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 An ice-cold metal warship slowly flew forward as the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's flag flapped in the wind.

The old man with a naked torso was carrying a giant God Slaying Axe on his back. The axe blade had so many drawings, which looked mysterious and eye-catching.

The old man had torch-like eyes, gazing at the high city walls of the Gluttony God City. On the city wall, the slaughter was still ongoing.

The Valley of Gluttony's guards were bravely resisting. Their bodies were gory while they were screaming, mobilizing weapons and all forces to resist the enemies. They wanted to use their blood and flesh to kill the enemies altogether!

However, no matter what, they were the Golden Armored Guards that grew up in blood. Each of them was an elite killer, so in just a short while, the city walls had blood splashing and bodies lying everywhere.


The metal warship brutally bumped into the front of Gluttony God City. The light of the protection formation instantly glowed, trying to prevent the warship's attack.

Since it was the best offensive warship of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, it had endless power as it directly smashed the city wall. Rocks and bricks fell, tumbling down.

No doubt that the Gluttony God City was going to be taken down this time!

The lively clamor in the Gluttony Square had almost muted the call for killing on the city wall.

On one side, blood had streamed into the river, while on the other side, the excited noises kept going on and on. This contrast was so shocking.

Boom! Boom!

The warship moved forward, crushing its way to the long street of Gluttony God City.

The citizens in Gluttony God City gasped and screamed in panic.

Is the enemy invading them?

The cold and harsh Golden Armored Guards held their weapons, dashing fast forward. Every time they wielded their weapons, their targets would be chopped into pieces.

Blood splashed everywhere!

Panicked screaming and crying echoed throughout the long street.

The experts in the Valley of Gluttony were alarmed, and they immediately joined the guards and soldiers to resist the invading enemies.

As for the elders of the Valley of Gluttony, they opened their eyes and took in a breath of cold air, thinking, "Heavenly Spring Holy Land, you can't stand it anymore?"

Since they had started the slaughter, would chaos begin now?

It was a killing battlefield. The warship moved forward continually, crushing the houses and leaving blood streaming everywhere.

The old man stood on the front deck, his face remained cold as his eyes gazed at the giant Gluttony God's Building. He ordered the warship to move fast toward it.


Gluttony Square

Chu Changsheng flipped his long robe, watching the cooking battle in the middle of the square. All of a sudden, he got a twitch in his heart. He knitted his brows, sensing, then turned his head to look outside.

"Hmm?" Chu Changsheng's eyes focused. His face turned icy cold in just a wink, his murderous aura diffusing.

"You dare!" Chu Changsheng stood up immediately, his terrifying aura expanding fast.

However, he didn't interrupt the cooking battle. After one step, he disappeared at his spot.

Seeing the Great Elder disappearing into thin air, the Sixth Elder's boastful mustache rose.

Impossible... Great Elder wanted him to lead and judge again?

But he wasn't qualified to judge this cooking battle...


Xiao Ya hugged Whitey's leg, standing in a far distance.

She was watching the ongoing battle in the arena, her face naturally beautiful as she looked on with curious and admiring eyes. As she was watching the others cooking, she felt happy. She actually missed cooking.

All of a sudden, Whitey's body shook. The leaf-like hand rose and patted Xiao Ya's head, which surprised her.

Lifting her head, Xiao Ya released Whitey's thigh and took a step backward. Her eyes met Whitey's tender eyes. Then, after a moment, its red eyes turned ash-white.

"God Slaying Weapon aura detected..." Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled as it spoke coldly.

A moment later, Whitey's two metal wings opened with a buzzing sound, shining brilliantly as they appeared.

Xiao Ya was dumbstruck as she thought, "What's happening? Why did Whitey suddenly rampage?"


The moment the metal wings spread open, Whitey disappeared, soaring up and flying out of the Gluttony God's Building!

Bu Fang didn't notice Whitey's change because at that moment, he was concentrating like he had never been before. His entire body and mind were filled with his dishes.

Facing Ouyang Chenfeng with a great change in his aura, together with time-passing, mournful Wang Tong, Bu Fang felt huge pressure indeed.

It was the same for the rest of the people in the Gluttony Square. They were all focused on the cooking battle, not knowing what was currently happening outside the Gluttony God's Building.



The warship came, booming loudly with rolling and terrifying pressure.

The Golden Armored Guards were making way. Blood splashed, and bodies were scattered everywhere.

"You wanna die?"

Suddenly, a voice thundered in the sky, rolling and reverberating around them.

A figure stomped in the sky. He was so powerful and imposing as he arrogantly hovered in the air.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were like electric beams. His aura fluctuated as he restrained it. He wore a dark face, staring at the blood-splashed long street with a cold gaze. The more he looked at it, the more wrath raged in his heart.

"Heavenly Spring Holy Land, you've gone too far!"

Chu Changsheng clenched his fists. His dark face looked as if it would drip some liquid.

On the metal warship, the old man lifted his head. His eyes were like torches as he crazily looked at Chu Changsheng hovering in the sky. His mouth parted, and the murderous aura rose in every direction.

"Chu Changsheng, you're finally here!"

"Old man from the Heavenly Spring Holy Land, you will die for this!"

Chu Changsheng's white hair and beard flew in the air. Then, his clothes exploded. His body boomed as his blood chi rose like high waves continually splashing on the shore.

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's old man raised his hand to grab the God Slaying Axe. His aura was increasing unceasingly.

Under the sunlight, the axe radiated light.

The old man made a step forward, his aura rocketing as he bellowed, "Kill!"

The Golden Armored Guards underneath him also burst their aura, creating a fighting formation shooting up into the sky as they dashed toward Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng's eyes were cold as the muscles in his body bulged with thick green veins, giving him a ferocious look.

Above his head, the white soul ladder was amassing rapidly. Suddenly, his eyes became more focused.

The old man, who was gliding fast through the air, swayed his body all of a sudden. Because at that moment, a suppressive aura came with a light shadow.


A massive leaf-like palm patted the old man's head!

The void seemed not able to bear the pressure!

"Who's that?" The old man was enraged. He wielded the God Slaying Axe, running fast to that shadow.


The leaf-like palm retracted, hovering in the air as the metal wings opened. Under the sparkling light was a round head, a round body, and a pair of mechanical ash-white eyes.

The old man rolled his eyes. The thing that had just attacked him... was a puppet?

The Heavenly Spring Holy Land's old man was bewildered. Then, his face turned purple in rage!

It was just a puppet...

"God Slaying weapon..." Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled as it gazed at the giant axe in the old man's hand.

"You chunk of iron! You dare desire my God Slaying weapon? You're courting death!"

The old man became even more enraged. A puppet just came out of nowhere and dreamed of stealing his God Slaying weapon bestowed by Amethyst Elder!

Damn it!

The old man, who came here to wipe his disgrace, was outraged. His murderous aura rose high as he wanted to pound that chunk of puppet into pieces!

Chu Changsheng didn't expect to see Whitey here. Furthermore, the puppet's target was the God Slaying weapon in the other's hand!

What kind of monsters Bu Fang that fellow was raising?

Whitey's eyes twinkled. A moment later, its body changed. The round head suddenly grew spikes, and so did its back. The puppet's entire body immediately turned savage and forbidding as murderous aura permeated the air.

Radiance revolved on the belly of the puppet. A moment later, a red-hot metal stick appeared. That metal stick had so many drawings...

It was the God Slaying Stick!

When Whitey's aura burst out, the old man was completely frightened. He looked at the metal stick in Whitey's hand, his scalp turning numb...

Because he had just realized that Whitey's stick was also a God Slaying weapon!

Only the Holy Lands got the God Slaying weapons, right? Why does this puppet have one? Is he from the same side?

Thinking about that, the old man frowned before saying, "We're on the same side. Don't fight!"

Chu Changsheng was dumbstruck after hearing the old man's words.

Oh, you're f*cking from the same side...

Indeed, Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled as it wielded its stick.


Bu Fang took a deep breath as he took out the prepared wheat flour.

After calculating and planning last night, he decided to make pasta today.

Of course, normal pasta couldn't compare with Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles. If Bu Fang wanted to win, he must use his real talent.

Knife-cut noodles... No, the gap is too much.

Bu Fang took out the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew from his system dimensional bag. He poured the cool liquid into the wheat flour and began to knead.

Ouyang Chenfeng used spirit beast blood to mix and knead the dough, so he would use good wine to make pasta!

Since the Heaven Burial Noodles had a mournful aura, Bu Fang decided that he would create something mournful as well.

Use poison to attack poison. Let the sorrow flow into the river.

Bu Fang's face grew colder.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony, wind-tearing noises echoed.

Some experts stomped through the sky, emitting overbearing auras everywhere.

The sword lights sparkled as the experts were flying on their swords at their maximum speed.

The experts from different Holy Lands appeared. Their sparkling eyes looked at the Valley of Gluttony, where the Gluttony God City's city wall was broken. Looking at the blood-splattered wreckage and damaged houses, they knew... The Valley of Gluttony's calamity was about to start.

As they were the ones who would create that calamity, they had to go there and share the soup.

Well, who asked the Valley of Gluttony to keep and protect that thing? Average persons are innocent. Bringing jades, you become part of a crime.

All of a sudden, those experts were dazed. They turned around and saw black wind and smoke sweeping over loudly.

A giant skull was dashing toward them from a distance.

Inside the skull, two figures were shouting at each other.

Everybody was dumbstruck. What's going on?

Is the expert from that Holy Land arriving?