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 The entire Gluttony Square quieted down at this moment. People were craning their necks to see, but they didn't dare to breathe aloud.

All of their eyes were glued to the image projected in the air.

On that projection, the haughty little chef pointed at the three chefs of the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony and challenged them to a three-on-one battle.

Witnessing that arrogant attitude, many people were stunned speechless at first. However, a moment later, they all burst into an uproar.

How infuriating!

This little chef, who had just won against ranked-fifth Meat Demon Harry, dared to look down on the top ten chefs?

The top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony were the pride of the Valley of Gluttony. They all looked up to them, but now, Bu Fang's act had insulted their idols!

But what enraged them the most was Great Elder Chu Changsheng agreed! How could he agree with this humiliating condition?

It made the Valley of Gluttony feel dishonored!

The chefs on the arena didn't understand either. They were all shocked, looking at Chu Changsheng.

Yan Yu's eyes narrowed. He looked very grave as he thought, "So, the Great Elder does appreciate that little chef?"

Without the Taotie steak, how could Meat Demon Harry be defeated? They just needed to make him not use Taotie meat again. That way, everything would be fine, right?

Why did they have to accept his humiliating condition?

The others had the same opinion. They thought that it wasn't necessary to agree with Bu Fang and have a three-on-one battle. It would completely support that little chef's rampant arrogance!

Chu Changsheng didn't explain, but his eyes were resolute. They didn't know the reason why he did that, and they didn't understand him either.

However, Chu Changsheng was the Great Elder. That was why they couldn't reject and disobey him.

Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong took off his bamboo hat and the basket on his back. He exhaled and calmly looked at Bu Fang as he said, "Good, I agree. I hope you won't regret it. And... I hope you won't fail me."

Reverie Knife Lu Tao wore a cold smirk on his face. Although Bu Fang's cooking talent wasn't bad, he didn't like to see that young man.

"Shameless! Three against one... You will definitely regret it!"

Ouyang Chenfeng's eyes darkened. His complicated eyes studied Bu Fang before adding, "Eventually, you want to fight, don't you? It's good anyway. I've been waiting for this day for a long time. This time, I will do my best!"

The three chefs from the Top Ten of the Tablet of Gluttony had shown their fighting will.

Chu Changsheng wore a calm face, but he was serious. He stood up, walking to the center of the arena. He glanced at Bu Fang, then at Ouyang Chenfeng and the other two.

"Bu Fang, since you've chosen to have a Chef's Challenge against three chefs at the same time. This time, you choose the theme."

Chu Changsheng was benevolent anyway. Although he wanted to win, he couldn't lose his face.

The Valley of Gluttony had its pride, after all.

Bu Fang tilted his head, glancing at Chu Changsheng. "I'm not afraid."

After he had pointed at the three chefs, he said, "One theme for each. Noodles, vegetables, and... err... What are you good at?"

Bu Fang wanted to announce the three themes in a cool way, but he realized that he didn't know what Reverie Knife Lu Tao was good at. Thus, he was a little embarrassed.

Reverie Knife Lu Tao twitched his mouth. Is this fellow mocking him?

No matter what, he ranked eighth on the Tablet of Gluttony!

"Do you want to compete against me in my expertise? You've got guts!" said Lu Tao, as cold as ice.

One versus three. And now, he wanted to choose a theme based on their expertise? How arrogant!

"I've mastered knife skills, so we will compete on it!" exclaimed Reverie Knife Lu Tao.

Knife skills?

Bu Fang was bewildered. He looked at Lu Tao with an odd face then nodded. He had never been afraid of anyone!

"Okay, knife skill it is. We got three themes," said Bu Fang calmly, dropping his hand. "See you tomorrow..."

Then, Bu Fang collected his cooking utensils, turning and walking toward Whitey and Xiao Ya. After patting the latter's head, Bu Fang continued to walk away.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled, following behind Bu Fang.

Not long after, two people and a robot disappeared from the spacious Gluttony Square.

The moment they had left, the entire square burst in an uproar. Everybody was talking clamorously.

"Is he crazy? My God!"

"Simply f*cking condescending! This fella... Somebody must teach him a lesson!"

"Even Chef Yan didn't dare to battle three people at the same time... That fella is out of his mind!"

Indeed, the audience was in a frenzy. They were all excited, trying to vent their shock and excitement.

When Yan Yu and the others saw Bu Fang leaving, they all took a deep breath.

Mu Cheng's face was grave. Her finger touched her red lips as she squinted.

What an arrogant kid! Interesting. I like him.

Mu Cheng turned to Liu Jiali, who wore a stern face. He was a meticulous person, and he kept his clothes immaculately clean. He seemed to not mind Bu Fang's arrogant words at all while he was reading a small book.

After she saw his reaction, she just smiled.

Liu Jiali raised his brows, casting her a sidelong glance.

Yan Yu, Mu Cheng, and Liu Jiali were all top-grade chefs, so their cooking skills were more exquisite. Although they were taken aback by Bu Fang's arrogance, they actually didn't mind him.

Mu Cheng and Liu Jiali paid no attention to Bu Fang, while Yan Yu was enraged. However, he was merely angry.

Ouyang Chenfeng wore an extremely stern face. Something flashed in his hand. It was a kitchen knife as thin as a cicada's wing. He caressed his knife, gently exhaling. "Old friend, we will fight side by side again. I hope I won't lose you this time..."

Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong, ranked ninth on the Tablet of Gluttony, lifted his basket and carried it on his back. Turning around, he left the arena and disappeared shortly after.

Reverie Knife Lu Tao squinted. Murderous aura emitted from him wave after wave. The Reverie Knife in his hand continuously sparkled, which looked incomparably dazzling.

When the audience on the Gluttony God's Building saw the three of them, they cheered and roared to support them. Compared to Meat Demon Harry, these three had more fans. The uproar they created had almost exploded the entire Gluttony God's Building.

It looked like the Chef's Challenge tomorrow would be more exciting and eye-catching than today's one!

Although they said they weren't willing, everybody was looking forward to the battle tomorrow.

Everybody was waiting to see the three top chefs defeat Bu Fang!


Dust finally settled.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was dumbfounded, looking at the quiet sky.

She rubbed his eyes as if she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. The image was enough to make people shudder.

Although it was just a clone, it was a clone of her father, Amethyst Elder. Its fighting power could compare to an existence at the Divine Soul Realm with a five-step soul ladder!

Whenever he wanted to capture her, he would send an existence at the Divine Soul Realm with a five-step soul ladder because she, the Saint Daughter, had reached the Divine Soul Realm with a four-step soul ladder.

Just now, she thought that this handsome young man would be killed by her father's clone.

However, no one could ever expect that this ordinary-looking man could make a formidable hand and smashed her father's clone.

That palm had actually discolored the clouds and collapsed the mountain and river!

Accompanying this brother with his sad eyes, he was simply stunning!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun felt her heart beating frantically.

Nether King Er Ha yawned, waving his hand as he fixed his hair. Then, he cocked his head to look at Saint Daughter Zi Yun.

"Good. That buddy has left. Young junior, you can go with His Highness now. I'm going to take you to eat Spicy Strips."

Spicy Strips? What's that?

Zi Yun didn't know what the handsome young man was talking about. All she heard was "go with His Highness."

Her face blushed.

"Okay," Zi Yun's purple hair fluttered in the wind. She shyly played with her fingers as she bowed her head to look at the ground, hiding her blushing face. Her voice was so low that it was almost inaudible.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened immediately as he clapped his hands. He said eagerly, "Excellent, young junior, we're a team now. Alright, tell His Highness, which direction we should take to reach Heavenly Mist City?"


Saint Daughter Zi Yun was bewildered.

Heavenly Mist City? Where is that?

"Heavenly Mist City, where the Cloud Mist Restaurant is located. It has Owner Bu and the delicacy Spicy Strips!" Nether King said, rubbing the black circles under his eyes.

"I..." Zi Yun was at a loss for words. It was the first time she had walked out of the Heavenly Spring Holy Land. How could she know this Heavenly Mist City something?

"Junior, you don't know the way? What would His Highness need you for..." Nether King Er Ha felt upset and a twinge in his balls. He covered his face with one palm, making several strands of hair cascade through the gaps between his fingers. He looked very disappointed.

Zi Yun's mouth twitched. This young man got the mercy to save her because he didn't know the way...

However, seeing Nether King Er Ha's melancholy figure, Zi Yun's heart ached and trembled. She couldn't help but blurt out earnestly, "Although I don't know where the Heavenly Mist City is, I know where we can have good food."

Although she didn't know what Spicy Strips were, weren't they good food? They would just go to the Holy Land of the Chefs in Hidden Dragon Continent then. They could eat anything they want there, right?

Nether King Er Ha was astonished, then asked, "Really? Are there Spicy Strips too?"

"Absolutely." Zi Yun's extremely beautiful face revealed an attractive smile.


Nether King Er Ha patted Zi Yun's shoulder, talking gloomily, "Junior, I'm counting on you... Without the Spicy Strips, His Highness is so sad he can hardly breathe. Hurry, take me there."

Zi Yun felt as though flowers had bloomed in her heart. "Good, I'm sure you will be satisfied."

After that, Zi Yun's hand shook once. A halo emerged, and a spirit aquamarine boat floated above her head.

"Come, hop on. We're going now," Zi Yun said with a blushing face.

Nether King looked at the spirit aquamarine boat and Zi Yun's red face.

"Don't be embarrassed that your spirit boat is a little small. His Highness got a big one. Take mine instead! His Highness does not shame ordinary people," Nether King said as he shook his hand, and a black light shot out instantly.

Right after that, a massive black skull emerged in the sky, fuming black smoke and mist.

Zi Yun lifted her head, her face completely dumbstruck.