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 The blood-red wheat became dough in Ouyang Chenfeng's hand, spinning. Spirit energy scattered unceasingly, giving the dough endless radiance.

Burble! Burble!

At the same time, the big pot boiled. Its lid was trembling continuously as it released hot steam.

Ouyang Chenfeng wore a cold face, and his equally cold eyes didn't contain any emotion. It completely contrasted to his normal tender appearance. Not many people had seen this face of his.


The blood dough rose. A moment later, Ouyang Chenfeng began to stretch the dough in his hands. He pointed one finger at the dough, sending it into the air. As the dough was spinning in the air, a strand of noodle as thin as a dragon's hair was drawn, revolving and stretching.

Shortly, the strand of noodles looked like a blooming flower around Ouyang Chenfeng's body, moving and dancing continuously. The swirling noodles looked strange but beautiful.

Everybody was silent, mesmerized at what they were seeing. When they knew the dough was dyed with real blood, they were frightened, but now, only admiration and praise were left in them.

The strands of noodles were like ribbons dancing, which were extremely magnificent.

All of a sudden, all the noodle strands were collected, falling into Ouyang Chenfeng's hands, emitting a strange light.

Placing the noodles on the station, Ouyang Chenfeng walked to the boiling pot, which contained ninety-nine spirit birds. When the lid of the pot was lifted, immense steam rolled up with a meaty aroma...

Everybody took a deep breath and got startled when they saw it.

Ouyang Chenfeng fished all the spirit birds out of the pot. The spirit birds were half-cooked, releasing steam.

However, Ouyang Chenfeng didn't finish his dish here. He dumped all the broth he had cooked for the first time. Then, he put the spirit birds back to the pot and continued to cook them.

This time, during the boiling process, he unceasingly sprinkled minced spirit herbs into the pot. When those minced spirit herbs touched the bird meat, they gave the meat attractive colors.

Is the broth the foundation of his noodles?

For a bowl of noodles, of course, there's the broth besides the noodles. The broth was very important, whether just to soak the noodles or to make noodles soup.

Looking at the way Ouyang Chenfeng was cooking, he wanted to use ninety-nine spirit birds to make the broth base. It was absolutely a challenge to his technique.

However, afterward, Ouyang Chenfeng stirred the pot as it boiled up. Then, for the second time, he dumped the broth.

Boiling the broth base for the third time, he added more spirit herbs. As the broth was boiling, those spirit herbs released a strange aroma.

Rumble! Rumble!

He took out ninety-nine spirit birds, then the cicada-wing knife in his hand spun fast. The thin knife slashed every bird once. After each slash, a flake of soft meat at the belly of the birds would be cut off.

He took only one flake of meat in each spirit bird. After that, he placed them together-ninety-nine flakes from the ninety-nine birds were stacked together. Next, the cicada-wing blade minced them in just a blink.

Ouyang Chenfeng collected the minced meat that looked like powder to use later.

His hand shook once, picking up the noodles that were soaked in blood. The noodles now had a distinctive smell of fresh blood.

Ouyang Chenfeng didn't change his face. He meticulously placed the noodles into the boiling pot.

The pot smelled so good, which was a mixture of spirit herbs and the ultimate meat aroma. The two aromas had created a special combined aroma.

Swish! Swish!

As soon as the noodles were placed into the pot, Ouyang Chenfeng let the noodles move around as he shook the pot. The boiling, steaming broth base reflected in his eyes.

All of a sudden, Ouyang Chenfeng's hand shook once. He drew his hand, and the strands of noodles spun in the air, broth splashing.

He had prepared five small bowls. The blood-red noodles had a strange evil beauty. After they got soaked in the broth, they became shinier.

Placing the noodles into five small bowls, Ouyang Chenfeng scooped the broth, pouring into the bowls altogether.


The chilling broth was like pure water poured into the bowls.

Of course, it wasn't finished yet. Ouyang Chenfeng sprinkled the minced meat that was like powder onto the bowls. After that, it thoroughly mixed with the noodles.

His hand reached out with the cicada-wing knife. A piece of big spirit herb was sliced, and he put several slices into each bowl.

Heaven Burial Noodles... Complete.

The name that was like a thunderclap in people's ears, Heaven Burial Noodles, was just a bowl of simple noodles.

However, they had all seen how Ouyang Chenfeng had cooked that dish. Although it looked plain, it had cost him a lot of effort.

Ouyang Chenfeng took a step back. He untied the cloth band on his forehead, and his hair fell, brushing his face.

His icy eyes returned to their tender look. Ouyang Chenfeng's face revealed a slight smile as he indifferently looked at Bu Fang.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't notice that Ouyang Chenfeng had finished cooking his dish. Actually, Bu Fang's noodles had almost come to the final stage.

Heaven Burial Noodles was mainly sorrowful, so the diners would cry while eating. It would bring them the mournful, grieving air of a funeral.

It contained the mood of the ninety-nine spirit birds at the moment before their deaths...

Bu Fang had decided to use poison to fight poison. He didn't want to cook a dish that could make people happy. Quite the contrary, he was cooking something that would give people grieving feelings. He wanted to see the judges have their sorrow streaming into a river when they ate his food.

Overwhelming Sadness Noodles... It was the bowl of noodles Bu Fang wanted to cook this time.

It seemed bland and had nothing special. With ordinary ingredients, his cooking method would be different.

No matter what it was going to be, it would be a noodle dish filled with sadness and grieving mood. The chef needed to feel sorrow and send that sorrowful mood to the noodles, making it overwhelmingly sad.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok floated up. Bu Fang's face was indifferent, but his pupils contained sadness.

Burning the pot, Bu Fang took out five spirit beast eggs. He gently cracked it, and the egg fluid fell into the pot.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Instantly, the smell of eggs arose. The aroma attacked people's nostrils.

Bu Fang wore a sorrowful face. His mood was blended with his mental force, accumulating and seeping into the food.

Although it was just a simple fried egg, it gave a strange feeling.

Next, five pieces of steak were fried in oily juice. The steak was shivering, and the meat texture seemed to stretch and relax. Of course, it wasn't Taotie meat.

The cooking rule had said that the ingredients for garnishes shouldn't be at a high level. Of course, as chefs, they understood the rule clearly.

If the garnishes were too excellent, it would dominate the taste of the noodles. Once that happens, that bowl of noodles would become a failure.

Thus, under a normal situation, the garnishes eaten together with the noodles wouldn't be too high quality.

The shiny white noodles were then put into the pot. However, Bu Fang's wok was different from Ouyang Chenfeng's.

Besides several roots from spirit herbs, there was nothing else in Bu Fang's wok. It was a completely clear water boiled soup.

However, Bu Fang naturally wouldn't let his soup be that simple. He took out a glass jar and lifted the lid.

Bu Fang took a slight sniff, his brows shivering as he considered making people feel a spicy sorrow.

He sighed, then put a drop of Abyssal Chili Sauce into the soup.

Instantly, the clear soup became flaming red with an absolute spicy aroma. Not only that, but Bu Fang also dropped a bit of Abyssal Chili Sauce onto the fried egg and steak.

The chili sauce tasted good, but it actually gave the dish a different aroma.

The noodles were then put into the pot, and Bu Fang stirred them around. After they all got the ruddy color, Bu Fang fished them out.

Water splashed as the shiny noodles strands released the halo and hot steam.

After each knock, the noodles would shake once.

He placed the noodles that he had swung to get rid of the water into blue-and-white bowls. Then, he added the steak, and finally, placed a steaming hot and cute omelet.

He dropped another drop of Abyssal Chilli Sauce on the omelet and added some slices of green onion.

The simple-looking Overwhelming Sadness Noodles was finished.

Bu Fang washed his hands, then looked at his bowl of noodles with a complicated expression.

Whenever he cooked, he always wanted to cook food that would make people happy. Also, the chef's mood would affect the taste of the dish.

To make this bowl of noodles, Bu Fang had soaked himself in that overwhelming sadness.

However, Bu Fang didn't like this sorrowful feeling. He thought that when a chef cooked, he wanted to delight his diners.

Thus, Bu Fang decided that he wouldn't cook this type of noodles again.

He sighed. He had finished the first dish.

Bu Fang lifted his head, and his eyes fell on his next opponent, Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong. The latter looked pressured with a face that looked neither joyful nor sorrowful.

His half-white and half-black hair was filled with the vicissitudes of time. At this moment, his face revealed nothing as he finished cooking his dish.


Boom! Boom!

The massive skull was running so fast it couldn't stop.

Many experts gawked at the big skull bumping along the way.

Which Holy Land did this existence come from?

After a loud boom, the skull hit the ground, digging up a deep ditch and sending dirt and mud into the sky.

However, the skull stayed intact. Two figures climbed out of the skull.

"Junior, come out here. We landed perfectly." Nether King Er Ha coughed several times before standing on the crown of the skull.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun crawled out, taking in the fresh air. Her beautiful face looked so excited.

"We finally arrived!"

"Junior, you said we they have Spicy Strips here. Don't deceive His Highness' pure affection," said Nether King Er Ha as he cast Zi Yun a sidelong glance.

Zi Yun's long eyelashes shivered. "Brother, how could you say that? I won't deceive you. If we can't find the Spicy Strips here, Zi Yun will become yours in the future!" Zi Yun said righteously.

Nether King Er Ha cocked his head to look at her, the corners of his mouth rising. "You, Junior, got a good idea."

The two were talking to each other, not even batting an eye to the astounded experts around them.

At this moment, the experts hovering around were all from the Holy Lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

They widened their eyes as they watched the skull land from the sky, gawking at the two people who had just crawled out and were now arguing...

All of a sudden, an expert rolled his eyes.

"Oh, is that Saint Daughter Zi Yun? Why is this little devil here?" This expert was actually a Mighty existence from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land. He came here to help the old man take the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance.

It turned out that they found this before making their move.

The experts from the other Holy Lands were also surprised.

Heavenly Spring Amethyst Elder's daughter, Saint Daughter Zi Yun?

Everybody knew that Amethyst Elder cherished his daughter a lot.

At the moment, she was pulling and tugging the strange man in front of many people... If Amethyst Elder were to find out about this, would he vomit blood in anger?