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 Boom! Boom!

A thick black smoke emitted as roaring sounds reverberated through the air. They seemed like roars from some brutal beasts or divine beasts, howling as the entire void was shaking.

A massive figure shrouded in black smoke was moving fast up in the sky.

Zooming in, people would shudder because that massive shadow was actually a giant skull. The skull's mouth opened, continually releasing the black smoke that made it fly fast through the air.

Inside one of the massive sockets of the skull, two heads can be seen.

Nether King Er Ha's hair fluttered chaotically in the wind, but his mouth was wide open, screaming in delight.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun also had her head jutted out of the socket. She squinted her beautiful eyes, her creamy skin shivering like a wobbling fruit jelly. Her jade-like nose scrunched up as the corners of her mouth rose.

"Brother, your ride is high-end, but it isn't windproof!" Zi Yun squinted, almost tearing her throat to scream. Because of the wind, she had to use all of her strength to scream so the Nether King could hear her.

Nether King Er Ha narrowed his eyes, which drooped with the dark circles under them. He feebly opened his mouth, and the wind blew in, making him create some 'woohoo' sounds.

"Don't you think it's fun going for a spin in the open air like this?"

"Oh yeah! It's fun! But I think it's a bit awkward!" Saint Daughter Zi Yun screamed.

"Nothing's awkward! This skull of mine is made from a skull of a butchered abyssal demon. I've made it carefully. Don't you see it's much more beautiful than your spirit boat?" Nether King Er Ha continued to yell.

"Really beautiful! But why is it not windproof? My spirit boat is windproof!" Zi Yun screamed.

Nether King Er Ha's nostrils flared. He cast Zi Yun a sidelong glance and said, "I don't want to talk anymore. Too tired! Since I don't have the Spicy Strips, I have to accept this wind baptism!"

Zi Yun shouted, "Brother Ha, we're near the Valley of Gluttony! You can have the Spicy Strips soon!"

The Nether King squinted his eyes and replied, "Really! You're terrific!"

Up in the sky, the two of them stayed inside the massive skull, shouting at each other's faces. The black skull dragged a long black line, aiming to the far distance. It shook the sky, but it disappeared very quickly.

From a distance, the great Valley of Gluttony had finally come into view.


In the Gluttony Square, the chefs were showing their knives.

That cool blade sent its light upward, making the air of the Gluttony Square fiery as its beam rocketed up into the sky.

The rumbling noise resounded as if it wanted to tumble the entire sky.

Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng wore a stern face. The knife as thin as the cicada's wing slightly quivered in his hand, buzzing faintly.

Ouyang Chenfeng didn't dare to have the slightest thought of hesitation. Thus, he would go all out and do his best in this battle.

He had witnessed Bu Fang's cooking skills. Even in the wheat food category, Bu Fang wasn't a weak chef!

"Bu Fang, I won't bully you. Today, after one night of thinking and calculating, my dish will be the improved Heaven Burial Noodles! I hope you won't let me down!" said Ouyang Chenfeng.

A moment later, the cicada-wing-like knife in his hand flew. He played with the knife's radiance for a while then returned to his station.

The main ingredient was wheat flour. However, Ouyang Chenfeng's Heaven Burial Noodles didn't have only wheat flour. This improved Heaven Burial Noodles of his was the dish that had entered the list of top ten dishes of the Tablet of Gluttony.

Although he wasn't that competitive, his level wasn't low at all.

Ouyang Chenfeng slowly took out the ingredients from his cabinet.

For a bowl of noodles, mixing ingredients was the key. However, the mixed ingredients shouldn't be too overpowering. Otherwise, it would dominate the subtle elegance of the noodles. If the latter were to happen, that bowl of noodles would be a failure.


Ouyang Chenfeng pulled the large curtain behind him, his hair flying in the air.

Seeing the cooking ingredients behind him, everybody gasped and cried out.

"Oh my God! What are those?"

"They're spirit birds! Noodle King wants to cook his famous Heaven Burial Noodles?"

"He's going to cook Heaven Burial Noodles! That's the winning dish that had gotten him into the top ten!"

The audience were all stunned, and every one of them looked frightened!

Of course, they all knew Noodle King Ouyang Chenfeng. They also knew his most famous dish, the Heavenly Burial Noodles. However, he hadn't cooked that noodles for a long time.

Ouyang Chenfeng grabbed a white cloth band, tying it up on his forehead. Instantly, his eyes became sharp.

"Behind me are ninety-nine kinds of spirit beast birds. My Heaven Burial Noodles uses these ninety-nine spirit birds as the ingredients," said Ouyang Chenfeng in a low-pitched voice.

Everybody held their breaths, focusing on the Noodle King. Even Yan Yu and the others looked stern.

Heaven Burial Noodles. Hearing the name of that dish was like a thunderclap reverberating in one's ears.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The cicada-wing knife moved, its knife radiance sparkling. The cages behind him were broken!

Rumble! Rumble!

The caged spirit birds hurried to fly out and escape.

Feathers scattered everywhere. The desire for freedom in the birds' eyes turned into light, shooting up into the sky!

However, shortly, those spirit beasts became hopeless because of the knife light descending from the sky.

Their heads were cut broken!

Thud! Thud!

Thousands of knife light beams burst in just a moment. Countless flying birds were killed. Blood splashed like a rain of blood.

Ouyang Chenfeng wore a cold face. His eyes didn't convey any emotion as he was humming some mournful burial song.

Everybody forgot to breathe. Their eyes showed their panic.

Nobody had ever thought that Ouyang Chenfeng, a guy with a tender face, could perform with such a terrifying killing aura.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank as he took a deep breath.

The blood rain swirled around Ouyang Chenfeng. The birds cried and groaned, creating the burial song that shook the minds hard.

Heaven Burial Noodles... It was indeed extraordinary!

The cicada-wing knife was like a transparent blade spinning in Ouyang Chenfeng's hand. It spun so fast that people couldn't even see.

Every time a spirit bird fell, he processed it rapidly to remove the feathers and the internal organs.

Next to him was a big pot with the flames reaching the sky. The water in the big pot was boiling. After he had processed the spirit birds, he threw them into the pot.


One bird, two birds, three birds... Shortly, all of the spirit birds were thrown into the pot. Those spirit birds weren't big, but they had packed the pot to the brim.

Ouyang Chenfeng took the lid and covered the pot to cook them.

He didn't waste any time as he immediately took out the wheat flour after that. It was the Valley of Gluttony's purest wheat flour, which was made out of some special spirit wheat grains. The flour could release radiance together with a special aroma.

Rumble! Rumble!

Ouyang Chenfeng took out a bowl of boiling blood and water. With a cold face, he poured wheat flour into the bowl.

Instantly, the white flour was dyed blood-red.

Everybody was shaken as they saw how Ouyang Chenfeng used the blood water to mix and knead the noodles.

Is this kind of noodles edible?

Many people grimaced as they realized how the Heaven Burial Noodles was actually made.

Bu Fang was quite calm, but he did have a gleam of surprise in his eyes. He knew that Ouyang Chenfeng's dish today would be somewhat extraordinary.

"You shouldn't just pay attention to Ouyang Chenfeng. Wang Tong's Broken Jade Knife also wants to see your cooking skills." Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong lifted the basket from his back and took off his bamboo hat, talking nonchalantly.

His eyes looked indifferent, and his salt-and-pepper hair gave people a feeling of seeing time passing.

"My dish is called Moonset Crying Crow. I hope you won't fail me..." said Wang Tong.

A moment later, the milky-white Broken Jade Knife appeared in his hand. Next, he took out a water-crystal bamboo shoot.

Setting the water-crystal bamboo shoot on his station, the Broken Jade Knife slowly cut through it. The shoot's green skin was cut open, revealing the aquamarine bamboo meat.

Wang Tong looked at Bu Fang, then carefully took out a muddy jar of wine from his basket. He exhaled as he remembered something, lifting the seal.

Instantly, an aroma diffused everywhere.

Everybody couldn't help but take a deep breath. It wasn't wine, but the aroma could make people drunk easier than real wine.

"Wang Tong has collected the morning dew..." Chu Changsheng's eyes focused on the jar of wine in Wang Tong's hand, and he couldn't help but feel astonished.

It was the first time he saw Wang Tong use his wine jar.

If it weren't for this Chef's Challenge, it would be really hard to see the special dishes of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony.

Speaking of that, Chu Changsheng had to say, Bu Fang had made the top ten chefs feel true pressure.

Wang Tong didn't say anything. He took out a ladle made of purple bamboo and slowly scooped a ladle full of five-colored radiant fluid. Then, he dropped the liquid on the bamboo shoot meat.

As soon as the fluid touched the bamboo shoot meat, it got absorbed instantly.

The aquamarine bamboo shoot meat instantly radiated the five-colored halo...

Moonset Crying Crow... It was the dish that Wang Tong cooked to honor his late wife, which was filled with mourning and sadness.

The chefs' performance had ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

They were truly the Tablet of Gluttony's top ten chefs. If they focused and gave their all, they could absolutely crush that little chef into dough!

Reverie Knife Lu Tao didn't move. He just sneered, watching Bu Fang. He didn't hurry because he wanted to fight against Bu Fang using his knife skills.

Perhaps Bu Fang couldn't even stand up to him during their knife skills competition.

Bu Fang's eyes looked focused. The muscles in his entire body shivered because of excitement...

This exhilarating feeling gave Bu Fang's emotionless face a gentle grin.

He parted his lips to exhale as he lifted his head, revealing his eyes that seemed to glow.

"Come, let me feel the rushing heat!"


Filling with true energy, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife instantly bloomed in gold light. A dragon roar reverberated in the nine-tiered sky!

The audience was astounded as they seemed to see a gold dragon twisting and turning above them!


Outside the Valley of Gluttony, the warship glided, booming deafeningly.

It never stopped, crushing its way toward its destination.

When the guards on the Gluttony God City's wall saw it, they all screamed and roared, bursting out their true energy.

On front deck of the warship, the old man with the giant God Slaying Axe stood and ordered, "Kill. Kill all who stand in our way!

Pufft! Pufft!

The Golden Armored Guards behind him responded, shooting out at once. A moment later, the Gluttony God City's wall had blood light shooting up into the sky!

Murderous aura instantly filled the place.