfully entered the Divine Soul Realm with an eight-step soul ladder!

With hair rising, Chu Changsheng shouted, his white beard and brows flying with the wind.

He threw a punch into the air. Countless wisps of energy congregated into a giant punch.

That punch rose and countered the giant palm. Earth-shaking energy explosion burst out!

Boom! Boom!

A rippling, terrifying shockwave expanded. Dust everywhere, blocking the view.

After that blow, Chu Changsheng's muscular body hovered in the sky, releasing tremendous pressure.

That energy palm burst off, and Chu Changsheng's punch scattered. The two were pulling and tugging in the void. Their eyes were like sparks of electricity!

"Chu Changsheng? Chu Changsheng of the Valley of Gluttony? You want to stop me?" said Old Ling coldly.

However, what replied to him was Chu Changsheng's long roar.

Chu Changsheng's body seemed to radiate light. He was a little excited. Since the time he had reached the Almighty level, it was the first time he had used all of his power to deal with the other.

His body crossed the vault of the sky like lighting, dashing toward Old Ling in the sky.


The three Protectors in golden armor immediately blocked Chu Changsheng. Their red eyes shot radiance as the long sabers in their hands crossed the sky, slashing at Chu Changsheng!

The three Protectors had the Divine Soul Realm with a seven-step soul ladder. Their power wasn't something ordinary people dare to confront.

But Chu Changsheng dared.

Facing the three, Chu Changsheng didn't back off. He decided to... crush them!

The muscles in his arms bulged like dragons. Chu Changsheng shouted and grabbed the saber that slashed him.

The long saber in his hand streaked across the sky, sending sparks everywhere.

The blade energy shot out as if it wanted to slash alive Chu Changsheng into pieces!

Chu Changsheng roared angrily. A saber light arose, and a kitchen knife with two handles spun, flying. It seemed able to tear everything in its way.


Two Golden Armored Protectors were sent flying away.

Chu Changsheng grabbed one Protector, raising his fist. His true energy gathered at his punch, pounding at the other's head.


The golden armor was broken!

That struggling Golden Armored Protector roared angrily. His helmet was broken, revealing a savage animal's head!

The animal's head was gory and bleeding!

Chu Changsheng was that powerful? Heavenly Spring Holy Land's intelligence was wrong...

Chu Changsheng had always pretended to be a pig, but he could actually eat a tiger! His power was actually at the Almighty realm!

The Valley of Gluttony had an existence at the Almighty level!

Old Ling clasped his hands, hovering in the sky. His eyes shrank as he had never expected to see lightning-like Chu Changsheng as an Almighty!

He could subdue three Golden Armored Protectors at once. Except for an Almighty, no one else could do that!

Pufft! Pufft!

Chu Changsheng's eyes were cold and ruthless. His white hair and white brows flew, his muscles bulging. He was pounding his fists at the Protector he had smashed the helmet.

The heavy thudding echoed unceasingly!

The Protector struggled for a long time. Eventually, he couldn't move anymore as his head was burst off!

Completely annihilated!

The other two Protectors roared and screamed, their eyes turning red.

The thirteen Protectors had the same aura. Since one was killed, it was really an outrage!

This human must die!

Old Ling roared. His fury was beyond compare.

A domineering, black halberd emerged in his hand. It looked so savage with a cold aura.

It suddenly moved, and even the void seemed to be cut through.

It wasn't a God Slaying weapon, but its power wasn't less than the God Slaying weapons!

At this moment, Whitey had finished swallowing the God Slaying Axe. The mechanical eyes sparkled, then its body went stiff.

The black hole closed. Whitey stood still and didn't even wiggle.

Shrimpy stood on Whitey's round head, batting its large eyes.

"At just the early phase of Almighty Realm, you dare kill my Holy Land's Protector! Chu Changsheng... You should die!" Old Ling shouted as he stepped forward.

The void shattered, and in an instant, he appeared in front of Chu Changsheng.


The kitchen knife spun, flying. Chu Changsheng grabbed it, parrying the halberd.

True energy shot out. Terrifying energy rippled and expanded!

Far from this clash, the experts from the other Holy Lands frowned, watching the battle.

Chu Changsheng had an Almighty Realm power. It was a big matter. It was lucky that they found it early. If they found it later... it would cost them a lot of men.

Thinking about that, many people had to take a deep breath.

Worthy of being called the Valley of Gluttony! When the centipede dies, it will struggle a lot. They have some insight!

Those experts wore a stern face as they watched. All of a sudden, their faces changed, turning to look at the puppet in the distance.

That thing had attacked and robbed a God Slaying weapon. Indeed, they were very curious.

Is that the Valley of Gluttony's Ace?

All of a sudden, someone moved. A sword light tore the sky, slashing at Whitey.

That was an expert from the Heaven's Pivot Holy Land!

That sword light came with thick divine energy, directly gashing on Whitey!

As this man had made a move, many experts started to attack Whitey as well.

If they wanted to break the Valley of Gluttony, they should destroy Chu Changsheng's excellent assistant first!

The God Slaying weapons bloomed in radiance, hacking on Whitey!

Chu Changsheng shot a cold look. He exhaled, then continued to fight against Old Ling. Their battle moved from the ground to the sky!

Shrimpy, who had always crouched on Whitey's head, suddenly became bigger, turning gold. It roared at the attacks falling from the sky.

Whitey's mechanical eyes blinked. They were ash-white, deep but berserk!

"God Slaying weapons detected... Kill!"


The Nether King strode forward. Shortly, he had reached the ruins of Gluttony God City.

From the furious battle in the front, horrible shockwaves had rolled the broken rocks toward him. However, they shattered before they could even reach him.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was so frightened behind his back.

Suddenly, Nether King Er Ha halted.

Zi Yun was careless, and she bumped into him. Her face blushed. Immediately, she took a step backward.

"Brother... You're bad," said Zi Yun.

Nether King Er Ha squinted his eyes as he indifferently cocked his head to look at her.

This young junior has some shortcomings...

His nose twitched. Then, his expression became thrilled. He raised one hand and placed it on Zi Yun's shoulder.

"I get it now... Come with His Highness!"

Zi Yun was bewildered.

A moment later, she didn't even have time to react when she saw everything in front of her change. A fissure appeared in the void, and they entered it at once...

After they walked out of the space passage, a thick aroma attacked their nostrils.

Zi Yun was dumbstruck. She looked around and found so many people staring at them.

What just happened? Where are they?