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 Hu Han looked at the rough God Slaying Stick that was aimed at him, his eyes widening. After half a day, this chunk of iron had hauled out a God Slaying Stick from its belly.

God Slaying weapon? What the heck?

Everybody here came from the Holy Lands, so we have the same goal. We're from the same side!

Hu Han opened his mouth to scream. However, Whitey's ash-white eyes twinkled, and the God Slaying Stick swept over.

The air seemed to burn at this moment. The drawings on the War-God Stick glowed, burning fierily.

The terrifying feeling of coming dangers immediately shrouded the place.

Hu Han didn't expect that that iron chunk could give him such a terrible feeling!

The God Slaying Axe spun, and the red blade immediately shot a beam of light. A sharp flow of energy came from it, shooting fast with domineering power!

After a loud boom, the void burst and shook hard.

Hu Han even felt his hands tremble. The skin between his thumb and forefinger felt so painful it was almost ripped apart. His entire arm seemed to be smashed!

"We're from the same side!" screamed Hu Han.

He came here to find Chu Changsheng to wipe out his disgrace. He didn't have time to mess around with this puppet!

Moreover, since this puppet had a God Slaying weapon, it should come from some Holy Land. They were comrades, so it should not attack a fellow comrade, shouldn't it?

We're from the Holy Lands. What we need is to stay sane!

However, Whitey didn't answer him. What answered him was the sweeping God Slaying Stick together with the sky-reaching flames!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Whitey's savage body had sharp spikes on its torso and back. They looked like long swords, which made its figure look formidable and violent!

The more Hu Han observed, the more he was frightened.

This puppet... wasn't ordinary at all. What Holy Land could produce this sort of puppet? It was equal to an existence at the Divine Soul Realm with a six-step soul ladder!

Equipped with the God Slaying Stick, it could even counter an expert at the Divine Soul with a seven-step soul ladder!

And Hu Han's power was at such a level.

"You shouldn't want a foot when you win an inch! I'm here to find Chu Changsheng to wipe out my disgrace! If you force me, I will cut you into eight pieces!" Hu Han roared. In an instant, his aura rose, and the God Slaying Axe in his hand glowed magnificently.

Chu Changsheng looked at Hu Han, his face indifferent as he thought, "He's here for me?"

This fellow might not know he had become a real Almighty expert. Anyway, not many experts from the Holy Lands actually knew that.

It was a good chance to handle this one from the Holy Land. However, Chu Changsheng wasn't really optimistic because he knew clearly that the Holy Land wouldn't send only Hu Han here.

Hu Han dared to come here explicitly. Apparently, they had planned to turn their back to the Valley of Gluttony.

Behind this Hu Han, there was absolutely an Almighty expert...

This time it was the Valley of Gluttony's life-and-death crisis.

Unfortunately, that boy Bu Fang didn't want to give him Xiao Ya. Otherwise, he could bring Xiao Ya to the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance land! Those filthy animals from the Holy Lands wouldn't have any chance then!

It was impossible that they would just clap their hands and offer the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance to the others. Since those people had plotted for the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance, they must pay a high price!

The murderous aura in Chu Changsheng's eyes turned more solemn. He looked at the Golden Armored Guards killing people in the city, and the wrath in his chest swelled up.

Since Bu Fang's puppet was holding Hu Han back, he will eradicate those ants!

While the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's Almighty expert hadn't taken action yet, he should take some blood from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land!

"After I get rid of those ants, the Chef's Challenge in the Gluttony Square would be finished by then... Although Bu Fang is powerful, he... wouldn't have a chance facing the Heaven Burial Noodles and the Moonset Crying Crow, not to mention Reverie Knife Lu Tao." Chu Changsheng's eyes twinkled as his white hair and white bead flew in the wind.

"After Bu Fang is defeated, Xiao Ya would follow me as we've agreed. At that time, I will take her to inheritance land!"

With that thought, Chu Changsheng's eyes became more resolute.

A moment later, he stepped out. His body disappeared in an instant as he dashed toward the Golden Armored Guards that were killing the innocent citizens.


Chu Changsheng suddenly appeared in front of a Golden Armored Guard, an existence at the Divine Soul Realm with a one-step soul ladder.

When he saw Chu Changsheng, he was bewildered, his mind shaken hard.

Chu Changsheng's murderous aura rocketed, and his palm patted instantly at him. With a loud thud, the Golden Armored Guard's armor exploded, and his head burst off.

He didn't even have a bit of power to resist. He was killed in just a wink!

Chu Changsheng didn't pay any more attention to that guard. Moving like lightning, he killed one after another, turning into fading shadow as he glided toward the other Golden Armored Guards.

As Chu Changsheng was an Almighty expert now, it was effortless for him to destroy the Golden Armored Guards.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, Hu Han glanced as if he wanted to tear his eyelids.

The flames of anger filled his chest as he shouted, "You iron chunk! You're courting death! Chu Changsheng, if you're good, come fight me to death!"

As he was holding the God Slaying Axe in his hand, the axe blade's divine energy dispelled.

However, what answered him was Chu Changsheng's faint smirk and Whitey's incoming stick, which turned from one to nine shadows.

This damn puppet!

The more Hu Han fought, the angrier he became. His power was getting stronger, but he was actually getting more frightened too.

What the heck? That puppet's power also increased!


The God Slaying Stick spun in the sky as Whitey grabbed it tightly. Its metal wings slightly flapped, and its ash-white eyes shot out a sharp radiance.

The God Slaying Stick above had its symbols surging. Instantly, the stick became bigger and bigger...


The misty moon had set as the crows cried.

Wang Tong's face was so mournful as the Broken Jade Knife in his hand moved ceaselessly. The cooking ingredients became aromatic under his hands.

An aquamarine bamboo shoot tower reflected its vague image in the blue soup.

The blue soup emitted cold air, as though it was a cold and misty pond at night. The reflected moonlight was broken but magnificent like smashed gold.

Not only that, but the blue soup actually had some gold light dots moving...

This was Wang Tong's specialty. Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong was actually an outstanding and talented chef of the Tablet of Gluttony. His debut had even raised a storm that year. He could even have the chance to become a top-grade chef.

However, perhaps the Heavens was jealous of his talents.

Back then, Wang Tong was full of spirit. When he returned to his hometown, victorious and full of glory, he found that his family had been destroyed. His poor wife and daughter were killed...

From that day onward, Wang Tong changed dramatically. He had chased after the family that had killed his family everywhere. After one night, half of his hair turned white. He then came to the Valley of Gluttony and isolated himself.

Since he stayed in seclusion, his rank on the Tablet of Gluttony dropped continuously.

Of course, he still had his passion for cooking. However, his cooking was now full of sorrow...

After Bu Fang had finished the Overwhelming Sadness Noodles, he prepared to cook his next dish.

Meanwhile, the Overwhelming Sadness Noodles was carried away to compete against Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles.

Everybody was so curious and full of anticipation.

Bu Fang's Overwhelming Sadness Noodles looked so average that everybody thought that this fellow had run out of ideas.

Because the difficulty level of his noodles was low, it was different from Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles, which was too magnificent to behold.

Of course, they didn't plan to judge arrogantly since they didn't know if Bu Fang's noodles had another world hiding inside.

As his dish was carried away, Bu Fang didn't care about the noodles anymore. His mind was now focused on the aquamarine bamboo shoots. He was ready to cook the second dish.

Actually, Bu Fang had prepared for this dish. He lifted his head to check Wang Tong, who was filled with sadness.

Bu Fang gently exhaled.

To Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles, he decided to use poison to deal with poison, to make sorrow stream into the river. But if he used the same method against Wang Tong, Bu Fang would be terribly tortured.

Anyway, Wang Tong's sorrow was so thick it actually became his power. That kind of chef's power... was extremely hard to achieve!

Although one couldn't defeat the first-grade chefs with that kind of power, when they competed in their expertise, they were almost invincible. That was why a first-grade chef couldn't defeat such a chef.

And what Bu Fang wanted to do now was to break Wang Tong's power. Otherwise, he wouldn't have a chance.

To break Wang Tong's power, he needed to use a spear to break the shield. When the spear and shield clashed, he would have a chance to tear a hole!

Since Wang Tong's dish had a sorrowful theme, he would take another approach.

He needed something lively. The spring bamboo shoots had dense lively energy as they could grow continuously and remove the sorrow altogether!

Bu Fang's eyes sparkled.

The light in his eyes was so bright that Wang Tong, who was immersed in his sadness, couldn't help but lift his head to look with surprise.

The air around Wang Tong seemed to soak with sorrow as he turned to look at Bu Fang.

"My sorrow made me change drastically within one night, turning half of my hair white... It helped me condense my power. You... what do you have to break my power?" Wang Tong murmured, exhaling.

He didn't mind Bu Fang anymore.

He took a small china bowl to hold the melancholy morning dew from the jar to make soup...

Splash! Splash!

The beam from the soup seemed to become a silky thread that twirled, falling to the blue soup with the bamboo shoot tower. Instantly, the soup rippled, and dots of magnificent lights expanded.

"Moonset Crying Crow, completed," remarked Wang Tong.


On the judges' table, there were only four judges left.

However, after Wenren Shang saw Chu Changsheng leaving, he, the thick-skinned and alcohol-reeking man, dashed forward. He took the seat and became the fifth judge.

Each of them had a bowl of noodles in front of them.

The cool soup with blood-red noodles seemed to give people some sense of shock. However, the smell of the noodles made them squint.

Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles was the improved version of the Heaven Burial Noodles.

Wenren Shang knew that Ouyang Chenfeng's previous Heaven Burial Noodles used only thirty-six spirit birds. It was much less than the ninety-nine ones he used this time.

Apparently, for this Chef's Challenge, Ouyang Chenfeng had done his best. He had used all his effort to make it.

He wondered... how the noodles tasted.

Wenren Shang took his chopsticks and poked the table to adjust them. Then, he used his chopsticks to pick up the noodles.


The blood-red noodles released hot steam.

The audience in the Gluttony Square held their breaths as they gazed at the projection in the air, which was now showing the image of the steaming hot noodles.


Wenren Shang opened his mouth, and the blood-red noodles immediately scuttled into his mouth.