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 "Zi Yun? My great auntie... How did you get here?"

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty expert almost plucked his own beard when he saw Zi Yun quarreling with Nether King Er Ha.

If Amethyst Elder were to see this, what would happen? Also, who's this brave boy? Anyway, he got big guts that he dared to flirt with Amethyst Elder's daughter. Amethyst Elder would smash him using his palm until he becomes stupid!

The Almighty expert took a deep breath. He didn't mind the others' mocking or teasing looks. He flashed then reappeared by Saint Daughter Zi Yun.

"Old Ling, why are you here?" Saint Daughter Zi Yun was bewildered when she saw the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty expert. She tried to force a smile.

Actually, in her mind, she had prepared to run in any minute.

She didn't expect to see the Almighty expert from the Holy Land here. If Old Ling insisted on taking her back home, she couldn't escape. No matter what, Old Ling was an Almighty, and he was much stronger than her father's clone.

Old Ling gave the Saint Daughter Zi Yun a pampering look. Then, his eyes immediately turned cold and arrogant as he glanced at the Nether King with studying eyes.

"Where are you from? Why did you approach our Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Daughter?"

Old Ling's words weren't polite at all. His voice contained his arrogant, aloof, and oppressive aura.

"Old Ling! Brother Ha did not do anything wrong!"

When Saint Daughter Zi Yun heard the old man's tone, her face changed. She had to seize the chance to talk.

However, Old Ling's expression didn't change. He just stared hard at the Nether King...

The other experts around them also stared, smirking as they watched the scene before them.


The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Saint Daughter was kidnapped by an anonymous kid. It would be a big issue in the Holy Land!

An imposing aura shot out from those experts. Some stepped on their swords, blooming with radiance as they traveled through the air.

Zi Yun wasn't foolish. She knew something big would happen to the Valley of Gluttony soon.

All of a sudden, she regretted it. Why did she have to take Brother Ha to this troublesome place? They even bumped into the senior in her Holy Land!

At this moment, the Nether King wasn't listening to Old Ling's words. His eyes, which had dark circles below them, were half-open as he gazed at the Gluttony God City.

Nether King Er Ha had sensed a familiar aura in that direction.

That aura made his pores open, his energy surging gradually.

This familiar feeling... Is that...

Nether King Er Ha's lips trembled. His eyes looked worried and skeptical, fearing that it was all just an illusion.

"That aura is familiar... Is that the smell of Spicy Strips?"

Spicy Strips? No, it's not that!

It's the young man Bu Fang, the one who could make and give Spicy Strips!

Indeed, this junior beside him didn't fool him. Bu Fang was really in the Valley of Gluttony. This place did have Spicy Strips!

As he thought about Spicy Strips, Nether King Er Ha became lively and energetic.

During the time without Spicy Strips, he felt so lonely, but now, he could take them almost immediately. He felt a little excited.

Old Ling's face turned greenish-gray at this moment.

This kid didn't even look at him?

He was the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty expert! Since when did people not bat an eye on him?

This brat...

When Old Ling was about to teach Nether King Er Ha a lesson, his expression shifted. He instantly became alert as he turned around to see the Gluttony God City, where a huge explosion just happened!

It started!

Old Ling's aura changed. He took one step forward, hovering in the sky. His electricity-like eyes looked at the Gluttony God City as he said in a serious voice, "Zi Yun, you behave and stay here. Do not run away. Wait for me."

After talking, the void under Old Ling's feet began to shatter, and his figure slowly faded.

The other Holy Land's experts had a spark in their eyes as they immediately moved, heading to the Valley of Gluttony.

After a while, the noise died down as only Zi Yun and Nether King Er Ha remained.

"Brother Ha, it looks like something big is happening over there. We shouldn't go," Zi Yun said cautiously as she turned to look at Nether King Er Ha.

"Don't worry. Just come with His Highness. I will show you what genuine delicacy is!" said the Nether King.

A moment later, he began to walk toward the Valley of Gluttony.

Zi Yun was bewildered. Seeing the Nether King walking away, she changed her mind and followed him.

As for Old Ling's advice, she didn't care about it at all!



The cool soup splashed.

With squinted eyes, Wenren Shang contentedly ate the noodles. The sunlight shone on the blood-red noodles, making its radiance too beautiful to behold.

When the blood-red noodles got into his mouth, there wasn't the scent of blood as he had imagined. It just had the faint smell of noodles, which was aromatic but not really thick. It felt quite elegant in the mouth.

However, inside that elegant scent sat a mournful aura.

The sorrowful air of the Heaven Burial Noodles made Wenren Shang lift his head. With his eyes closed, he sighed.

It was not only him-the other judges did the same. They closed their eyes and felt the sorrow moving in their mouths. That sadness made them feel so heavy.

That heavy feeling was the grievance of the ninety-nine spirit birds, which seemed like a massive stone pressing their hearts.

Some even had tears lingering in their eyes. A shiny drop rolled down their faces.

Wenren Shang lifted the bowl, blowing on it to see the steam rolling up. He tipped the bowl and sipped a mouthful of soup.

Gulp. Gulp.

When the noodle broth got into his mouth, the slight smell of meat burst out. The broth was cool and simple, but it was actually packed with an intense meaty aroma.

Wenren Shang felt his skin and muscles contract as goosebumps appeared all over him.

"Worthy of being called Heaven Burial Noodles... Ouyang Chenfeng, you are indeed worthy of being called the Noodle King."

The others placed the bowl on the table. Their faces all looked serene but with an added tinge of heavy mood.

Having a mouthful of noodles and a mouthful of soup, they felt like they were immersed in the last cry of the ninety-nine birds before they died.

This was a dish that made people both love and hate it at the same time.

Love, because it was delicious. Hate, because it was so cruel.

Indeed, Heaven Burial Noodles was a cruel dish. Killing ninety-nine spirit birds to cook it, it naturally contained a depressed and heavy feeling that was full of negative energy.

However, this bowl of noodles tasted delicious...

"After tasting this bowl of noodles, I wanna cry," said Mu Cheng, stretching her slender hand as she wiped the corners of her eyes.

The others deeply nodded in agreement.

The audience stayed silent. They couldn't feel the sadness of the Heaven Burial Noodles, but they could see the heavy looks on the judges' faces.

This was a delicious dish that could affect people. It was good enough!

"Good. Now, let's taste Bu Fang's dish."

The Sixth Elder tried to restrain his sadness as he spoke seriously. Since the Great Elder wasn't here, he would be the main judge again.

However, they were doing the judging work better than he had imagined. They all nodded, their eyes anticipating as they were looking at the Overwhelming Sadness Noodles to be served.

Having the dish placed in front of them, everybody wore an awkward face as they exchanged looks.

This bowl of noodles was called Overwhelming Sadnesss, but which part looked overwhelming? Which part looked sad?

Look at this bowl... is that the f*cking Overwhelming Sadness?

There was even a cute omelet that covered the entire bowl. Not only that, but the omelet looked like a smiling face...

This should be f*cking called... Foolishly Laughing Noodles.

"How hilarious..." Yan Yu sneered, his cold eyes glaring at the bowl of noodles.

The other judges were also speechless. They looked at the noodles and didn't know what to say.

The other's Heaven Burial Noodles was full of sadness. You can't just make up something and call it Overwhelming Sadness Noodles just to compete with the other!

The audience also clamored boisterously. Apparently, they didn't favor this bowl of noodles.

At that moment, Bu Fang didn't know that his noodles had created a big noise. He was concentrating on cooking his second dish.

He needed to use this dish to tear Wang Tong's power.

His mental force surged around him as his Spirit Sea seethed.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng glared at him before turning to look at the judges. He knew Bu Fang's noodles wouldn't be that simple.

Thus, he didn't have the confidence of an absolute victory.

Wenren Shang had a vague smile when he saw the noodles. The corners of his mouth slightly rose as he said, "Whether it's delicious or not, let's just eat it. Besides, it's too early to judge when we haven't even tasted it yet."

Licking his lips, he casually picked up his chopsticks. His eyes were full of anticipation as he grabbed Bu Fang's Overwhelming Sadness Noodles.

Shussh. Shussh.

The noise was really clear, reaching people's ears.

After that bite, Wenren Shang's entire body went stiff.

His eyes widened, then rolled... They were filled with tiny blood veins!

It... It... It's f*cking overwhelming sadness!